Pleasuring Her Man After the Spanking

The following contains explicit content. If you find that offensive you may want to skip it:

It would be impossible to discuss the ancient art of wife spanking without noting that the end of the discipline is often punctuated with sex. This is not true of everyone, but it is true of many, and seems natural, due to the intimate nature of the experience to begin with. While I write in more detail and breadth about sex being used in submission elsewhere, I want to touch on one key practice here — the wife pleasuring her husband after she’s been spanked. Having a woman kneel, and pleasure her husband orally is termed by some “the proper thank you,” although it can mean much more than thank you.

It is a common practice among spanking husbands, although like many common practices in domestic discipline, is still disliked and reviled by some. Its objectors would like to paint pointy horns on men who have their women perform for them after discipline, but it is normal, and appropriate to the session nonetheless. You really can’t take that charge of energy — which often is sexual — out of a man spanking his woman. Nor can you take the submissiveness out of a wife on her knees giving her husband a blowjob.

The man’s arousal, and sometimes the woman’s arousal during spanking is part and parcel of the close, physical nature of a spanking. It is normal for the nakedness involved, and a man will enjoy seeing his wife’s body, as well as experiencing the power and yielding during the discipline session, that bears so much in common with the kind that occurs in the marriage bed. Skin, and bottoms, and firm control make for a vibrantly arousing experience. Even a stern lecture before a kneeling and penitent wife can spark the sexual urge between them. She knows she is fully under his control and there is no hard line between that power and the sexual.

As I’ve pointed out, the after-spanking blowjob can communicate a gratitude for the spanking, and for the husband’s leadership in general. He has taken the time out of his life, and the energy, to thoughtfully correct, and then carefully discipline his wife. She’s needed to look inside and see some of her behavior, and she’s needed to commit herself to real good in the future. A bad situation has been brought to peace and ended. This is a beneficial experience for her and the home and it is right for her to thank her husband, even if it may be difficult at the time of the spanking, because of the pain or some resistance she’s feeling. She thanks him by giving herself over to pleasuring him, giving him a personal gift for the leadership of her soul that he shows her. It is day in and day out leadership of course, but it includes the punishment she’s just received. A wife thanking her man is especially appropriate, since her infraction usually involved disregarding his leadership, if not disrespecting it. By thanking him for her spanking, and giving him something he desires, she shows her love for his leadership which she had drifted away from. She shows him how grateful she is daily for the guidance, instruction, and correction he gives her in life.

Pleasuring her husband also shows her great desire for his strength, rightly used, in her life. She has just had to experience that strength in a difficult way, through a spanking, perhaps one she was resistant to receive. Now she may want to experience his strength in a newer and more palatable way — by opening up to his hard member in the most intimate and sensual way. Just as she has been softened over his lap during punishment, she wants to more deeply experience her softness by kneeling before him and giving herself to his strong desire. She shows him how much she longs for his strength and wants his strength to be great.

The physical nature of her fellating him is fitting to the time after her correction. She shows her husband her natural position before him by kneeling. She shows her openness to his command and his teaching by stretching open physically for him. She receives his member as she receives his will. She shows her desire to serve him by focusing on pleasuring him completely.  These aspects of pleasuring he man express in action what she probably has expressed verbally during the spanking — her submission to him, and the reverence she has for his headship. Those words are quickly being put into action on her knees.

Beyond showing gratitude, giving oral expresses her new attitude she is going to show. It puts on display quickly that she is back to her right position and right attitude. What was disrespect, is now high respect. What was lifted up pride, is now humble kneeling. What might have been great misuse of the lips is now pleasurable use of her lips just as he desires. She is showing him she’s his again. She’s meek again. She will carefully serve him. It is natural that a wife who has wronged her husband, and been corrected, should want to show him her true self and her good self, after she’d has a bad attitude on display. It often feels right to the soul to do something to show that right attitude when you’ve wronged someone. For many couples, sexual service afterward is the required thing to do, or if not required, is very common practice.

