Sex in Submission (Part 1 of 2)

The following contains explicit content. If you find that offensive you may want to skip it:

You sometimes find people scratching their heads as to why spanking is such a sexual act, or trying to figure out why men love to smack some butt when they are making love to their wives. Where does this sex and spanking connection lie? There have probably been some extensive studies trying to come to an answer, and perhaps scientific experiments on monkeys, but it’s not really that hard to solve the mystery. Spanking is sexual because it is connected to some of the same forces as sex, and reflects much of the same relationship. Similar key factors are at play. For that reason, many men desire to take their wives after spanking them, and sex itself can be used as a wonderful tool in teaching a woman submission.

A husband who takes his wife frequently in bed is helping her to learn more how to be his woman, and how to be led by him. He teaches her by making love to her. A man shows his woman his strength, his power, his firm grip on her. The woman experiences his strength and learns to yield to it, be moved by it, be held down. His leadership is there throughout the entire act of making love, whether it is his manhood opening her up, or his arms wrapped around her, he shows he is mastering her each moment.

The man shows his power in bed not only by his brute strength and hardness. He shows it by his knowledge of his wife, of her body, and how she needs to be touched. Every tender kiss her gives her, or gentle stroke along her flesh shows he knows her, can bring her to ecstasy, and has her completely in his hands. The man never ceases to be in control. Even when he devotes his attention to giving her pleasure, he is firmly in control of her body, she can feel his grasp, as he leads her to give up all control to him. To his hands. His lips, To ecstasy.

A woman who is made love to frequently, will grow much in submission to her man, as well as in devotion to him. She becomes, by his manhood and his strength, accustomed to yielding to him. Being soft to his power is ingrained in her. The man who trains his woman this way will find she more easily submits the rest of the time. She has submitted in bed in the deepest way possible. It will be easier later when she has her clothes on. I’d even go so far as to say that bed he takes her in is like a microcosm of their relationship, of their union of life, emotion, mind, spirit. The power and yielding expressed in bed manifest the experience of their whole marriage. It is an expression of their unity. A consummation of it. And a tool in growing it.

For this reason a man should know he does not only lead his wife by making rules and enforcing them. He leads her always in everything. The sex act, and physical closeness in general, function to reinforce his leadership, and deepen her submission. He should be aware of this as he takes her in bed, and as he has her sexually serve him regularly. A woman may already have a clear mental idea of submission when she is married, and openly assent to it. However, learning can be another thing. It can take experience, and getting into shape. Even women who tend to be more submissive by personality, as my wife does, still need to grow in putting it into practice, in learning to put themselves under their husband, even those times they don’t feel like it. Training, especially sexual training, gives her repeated and powerful practice doing so. Her husband masters her. He knows her deeply. He knows every inch of her body, and makes it his alone.

Training Her with Commands:
A wife giving her body completely in marriage is normal and good. This giving of her body reflects her submission to her man, her femininity, her belonging to him. She gives sexually just as she gives in her soul, her words, and her actions. Giving her body is not unique to marriages that involve spanking, but is simply a normal part of two becoming one flesh. Man and wife belong to one another. There is no barrier between bodies. A wife fulfills her man’s desire. 

A husband can use this complete giving of the body to enhance his wife’s submission, by training her to respond to a few commands. With commands, she will have to learn to be fully vulnerable to her lord, and fully available to him when he desires. She is his. Her man’s words may unlock her at any moment. This is one of the most immediate and effective ways to realize submission in your marriage.

One simple command that a wife learns to respond to is — Get on your knees. Naturally her man speaks this at an appropriate time — not while at the mall, probably — when they have at least a moment  alone. It teaches her a submissive position — on her knees before her man — and usually leads to her submissive behavior, as her man usually will have her give head, and enjoy her mouth for a while. He may just send her to her knees so she gets used to the position too, but oral is the usual result. This free giving helps her deeply learn her belonging to him, and also to be secure in it. Her man is in control. She is fully his. She experiences his strength, and shows her beautiful yielding to it. She is his delight, and fulfills his desire.

Another useful training command is — Bend over. Even if they are not in the bedroom, and do not have the time to make love, he can find her alone and have her bend over. He may simply grab her and play with her from behind. He may choose to take her from behind as well. Either way, she learns to obey her man and fully give to him. Bending over is, like kneeling, a powerfully submissive position, perhaps even more so. It is a very vulnerable position as well. Moreover, it accentuates his command since she cannot see him without straining. The wife must present herself to him submissively, and sexually, and experience him taking whatever he wants. Her bottom and her sex are in his hands. It may just be a playful two minutes together because the children are in the other room, but it gives her a chance to know her place, and to feel his command deep inside her. 

