Why Women Love to be Spanked

I want to write about why so many women enjoy being spanked, and even find very deep fulfillment in it. Some would suggest the title is an exaggeration, because surely there are some women who do not love it, but I let the title stand because there are so many who do, and because it is rooted so deeply in their femininity and their calling as women. This is why you will find so much literature about marital discipline or spanking in general written by women, including some of the best blogs on the subject, and insightful explanations of the practice. It’s why so many women read spanking material as well, including the super-abundant number of female readers and viewers of 50 Shades of Gray. Women love spanking, and it is deep in their beautiful souls.

I was actually turned on to spanking by a girlfriend years ago, and when I lived my life as a player, had numerous women suggest very forceful things to do to them, including one that I rank as extreme and which I had little interest in. Some of the best advice on the subject of male leadership was given to me by women, either girlfriends or regular female friends including that a man should never let a woman get on top (figuratively of course) since she would want to stay there and control him. He should always be in charge of his woman. From online forums, it appears that arguably the majority of the time, it is the woman who introduces spanking into the relationship, and not the man. Many are the women who feel frustrated by the lack of leadership from their man, and the lack of spanking. Even a weak or short spanking may leave them unfulfilled. They need a good hard and long smacking of their bottom to get the job done.

Why is this? Why would anyone, female or otherwise, desire another person to take their power away, put them in a vulnerable position — which many would define as simply humiliating — and inflict pain on their bottom. The pain is ongoing, and sometimes it is hard to bear. What would make someone desire, even long for, what sounds to most like it is degrading, and an awful experience all around.

You can find good material by both women and men about this online, but I want to touch on a few points here that I believe offers similar insight. Women love spanking for some of the same reasons anyone desires discipline, along with reasons unique to women, and even sometimes for reasons unique to her own life experience and history. They make her long for the discipline, the humbling, the being taken down a peg, the baring of her body, and a justly inflicted spanking which hurts.

Perhaps the most obvious reason women love spankings is because they can feel the power of their men. There is both emotional excitement, and arousal in seeing their men’s power, both over the resistance of their mind and over their body. Just as the man shows his strength to them in the marriage bed, he shows his strength now. Just as his desire and his mind should lead their relationship daily, it leads her now in a very personal and powerful way.

Along with sensing her man’s power, is the fulfillment she experiences in her own submission to spanking. God gave women an inner leaning toward submission, and a deep capacity to submit in a heartfelt way. In spanking, this is fulfilled perhaps more immanently than anywhere else in her marriage or any other relationship. She must yield to her man’s strength, mentally, spiritually, physically. She yields by admitting her wrong. She yields by accepting a humbling. She yields by receiving the spanking, and passively feeling the blows of her man. It is control and yielding in action. It is no surprise, that despite a little fear that goes along with it, the spanking is fulfilling to her womanhood, and erotically exciting.

Women also enjoy spanking because of the peace that it brings after conflict. Spanking puts an end to uproar or offense. It puts and end to coldness. If the air between husband and wife has been sour over her bad behavior, or refusal to submit to her husband, the air is cleared by her submission to just punishment. Peace has been made more quickly and easily than most people find it. In some instances peace has been made where perhaps it would not have been made otherwise. Many are the couple who entered into domestic discipline for this very reason, and found in virtually turned around their marriage. A good bare-bottomed spanking can do what no long discussion, argument, counselor, or divorce lawyer can accomplish — it brings intimacy, love, harmony, and peace back to a marriage, faster than you can say — over my knee. Who wouldn’t love that?

Women love spanking for a reason nearly universal — accepting the punishment brings an end to real guilt. A woman who has behaved badly, who has been rebellious to her husband, who has shirked her responsibilities knows there is real guilt for doing that. Guilt before her God, and guilt in the domain of the home before her husband. A person who is truly repentant and knows they have done wrong will know that a punishment is just and deserved. Accepting with our heart that the punishment is just is a part of repenting of our behavior. It’s a part of our guilt being removed from our wrong.