Often, women know instinctively to drop to their knees after being spanked. They have sincerely been moved by the correction, as well as by their husband’s bold command over their bare bodies. They want to be kneeling, and they want to pleasure their man. They are almost hungry to show him their yielding and feel him inside. Other women may find it an obstacle. They may still have a sore ego, or find it would overburden them in experiencing humility, and openly being humbled before their husbands. Either way, if you use this form of — thank you — after discipline, it is best to know what it means and why she is doing it for him. A rote performance might still convey her submission, but heartfelt knowledge is best. She should know by her kneeling, submission, and focus on giving pleasure that she shows her man her gratitude, and gives an example of her coming good behavior. It says I am back to being yours. This is how I will be for you. I am yours and you are my lord.


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  4. hamiltonman Avatar

    This is so true, aronhusband. Excellent article.
    Tears themselves are a powerful aphrodisiac, which is why the Hoh must discipline himself to give long, hard spankings and not stray from the path of clear direction and domination.
    Being consistently firm and using a variety of instruments on her backside for discipline, as well as soaping her mouth and other strong measures has paid off.
    My wife has learned the benefits of correction and gratitude. There is nothing sweeter to hear her offer sexual thanks for even a fierce whipping. She may be bawling her eyes out, but she’ll still ask, “Please sir, may I suck you cock?”

    [comment edited]

  5. hamiltonman Avatar

    Two other things I should add. One is that sometimes after a moving spanking, and she is feeling very contrite for her errors, she will ask me to mark her as my own.
    She will say, “please, sir, please cum on my face, in my hair, on my breasts—please cum everywhere you can on me so I am restored and marked as yours!” It’s a very powerful statement.

    [comment edited to remove content inappropriate for this post]

    1. Hplamiltonman I would not like my husband to force me to give him head. If it occurs naturally in the process of lovemaking which sometimes happens after a spanking then great. But after a spanking I am very emotional and need aftercare. He doesn’t always even put me in the corner after a spanking as I just need to sit on his lap and be cuddled. He still lectures me before and during but once punishment is over we move forward. I will still have a sore bottom for a couple of days which is a good reminder not to commit that misbehaviour again.

      1. hamiltonman Avatar

        I have never had to force her, jade. She willingly asks if she can suck me every time unless I suggest we fuck.

  6. I think that’s lovely, hamiltonman. Your wife is so very lucky.

  7. Yes you are the epitome of a stalwart HOH Hamiltonman ! Katrin, is your HOH the same ? Mine would never allow me to ask him to mark me as his own in that way, although he himself does do some things a tad unconventional.

    1. Yes, jade, my Hoh loves to mark me as his with his bodily fluids.

      1. I am glad you give such pleasure to your HOH Hotwifekatrin. I think as submissive women in a CDD relationship it is our duty to do so . I have never discussed with Winston, (my HOH) whether this is something he would enjoy, but unlike you I don’t think I have reached that stage of such deep submission yet. It is enough for me to submit to his spankings at the moment. Although always painful,I know he disciplines me for my own good, to make me a better wife and a sweeter woman. I do admire your fortitude Katrin, Does your HOH use the naughty stick?I hate it . But if it makes me more obedient then it is only for the best.

  8. Well that’s OK then Hamiltonman. Do you ask the same of your HOH, hotwifekatrin? Maybe I am missing something and am not yet fully “restored” .

  9. It’s good your wife enjoys it and feels restored after her discipline Hamiltonman. i am a very athletic 25 year old and experienced gymnast; once after being extremely rude to my HOH he said “Get your panties and skirt off now and stand on your head in the corner”. Of course I immediately obeyed this somewhat unconventional command and did my best handstand up into the corner. He told me I would be there for 10 minutes and I would receive a hard swat on my behind with his 4×4 relay baton (he is an excellent athlete) every couple of minutes. If I fell down the process would start again. Luckily I have very good balance and managed to keep my pose despite the strikes to my behind. At the end, when my discipline was over, he told me how proud he was of me for obeying without question and I thanked him for his loving correction . Is something you feel this could be incorporated into your discipline procedure Hamiltonman? Of course I realise not every woman could so readily obey such a bizzare command as I did.

    1. hamiltonman Avatar

      Thank you for this suggestion, jade. My wife was a dancer, so I’m sure she could do something similar. And she’s only a couple of years older than you are. Perhaps she can keep her balance by doing the splits upside down and balancing with her toes against the wall.

