Well Positioned

One common question I get when discussing marital discipline is what position I will have my wife in to spank her. There are plenty of good articles about this online, or at least which touch on it. The position you spank your wife in mostly is a matter of preference, but it can also be a matter of practicality, when it comes to some instruments working better with certain positions. Overall, I don’t think it changes much of the quality of discipline, and you will find you can choose whichever is best for you.

In terms of preference, I do have a leaning toward spanking over the knee. I’d say I use that position the majority of the time with my wife in recent years. It is special because of the closeness involved, the nearness of all her body to me, the warmth. As I spank her I can feel her breathing or her squirming as I spank. I can feel when she finally goes limp and fully accepts it. The closeness attaches a sense of tenderness to the punishment, so I will feel more connected to her and naturally tender toward her as I spank.

Another common position I use is to have her bent over the edge of the bed, usually with a pillow under her belly to lift her bottom up. Similarly I’ll have her kneeling on the edge of the bed, bottom up and shoulders down. It is a very submissive position that makes the bottom easy to strike and makes sure she has to present it to me. It is a position that says in an instant — I am under your control. Here is everything you want. The position is colder than having her over my knee, but sometimes a certain degree of distance can be helpful in being firm, and in her having the right respect for my authority.

Naturally, some degree of preference may come down to how you desire to see your wife. It is naturally attractive to see her body and enjoy it. I am not ashamed to desire the chance to see my wife’s body, to soak it in fully in a context apart from lovemaking. It might please me to see her positioned one way especially. To see her backside in the air, or her thighs, or her back bent just so. If I appreciate seeing her delicate body in one position, I may prefer that one.

The main practical effect of her position is that it affects what instrument you will choose. If you have your wife over the knee, that will make swinging instruments, or longer ones difficult to use. I prefer not to bother with the belt, for example, when she is OTK. It’s lots of work with little reward. If you own a cane, of course, you’d never use it in that position. You would want to use a shorter instrument. That might be a small paddle, hairbrush, or the loopy, all of which you can spank her with easily and firmly. Many men spank with the hand in this position.

When she is bent over the bed, in contrast, you have more choices. You CAN use the shorter ones if you wish, but it becomes natural to use the longer ones. The belt works best if she is bent over, or kneeling on the end of the bed. It can have its full swing that way, and you use more of its length. A larger paddle can be used. Or the cane. Apart from choice of instrument, I find that having her bent over also leads me to take my time, to slow down in lecturing her. I will stroll back and forth, and spend time delivering strokes from both sides. 

You will find recommendations of other spanking positions. I haven’t often used more than I just described. Some husbands prefer to spank their wives in the diaper position, with her on her back and her knees pulled up or her legs pulled up. It is supposed to invoke more shame, as well as vulnerability. I’ve never used it. I think the other positions have plenty of the same qualities, but it does seem unique since you could have consistent eye-to-eye contact during the discipline. If that is your goal, you may try it.

As you practice discipline, and lead your wife with verbal correction and spanking, you will find what methods suit you. I’ve never heard of a position that was necessary or that was ineffective. You choose what is best and what you are more comfortable with. It is, as I say, a matter of taste and practicality. It becomes ingrained into how you do things over time, and as you repeat it, the position itself may help either you or your wife get into the mindset of correction. Like other qualities or rituals of your discipline system, it may help you reinforce your roles and communicate what you need. It comes down to you, as the head of the home, to choose.


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  2. […] instrument is not purely superficial or a matter of personal taste. The instrument will affect what position you will want your wife to be in, whether over the knee or bent over, as well as how severe a punishment you will […]

  3. […] her best not to repeat it. If she is neglectful in her duties, she knows I will give her a lesson over my knee. On the rare instances she shows disrespect – and she usually knows better – she gets spanked […]

  4. […] “I think you have a very good idea of why this is going to happen, and I think you are prepared to listen to your man and learn a lesson right now. That behavior is not acceptable in this home.” I patted my leg several times — “Get over my knee.” […]

  5. […] here and there with the belt, but it’s not my aim. The paddle I own is small, and usually used OTK, so there’s no real risk of losing control of it. Be especially careful with the large, thick […]

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  8. I have my wife bend over the couch . If after the first swing of my belt makes her cry then I ease to maybe four or five more she removes her panties and I make her bend over to wear I can swing harder. If she moves or touches her bottom she gets five more .

    1. Thank you for your comment, Steven. The couch is a good one to have her bend over, for multiple reasons. If we had access to one in private, I would use it too, but usually we don’t. I use the bed or a chair for her to bend over.

