Lose Your Illusion

Much of the hatred and negativity you see toward wifespanking comes from a great deal of programming, conditioning, and pure illusion on the part of society. If one truly repeats the same thing often enough, people will believe it. If you tell them that a spanking is bad a thousand times, people start to believe it. Portray men who deliver spankings as terrible monsters, many will begin to buy into that illusion. For that reason, as a result of many decades of conditioning, the popular view of wifespanking is severely warped. It is so bent you cannot take it seriously. 

Let’s imagine the average contemporary, feminized, softened man or woman walked in on a discipline session. Just pretend they were there when a husband were correcting his wife over his knee, and see what their eyes perceive in it. The husband is delivering sound smacks on his woman’s behind, one after another, and she is just beginning to come to years, and sob. Perhaps he’s giving her the hairbrush. She’s already starting to turn red.

One of the first things the conditioned modern will want to say is — “Can I help you?” (this addressed to the spanked woman of course) “We’ve got to get you out of here and away from this monster. Let me help you.” He is a well meaning fellow. But this question assumes the woman needs help, when in fact, she is being helped already, by her husband. The woman might reply to the modern (between gasps) — “I’m sorry, he’s got that taken care of.” You see, the “help” is already being given in the form of a loving husband giving his wife discipline. She is being helped toward a better and softer attitude in the future, toward more respect, and in many ways toward more responsible and sometimes safer behavior in the future. Past wrongs are being put behind and she’s getting ready soon for a better walk, a more productive walk in the future. Not only that, but the marital relationship is being helped, and the peace in the home is being restored, something that helps both of them and the children as well. So why offer this crying woman help, when the help has already arrived.

Another reaction of the observer would be to boldly shout that she is being abused, she is being battered. But this is a mere assertion. She is not being battered. She is being bettered. She is learning a lesson about past habits that caused harm, and will do her best not to repeat them. She is learning a lesson about tendencies to disrespect or pick on her mate, and will find it much easier in the future not to cause such marital discord. She is getting an uncomfortable reminder of the consequences of her actions, and is learning responsibility and discipline that will stay with her daily for a very long time. She is learning a lesson on lowering her inflated sense of self, and her pride, and will much more easily embrace peace and humility and find happiness in it. The observer sees the horror of “abuse.” In reality there is the goodness of betterment, growth, and harmony. The loudness of the smacks, and the tears, create an illusion for some. In reality, she is being looked after, cared for deeply, by this purposeful correction.

The horror show continues in the mind of the confused visitor, as he cannot stand to see “power” taken away from a woman. The visitor has been taught this is naked evil. He has been weaned on female empowerment most of his life. Since it involves her losing power, a spanking must be bad for her. This is greatly confused. She certainly is losing power in the sense of not being in control of this situation, and in being under another’s clear hand of authority. That’s right. Yet if we understand power as the power to do the things we are meant to do, then she is being given power by this experience. She is being helped along in having the power to live according to her heart and her nature. That is the power to be a good helper to her husband. The power to overcome obstacles that harm her or that harm her husband. The power to better learn softness and yielding to the authority in the home. The power to live well under authority, and know the peace that comes along with it. All humanity needs a sense of authority and of order above us. It is a part of the human heart, nature, and all of society. The woman especially benefits from it, as the weaker vessel naturally, and as a woman who loves the strength and power of her man. Feeling his authority, experiencing his firm hand, is a heart’s attraction for her. She has to go through the pain of a spanking, but she knows lasting peace and a sense of protection afterward. She may give up her self-made power in going under her husband’s authority, but she is being given power to live better as a woman and a wife, which is the rightful power that she has. Much like the Christian who must humble himself and repent before the Lord, that act of lowering ourselves and making ourselves a servant, actually lifts us up, as Christ takes us in His hand. That willingness to give all our lives to Him, to obey Him, to suffer for Him, ends up allowing us to reign with Him in the future. Losing power is not evil. Often it is victory. 