      1. I tried it Hamiltonman and it is possible. Winston looked a bit astonished but I told him it was for a good cause.

  10. My husband says that oral sex is a great way to keep my spirit submissive and also to show gratitude for the punishment received, so normally, after I am disciplined, I need to kneel before my husband is to give him pleasure with my mouth.

    sometimes I have to do this while kneeling on the corn, as a continuation of the punishment

    1. Thank you for sharing. This is common in many homes. I agree it is very effective in training a wife in submission.

    2. Thank you for sharing, Nina. This is common in many homes. I agree it is very effective in training a wife in submission.

      1. I don’t think a wife should be trained to do something she may not want to do. CDD should be about co-operation not dominance. She may thank him verbally, but who really feels like felating their husband when he has just blistered their behind? The after care for the wife is more important immediately upon completion of discipline in my opinion, and that of my HOH.

    3. Gosh Nina, That shows real selflessness. I can’t even do it when not kneeling on the corn. Mind you, I do stand on my head in the corner when my HOH requests it, although I imagine your HoH finds your submission more pleasurable.

  11. Also I am still Jade the gymnast, but I had a computer glitch and am now under jadecavendish now. Just in case anyone was wondering.

  12. I do not usually mix intimacy and punishment directly. But it is true that often my wife craves intimacy after I spank her. This happened the first time I spanked her, and she received a very harsh punishment on that occasion. My wife is required to be in bed at around 9 after she takes her bath. Not always but sometimes I wash her in the tub head to toe, and this usually causes me to desire intimacy and her too. When I put her to bed if I tell her she is not permitted her little nightshirt she knows when I come to bed, usually at about 10:30 we will be intimate. This means she is nude. Of course, she is never permitted to refuse me, though I take care not to require her to be intimate if she is not well. On her part she can request that she be allowed to go bed without her nightshirt, “may I please not wear my nightshirt sir” if I say yes that means we will be intimate. I try to never refuse her.

    Saturday night. bath time gets a little more ritualistic. After her bath she is inspected to insure she is properly shaved, she is not permitted any pubic hair, and then she is given her reminder spanking usually about 5 to 10 with the strap while she stands in the tub bent over a bit with her hands on the tiles. When I put her in the tub myself the whole bath process is also somewhat ritualized. She is undressed then she must brush her teeth and floss after which she must pee before she gets in the tub. Before bed she must say her prayers.

    As for oral sex, I do sometimes require Jane to perform oral sex, there is no fixed rule, if I feel I would like her to do this, I just order her to do it. This can happen at any time in the day. For example, if I am feeling stressed working in my office at home, I will call her in and order her to perform oral sex. Of course she is not permitted to refuse and she must perform to the standards I established. I understand some women do this poorly but not Jane. We do not engage in any anal sex

    1. Amy Amilf Avatar

      I think you and Jane are so lucky to have each other, Bob. What an amazing relationship you obviously have. I would love to give my husband oral pleasure to relieve the stress of work when he is home. I’m sure Jane was taught well by her mother and then you and does a wonderful job.

      1. Amy Jane was very well trained when we married, I have her parents to thank for this, her wonderful mother by her example of obedience and submission to male authority and training Jane in the duties of a wife. And her father for his firm hand and strictness. I did not spank Jane until about a year after we were married because it wasn’t the way I was raised but I found that Jane needed a firm hand and someone who would set limits. She was very confused by the fact that I didn’t spank her. She does not like spanking at all but she knows she needs them and I oblige.

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  18. Hi and thank you for your great blog. In our relationship my husband stand me in the corner with my hands on my head after the spanking while he puts everything back i order (putting the instruments back and correcting the bed). After he is done he (not always but most of the times) he stands behind me and starts to caresses my body until I hear him open his pants and he take my hands and spin me around while telling me to kneel. While he still hold my hands, now strait up against the wall he tells me to open wide. This is the command he uses when not wanting me to pleasure him, he just want to relieve himself. He then used my mouth against the wall as he do me in bed until completion. When he climax he pulls almost all the way out for me to catch all without swallowing and he stands me up in the corner again still with his fluid in my mouth. After the corner time is up he gets me and I now can thank him verbally and we often snugg up.

    1. Amy Amilf Avatar

      What a beautiful ritual your husband has for you after your discipline, Sandra. I’m going to nudge my husband to read it. I would love it if he would use my mouth that way after a spanking. It must help you to feel restored in the relationship after you’ve been punished.