One might argue that couples could achieve the same effect with discipline that is not forceful in nature — such as removing privileges. However, spanking comes across as much more of a punishment than mild practices like that — both for the pain and the humbling of it — and is also more of a catharsis, of guilt and pent up emotion. For this reason I find gentle discipline doesn’t seem much like just punishment for serious offenses. It is true that couples regularly practice forgiveness for wrongs, but there are times forgiveness comes hand in hand with real justice being done — think of God’s forgiveness of David for his murder and adultery, and the fact God also punished him temporally for these evils. David certainly is in heaven right now, but he did not reject that he deserved punishment for his deeds. He accepted it. So too, a wife accepting a spanking from her husband can realize she has both his forgiveness, and the just deserts of her crime. What she did was wrong, she feels bad about it, but now it is over and forgotten. You will find that most couples that practice spanking will testify their upsets or offenses are over quickly. Once the wife has been spanked and restored, all is new and it is never mentioned again.

Women love spanking because of the accountability it gives them. Along with the experience of their man’s power, and a fulfillment of their own submission, along with greater peace at home and removal of guilt, is the practical asset that spanking helps women be accountable for their actions. This could be a woman who knows she has problems with responsibility. It could be one who has problems with over-eating and having self-control at the table. It could be a woman who knows she has a bad mouth on her, back-talks her husband, and wishes inside she could stop. Spanking holds her accountable. Spanking says — stop, that was wrong, it was very wrong, you know it, I am the man who is responsible for you and you have to stop. It gives a strong incentive to stay out of trouble –as long as it is severe enough — and often brings real practical fruit. Many spanked wives would testify to bad habits they left behind through this kind of discipline, and many are the husband who would tell you of bad behaviors their wife left behind while over their knee regularly. For women who know they need to be held accountable, spanking is a great practical help. It puts the man in their life there to hold them accountable, and give them motivation suited to them as women.

Women love spanking because it is powerfully erotic. This ties in to the first point I mentioned — that of power and submission — but it deserves to be spoken of alone. The man’s control has a sexual element, and reminds her of his strength of character and strength in the marriage bed. The element of nudity is there in a spanking, baring one of the most sexualized zones of a woman — her bottom and upper thighs. They are bare for her man to see at his pleasure, often raised up in the air as if presented to him. The vulnerability and humbling are also erotic. Some suggest a woman being put over the knee is being treated like a child, but it is rather that she is being made vulnerable and ultimately powerless. This by itself is rooted in her sexuality, and submissiveness to her man. She desires to be powerless to him, to be conquered, vanquished, made completely his, naked at the disposal of a glorious conqueror. The humbling, and child-like position of the spanking helps fulfill this. Many spankings also involve the closeness of bodies, especially if she is lying over his lap, or if he is using his hand to discipline her. Even husbands who spank with an implement often take the time to touch their wife’s body firmly, or gently during a spanking, bringing emotional and physical intimacy into the overwhelming experience. If she has trouble bearing the spanking he may stroke her hair, or her face, and reassure her. She is completely his when she is being spanked just as she is completely his when she is being taken forcefully in the marriage bed, as her man expresses his powerful desire for her, holds her down, speaks into her ear. In both arenas she has become his woman completely.

Do not try to convince me or anyone else that a discussion accomplishes this. Or speaking with a counselor either. That they could replace being turned over a man’s knee and spanked. That would be totally absurd to even suggest. Often it amounts to playing footsy with the devil. Such methods accomplish something different, but they can never accomplish what spanking does, be it in terms of establishing authority and submission, marital peace, or emotional and sexual closeness. A woman over a man’s knee might sincerely fear the strapping she expects, but she loves his power. His power is sexual to her. That’s why so many couples blend intimacy into their discipline, or have the wife perform for her husband sexually afterwards. There is no more a way to remove the erotic element from spanking than there is to remove the power element from making love. They are both deeply intertwined in their own form of embrace.