One final reaction of the unfortunate soul who must witness such marital “barbarism” is to view the husband as a monster, someone truly to despise, not worth even viewing as human. This too is illusion, and a result of careful conditioning. The husband, who has taken the care to inform his wife of her wrong, disrobe her, and spank her bare bottom, is a loving protector who wants the good for his wife and his marriage. He is doing good for both the present and the future. He is a devoted man who will never leave her. The protection, growth, virtue and goodness of his wife is a main concern in his life, and he never stops caring for her needs. As he disciplines this bare lady over his lap, he is working on her problem spots, and correcting her harmful behavior. What the modern views as a barbarian at best, is a loving man whose goal is the best for her and their home. Spankings can take a matter of minutes, but the harm caused by a rebellious, or irresponsible wife, are much greater and last much longer. Some of the harms of her behavior could affect  the home and children for years. The husband rightly protects the home from this, with a punishment that is very minor by comparison — it is humbling and temporarily painful. But it cures many ills. It helps her get back on track with what she needs to be doing in the first place. 

How can one lose the illusion that this is a monstrous act? The illusions that leaves one screaming at this man, or begging to help this woman? Well, many do not wish to leave the illusion because they are content with it, and it gives meaning to their life. However, for those who are truth-seekers, there are strategies for losing this misrepresentation of reality. One of the most important ways of seeing discipline for what it is, and not being lost in illusion, is to forget what you’ve been told about how horrible it is to ever “hurt” a woman. There are times we need to take actions which hurt others, simply because they are the right actions. It is quite arbitrary to think we could never do so for a woman. Similarly, remember that painful does not always equal bad. Pain comes along with many good processes in life. It would be absurd to make pain our end goal or ultimate purpose, but to write it off as always bad is irrational, and flies in the face of all the good things we see that can involve some pain. You should also recognize the final purpose of the discipline, which is not to be found in the humbling position of the wife, the belt on her bottom, or her tears. Rather it is found in the growth of a loving union which is rooted in authority and submission, as well as the betterment of harmful attitudes and behaviors. Beyond that, recognize the fullness of the loving relationship that man and wife have day after day for many years, and the mutual love, support, joy, and tenderness they experience. See the big picture, and not the narrow. See the long term, and not what’s before your eyes at the moment. Spanking is a tool of improvement in a lifelong, loving union.


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  7. As a newlywed I was extremely uncomfortable with the idea giving my wife pain as punishment. A short time before my wife and I were married it was arranged that I witness a spanking and it shocked me. (I won’t share any more details) To see a women who I had always seen as gentle and kind getting the strap with her crying, begging and bargaining to have it stop was not easy for me to deal with , especially since the purpose of my being allowed to witness the correction was to introduce me to what I was being told , is one of the duties of a Christian husband something I was soon to be. Now I should say, the wife being spanked had put herself and two of her children in a dangerous situation and it was not even the first time. And she had in effect lied to avoid being spanked for doing this. A police officer her husband knew had brought the incident to his attention. So, it was a serious misbehaver. I guess you could say this was a step toward me losing my illusion about what my God given duties would be as a Christian husband. This was only a step for me, it would take some considerable time and some serious dereliction of my duties as a husband before I could bring myself to the often-difficult duties of providing effective punishment for behavior bad enough to justify such grave consequences I was eventually grateful for this lesson and came to understand that God demands a lot from a Christian husband and that being squeamish or weak when a wife behaves badly does her or the rest of the family, no favors.

  8. […] Nothing puts an end to feminism, or any gender perversion, more than a man and a woman united for life in a real marriage. That will include the man’s role as leader and provider, and the woman’s role as submissive wife, helper, child-bearer, and homemaker. It destroys attempts to blur gender. Likewise, nothing puts an end to any notion of female autonomy more than a wife being lectured, placed over her husband’s knee, and spanked hard and long on her bare bottom. Any disrespect of men, and disrespect of the family, dissolves in her very humbled status, and her sea of tears. A woman with her bottom getting strapped is not in charge. The secularists know that feminism disappears over the husband’s knee, and know — in the back of their very dark minds — that many women long for this experience. They know it but they fear it: women long to give up their rebellion, to be quiet and peaceful, and to disrobed and spanked by their powerful man. It is nearly like sex to them, and at times more attractive. Moderns want wife-spanking husbands shut up because they put an end to their illusions. […]

  9. Fran Reid Avatar
    Fran Reid

    Goodness Bob. Sir, I’m sure glad my Husband disciplines me in the privacy of our own home. He would hate another man or woman to see me bare like that and humiliated. I’m only answerable to him. My bottom is his domain. It’s not a public affair

  10. Fran I described what I witnessed, not anything I did. I don’t feel I have the right to question another’s husband’s decision on method of punishment short of doing real harm. In fairness this opened my eyes to the possibility to incorporate spankings in my own wife’s discipline, which I had great trouble doing for some time after we were first married which caused some serious issues

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