    2. hamiltonman Avatar

      Like your husband, Sandra, I often use my wife’s mouth after a spanking. I think I might try his method next time, as it’s not my usual routine, but I think I might enjoy it.
      My usual is to have my wife with her head hanging over the edge of the bed so I can go deep in her throat. I don’t mind if she gags a bit and, although I do like ejaculating down her throat, I usually pull out to finish on her face and breasts as I like the visual effect afterwards.

      1. I am relieved to read about you pleasuring yourself this way. I admit also that I often complete a punishment by using my wife’s mouth for pleasure and then releasing my ejaculation across her face and hair. To see her submitting to this male blessing is genuinely fulfilling for me and I know also that she feels a deeper level of female submission from this

  19. Better Lady Avatar
    Better Lady

    This is an interesting article and comments. As a newcomer to domestic discipline, I read this and wondered if I would feel an urge to orally satisfy my HOH after a hard spanking.
    Well I received my first hard (very hard) spanking and well, yes. I felt an overwhelming desire to not only be close to him but also to show him that deep appreciation through oral intimacy. It was something that occurred very naturally for me and I could tell that he was surprised but certainly enjoyed my efforts.
    I’m not sure if I would have been comfortable trying to give him oral pleasure after my spanking if I hadn’t read this article. Sometimes it’s difficult to decipher emotions and feelings and although we are on this path together, I am still a bit embarrassed about my feelings and thoughts, even around my HOH as he is still learning his role and sometimes questions my desires and requests for his leadership. I know we are growing together and I am trying to really be open and this entire site is helping me on this journey. Thanks for all of the effort put in!

    1. Hello Better Lady, You’re welcome. I’m happy to be able to inspire you to serve your husband in that way, and I’m confident he is very satisfied with your oral submission. It does take time to settle into your roles, and into a routine you will use in discipline. This will grow naturally for both of you.

      A lot of people assume sexual submission is only for the man’s pleasure, but it can be very rewarding for the lady, both in the pleasure of giving, and in fulfilling her submission. I recommend oral for training as well, but it is especially appropriate after a spanking. I hope you both continue to enjoy the benefits.

  20. Better Lady Avatar
    Better Lady

    We both read your oral training article and maybe I should have left this comment there but it felt like a part of this thread. I have always been incredibly sexuually charged by my husband and so the idea of oral training is wonderful. Since I have stepped into a submissive role, I find it much easier to open up for him without hesitation but he has not really taken advantage of me in this capacity yet. I have respectfully suggested that he may have me at his will but he still hesitates. I do try to initiate and he usually allows it but I am trying to be careful to not overstep my submission. I will be patient as we are both entering these new roles together but I want to show him that he can trust that I am truly his and that I want and need him in the stronger head of house role. I welcome any advice or suggestions from you or other experienced readers.

    1. Hello Better Lady, I know there are some experienced men and women who would share their insights into your situation. I can only urge you to be patient. It can take time for a husband to be a strong leader, and likewise to use sexual training to instill submission in his wife. Some is natural. Much is learned. Your husband may also have misconceptions about using oral to train you, and perhaps has been taught to view it as selfish. He may not see the benefit there is for you as well.

      I believe your sincere desire to serve your husband is wonderful. It is normal for a submissive wife to find satisfaction in pleasuring her husband, and many women find it richly fulfilling. I hope your husband sees your submission for the treasure it is. I am confident he will take on the responsibility of guiding you body and soul.

  21. Deserving Avatar


    I appreciate you thoughts on the idea that the after spanking blowjob suits a wife because she chose to disrespect his leadership so it is a way she can express her love for his leadership.

    I love the thought about it being a communication of gratitude. I know many husbands require it as a thank you after spankings- but I love how you said that it is a wife’s communication of gratitude and a way to open up to him.

    I sometimes find it difficult to communicate verbally, because I am very mindful of not overstepping my husbands leadership. The act of kneeling before him and pleasuring him after the spanking is a way for me to communicate how thankful I am.