Lastly, no training would be complete without the command — Take off your clothes. What a useful and practical one as well. The immediate vulnerability of undressing, and of being a feast for her husband’s eyes, shape a woman to know her belonging and to know his control. She is looked at. Her flesh is on display. He may do with her whatever he desires. He may only enjoy her with his eyes for a while. He may have her turn around, or pose for him so his eyes can enjoy more fully. He may choose to take her and ravish her right there. A woman should know there is no barrier between her and her man. They are one. Clothing disappears in a second. He may see her flesh, take her, enjoy her any time he desires. She may not hide anything from him or hide behind a veil. It will be stripped away. He knows every inch of her body, every curve and crevice, and owns the whole thing. 

I am sure there are men who develop more commands than this. That is fine. However, I think it is best to keep it simple, and that these three truly cover the basics. They will help a woman to learn inside what it means to belong, and to fully submit. The vulnerability and the physical acts themselves are a teaching tool. She will learn to respond better with training her sexually. She is learning, through body and soul.

Remember, a woman who submits to her husband is submitting to him sexually as well. There is no separating the two. She is giving her body, her sex, and every part of herself to her man. He takes them and claims them all.

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  7. I’m starting to really get this. Before CDD, I would say “No” to my husband all the time. I wasn’t in the mood. I thought he was joking. Or I had other things on my mind.

    He told me that he is loving my submission in all things— especially these commands— and honestly, it makes life more simple for me. I just have to obey. We feel closer together and he feels respected.
    So glad I found this site.

    1. That’s wonderful. It’s amazing how something as simple as submitting in intimacy brings a right relationship between husband and wife. It really is joyful, and fulfilling for both. Any woman who cares to have a good marriage will learn to say yes to her husband when he desires her. Very glad to have you join us on this site!

    2. Deserving Avatar

      Hi Lynn,

      I posted some comments in another section about saying no to sexually activity. My husband has taught me that saying no to him sexually is one of the greatest sins I can commit against him, and therefore the Lord.

      We worked on commands for a long time at the beginning of our marriage when I was learning that my body was not mine- but his to command over whether through spanking or the marriage bed.

      I am so glad I found this site too! So many good posts and reminders about a Godly marriage, the need for wife spanking, and the importance of the marriage bed.

  8. Fran Reid Avatar
    Fran Reid

    I love submission in every aspect of our Marriage but I admit in the bedroom, for me to yeild to his every desire naked, after having my clothes removed and being ordered to bend over and touch my toes so my husband can lay back and enjoy the view of his exposed Wife’s round bottom and body. My long hair falls past my shoulders to the small of my back. HoH walks up behind me, squeezes my plump bottom and orders me to “stand up” with one hand on my long hair and the other inside of me, teasing and making me squirm. I’m pulled by the hair onto the bed, not roughly but strong enough that I end up ass first on the end of the bed. I get two swats followed by “Who do you belong to?”
    “You Sir” I reply in anticipation with a sweaty forehead and most aroused woman hood. Mr A is well aware of this and starts to touch me intimately while telling me gently “Your body is mine” “I own your Boobs, your sweet soft womanly hole and that big Bottom” “Do you understand?” I’m putty in his hands
    Yes yes yes Sir…sir. it’s hard to answer I’m just so aroused at this point. I feel like a real natural woman. He’s the man who owns me, loves Me and takes me when he chooses, Im always free to ask him for an intimate sexual play or love making session and he hasnt ever refused in fact he praises my desire for him.

    1. That’s a very good description of how it can work. Sexual submission reaches a woman’s soul like no other. A wife’s submission in marriage is not really complete unless it is fully there in the bedroom as well. Putty in his hands is a very good way to put it. Thank you for your comment.

  9. Deserving Avatar

    I too have had many lessons over the years in submission. Refusing my husband sexually not only defied my duty to submit my body to him, but it created a wedge for me emotionally. I was constantly distraught thinking I was in control, only to end up being spanked to release that control.

