Description of Discipline for Arguing

It is not common that my wife is argumentative with me, and occasionally if she starts, I can let her know she should not continue, and she listens carefully. Rarely, I have to punish her her for arguing. Her recent discipline happened because she persisted in arguing with me in front of the children, over a subject I cannot even think of anymore. She went well beyond voicing her thoughts, or giving me helpful advise, into ignoring what I had told her to do, even when I had said it three times, and told her I was decided already. Our children were there, unfortunately, and had to see a rare example of this behavior.

I fully accept hearing my wife’s opinion on matters, but her behavior was disrespectful, and I’m sure she had a voice inside to tell her that. I had even told her in the middle of her belligerence– If this continues you are going to be in trouble. It was the first time in about a year I’d spanked her for being argumentative, and the lesson I would give her that night was similar to the last time — both one of respect, and learning where the line is between offering helpful information and arguing.

I think she knew something was coming, as she was fairly quiet the rest of the day. After the children were in bed, I told her — We’re going to have a talk tonight because of the behavior you showed me this morning. I think you know what I am talking about. That kind of friction you gave me is not acceptable. We’re going to work on that tonight.

Sometimes my wife is one to make excuses, or become upset about learning she’ll be spanked, but she was peacefully accepting, and knew she’d been out of line. She told me she was sorry, and just was having a frustrating time. She shouldn’t have spoken out against me.

I said I’m sure she knew it was wrong, and was happy to know she could see her wrong. But she was going to have to learn a lesson tonight. Her behavior disrespected me and set a terrible example for the children. I had told her the discussion was over, and she needed to listen, and stop then. I had warned her, and she didn’t want to heed.

Take this off and kneel on the end of the bed — I told her.
Usually I will have my wife wait for me to start, so she has time to think about what is coming and why, but I really did not wish to spend the time with that process, especially since it was late.

She undressed and placed herself on the bed on her knees. I repositioned her so that her shoulders were on the bed, and butt held high. I gave her panties a few tugs to bare her bottom and take them down to below her thighs. Then I picked up the strap.

Do you know why you are being disciplined tonight?
Yes sir.

You understand you were disrespectful to your husband?

Yes sir.

I gave her seven or eight hard straps and continued.
You are to help your husband, not cause friction for him. Did you give me help?

No I didn’t, sir. I’m sorry.
I continued to strap her bottom.

You may offer me helpful information or advise, but you do not argue with your man. Your behavior was disrespectful and out of line.
I’m sorry, sir.
When I am decided you need to simply listen to me, and then do what I told you to do. That’s it.

I gave her a number of straps across her bottom, as she began to squirm and wriggle. Then I slowly walked to the other side of her and continued.

You need to remember this — you have crossed the line when I have told you I know and I am decided anyway. Once I say that, and you continue many times, you are not helping me anymore, but are arguing and going against me. When I warn you, then you also know you are out of line. Listen to those warnings, and listen to your voice inside. Do you understand where the line is?
Yes sir, I do.

I gave her another seven or eight straps as she bit down on the gag to soften a few squeals.

You are to help your man, and to honor him. You do not disrespect me. Is that clear? Yes sir.

Are you going to do that? Yes I will, sir.

I have her another series of straps, covering the top of her backside to the bottom, and walked again slowly to her other side.

I need to see a better attitude from you the next time. I need to see that you offer me help. You help me to do what I need to do, and you do not argue with me and try to do the opposite. I need to see a submissive and a helpful attitude from you. Am I going to see that next time, woman.

Yes sir, I will help you next time.
I brought another series of straps down, as she held in several yelps.
You need to be helpful next time, and you need to listen to my words. Is that clear? Yes sir.
Do you know where the line is? Yes I do, sir.

I strapped her up and down the bottom, and went back to her other side.

Are you committed to submitting to your husband? Yes sir.
Do you want to have to go through this spanking again?No sir.
Do you like having to be corrected like this? No sir.
Then you be committed to your submission, and you listen to your man.

I strapped her up to ten times again on her reddening backside, which she kept up in the air, squirming a little.

Have you learned your lesson tonight? Yes sir.
Are you going to be respectful next time? Yes sir.

I do not. Slap.
Want to see that. Slap.
From you. Slap.
Ever. Slap. Again. Slap.
Do you understand? Slap
Yes I do, sir — she managed between sobs.

Okay, we are finished now — I told her. I placed my arm around her shoulder, and led her to sitting up. You can go stand in the corner now until I call you.

She thought she could pull up her panties then, but I told her — No, lower them so I can see your backside. She pulled them back down and went to the corner.

You think about why this hard lesson happened, and what your commitment in the future will be — I said.

I gave her some time in the corner, while I did some reading. As usually I let her take a box of tissue with her, as she’d been crying.

Come here and kneel down — I called her. She came from the corner and knelt in front of me before the bed.

Now you understand why I gave you this lesson tonight?
Yes, sir.
How are you prepared to behave the next time?
I will be respectful to you. I’ll listen to you.
Do you understand where that line is with arguing and disrespect? I have told you before.
Yes, sir. I need to listen when you make the decision, and I need to stop if I am arguing.

That’s right, and you need to heed my warnings also. If you do that, you won’t end up here again. I know that was hard for you, but I think you understand why I spanked you, and you really want to learn this lesson. You really want to be respectful to your man.

Yes sir.

Okay. I know I’m going to be seeing better from you. And I trust it won’t happen again. We’re finished.

She was still breathing a little heavily, and sniffling from the tears, but had mostly calmed down from the heart of the punishment. I gave her a kiss on her forehead, and led her slowly into my arms. I held her, and kissed her for some time, telling her she is my woman and that I always love her. Even in punishment I never think badly of her, and always care about her. It’s all over. We won’t talk about it again. I know you are a wonderful wife.

