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  • Reader’s Poll: How Did You Introduce Discipline?

    Welcome to another Readers Poll. You can give your answer in the comments below. When you introduced discipline to your marriage, how did you bring up the topic? If you have not married, how do you plan to? You can find most of the articles here divided by general subject matter at the About Page.

  • What Got You Started?

    These are some things I hear from men and women who want discipline in their home, or who have already started it. I hear many of the same factors at work in starting discipline: My wife has been disrespectful to me our whole marriage, and she won’t do what I say. Maybe spanking will help…

  • That Tender Early Period

    As many couples are beginning their journey into marital discipline, they experience with some excitement, as well as trepidation, that early period of learning. For a wife that frequently means more spankings than usual, as she gets used to her husband’s rules and expectations. For a husband, it means some amount of experimentation, of deciding…