    So many wives and women in general are hyper focused on control. It took many years to realize that control is not for me as a Godly wife. It was in those spankings that I realized the loss of control was the actual freedom. The freedom to love my husband fully and give him by body as he wishes. I knew it in my mind, but it was a process. I still struggle even after many years of marriage, but there is something so peaceful about a spanking and submitting to my husband sexually. Afterwards I feel a calmness that is hard to explain, even to my husband. I always feel so faithful and cleansed afterwards. I crave that feeling and often need the spanking like many wives on here.

    My husband often reminds me that refusal of sex is one of the worst sins a wife can commit to her husband. Not only does it
    dissappoint my husband, but it disappoints God.

    I have a question, lately my husband has asked that I initiate sex and pleasing him orally. It is very difficult for me. It does not seem like I am worthy of it or that it will undermine his authority over me. I know it is his expectation, but it still feels like I am not allowed to ask that of him. Like I’m defying his leadership and it is not a natural thing for the wife. Do you have any suggestions to overcome this? Is that something that you ever require of your wife or other husbands on here? I want to obey, but I’m really struggling. None of our friends practice this in marriage and I have no one to ask. Thanks again for your website. There is a wealth of valuable information.

    1. Hello Deserving, you have a good understanding of how your husband’s authority works. That includes how it applies to discipline and your sexual submission. Many women struggle with trying to be in control, of everything. A husband’s leadership then, becomes liberating, and a wife learns not to serve those dominating desires she has, but to serve someone who deserves it — her husband. It is much the way we are liberated from sin by Christ, and then come to willingly serve God, knowing the peace that is in it. No one is absolutely free, we just need to serve the right person. That’s what it’s all about.

      I have occasionally heard of the situation you relate; that of a husband who tells his wife to initiate sex, or sexual acts. I don’t know if I can offer you the best advice on how to overcome what you feel as awkwardness, in light of your own submission. However, I can see how the conflict between your husband being in control, and you initiating the act, could cause you difficulty. Like anything, you may try rehearsing it first. Think of what you might say, or how you might present yourself to him. Rehearse how you might begin the act physically. It may be awkward for a wife to suddenly become the initiator, but you do know it is your husband’s will, so you never cease to be under his headship. It is a role you are playing for him, or a job you are doing for him. It is just another way of helping and serving your lord. I suspect, though it seems paradoxical, he is seeking to grow your submission to him through having you start.

      I do not ask my wife to do that, and the idea has never really struck me. She’ll start every once in a while, and I don’t mind. I do understand the charm of it though. It is most common and natural for a man to initiate sex, but it’s not wrong for a woman to do it from time to time. I believe the man should still do it as the norm, as it fits his role best; he is the one in charge, so he is in charge regarding intimacy also.

      I know there are women readers here who may be able to offer you more advice from a wife’s perspective. I hope that helps. Blessings,

      1. Deserving Avatar

        Hello Aron,

        Thank you for your response. I appreciate the suggestion of rehearsing and will try that. I pray that others on here (wives or husbands) may offer some suggestions as well.

        Your thoughts on my reluctance on this requirement from my husband are true. My desire to stay under his leadership at all times seems to conflict with me Initiating sex. It seems like it suits his role as head of the household and his leadership in our marriage.

        Your comment about him seeking a way for me to submit hit the nail on the head! That is exactly how he presented the requirement. He told me that he sees a need for me to grow in my submission.

        Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your perspective helps me greatly.

        1. You are welcome. God bless your home.

      2. Deserving Avatar

        Hello again Aron.

        I wanted you to know how grateful I am that you suggested rehearsing the sexual advances with my husband.

        Last night before bed I tried in the bathroom. My husband must have heard me because he came in and questioned was I was doing. When I told him he was upset with me. I meekly explained that it felt like by doing that I would undermine his authority and seemed in conflict with his leadership and role as HOH. I told him I understood if I needed to be spanked. He said I didn’t need punishment for this. We talked a little longer, and he decided it might help me to have further requirements with the expectation. Once a week I would need to initiate a blowjob. It could be at night or early in the morning before the children are awake. I would begin by undressing fully and asking, “May I serve you orally? I would like to if you permit.” Then, he would command, “On your knees” and I would arouse him with my mouth and perform the blowjob to completion.

        He thought that by breaking it down for me with more structure, I might have an easier time. We prayed before bed and he asked God to bring me the strength to meet his requirement and grow in my submission.

        I didn’t sleep well but decided to rehearse one more time and give it a go. When he awoke to his alarm, he found me naked in the corner, rehearsing and praying. I turned around and did it as he instructed me! After I was done he praised me and hugged me. I felt so good to have made him happy. I know God is happy too.