There is much more to communicate when it comes to a woman’s desire for spanking. I will stop there. A woman’s need to feel her man’s power is no state secret. Some may desire it privately, and feel it is a forbidden thing. Other women are very openly submissive, and willing to speak of their need for their man taking control of them. They know it is natural and legit. Just as being a helper to her man is written by God on a woman’s soul, and just as submission is a beautiful expression of her femininity, being spanked fulfills her purpose in being led by her man. It fulfills her soul which was designed to be led. She is led, taught, made better, corrected, and then fully restored to live in his love. Spanking fits into the tapestry of the woman’s role with her man, and the grand picture of redemption that womanhood is. The wife represents the chosen people of God. She is the bride of the Savior. Her chastisement is a part of her bring made holy. Despite the brief anxiety or pain, it finally refines her. It restores her. The woman who desires this desires a good thing.


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  8. Dear Sir I am wondering if you have any thoughts or advice on women self-spanking if they have behaved badly? I am a lady who has spanked myself for when I feel guilty for various things. I am not married and I am sure there are single women out there who believe they need physical discipline too but do not yet have anyone to administer it.
    Also if you have any thoughts or advice on how women who masturbate or watch pornography should be disciplined for these bad habits.

    1. Hello NG, Thank you for your question. I have not given self-spanking a lot of thought. I can understand why some people find it desirable, especially if they have no one to spank them, or if their husband is away for a length of time.

      A person who feels they need discipline in their life, has various options to control their behavior. Often fasting can help us to have ourselves under control, and not be ruled by our desires. I recommend fasting both for spiritual purposes, and simple practical ones. There is also good use for penance for wrongdoings, such as going out and doing good works to show you have a changed heart from your previous bad ones. Self-punishment, either for punishing infractions or for learning self-discipline, has an old tradition as well. I cannot comment much on it, but if you find self-spanking helps you, then I see no problem with it. It should simply achieve the desired goals of discipline, such as helping you stay away from the behavior, justly punish the infraction, and cleanse you of guilt.

      For punishment, I usually give spankings, but I also have given non-spanking discipline before, such as writing lines and corner time. I find spanking the most effective. As far as the wrongs you mention — pornography or masturbation — I don’t have any unique ideas. If I ever caught my wife watching pornography — and it’s hard to imagine that ever happening — I would have a talk with her about it, give her a severe spanking, and take steps to make sure she is not tempted to do it again in the future.

      Masturbation is not usually a temptation for married couples who share affection frequently. It is much more of a temptation for those who are single, especially men, who have a more compulsive sexual desire. Some people recommend a good cold shower to get rid of temptations of lust, but I have not personally tried it. It is good to simply stay away from situations or places that usually lead you into this temptation, and also fill up your time and attention with good things instead. If you feel the need to self-punish for it, then that could help as well.

      Take care!

    2. I often wondered why I felt such a bed to be spanked. This covers all the reasons. We as wives live to have strong men who rule us.
      I love being accountable to him. It also makes my life easier as I don’t have to make big decisions. I just need to say yes Sir.
      It is romantic as well as painful which seems like it should be wrong but it isn’t.

  9. Sophia Avatar


    You have surprising insight into the feminine mind. As a woman, I wholeheartedly agree that most of us secretly long for a firm hand in our relationships with men. We become our most feminine and most beautiful selves when we reveal our soft vulnerability to a man who is strong enough to protect us, but also mold us and shape us to his will. We long to be led in marriage by a strong man and, when necessary, to be disciplined by his strong hands. You’re correct that women find male strength deeply erotic, and this is clearly reflected in women’s romantic literature, where, again and again, a woman is “taken” by a man who overpowers her resistance. She is taught, through brute force, that she will find her greatest pleasure in submission to her husband. Sadly, this is not culturally acceptable, and it can be quite difficult for a woman who wants to be disciplined, as you so eloquently described, to find a suitable partner. That’s why I was so pleased to find your blog, amongst other distasteful ones, showing how a godly man leads his wife in marriage using domestic discipline. Thank you for your courage and strength in posting your story. Like your wife, I hope to soon find a Christian man who can provide the stern discipline I deeply desire.

    1. I am very honored by your words, Sophia. I am glad this website offers a fuller view of marital discipline than some others. That is a part of the purpose of it — I want people to see not only the mechanics of the practice, but how it fits in with a loving marriage, in the deep relationship of headship and submission. It is truly an expression of love in marriage.

