Hard and Long

When I discipline my wife with a spanking, she knows that it is going to be hard and it is going to hurt. I do not give light spankings. I believe that’s common for other husbands who spank. I vary the intensity for the offense, but none are mild. Occasionally I have heard a husband say that he doesn’t spank very hard, and if he finds that truly effective then it’s his judgment call. Different women respond differently to correction. I find a spanking should be hard to both punish for the wrong which deserves a serious response, and leave my wife with a reminder of my authority and her need to keep in line. In fact some women who appreciate their need to be spanked will note that a weak spanking leaves them feeling like they’ve not been disciplined at all. It is very unsatisfying in terms of teaching them a lesson. It fails in making them feel submissive.

I also spank long enough that she will wish it were over, and for me to cover all the points in my verbal correction to her. Since I am going to talk to her during the spanking about her past behavior, why it’s wrong, what her attitude needs to be, what kind of behavior she must be committed to in the future, and perhaps a few other points, there’s no way it will be very short. She knows it is something she does not wish to endure. And that’s part of the point. A spanking is a punishment. It’s supposed to feel bad.

I am not one to count how many times I smack her bottom. When it comes to using an instrument like my belt, the loopy, or the paddle on her bottom, I rarely use under 50. Sometimes I use well over 50 and up to 100. These are not full force of course, but are hard, solid swats, with a few that are more powerful than the rest. Of course if you are giving her a hand spanking, you can go high up in number with the spanks, although it may be your hand which hurts as well. This is not a little smack on the butt here, but a proper discipline session. Judging by your words and by her butt she should know how serious it was to step out of line and not want to do it again. She should also become well aware of your authority over her, and her need for obedience.

While some husbands might fear it the first time, a good hard spanking can leave some marks. At the minimum, an average spanking can leave her bottom bright red and be burning for a while after the spanking. A solid spanking with an instrument can leave small welts, and sometimes bruises. This is normal. Welts fade at different rates depending on their size, and some bruises take a week or more to disappear. I believe it’s best if a spanking leaves her sore enough to feel it the next day. A hard spanking will certainly lead to this, and she will be sore sitting down for at least one day. That’s part of the way the spanking works as an ongoing reminder of her behavior and her submission; she will be feeling it after it’s over. She will be looking at it for a while too.

Despite the fact I don’t always like taking the time out of our schedule to apply discipline, I am happy with the results I see. As I write in other posts, we do not have any friction that lasts for long, and once a wrong has been punished, we don’t talk about it anymore. We wife is gentle and respectful to me almost all the time, and knows to listen to me and take my words seriously. The difficulty of taking some time to deliver a solid spanking, and the hard lessons she has to learn sometimes, are worth the work involved. Few things speak as clearly and loudly as a hard spanking over your husband’s knee.


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  11. My husband says if i can sit comfortable the next day he did not do his job properly

    1. I definitely agree with him. A wife should feel it the next day as a reminder.

      1. iamhissubmissive60 Avatar

        When you see her having difficulty sitting easy do you feel bad for her?

        1. I feel some sympathy for her. Yes. As I do during the spanking. But I recognize it is for her good.

    2. Tina Goodin Avatar
      Tina Goodin

      I agree. A punishment spanking should be hard , long, bare bottom, no safe word and leave my bottom red, bruised and sore for a few days

      1. Thank you for sharing your experience, Tina. A spanking like that gets through to a woman, changes her attitude, and makes her regret her misbehavior. Any husband should be able to give them when needed.

  12. I got the belt and and hand and thirty and twenty, did not like it. Sore still

    1. That can be hard to take. I’m sure. I hope you learn your lesson from it. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  13. I would like advice on a gag, please. Most of the time my husband likes to hear the pain I feel when being disciplined, but sometimes he does not want me to make a sound. I don’t like much in my mouth, because I find I drool, but would like to learn what kind of gag would be perhaps easiest for me, so I can then please him more and comply with his expectations. – This question may be in the wrong place, but I did not find a topic for this; I hope writing the question here does not cause problems,

    1. Hello Rosa, Thanks for your question. I will use a gag if I have to, if I need my wife to be completely silent, and I don’t think she can be. There are plenty of varieties of gags out there, but I just use a homemade one. I’ll wrap a sarong around a pair of socks, put the fat part in her mouth, and then tie the ends behind her head. This works fine. I’m sure there are other kinds of homemade gags that will work too, as well as the store bought kind. A wife can always simply bite a pillow if she needs to, and there’s no gag available. I hope that helps.

      1. How big is the gag, please? I mean do you use it big enough to fill the whole mouth? A couple of socks sounds like a thick wadding to fill up the mouth pretty well. Is it better to have it big enough for me not to able to close my mouth or the other way round? – Thank you for your reply!

        1. Hello Rosa, You’re welcome. I would just experiment and see what works best for you. There’s really no hard and fast rule. The homemade kind I use is about as thick as a roll of socks, so it does fill up the mouth fairly well. However, some women might have a bigger mouth. Much of the time my wife does not need it, since she has self discipline, and can take a spanking with only a little sound.

  14. Norbert Avatar

    Good information, very intensif!
    Lg. Norbert

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