        I really do think that having him direct me with the way in which to initiate by stripping down bare (which helps me naturally to submit) and asking his permission before I tell him I want (hence, the initiation by me) to pleasure him orally, that it was easier.

        Isn’t it amazing how important the husband is? They know so much and have such great leadership qualities. I wish more wives would understand it.

        I would never have thought of rehearsing but I feel so much better. Thank you

        1. You’re welcome. I can see how you thrive under your husband’s guidance. That’s true of most wives. Clear instructions, and encouragement, can make a big difference, even if you are the one initiating it. I am so happy it went well for you. I know your husband will be very pleased with you, as you continue to learn. I also think you will become more comfortable initiating in the future. Bless you.

      3. Heather Avatar

        Aron and Deserving,

        This discussion reminded me of this blog post:
        which goes hand in hand with this one:

        I was shocked when I first came across the idea but it made sense after I meditated on this and tried it out a bit. Marital seduction from a wife is not for the sake of control but for the sake of submitting herself to her husband as available to him; bringing him his dinner on a silver platter, as it were. 🙂

        Anyway, YMMV. I found it helpful anyway 🙂

  10. Disciple Avatar

    It is rare that Christians discuss, much less teach very much about the sexual relationship between husband and wife. These two blog posts of yours Aron make me remember a story from the Jewish Talmud. I don’t think it is a “real” story but rather was intended as a joke of sorts to make a valid point:

    A rabbi had a disciple that was being taught how to understand the Torah (first five books of the Bible) from him. One day the disciple hid under the rabbi’s bed and the rabbi and his wife came in and made love together. At some point it was discovered that there was a disciple hiding under the bed and the rabbi was understandably horrified to find his disciple there and demanded an explanation. The disciple replied, “But rabbi, this TOO is Torah, and I must learn!”

    ( )

    Again, I don’t think the story is meant to be taken too seriously, as if people hiding under other peoples’ beds are in any way justified by “spiritual curiousity,” but rather the main point is that there is much to learn about God and His truth in the marriage bed. (But, one’s own marriage bed, yes?). But thank you for teaching “Torah” here, we need to learn!

    1. Hello Disciple, You’re welcome. I have read some stories from the Talmud, and this one sounds familiar. Many of their stories are likely simply to make a point. In this case, it shows that everything we do ought to be guided by God’s Word, including in the marriage bed. As fantastic as some of their stories sound though, it’s also possible it once occurred.

      P.S. The story also give a humorous take on how seriously we should take obedience to God, as students of His law. I can almost see that happening.

  11. Anonymous wife Avatar
    Anonymous wife

    Greetings Aron,
    I very much enjoy having intimacy with my husband. While sex makes me feel submissive and aligned with him because of the design of the act, I don’t feel like I’m being sacrificial or even obedient to have sex with my husband, because I always *want* him very much. There’s nothing he has ever wanted to do that I have no wanted. So often it seems that sex is spoken of as if its something a wife has to do “even if she doesn’t want to” out of duty to her man, but why do I never feel that way? I feel like sex with him is a treasure, it is a gift. I does not feel like an imposition. If anything, I wish he would take me more.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I’m happy you both have a rich and enjoyable love life. The marriage bed is certainly where many women find it easiest to submit to their husbands, and where they often feel more submissive afterward. However, for some women, it is a point of resistance, and they are led by their pride to resist intimacy, or to control it themselves. Some women use sex — giving or refusing it — to get what they want. Those are all aberrations of course, and can be overcome. A man showing his power in bed does not need to mean he has to demand what his wife does not want, but simply that his strength is on display in the marriage act, as is his wife’s submission. It manifests both very profoundly. Sex further can help a woman grow in daily submission, because of how it acts on her soul.