    I feel closer to him. I am communicating thoroughly, using no words. I think it’s because of what you wrote about how by laying over his lap I am softened and by kneeling before him afterwards I am softened. It is his strength that I need, and his member in my mouth is a the perfect reminder of his strength. He requires it at this time, but Swallowing when he finishes is something that gives me strength. Not strength in a way that disrespects him, but the strength to submit more each day, the strength to accept the shame and grow, and the strength to follow Gods will for me.

    I was also thinking that Gods physical design of women is perfect in that we are built to receive our husbands penis- literally. Whether by sex or by mouth, it is in the design. Their brute strength is perfect for a woman’s creation, so wives must be open to submitting to man’s strength. Pleasuring my husband after a spanking communicates the gratitude for my spanking, his leadership, and his strength.

    Thank you for your thoughts and expertise. I enjoy your perspective and loved reading through this article.

    1. Wonderful. I’m very glad you enjoyed the article. I appreciate that you desire to serve your man wholeheartedly, whether through pleasuring him or through obedience. You are indeed built to receive his strength.

  22. I am not sure about the use of the 4-letter word by a man, because my husband would find it rude and would not accept if from me or use it himself. What happens between us is not rude and to degrade me. He is only assuring his authority. Giving oral to him is natural, so my husband does not hold me down by my wrists of anything else ever. He expects me to be in control of my hands whatever he may do. – If he wants oral and not entering afterwards, the oral is different from others in that I do not use my hands on him. I keep my neck relaxed and he tilts and shifts my head as he pleases. My hands go under my breasts to bring them up and forward, as he likes to see see their fullness and nipples close to my neck and chin where he can also squeeze them light or hard during oral. This way, every part of me is restored after the infraction that occurred earlier.

  23. I’ve had a cdd marriage now for over 19 years and attend a church where the pastor encourages parishioners to have this kind of marriage and practices it with his own wife. After being married probably 4-5 years where my wife had to be chastised with my belt at least one time per month and always was very arousing to me i started feeling guilty for the enjoyment I felt making her completely disrobe and whipping her bared bottom and upper legs with my belt. I never spanked get without a reason but admit I administered her punishments harder and longer than i could if I wasn’t stimulated. So I took my concern to our pastor and he said that many good Christian men including himself find it pleasurable to disrobe and spank their wives. He went on to explain that he believed fully that God made these men this way so they had the desire to take their wives in hand and correct them. He even said the satisfaction I receive when I continue with my belt after I think she’s learned her lesson was also not wrong and probably beneficial in keeping her disobedience to. a minimum as she would better remember her punishment the more severe it was. I left our meeting and my wife and I have continued our cdd relationship and while not as often as when we were younger she still feels my belt hard enough to leave welts on her bare skin and I still require her to relieve me afterwards.

    1. Hello Martin, Thank you for sharing your story. It sounds like you have a very good marriage. There is nothing wrong with feeling some pleasure in correcting your wife. It is natural for a man. I would avoid going on longer with a spanking than you need to, though. It won’t do any great harm if you do, but the spanking should be motivated and guided by correcting her wrong, and not by personal satisfaction. It is certainly appropriate if she relieves you after her correction is finished. She is your wife so it’s normal that intimacy comes into play.

  24. Fluer Avatar

    My husband will wait around 30 minutes for me to calm down and stop crying before engaging with me again. If he wants oral he will present me with his belt and tell me to thread it back through his trousers then tell me stop before connecting it. That’s when I know expected to open and receive his message.

    He will often remind me of my vows to love, honour and obey him by accepting his gift. He won’t allow me to swallow until he says so and I must always say to him “ thank you sir for your amazing gift” after.

    It was hard to accept for the first few times I was already feeling very humiliated by being told to get naked and stay that way, then him telling me to be prepared to give oral was hard. It took us some goes to realise that I took a bit of time to be ready to give good oral after a spanking.

    1. Hello Fluer, That is how it is for a lot of women. A punishment can be humbling, and sometimes having to give oral afterward is doubly so. Do not resist it. It can be a strong part of the restoration process after being punished though, as I’m sure you are aware. Giving oral can help bring a woman to the better and more submissive attitude she needs to embrace, and reminds her of her position in serving her man.

      1. Fluer Avatar

        Many thanks for your kind words Aron

        Reflecting more on it has allowed me to see that it has brought me closer to my husband and allowed me to feel his presence and strength and shows his trust and love in me.

