How it Helps You Everyday

One of the benefits of spanking your wife that I cannot emphasize enough is that it accentuates your verbal instructions to her, and gives plenty of power to your verbal warnings. It does not act in isolation, but acts together with your words. That is one way that domestic discipline will help you out every day. She may be over your knee for a short time once in a while, but the rest of the time she will be more attentive to your words. They will not be easily dismissed.

Not only do I notice that my wife listens more carefully the days following a spanking, but I also notice she responds more quickly to verbal corrections. I may just need to give her a gentle correction, such as coming along side her and explaining she needs to do things differently, a correction that does not include any warning at all. Then she immediately receives it and corrects her behavior. This will help your wife follow you, and help her stay on the right path. She knows those words come from a man with authority, and she has respect for them. The spanking made things easier for her, as well as for you, and helped her with behavior that will keep her from trouble in the future. She can enjoy the full benefits of your instructions and verbal corrections.

A spanking will also make future verbal warnings more successful. She knows that your warnings are backed up with a punishment which is very unpleasant for her. She knows they are no joke. While I don’t have to do it often at all, when I have given her an immediate warning about a spanking, such as — you need to stop this or I am taking you upstairs right now have we’re having a talk — she does not continue to test me. When I say that it’s over.  She says — I’m sorry, I know. I will stop.

Words without authority typically don’t do that. My words work well and quickly since she knows I would not hesitate to put her over my knee and tan her backside. Just as I have seen her behavior change immediately after she got spanked, I have seen it change immediately after a warning. Not long ago I had to give her a warning because she had been negligent in her work, and while she cried for a while over it, she started doing what she needed to the next day. I simply said — This needs to get done within a week, or we will have to have another little talk, I am tired of it. She knew I was not joking. Like a spanking, a warning sounds harsh in the moment, but it gets things done.

Spanking will add that benefit to your home. All it takes is the firm leadership, and consistent correction when she disrespects you or breaks the rules. You do not always have to deal with arguing or disobedience. Set rules and spank her firmly for bad behavior. Then you will find those other gentler methods, from verbal instructions and gentle corrections, to clear warnings, work the way they’re supposed to work. She knows who those words come from. They come from a person to be respected, and they are words to be respected. Unless she is just looking for an aching bottom, your words will have the rightful authority and effect on her. She will listen much better.


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