  12. I am 25 years old, my husband is more than a decade older than me. We have oral sex without a condom, as often as my husband feels like it (I often ask him to do it myself). A normal healthy man, who regularly takes care of his intimate hygiene (which is very easy with men), is a faithful husband – there is no chance of anything going wrong here. As for my feelings as a woman and wife – I love to satisfy my husband in this way, and I have spent a lot of time finding and learning ways to perfect it (even though my husband didn’t require it of me, and I remember that I embarrassed him the first time I did it to the end – I just happened to be menstruating). I always do it to the end (unless it’s just an interlude during normal sex, which is also a great feeling) and I love it when he finishes in my mouth. It gives me great pleasure. I feel that this is how I can show him how I love and adore him. Is this shallow? I refer unbelievers to the Song of Songs. Does this make me a glorified prostitute? Again – the Song of Songs and the very sanctity of marriage – it is prostitution and adultery that are corrupted, they are a travesty of marital unity and sex, not marital sex! The biggest paradox is that liberated feminists do not allow themselves to be subservient to their husbands, they skimp on sex – while followers of the same idea cheat, conduct affairs, disrespect their bodies on the street and on the Internet, take part in various sexual perversions – no difference whether for free or for money – although, as the film about luxury prostitutes for money shows, they are able to do anything. And they shame and harass traditional wives and marital sex…. Hey! This is your husband! These are your safest arms on earth, this is your happiness, this is your greatest love – I would love to make heaven for him!
    Temporarily, this is the only form of sex – I am 9 months into my second pregnancy, with labor and postpartum ahead. Increased libido during pregnancy has made me wonder about our sex (why there is so little of it, and there was even less when I went back to work full time after a year…). and research, talking to my husband – sex with children is not easy – especially small children – I often fell asleep in the evening while putting our son to sleep, even though I was totally fine with my husband waking me up – he never did it “to keep me awake”, and since my son is a morning bird there was no more opportunity before he left for work. My husband simply stated that I had pounced on it before – even though I am not one of those women who avoid close-ups or blackmail their husbands with sex. I researched the issue on our local forums, and it was scary to me how women stop trying after marriage and how rarely people have sex (even 1-3 times a YEAR in marriage…).