        It also allowed me to see that have been difficult for him to punish me and giving him oral pleasure must be a great comfort for him after a difficult and stressful time for him also.

  25. KJsubservanttoGM Avatar

    My husband requires me to felate him after a spanking. At the beginning of our marriage this was something I struggled with enormously. I found the idea of giving my husband such pleasure when I had just recieved so much pain really difficult to get my head round. We have been married three years now and my husband has spent a great deal of time trying to help me understand why it is necessary after a spanking to suck him off. I know I have caused pain to my husband by the act I committed that deserved the spanking and I also appreciate he has taken his time to help me become a better wife. The blow job at the end demonstrates my submission to my husband. Bringing him to climax with my mouth and then swallowing his seed shows my husband I serve him and am beneath him. I still find it hard at times though as I will often feel resentment towards my husband as he has just caused me pain and if he is spanking me for something I am struggling to feel I deserved it is even harder. I always follow his command to suck him to climax but often it is with a heavy heart. How do I get past this resistance?

    1. Thank you for your comment. I’m happy you can see the value in pleasuring your man after he has corrected you, and you correctly understand its meaning. If you sometimes feel resistance, I believe a likely cause is pride, and a lack of trust in your husband.

      Know that even if you are not sure of the value of a correction, there is still a good lesson for you in it, and you will better as a wife in learning that lesson. You should put it on your heart to show your appreciation to your man, and your reverence for him as you pleasure him. It is a chance to show him you belong completely to him.

      If he sometimes gets it wrong, don’t stop showing that honor to him. I know with my own wife there are times I have passed over her wrongs and not punished her, or just chosen to show mercy. If I err on a judgment call by punishing her, she has still avoided spankings before, and should be grateful for that fact. Set your mind on learning the lesson your husband is teaching you, and keep your heart humble.

      1. KMsubservanttoGM Avatar

        Thank you for your advice. It makes sense what you say about accepting the punishment and subsequent need to pleasure my husband after, even when I feel it is not deserved, as I should remember there are other times he has most likely let things go.

        My husband says that I must obey and accept punishments that he decides are needed as he is the Head of the house and what he says goes.

        Recently I was given a hard spanking for spending too long on the phone to an old friend. I had served my husband dinner and put the children to bed. I asked my husband if I could call a friend as she was having a difficult time. He wanted us to spend time together watching a film so said that I could speak to her for 20 minutes, no longer. I ended up on the phone for 45 minutes. He said this was unacceptable. I tried to explain that my friend needed some support about a matter but he said that he had allowed me 20 minutes and I had seriously disobeyed him, spending more than double that time on the phone. I found this difficult to accept and argued with him. He sent me to our bedroom to wait in the corner for him. He then gave me a severe spanking with the paddle lecturing me on how I was wrong to firstly disobey him and then to argue with him. I was crying and begging for his forgiveness. Afterwards I had to stand in the corner. My bottom was on fire. He then made me kneel before him and he took my mouth. He was quite rough with me on this occasion, making me take him in my throat. He finished in my throat which caused me to choke a bit. I felt really resentful hearing him groan in pleasure while I was in so much discomfort with my bottom burning and struggling not to choke as I swallowed his seed.

        In that time I could not accept that this was just, but on reflection I can see that I was in the wrong. I hope that next time I am pleasuring him after a spanking I will be able to take enjoyment from the satisfaction and peace this gives him and learn to let go of the resentment I feel about my own discomfort. My husband knows I find taking him in the throat uncomfortable but he says that it will not cause me harm and is only for a short time. He says this act of service gives him immense sexual pleasure and that I should get enjoyment from knowing that.

        Aron do you require your wife to take you in the throat? How does your wife feel about this? Is this a normal act within a marriage?

        1. Hello Subservant, It is normal that you wanted to spend extra time to speak with your friend because she needed support. However, the thing to do is to notify your husband, inform him of the situation, and ask him if you can have extra time for that reason. As a husband, I certainly would say yes, if it was such a serious matter. But my wife would need to ask me.

          I’m glad you can see where you did wrong. You ignored your husband’s instructions instead of coming to ask his permission. Make note of that, and remember it for the future. His words cannot be dismissed, even if you think you have a good reason. You go to him for permission, and show full respect for what he wants you to do.

