Calling Him Sir

Having a wife speak to her husband with a term of honor during discipline is nearly universal in wife spanking. I will have my wife use “sir,” but you will find it is a personalized choice, and other husbands have their wives use other terms. The use of honorific language, terms that clearly state his higher position, is one of many ways in which a good discipline session reinforces the relationship of authority and submission. I believe the session would be weakened without it.

Typically, willful disobedience, or disrespect, from a wife has come from her disregarding her husband’s authority or his words. It has involved stepping proudly, or carelessly out of her position beneath him. It is appropriate then, at least during punishment, and during a formal verbal correction, that she vocalize his authority regularly. Titles like sir, lord, or master do just this. They act together with the rest of the environment — one in which she must kneel, be undressed before her man, stand shamefully in the corner, and often serve him sexually after being spanked. All of those reminders are part of the environment of discipline, and they all point to the same thing.

A wife will usually have to repeat her husband’s title a number of times, as the lecture, or multiple lectures, will include questions she needs to answer, and affirmations she must make to her husband. If it is a yes or no question, she will answer — Yes sir, or No sir. If she must make a statement, she will also repeat the term of honor, such as — I will always listen to your word and do it, sir. If she must ask a question herself, it will also include his title — May I bring the tissues to the corner, sir?

This repeating many times reinforces what she needs to learn anyway, which is taking his leadership seriously, and growing in submissiveness to him. It is also simply the title he deserves, since it references his position. Reminders like this help people. Remembering our position helps us know what we need to do in that position. This is a simple, brief reminder that anyone can understand. 

A  wife’s use of honorifics also helps fully engage her in the discipline. She is not there to merely endure a strapping. She is there to learn a lesson, understand her wrong, where she stepped out of line, truly  be sorry for her actions, see clearly what her future course needs to be, and fully affirm her submission and good behavior to her man. A discipline session is to engage her heart and mind, not only strap her bottom. As she honors her man by using his right title, it engages her mind and heart, and helps that light go on inside. Her future behavior and future attitude are seen by her with more clarity when she verbally honors his position as lord. It helps her also in understanding the seriousness of her wrong, and how shameful that it is, when she pronounces with her lips whom she has dishonored.

A husband may choose to have his wife use terms of honor on a daily basis. Most do not, since it does not fit the culture. However, it would be appropriate, since objectively speaking it fits him. The daily reminder would also be good for husband and wife, as well as the children. To hear the title used would help anyone hearing it to understand the right relationship. In past eras, using terms like “my lord” would not have seemed odd, exotic, or kinky. It would have been normal. It only sound strange because the values behind it have been swept under the rug. Just as many would love to see positive change in society, and to see gender roles and the family restored, a simple act of honoring the husband with his title puts a thousand disordered ideas back into place. With one word it answers the rebellion against God and the natural order.

I think you will find that a wife using honorifics aids her in being soft to you and maintaining the right reverence. It also helps her to receive the lesson of a discipline session, just as the rest of the session aids her in receiving it. In recognizing your position, she recognizes her own. Just as she kneels before you, she also calls you, sir. In practicing honoring you with words she gains a reminder of how to honor you in every other way. It is also natural and right because of her husband’s authority. Wife spanking has a way of cutting through the nonsense of personality feuds, female autonomy, childish behavior, and arrogance in almost no time at all. It is very effective. Using sir, and honoring your man with his title, in one single word proclaims it.


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  8. I always call my HOH Sir during discipline whether it be verbal or physical chastisement. He never makes me get undressed . I have to lift up my skirt and he pulls down my panties, and puts me over his knee or over the end of the bed depending on the implement used. I also do not have to kneel. I stand in the corner before discipline holding the instrument of punishment and he will begin lecturing me and give me a few hard whacks with his hand . Mostly I am over his knee for a warm up with the wooden spoon and then over the end of the bed for the strap. He spanks hard and I usually get about 30 with the strap in bouts of 10 and I am lectured and questioned in between. I am really crying by the end and very sorry for the misdeed that brought me there. My bottom is definitely sore for the next couple of days which is a firm reminder. I don’t usually have to go back in the corner after discipline but a couple of times he has put a chair and table there and I have had the additional punishment of writing lines such as I must not disobey my husband, a 100 times. Usually though I just sit on his lap and I apologise, thank him for the correction and he tells me he loves me. Then we move on. He certainly does not force me to fellate him. Sometimes we make love afterwards and anything that happens is for mutual pleasure.

    1. Thank you for the description Jade. It’s interesting to hear how other couples do discipline. I know the readers will appreciate it. It sounds like your husband is serious about discipline and knows how to correct you with love.

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  13. My husband requires that I call him sir at all times and anywhere that we are alone. If we are in public I do not have to use sir but I have to respond with yes or no to any questions. I am not allowed to say yeah, yep, uh-huh, I guess so, whatever or just nod ever. We also have a group of couples from our church that practice dd. We do monthly Bible study with them and socialize with some of them at times as well. When we are with these other couples I am required to use sir with the other husbands as well. Most of the wives are required to do the same.

    1. Thanks for explaining how it works in your home. I believe it’s a very helpful practice to use sir, and least in certain circumstances, and to speak formally the rest of the time. It ensures a certain amount of respect. We would all benefit to see more of it.

    2. Hello Margaret, Out of curiosity, how did you meet other couples at your church who spank? I’m sure more couples would benefit from such fellowship.

      1. I don’t know how it all actually began but my husband already knew them. He said the church in general does not condone it but it’s known that there is a group there. They stay under the radar. He said there were originally only about 4 couples but I think now in the area they are known about in some circles and some people come to our church looking for the group for fellowship. I can tell you it helps a lot to have other wives to talk to and to see other husbands lead their wives.

        1. That’s great to hear. Thanks for explaining.

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