      I do my best to understand femininity, and the woman’s soul, which I honestly have always found as precious as her body, and as beautiful. She needs the tender hand and soft words of her husband, and she needs his firm guidance and power as well. She thrives with both.

      I also appreciate your commitment to discipline in your future marriage. You clearly see the good it can do as well as the fulfillment it can bring to you. Like you, I would never have accepted marriage with a woman who would refuse discipline from me. You want a man who is willing and capable of giving it. It is sad how many people in society reject wife spanking and without real understanding shut it out. It would benefit many more marriages if people took the time to learn.

      1. Sophia Avatar

        Thank you, Aron! This continues to be my favorite post, and I feel like I learn something new each time I read it.

        1. I’m happy to hear that, Sophia. It is as truthful as I can make it, and comes from many years of disciplining women. I also learn from what women say bout being spanked too. Take care.

  10. Thank you for your insight. You explain things in way that is easy to understand. I don’t enjoy a spanking but i always feel a sense of relief after my husband gives me a good one. My behind is sore but I feels much better.

    1. You’re welcome. It’s great you know how you can benefit from a spanking. Discipline helps a wife on many levels at once.

  11. Ross Steger Avatar
    Ross Steger

    Thank you,sir. This helps me better understand my wife’s need for discipline.Now I just have to put ME there. 🙂

    1. Great. That is one of the first steps, Ross. Most important is seeing your role as leader clearly and taking the reigns. I know you can do it.

  12. tryingtosubmittohim Avatar

    This article is so accurate!
    When I read it before we started practicing spanking in our marriage, I really didn’t believe it. I thought you were exaggerating or maybe saying these things to justify weird Christian abuse. But after just a few weeks of spanking, I can confidently say all of this is true!

    I love when the guilt is finally behind me. I love seeing his power rise up and put me back in my rightful place. When his jaw sets firmly in place, I know he is going to say, “Take off your pants.” My knees buckle as he reaches for his instrument of choice, and I want to beg him to have mercy and not spank me, but there’s no use even trying. (Especially since I asked for this lifestyle!) He is going to go forward. He is going to follow through. He is not angry, but he is determined. I immediately know the look. My fear comes in a tidal wave, and the anticipation, as I am over his knee or on all fours on the bed, puts a rock in the pit of my stomach. I don’t know which implement he will choose and I’m not even sure which one I’m hoping for. When he starts spanking, I get a brief break from my fear. “This isn’t so bad,” I think. “I can handle this.” Then the intensity warms up and I am closing my eyes and gripping whatever I can reach, in anticipation of the next one striking. Tears fall silently down my cheeks. Sometimes I can count each strike, and sometimes I can’t even think straight. My yelps and gasps increase as he continues and the tears fall. I hope he won’t go so low on my thighs. Please not there again. I hate when they are in the same place over and over. I can hardly stay still and my brain is trying to work out a way to escape. I never know where the next one will land. Thud. Thwap. Awful sounds. At first I worry our kids will hear, and then there is no space in my brain to worry or think about anything else that is happening in that moment. It doesn’t matter what they hear or think. It’s happening and I can’t stop it.

    Something inside of me breaks as I confront my own sin: I have been rebellious. I have been disrespectful. I have been resentful. I have resented him. I have resisted my role in this house and in our marriage. He is justified in punishing me. I need this. I have a hardened heart. I need to be softened. As he shows his authority over me, and the strikes gain intensity, I break into deep sobs. It’s more emotional pain than physical. “I’m so sorry!” I cry. I want to be better. I want to be his. I want to honor him. I want to show him love. Apologizing never makes him stop, but he knows he is reaching me deep in my soul. As I continue crying out with words, gasps, or sobs, I feel the repentance reach down deep in my soul.

    I am worried. My mind starts panicking and spinning. I never know how long the Session will last, which is one of the worst parts of this. When he says, “10 more,” I’m relieved, but the searing pain continues until he is done. I am exhausted. I can’t look at him. I can’t move. I need time to recover. My tears soak my pillow. Finally, he takes me in his arms and all is well in my world.

