Better to be Safe and Sorry

It is extremely difficult to cause any serious injury during an ordinary spanking, but the matter of safety in discipline still should be discussed. Since a man is delivering punishment on his wife’s bare flesh, he needs to be aware of what he is doing, and be concerned he causes no lasting harm. Ordinary marks from a spanking will fade, and cause temporary pain. These include reddening, welts, and bruising. He wants to make sure he avoids any more damage than this surface kind. A spanking is purposed to hurt. Not to injure.

Common sense, and a modest amount of experience, will probably do you as good as anything I can tell you. From experience, one of the best ways to ensure safety is simply to stay on the soft, padded area of the bottom. This should be your focus anyway. Going a little above the bottom not only adds pain, but risks hitting the tail bone, which can easily have its soft tissue damaged, or in the case of a wooden instrument swung with force, be fractured. Avoid the tail bone. Like many husbands, I have given that upper area an accidental swat here and there with the belt, but it’s not my aim. The paddle I own is small, and usually used OTK, so there’s no real risk of losing control of it. Be especially careful with the large, thick paddles, which could injure if swung above the bottom.

If the husband is one to deliver a few strokes on the sensitive area just below her bottom, this requires extra care to avoid injury. Force should be more greatly moderated, since she has little padding down there. It’s easier to injure. Below the upper thighs there is risk of hitting tendons, which could be extremely injurious. It is safest to focus attention on the bottom, and only venture a little below that spot with great care.

I mention the risks of the cane in my article on spanking instruments. While there are many who use it, the risk of accident is much greater, both because it takes more skill to control it, and because it provides a harsher strike than most others. If you use the cane, practice first, learn to land the strike where you desire, and moderate the blow to deliver just the desired force. Not only could an errant strike with a cane hit a more sensitive area, but too much force could break the skin, and take you to territory you do not wish to go. Get your safety practice before you ever use this instrument.

The force that a man strikes with is also a matter of safety. A man should avoid using his full strength with an instrument, especially the harder ones or wooden ones. Full strength blows with instruments add injury risk and are often more painful than desired. You can safely deliver some rather powerful strokes with a belt, for example, but would show more moderation with a large, thick paddle. He will need to have an idea of his strength, and how to deliver the harder strokes without going overboard. Most men do not use their full strength with an instrument anyway, but it’s important he know his strength and how to use it for safety’s sake.

There are also safety concerns for other reasons. For example, she may have an illness, a pre-existing injury, or be with child. I am not a medical expert, but practice safety by adjusting your discipline if it causes any risk for those reasons. Some couples do continue discipline during pregnancy, but use a milder variety of spanking. Others put it on pause until later. I can’t offer an answer to each possible health risk, but it’s up to you to study if there is any extra risk, and adjust accordingly.

Lastly, making sure the woman is bare-bottomed during the spanking aids in safety by itself. Getting a clear look at her bottom allows you to see if any strokes have been harsher than you desired, and to moderate them. It allows you to see if there has been any unwanted damage due to the spanking. Most ladies are required to be bare-bottomed already, and for other reasons, but it’s important to know there is a safety benefit. The women should know it is best for them to bare it. The man will keep an eye on his progress on her, and better keep the discipline from causing injury. That way she will be safe and sorry.


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