    In this pregnancy I took it hard to correct (and note – these are not my words but those of one of the moms, the author of the books – after the birth it is your husband who is the most important!), and in addition to a layette for the newborn I have prepared a layette for the marriage bed 🙂 and. clothes reserved only for going out with my husband (shopping, errands, dates) and after home – these are mainly dresses that emphasize my figure, as well as sweatpants – which do not have to be anti-sexual at all 🙂 as well as clothes and pyjamas for breastfeeding – after a two-year marathon I know that it is possible to breastfeed in almost everything, which avoids boring anti-sexual clothes and lingerie for breastfeeding. For going out alone and with the kids, I had plenty of clothes that cover up and don’t tempt, which my husband didn’t like very much when we went out together. I also plan to implement some standards for taking care of myself (my mother never took care of herself and didn’t teach me to do so), and to always be ready for my husband. I absolutely agree that a wife loves her husband more after sex and is more servant to him, more spiritually connected to him. That’s why premarital sex is very dangerous, especially the first, teenage sex.
    Your articles allowed me to see the mechanisms and my reactions, to name them and understand them, to understand my desires after heavy arguments and quarrels – my husband is a choleric and often quarrels broke out in our house – the worst was before marriage, so I will never allow my children to repeat this mistake – a wife should obey her husband in everything, so says the scripture, and the first years under the common roof are HARD, especially when it is not backed up by an oath before God, first frustrations, differences of opinion, propaganda sold to women practically everywhere about pseudo equality and equal division of responsibilities, the creation of an image of a man as a clown, a fool and a clumsy wretch, the scourge of divorce, bad role models from parents – I was fortunate that I started my education on the plane of marriage-parenting-spirituality in my teens (bless the people who helped me in this!) and as a Girl Scout, I knew it was a “service”. God’s service. Of such stature and seriousness as a priestly vocation. I remember the words at one of the lectures that were most memorable to me on the issue of marriage – that I have to trust my husband so much that if my husband wakes me up in the middle of the night 9 months pregnant and says that we are leaving all our belongings, get on a donkey and go to another city because an angel told him in a dream – then without a word of protest I have to do it. I know, my comment is quite general – but – after knowing my husband for 9 years, including 2 years of formal Catholic marriage, I know that I want to go this way. All brawls were always smoothed over by me – no matter who started them. Perhaps that is why we have survived together. The last one was so severe for me, I experienced it so strongly, that I asked God to tell me what to do. That He would take it into His own hands. I was sure that it was my husband who was bad, I didn’t understand completely the reasons for his behavior, because, after all, others (effeminate men in partnerships) don’t behave like that. In addition, I was always a stripped record – I kept telling him to get out, move out (my mother threw my dad out of the house), and my husband was furious about it. More than six months have passed since then. I couldn’t bring myself to pray the rosary for my husband. My husband was busy renovating a new apartment and working, and the “great advice” of female colleagues from my previous job kept coming back into my head – all men cheat, you have to be independent, and what if you stay alone, you can’t trust them. THEN I answered them with the audacity that if God comes first, then everything is in its place, and that with regular confession and devotion in marriage there is no room for infidelity. I began to morbidly suspect him of infidelity, cheating, well, and on top of that, with the renovation, there is no shortage of arguments. Another crisis came, doubting my husband, I was already faced with the prospect of being left alone with two tiny children and a mortgage – after which my husband told me plainly – he noticed it – you doubted me. You stopped believing in me.
    It took me a while to get out of this marital depression – a week, two, three – I did a lot of reading, fortunately I surround myself with traditional-minded people on social media, the model of the traditional wife was familiar to me for a long time. Interestingly, I was always furious with my husband after such arguments, why didn’t he bring me to order right away, why didn’t he take me – we both like rough sex, spanking, slapping. During the argument I got indignant and furious and raised my hands at him just because he spit on me – paradoxically during sex I wouldn’t have minded. Now we were living at his parents’ place for quite a long time on top of that because of the renovation – they were constantly arguing. I saw how disgusting it was. My mother-in-law completely does not take her husband’s instructions to heart, and I have the impression that she has not learned anything after so many years of marriage. Deep down I decided to change this and searched for information about what a Christian submissive wife and a biblical wife should be. And that’s how I ended up here – to this treasure trove of knowledge that helped me understand my paradoxical desires and emotions during an argument, understand my husband’s emotions and natural reactions and accept them. I have my notebook with notes. For the past 2-3 weeks or so, thanks to just saying “I’m sorry” when I felt I was crossing a line, not arguing with my husband and not maniacally imposing my opinion on him, we have avoided probably 15 arguments. I am trying to gently start the topic of implementing marital discipline with my husband – I prefer to be disciplined maybe it will take us a long time, but after writing out the advantages – I am sure it will be good for us, that my submissiveness will be very good for us (if my husband says he doesn’t want to discipline me with spankings) – not only as a marriage, but also as a family – we will have three sons – I want to give them the best possible picture of a proper and happy marriage. Women, wives – really don’t be afraid to fulfill your proper vocation. Demand of yourself, even when others do not demand of you! I wish my husband would demand more from me, and hold me accountable for my household chores, or my time online.
    Oh – I forgot to mention that until now it has always been me who has disciplined going to services regularly – since the last crisis – such a curiosity – my husband does it, and I simply ask him every Sunday if we are going to church. Let’s let God act and lead by the hand – let’s let our husbands act and lead us wives by the hand! Being a submissive wife obeying her husband is not slavery – just as being a faithful disciple and servant of God does not make us slaves – God sets us free, just as He set the people of Israel free from Egyptian bondage – so He sets us free from the bondage of Satan, the decay and corruption of the 21st century – so a husband protects us from the evil and dangers attacking us and our children.
    Many blessings to you!

    1. Hello Adria, Thank you for your comment. I am very glad you have found my website and I hope it offers ideas which can help your marriage, and strengthen your roles as man and wife.

      The gentleness and submissiveness of the woman are a great gift which help keep the peace in marriage, as is the calm, strong leadership of the man. Your reply to your husband should always be soft. If you struggle with this, I believe discipline will play a role in helping you submit.

      It is also good to have other women friends who are good examples of submission, and who can help you in growing as a godly wife. The influences of this modern culture and feminist companions will always cause confusion and create difficulty in maintaining the right attitude. It’s great you want to work on it and improve, and I’m sure you can.

      I think you make some very good points about trust as well, and I like the example you use.

      Many blessings.

    2. Hello Adria,

      You wrote,

      “I have to trust my husband so much that if my husband wakes me up in the middle of the night 9 months pregnant and says that we are leaving all our belongings, get on a donkey and go to another city because an angel told him in a dream – then without a word of protest I have to do it.”

      That’s pretty much it in a nutshell, isn’t it?

      That’s everything one needs to know.

      Thank you for posting this beautiful thought. Seems worthy of embroidering in lovely silk and hanging on the wall.

      The most modern naysayer to male authority and headship in marriage cannot possibly find a response to this, and still think himself a Christian.

      I would totally get up and follow if my husband told me this. Not a question.

      Blessings and gratitude,


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