    The warm pain on my rear lasts for days and my heart is softened and tender towards him. I’ll do anything for him. I’ll do my work with no complaints. It’s not from fear of another spanking. In fact, I’ll crave it again before he will initiate it, usually. I’ve heard that the brain hears what the rear end feels, but I never knew it was true! It is. It gets through me like nothing else does. (And I think it does something for him, too, because he always steps up and leads the family the way I want and need him to!)

    We tried talking out our problems for many years. It may have brought resolution, but it took way too much time and we both were offended and frustrated and sometimes in a stalemate, not knowing how to move forward.

    Discipline Sessions address the issue at hand, put my husband back in charge, break me down to tears, allow me to surrender, and bring acceptance deep in my soul. Then I am cradled in his arms, as he assures me that he has got me. He is taking care of the family. He is alert. He is aware. He is driving–he is not asleep at the wheel. (Thank God.) I don’t need to be stressed out. I don’t need the weight of the world on my shoulders. He is here, helping, and in charge.

    That’s what spanking does.
    It’s a beautiful, mysterious thing.

    1. Thank you for your vivid description. Spanking and verbal correction together act deeply on a woman’s soul. Far superior to long talks and diplomatic negotiations. That is exactly why I practice it and encourage it.

      I would not even consider writing such an article if I did not understand how a woman feels about spanking, and how she reacts to one. Men and women are wired for the parts that we play, and that’s why you enjoy that wonderful cleansing, closeness, and freedom from guilt. It truly is beautiful and mysterious as you say!

    2. Sophia Avatar

      What a beautiful, moving description of how discipline transforms us as women! It’s so hard to explain how we need it and hate it and fear it and crave it at the same time. But the end is so blissful – warm and safe in his arms! Sore and tearful, but loved and forgiven. In some ways, it is as mysterious and intimate as making love. In both, we are his, lovingly bared and bent to his will. I loved it so much that I read it aloud to my husband. Maybe you’ll think it’s silly, but it brought tears to my eyes, telling him so honestly what wonderful, brave things he does for our marriage and for me as his wife. Thank you for sharing! I really enjoyed it. Blessings to you!

      1. I agree so much with you Sophia. I both hate it and love it. I hate when he needs to punish me, but I love how serene I feel after and how much it has strenghten our marriage.

      2. Well said, Sophie and Jennie- it’s a confusion of hating and loving it. Before so much fear as time has come. And a good Spanking is so so painful, I was always so tearful and I always struggled to get away they just hurt so bad. I love your use of the word -Brave. Especially after the first one, I thought that was a bold, brave thing to do to me- he must really love me.

  13. momred1906 Avatar

    Thank you so much for your wise words.
    Sir, I know you are right, I would always get into trouble nothing criminal but with the strict correction to keep me on the right path. Helps me.

    1. Hello MomRed, You’re welcome. Clear guidance and a sound spanking does help keep women out of trouble. That’s among the greatest benefits of discipline. I’m glad you’re seeing its value in your life.