  9. Deserving Avatar

    Hi again Aron.

    Is OTK most common for you? How do you pick your position?

    My husband uses that position consistently, but also requires me to lean over the side of the bed like I would the couch in the office, or just be on all fours on the bed. Leading up to the spanking, I find myself feeling uneasy about not knowing what position he will require. He tells me my positioning depends on my infraction and how he is feeling at the time and I need not be concerned.

    Im curious about the significance of positioning your wife on the side of the bed with her head down and bottom pushed up. Is there any specific reason for this position? I ask because it seems a bit more comfortable being allowed to put my head down to distribute the weight without as much pressure on my knees and lower back. I know my comfort is not the issue, but I also wondered if you think it would be disrespectful to suggest or ask my husband for that position. Any thoughts would help.

    1. Hello Deserving, Thank you for your question. The kind of position I use is mostly a matter of my preference. It can also vary depending on the instrument, since longer instruments won’t do too well with her over my knee.

      I spank my wife otk regularly. It’s a comfortable position for me, is intimate, and is easy to strike the target. If not otk, then I’ll have her bent over the bed, or kneeling on the edge of the bed. If she is kneeling, I usually require her to keep her head and shoulders down. That’s in large part because I believe it expresses submission better, but it also makes her bottom stand out more. Other positions besides those are rare for me to use.

      I don’t think there is anything wrong with asking your husband for a certain position during a spanking. He may take it into consideration, depending on the reasons for it. However, he may already have reasons for the positions he uses, and not want to vary from them. A spanking is supposed to hurt, but I don’t believe the position needs to hurt. In fact, I’d rather the position be not too uncomfortable, since I want my wife to focus on my words, and the spanking, not the position itself.

      I hope that helps. Go ahead and ask him if you want to try it that way.

      1. Hi there, as I have written to Aron, my husband also uses the diaper position for me in a very private way, to gain proper access to the buttocks area he wants to reach. He thinks the entire buttocks area must receive discipline at least sometime, although the emphasis will remain on my bottom. – Diaper position makes me feel defeated and helpless, because I cannot get up until he says so, but it is wonderful in that I can have eye contact with my husband, and I find it very helpful during the administration of discipline, which can be very difficult. I rely on him during it, and he encourages me to endure it to the end. There is a great, intense bond of trust, sincerity and openness between us during the administration, and I feel we are both part of the session to benefit our relationship. – I sleep better and feel emotionally balanced under his regime, and he enjoys knowing problems are quickly brought under control and he can focus what he needs to do.

  10. Just to say that over the new year my husband decided to introduce a rod in the diaper position. I have difficulty controlling myself in it, and he thinks a strong rod under my bent knees and my hands holding onto the rod next to my knees will ensure I will stay in position. He can also easily roll me from one side to another to access my buttocks from all sides. I expressed reservations, but he said this will increase my humbling during the session as well as his pleasure of the view. There is no doubt he enjoys spanking me although he does not want to, unless there is a reason for it, even if there are two months in between. When there is a need for it, he wants to do it well, and when it is being done, he wants to ensure the maximum benefit in all aspects, including my deep humbling and sufficient pain. I also enjoy his touch and feel so good and relieved afterwards, but I just wish it weren’t so humiliating and painful. I wish everyone a blessed New Year. May all women serve their men well with their body and mind.

  11. It seems that the positions my husband chooses are based on how strongly deserved my punishment will be.

    Mine are occasionally over his knee with panties to my knees and his hand is the chosen way to spank. I get these type of spankings for warnings of how I am to act around his family since he knows I may be rude.

    If I don’t take the warnings seriously, then I must have done something else to earn the spanking. I would either need to be naked with all 4s on the bd and spread my legs as I look in the mirror when he uses a bathbrush and belt because I have made repeated mistakes.

    The worst and most humiliating position is that diaper position. I’ve only had this one 3 times in our marriage of 20 years but it has been for extreme disobedience. Then it will be prolonged with his hand, then his belt, and a spoon to get creases between my legs and sit spots. I have also received the spoon inside my cheeks. I am stretched as my legs are in the air with him holding them back or spread wide to receive the inner thigh and cheek slaps.

    The rituals are always the same and I do tell him how grateful I am as to how I am forgiven for what I have done. I will either be on my knees to relieve him with taking him in my mouth and swallowing his heavenly juices or if I am on all 4s, he takes me from behind and slams into my very sore bottom to emphasize that I had a well deserved punishment.

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