Restoring Her After a Spanking

That period immediately after giving your wife a spanking is especially sensitive. You still have some talking to do with her, but it won’t be too easy for her. A freshly spanked wife is usually a bit more than flustered. She could still have tears, many thoughts could be going through her mind, and her bottom will still be aching. It is important to focus on a few things after a spanking, but I find it is best to give her a short cooling down period when I am done. The corner will usually do. When she is calmed down I will bring her back to me and finish our session with a few thoughts. This period will include physically reconnecting, and letting her know she is fully restored and highly valued.

First, I will ask her again if she regrets what she did. Then, I make sure my wife is committed to better behavior in the future. She knows what she needs to do and is going to do it. I will ask her, tell me what you are going to do next time. I also remind her that her man does not tolerate bad behavior, and she knows I am serious.

Once I have closed out the discipline with these points or any unique points to that night’s lesson, I express my love for her, and my pleasure with her. I remind her that I am pleased with her every day, and I love her even when I need to discipline her. I love her just as much when she is over my knee as when she is not. I honor her every day and greatly respect her as a godly woman, but I will correct her when she needs correcting. I tell her that I am confident she will do well and I fully believe in her. I know she will do her best.

Then it is good to reconnect physically. I will kiss her face, and bring her to my arms. She can sit on my lap if it doesn’t hurt too much, and I will hold her for a while. If it hurts to sit down I will lie in bed with her, and express my love, and let her know I do not ever stop thinking she is wonderful. Everything is better and we will not talk about it again. I know she will learn from our little experience. I find my wife truly takes a few hours before she is fully calm. You may find your own is different.

The next day is a time I find she is very gentle, and responsive to my words and my touch. We will both be affectionate with each other the next day. If the previous discipline related to something she had to do in the future, I will calmly remind her of it, or ask about how she is doing it. This is a way without talking about the punishment that I can keep in her mind what she learned. Otherwise, we don’t talk about her failing or her punishment again, unless she repeats the behavior.

I find this period sensitive, but if done right, very beneficial. A woman being chastised goes through many different emotions, including feeling bad about herself, and struggling because the person who always treats her warmly is handling her quite harshly now. Much is going on as you finish your dealings with her. You don’t have to do it precisely as I do, but I believe you can see the important components there: that is finishing off the discipline to make sure she is focused on what she now needs to do, assuring her of your love and admiration, and physically reconnecting with warmth and affection. Certainly consider the next day a part of the restoration in a more general sense. After a short period of harshness, she will soon go back to greatly enjoying you.


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    “A woman being chastised goes through many different emotions, including feeling bad about herself, and struggling because the person who always treats her warmly is handling her quite harshly now.”

    Thank you for writing this. Why would a woman want to be in a position to feel such sensitive emotion? This is the part that separates a playful spanking from reality. It’s scary, yet also allows growth. Why is it necessary to be spanked then to rationally discuss a matter? I don’t know other than spanking seems to naturally deepen submission.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Spanking does seem to act in a way simple discussion and other methods do not. This is especially true of a woman, who can experience much deeper submission afterward, and find it takes her past her mental obstacles in serving her husband. It is powerful, it is physical, it is spiritual, it is sexual, and is given to a woman by one she loves and trusts. No conversation can possibly replicate that. Ever.

  14. Comfort, give comfort to my people, says your God.

    Speak to the heart of Jerusalem, and proclaim to her that her service has ended, that her guilt is expiated,

    That she has received from the hand of the LORD double for all her sins.

    1. aronhusband Avatar

      That is a relevant passage from Scripture. Thank you, Sarah.

      1. It was the first reading yesterday! You’re welcome. 🙂

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