  14. Fran Reid Avatar
    Fran Reid

    Thank you. I do enjoy every blog post so intently.
    Sir Aron, I would like to know if you think spanking is great in place of therapy when a woman is angry, resisting punishment and obedience or struggling mentally? I often find it the work load gets too much and I slip up with deliberate rudeness which hasnt happened in a year now but still I remember when I was taking out my pain and frustration on My HoH even after he looked at me and gave me a stern warning. I kept groaning and speaking in a sour tone. An hour later j had a taken the girls to bed and ordered me to stop with the attitude and get upstairs please. “Okay Sir” I fejt sheepish knowing I’d been rude enough to warrant a late night spanking over the knee. So at 10:30pm my night robe and pink pyjamas had slid off my body and I was in the corner naked. Once HoH approached he held my waist kissed my forehead and patted me on my unspanked bottom. It had been awhile. So I went over Mr As knee, arching my back hands out front almost touching the other side of the bed. He rubbed my legs and massaged my two “globes” and he calls them.
    “You don’t talk to me that way EVER” he calmly bit sternly said. I got fifteen swats and three on my sit spots. I held in my yelps and cries. I hold in my tears alot but once the small wooden paddle and was painting my bottom an array of reds and purpled I cried out then wept and wept… “That’s what I want to hear Frankie” he softly said between hefty paddles. “You can cry let it all out for me” “you’re mine and I want you to know that I understand how much this hurts you” he said while swatting like a professional ping pong player. I squirmed and wept. “It does Sir and I’m so sorry.” I blubbered. My throat was dry and my bottom on fire. “There’s alit of ground to cover with an ass like yours” Hubby joked in-between spanks. Then when I was completely docile laying limp, Mr A told me it was over and all was forgiven. He had me lie on my stomach on the bed with my naked body and purple welted buttocks on display for him to admire and apply cooling cream too. I felt soothed, relaxed and exhausted at the same time. It wasn’t until after I was reminded through an affectionate consolment from my dear HoH that I discussed hoe I felt so much better mentally after the hard spanking I received that evening. I also felt cleansed and refreshed after soothing and hugs, wrapped up to sleep soundly beside my HoH with a steaming bottom but still soothed . I told him I feel like I’ve been through an intense therapy session.
    I thanked him many nights after without him needing to ask.
    Needless to say, Mr A was much happier too. He agreed spanking can be therapeutic for a woman provide she submits her body fully and soul to get Man.
    “Frankie that Lucious Bottom is mine” he said with a wink and a short playful slap to my still sore butt cheeks. My squeak “,Yeow” made him laugh.
    He wrapped his arms around me and I confirmed that indeed my bottom and entire body belongs to him. Therapy sessions are certianly more affordable and done by the one I love honor and obey. What more could I ask for?
    I hope all women reading this are encouraged to think of their trips over the knee or bottoms up where their Man in charge takes charge as therapy .

    1. Hello Fran, I appreciate your detailed description of your correction, alongside some of the verbal guidance your husband offers you. He clearly knows what he’s doing.

      As far as therapy, sure I think far fewer people would even consider paying a therapist if they had the right kind of guidance to begin with. A part of that guidance comes from a husband. His leadership alongside discipline provide a woman both with guidance and protection. Guidance and protection alone provide a great deal of mental and emotional stability. They are quite sound.

      The spanking also plays its part, cleansing a woman of her guilt, and possibly her anger, putting her soul much more at rest. She’s had a chance to get out of her what was inside, through shedding tears and remorse. The pain, alongside the humbling and verbal guidance, one can certainly compare to therapy. Any man should be able to provide that guidance to his wife, and both of them will enjoy the results.

  15. I cannot describe the amazing feeling of being disciplined by my husband. It is everything you described above, and yet it’s still beyond words in how it carries this amazing sense of “rightness” with it. His rights over me, God having decreed my obedience and submission to my husband, heaven and earth and husband and wife all agreeing in the beauty and rightness of chastisement.
    I used to have hidden desires for this but was always afraid it was just a bad fantasy that if it had become reality I would very much regret it. But I don’t, not even a little bit, despite all the things I read telling me I’m somehow disrespecting myself to seek to be under a man. It gives me peace in my heart to come under him, and overwhelmingly so to feel his strap on my bottom enforcing his rules for me.

    1. Those are great rewards to be experiencing, Heather. There certainly is a rightness to spanking which goes well beyond words. There is always a depth of mystery in its power, as there is with beauty, or nature, or making love. Many powers are working together in ways we do not always see. As you say, all heaven and earth agree. Chastisement is a part of our natural home. Thanks to God.

    2. Thank you for your Post. In chatting with many many women-have a hidden desire for chastisement and spanking. Many women actually say, “I feel crazy for feeling like I need a good spanking” or saying: “I am not a child but I want a spanking -am crazy or what” On some sites I would hear that once a month or at times once a week. So any woman reading this, and trying to understand themselves- I say it’s natural/God given need women have for discipline. Some of us are just more aware of their needs, than others. One of my Goals is to let others know they are “normal” and not crazy for this desire.