          There are times that pleasing your husband in bed is not always pleasant. I know you can find satisfaction in knowing you bring him great pleasure, and learning to do it as best you can. Taking your man in your throat can become easier with practice. You can take some time to train yourself until it is no longer such a burden. I will take my wife this way from time to time. She knows she belongs to me, and does her best to please me, with her mouth, her throat, or any way I desire her. She is an amazing woman. There may be some things she struggles with from time to time, but she always does her best to please me.

    2. talltaurus Avatar

      Hi Subservant

      It is natural for a man to become aroused after his wife has earned a spanking and he’s reddened her bottom. I require head after also.
      I take her throat more vigorously when she’s performing this task after discipline vs normal marital sex. If I’ve spanked her with her panties down but not off, after cornertime she’s allowed to pull her panties up but must get on her knees for fellatio. From your post, it sounds like you need more oral training to understand your role and get into deeper sexual submission. You seem to struggle sometimes and I believe you need to ask your husband if you can give him a blowjob daily until it’s more natural for you too.

  26. elizaishis Avatar

    As Part of my spanking ritual I must always perform oral sex on my husband. I honestly have learned to do it with pleasure accepting his correction. It is my way of thanking him for taking on the leadership role and accepting his dominion over me completely surrendering to him and his needs and wants. I feel some of the best times of surrendered passionate lovemaking have come after I’ve had a spanking.

  27. SubmissiveWife Avatar

    My husband and I were both more spiritual than religious when we married. I always felt best when submissive to him. There were times I listened to my non submissive single or divorced friends and disrespected his authority. This would lead to arguments. Then, one night, about two years into marriage I disrespected him by going out with a married female friend that was having an affair on her husband. My husband didn’t want me going out with her. We only went to Target but I knew I was in the wrong. Despite knowing i was wrong, when I got home we argued, my defiance further disrespecting him. It was then everything changed. He grabbed me, literally threw me over his knee and spanked me hard. It went on until I was begging him to stop. I felt an odd war going on inside me. I felt humilated yet oddly.calm. Shocked yet loved. And I could not deny i was very aroused by his display of authority. Once he stopped we just sort of looked at each other and I said “May I show you how sorry, please?” He nodded. I dropped to my knees between his and began rubbing my cheeks across his clothed crotch. I looked at him uncertainly and ne nodded again and I took his cock out and kissed it and rubbed it all over my face before taking him in my mouth and making love to his cock with my lips and tongue and throat. He spilled his seed all tongue and face. After I felt confused. I think he did too. Two days later we sat down and discussed what had happened. He said he had been doing some research and I..actually both of us…had simply responded as nature intended. Man is supposed to lead. Make the rules. Women are to follow. Women respond to shows to dominance and strength from men because that is the true and natural order of things. I didn’t want to believe it but he said he would prove to me that if we tried “traditional” roles and DD, just gave it a try I would be happier. We would have a more peaceful marriage. I will try anything once so we agreed to give it a go for three months. I was never happier or more content. I never felt more loved or protected until those months. Once I accepted the true nature of women is to submit to men and specifically me to my husband I became a new person. I lost thirty pounds. My house was spotless. I was never more seuxally satisfied…and weirdly I was satisfied sexually even in the few times I didn’t have an orgasm. I never felt more like a woman than when I would get on my knees and serve his cock with no reciprocation from him. I actually felt giddy to serve him in every way a woman can. Later my husband found a Christian group online that live as we do. We have now brought Jesus into our life in a full meaningful way and couldn’t be happier.

    1. Thank you for that amazing testimony, Submissive Wife. Sometimes that is what it takes to break the ice and move things in the right direction — just a good, hard, long spanking over the knee. It moves a woman to the soul, and if she listens to her nature, she responds accordingly. Even when people’s minds have been indoctrinated in the opposite direction, their souls know which way to go, which is towards the man’s strength, and the woman’s softness and yielding to him. It fits. We’re literally made for it.

      I am so happy for you that you’ve discovered the rewards and deep fulfillment that is in the traditional roles which God gave you. I know your home is immensely blessed by it. I only pray more men and women knew. Once you make that decision, couples usually grow, including in their character and their faith. They also grow in closeness to one another, and in knowledge of the other. So many problems go away when you do things the right way.

      Bless you.

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