We had a wonderful day the following day, and things were back to being peaceful, as they almost always are. I didn’t see any return of that behavior, and I haven’t since. Being argumentative is rare for her to begin with, but I monitor it anyway, and discipline her if it crosses the line. That’s one way to make sure she stays on the rails. My wife was sore for several days after her discipline, which had been long, and had several fading purple spots on her bottom for longer than that. A few minutes being spanked will leave a lasting reminder about good behavior.

As anyone reading my manual knows, I don’t believe discipline is only for the worst offenses, or the most rebellious women. Generally godly and gentle women benefit and grow from being spanked, as my wife does, and they will remember those lessons as well. They will learn from discipline that a red flag goes up inside for certain behavior. They learn they don’t want to repeat it, and they know they do not want the consequences. It also helps them follow their man, as his firm hand in disciplining them reminds them to follow him conscientiously. My wife is like that, and even though disrespect and argument are uncommon for her, she needs a firm reminder sometimes. The lesson is short. Then we have joyous harmony together.


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  8. A wife being disrespectful to her husband in front of other people, but especially the children, is one of the most serious kinds of misbehavior and should always result in a very severe punishment. A wife must be a constant witness of the submission and obedience of a Christian wife to her husband who God puts in Authority over her. It’s even more serous in front of the children who need to be taught gender roles.

    1. Yes, I agree. She fully understood the problem with her behavior, and learned from her punishment.

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  10. aronhusband, it’s wonderful that you are such a caring husband.

    You don’t mention if your wife thanked you with oral sex after. I hope she at least offered. I’ve learned that it is just a small thing that is so appreciated by my husband after the emotional and physical effort he puts into my discipline.
    Thank you.

    [Comment edited by Aron to remove material inappropriate for this website]

    1. Hell Katrin, I’m glad you visited my website and hope you’ve found it helpful. Thank you for the encouragement. Yes, I care about my wife and my discipline of her simply fits in the broad and deep union we have in marriage. It’s one way that I care for her.

      Yes, I do frequently have her pleasure me orally after I discipline her, though I don’t make a rule of it. She has learned to please with her whole heart and loves to satisfy her man. I will post a short article on oral after discipline soon, as I think it deserves its own piece.

      Yes, discipline does take thought, time, and effort, and I do appreciate the reward.

      1. Yes, aronhusband, your website is very helpful. And a short article on oral after discipline would be most welcome by husbands and wives, I am sure.
        I’m sorry that I apparently posted material inappropriate for your website. Perhaps you could let me know where I erred. I shall have to report this to my HOH and be disciplined for it.
        Thank you,

        1. I will post it probably in a few weeks, Katrin. I hope it offers some insights. As far as inappropriate material, I don’t expect every reader to know where my line is, so I would not expect that your hoh needs to discipline you. You did not know. I have done minor edits on other peoples’ comments as well.

          I allow comments with some variety, but I would not permit some of what goes on in the bdsm world. That would include anything involving children, more damaging forms of punishment, extreme degradation, or bodily fluids. Just recognize that this site is about leading the wife, and disciplining her with love. It fits easily within the umbrella of domestic discipline.

          I think spending time here and reading the articles will give you a good idea of what the purpose and spirit of this manual is. I am glad that you ask though, and are respectful of my standards here. Feel free to continue to comment if you wish.

  11. Thank you so much, aronhusband. My bottom thanks you, too. 🙂
    We are looking forward with much excitement for your article on oral worship.

    1. You must be relieved that aronhusband has suggested you do not receive discipline for you error Katrin. He is obviously very caring and I hope your HOH will abide by this suggestion.

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  13. what country are you based in?

    1. Hello Nick, If the question is intended for me, I am based in the U.S.

  14. Wondering how it all works out with kids Avatar
    Wondering how it all works out with kids

    I’d love to hear your comments about raising children in the midst of wife spanking. On one hand I really wish my husband would spank me so please understand that these questions are not coming from somebody who disagrees fundamentally with what you are doing but rather I just wonder how this works out and some real life situations involving children. Are your children aware that Mommy gets spanked? Do you homeschool your kids, because if not, if your kids go to school (or Church) are you concerned they might say something about you spanking your wife to someone? Or is this a secret that they are expected to keep?
    For that matter, do you spank your children? When you talk about spanking being erotically charged and part of the husband wife covenant, how do you keep such thoughts / feelings from arising when you are disciplining your children? Perhaps you could write a blog post about all of this.

    1. Hi, Thank you for your questions. It’s an important concern to bring up. I actually have an article already written on the topic, which addresses at least some of your questions. However, it will be a few months until I post it.

      Spanking with children in the home is a necessity for most homes, most of the time. In our home, we simply do our best to be quiet. I have my wife bite down on something to keep her from crying out too loud, and I use silent instruments. When I think I need to give her a more thorough spanking, such as with the paddle, I arrange a time for us to be alone. It can be an inconvenience, and requires a little wait time, but it works out well.

      I do not tell my children that I spank their mother, but if they know, I don’t have a problem with it. It is private, and when they are young adults I wouldn’t mind talking to them about it, and why I do it. The culture is largely against the practice, so it’s normal to not speak about it to others, except perhaps in special circumstances.

      We do spank our children for serious wrongs. As far as sexual feelings during a spanking, I don’t personally have any problem with them arising while disciplining children. I don’t think too many people feel that way about children either. It’s totally in a different zone. If a parent did have such feelings for children, the best thing would be to not use this kind of discipline, or let the other parent do it.

      I hope that offers you some insight. I will probably post the article in a few months.

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