      1. Thank you for your comment. It is wonderful you are able to help other women to embrace submission. The indoctrination they’ve had in feminism does not go as deep as their nature, and once a woman overcomes certain mental obstacles, she can easily embrace being led and being spanked. She will be pleased with the rewards.

  16. Thanks for ruining spankings for me. You’ve taken a fun element of sex play and turned it into something truly disturbing. If my husband did to me what the women in these comments are describing, my mugshot would be all over the news. And the smile you’d see on my face in that picture would tell you I regret nothing.

    1. Hello Christal, No one has ruined anything for you. You are free to engage in erotic spanking all you like. However, your willingness to act like you could correct your husband, and even make terroristic threats against him, only shows you could benefit from the main purpose of spanking, and not just its erotic ends.

      That purpose is discipline, and training a wife. Spanking is effective in that, by humbling a woman, punishing her wrong, deterring future bad behavior. It also puts her fully back in submission. I’m sure that it could help you with your attitude as well, and with enough coaxing, your man would be willing to correct you that way.

      You should note, that while it is very enjoyable for a woman to experience her man’s strength in bed, that strength is not merely a play thing. It is not theater. That strength relates to his character, and it relates to the role he has as head of the home, in leading his woman. Who would you really rather have spanking your butt in bed, someone who’s playacting he’s in charge, or someone who’s really in charge?

      You ought to respect your man. His role is naturally to lead you, and yours is to submit to him and follow him. Spanking fits in naturally in that context, and gives him a hand in punishing your bad behavior, in a way you will not wish to repeat again. That does not ruin spanking, but rather fulfills it.

  17. All very interesting .I got into spanking whilst watching boys at school being slippered and caned.we were exempt. When I reached puberty it got sexually arising ,sseeing male bottoms tane
    Tanned. I asked my b/f if he would spank me.he said no atfirst but u talked him into it.I took my panties down and handed my dads slippers lay across his knee and almost immediately I had an organs ,this was many years ago, I even progressed to a bare. Caned bottom . We usually switched and I always wanted a spanking when he was beaten at school ,even today I still enjoy it.partly it gets rid of guilt why boys were beaten at school and girls not I had 2 children now grown up and they were spammed equally I still get aroused by the site of a lovely male bottom. suzy

    1. Hello Suzy, Thank you for your comment. I have trouble understanding some of what you are saying. Many people do feel excitement about either spanking or being spanked. The humbling, the state of nudity, and the intensity involved all connect to the sexual instinct powerfully.

      Spanking is a very helpful tool in marriage, but it is inappropriate between men and women outside of marriage. The man is the head of the home, and he delivers the discipline. That comes naturally with being the authority.

      Take care.

  18. I do not get into the practicing of “DD” or anything of the sort, as I somewhat feel it akin to game-playing. That being said, however, my husband has taken me a couple of times before over his knee, though it’s been many years. The reason why it’s erotic is because he’s supposed to be stronger and more powerful. I can’t defend myself and I have no physical ability to exert the same power over him. It’s desired by women because we desired to be desired and to be completely covered and protected, somewhat like a child. It would never work if he didn’t protect and provide. Absent the balancing effect of his responsibility, it’d just be meaningless abuse and sick. However, when I hold him, underneath him in bed, it’s his power and love, knowing that he’s my provision and protection, that makes me long for him. He loves my weakness and I love his strength.

    1. Hello B.B., I’m glad you can see the ways in which it has meaning. There are those who use spanking simply as a game of sorts, but at heart, discipline is rooted in a reality: that of the authority structure in marriage. There is real authority and submission, as those roles are not acts, but are intrinsic to marriage. I regularly instruct and verbally correct my wife, so it fits right into place to give her a spanking when it’s needed.

      I’d say discipline comes along with marriage for that reason — authority — though it does not need to be in the form of spanking. Spanking is effective as punishment when done right. It helps many women with their behavior and their attitude. Some couples even distinguish between punishment and erotic spankings and use both, though I have never tried that myself. I appreciate your respect and love for your husband. Thank you.

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