Speak to Her Soul

Often times when I have my wife over my knee, I find my words to her many times more effective than if I had spoken to her normally. My wife hears and takes to heart my words very well and quickly if she is being spanked. Where at other times she might think she could forget them, or that something I told her to do could be put off, the power of words if greater if I am speaking to her backside and her ears at the same time. She knows the immediacy of them. She knows she has to do them, and she will, because she really doesn’t want to be back in the same place punished again. She has also absorbed them more deeply into her soul.

I can think of a few times when I led my wife gently to the place of correction, my hand on her side. I told her — you had the chance to listen to me before but you did not. Now we are going to have a different kind of talk, and I know you’re going to hear me. I gave her a little time to think about it, then I proceeded to spank her and to instruct her.

There is something in the firmness and pain of each stroke that make a husband’s words sink in. They go more quickly to the brain with the assistance of the bottom. She has to hear them. She has to be attentive to them. She needs to affirm every time she is going to obey them. A spanking not only puts a red highlight on your words, but helps her receive them in her heart. Where it is too slow to get medicine by swallowing it, for example, we might need to give it by injection to the bloodstream. The spanking, so to speak, is the healing injection. It brings your instructions into her place of life quickly. For that reason, I find my wife is quick to correct after a punishment when she has done wrong . If she’s been negligent she’s quick to get back on her work. If she has been pushing it with her mouth, she is quick to make sure she speaks gently more respectfully. No conversational reminder accomplished this. A firm talk with her over my knee did.

A spanking certainly speaks to the soul very quickly. It strips her of any false pride. It makes her soft and vulnerable. It places her man’s authority at the forefront in a way that she can feel it. It gets her accustomed to bending to his authority, as she undresses, bends her body over, and can feel she is within his grip. Even as she fears the spanking, there is shame and there is guilt she really wants to be washed away. Then as he begins the spanking, and she begins to feel the blows coming, he instructs her, makes her see her wrong. Makes her accept her disobedience. He also gives her a clear way to correct that stain and get back on the path. This is powerful for her. It has broken down her barriers. It has disarmed any arrogance or any distance she might have. You can instruct her better now over your knee.

She knows that her man is rightfully offended by her behavior, and she wants to end that offense. She wants the way out, and he shows her, with time, as he spanks her, what she needs to do in the future. His words are calm, but unwavering. She has to hear his words and affirm she will do them. Her man explains again her rightful attitude to have, and need for obedience, and between her nakedness, humble position, shame, and burning backside she realizes she needs to do them. She realizes her man’s authority. Her urgent need to respect him. She also wants him to know her real desire to please him, to see his offense pass. She craves a chance to make it right, and to hear his praise and affection. She is soft at your words. They sink in. She surrenders to them as she has to you physically. You have shaped her as you chastised her firmly, thoughtfully, and without relenting. Your words, along with the spanking, have sunk in.

The spanking lets you speak deep into her. That is a thing words alone don’t always do. Even though she feared it, and is relieved it is over, there is something right and at peace now. Something changed. Her resistance to you and her guilt are gone, if you have been thorough. She is ready for the next stage, which is great calm between you, and easy affection. She is happy now to have the chance to show you her beautiful submission, and see you love all the things about her you always do. She will not easily forget the lesson or your instructions. They will be ringing within her. There will be an inner reminder also if she begins a similar failing, and she will remember to pull back from it. That’s something she should not repeat. The spanking does not make her flawless, but it refines her, and softens her, and makes every word you say count. You can speak them deep within her. 


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  11. Better Lady Avatar
    Better Lady

    I fully agree with everything in this article. Being naked and positioned across my husband’s lap with my bottom about to be paddled is incredibly humbling and once I am in position, I am required to explain to him, why I am in this position. What I have done that lead me to this position and what I must do in the future. Having to express my wrong verbally while naked and across his lap brings true regret, remorse and embarrassment. The paddling brings more sorrow but also relief in knowing that he loves me enough to take the time to properly discipline me putting the wrong in the past and helping me stay on the right path. I know I am forgiven. He knows I will do better. I always feel closer to him after a paddling or spanking. I always want to show him submission and obedience by listening to and following his words. I am quick to complete my housework and am more attentive to his needs after a correction.

    1. Thank you for explaining how a spanking makes you feel, as well as the importance of verbal affirmation in your discipline. Spanking certainly works powerfully on a woman’s soul, on all of those levels. I appreciate your desire to learn the lesson your man is teaching you in discipline. The lesson is very desirable even when the spanking is not.

  12. Deserving Avatar

    Hello Aron,

    I am sitting here thinking about how your blog speaks to my soul! It’s helpful and a reminder of what a marriage should be.

    As I reflect on my husbands corrections for me, I see how lucky I am that he takes the time to spank me and lead me properly. Of course his headship is important, but it is in the spankings where I feel like my soul is most affected. It’s odd to think of pain speaking to my soul, but I think it’s like you said- it strips away false pride and reminds me of his authority. By baring my body, I am bearing my soul.

    Do you think it’s the intimacy of a spanking that speaks to the wife’s soul so much? For me it’s so intimate- I’m undressed, and exposed. My husband has said over the years that my naked body is essential for spanking because I need to feel the shame and better understand his authority over me. Clothing can be like an armor in that setting. In order to submit fully, bending over his knee or the bed, my female part is out in the open. My bottom is spanked and the pain is unbearable sometimes, but the spanking also speaks to me because my female part is exposed- which is reserved only for him. I was thinking that a marital spanking is like marital sex- both are essential so the wife submits fully and lives properly under man’s leadership.

    The spankings are for my own good, and they speak to my soul because it’s a reminder of his masculine- just as it does when he takes me sexually. Is it weird that a spanking speaks to my soul because it’s so feminine?

    1. Hello Deserving, I’m glad this discipline guide speaks so deeply to you. I hope it continues to be of help to you in your marriage, and your submission. I believe it is the words that speak to a woman’s soul, but everything about the spanking aids in that process. That includes the nudity, the sexual element, the humbling position, and the pain of the spanking. They help words that might ordinarily have been taken lightly, have great and penetrating power instead. Those elements of discipline allow the words to better shape a woman inside. But the words do the speaking, and are in themselves very important.

      The process does fit the feminine soul perfectly. It is fitting for her softness, her gentleness, her physical build, and her desire for her husband’s power, and it fulfills each of these elements of her soul very well. That’s why I call the disciplined wife a “natural woman” — she is living out her natural being to its fullest through submission and being spanked nude. That’s in part why many women who were taught it was horrible, learn to desire it, and end up being spanked. It provides the feminine soul much of what it longs for.

      Thank you for your comments.

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