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I’m not the only one fascinated by seeing the search terms that landed readers on my website. My first impression though is just how accurate the large majority of them are, often exactly specifying subjects I’ve posted on, or details I include in the posts. It probably helps that I specify details with tags too. I’ll share a bunch of the recent ones here, along with a few comments on them. That search term algorithm guy deserves a raise!

spanking your wife — their search was the URL of my blog

I want my husband to spank me — this is a common desire for women, and I believe my website can help you

spanking — this word is all over my tags, the titles of the articles, and is the main focus of the blog

how to spank your wife — I have plenty of instructions here to help you, my man, including how to initiate it in your home

wives description of being spanked — yes, we’ve got detailed descriptions of wives being spanked, real spankings and not fantasy

domestic discipline wife spanking — both terms that I use, I like to mix up my lingo a little

does a woman need a regular spanking — yes, absolutely yes

make spanking — I do have an article Make Spanking Normal Again

disciplined wives stories — again, I’ve got stories like that here to help you, and they are true
soap and spank wife — I have one article on mouth soaping, and plenty on spanking

why should the hoh give his wife a hard spanking — this hits on the reason for spanking, and this site spends plenty of time explaining why to spank, and what the benefits are, this reader wants to make sure it’s a hard one

wife spanked for misbehaving — this is what wives are usually spanked for, certainly not spanked for behaving well, I make many mentions of the behavior that will lead to a spanking and have one piece focused on specific offenses to spank for

the spanking head give — I don’t know what to make of this word combination, but if it refers to giving head, they will find a handful of articles on sex as it relates to submission

spank my wife manual — this site is a manual, in its purpose to give both instructions and advice

spanking guidelines domestic discipline — guidelines can mean various things, but I’ve got guidelines for what earns a spanking, and guidelines for spanking effectively and safely

husband and wife fantasy spanking — well it’s more than just a fantasy I hope, a fantasy won’t keep her in line

spanking wife training — yes, spanking is one form of training a wife, among others, I use the term wife training a number of times

addressing domestic discipline issues reaching back — I discuss struggling during a spanking, and briefly mention dealing with reaching back, among several articles dealing with possible resistance

domestic discipline struggling during spanking — I have one article specifically on how to respond to a wife who physically resists during a spanking

spanking punishment additions for wife — I don’t know what additions mean. If it means extra punishment on top of a spanking, I go over several forms of non-spanking forms of discipline, both used with a spanking and apart from it

spanking safe word — I have one article on safe words, and mention it briefly elsewhere, though I believe it is more appropriate in the bdsm world

thank you for my spanking — Yes, I write about the post-spanking “thank you, sir” and recommend it

training wives — every husband should know how to do this, she is in your hands

wordpress submissive wife — submission is primary to marriage, and I discuss submission in the context of marriage and of spanking

domestic wife training — well, if you are going to train your wife, it will be for a “domestic” role, since she serves you in the home

non spanking domestic discipline punishment — I have several articles on non-spanking discipline and will add a few more in the future

discipline in the christian life christian wife spanking — this discipline site is not just openly Christian, but is informed by the Christian faith and values in the nature of marriage, and the purpose and manner of discipline, marriage is a picture of salvation

getting an appt @ the apnking place — I don’t know what this means, but it takes you to my site

spanking role reversal — I don’t talk about role reversal of any kind here, and would consider it just gender-bending. It’s something to stay away from. God gave you your gender role for a reason, and He specifically made you for it

husband spank me stories — sounds like it is written by a woman longing for a spanking

capsaicin cream spank — I mentioned capsaicin cream in one article about silent yet painful punishments

sore after spanking — I have one article on leaving your wife with a sore bottom for a day or so, and mention soreness several other places

paddle your wife — I do talk about “paddling” her in my article on the subject, and also bring up the paddle in the article on instruments. I own one myself and recommend it

wife spanks — no she doesn’t. She gets spanked

should you spank your wife — I answer this question on the site, and tell you why it’s good as well

i will put you over my knee and spank you — someone here is getting in the spirit. I definitely mention over the knee spankings many times, so this person will not be disappointed. I also discuss otk in my article on positions

spank wives — and make the world a better place

justly spanked — very well said. a spanking should be for a just reason and not an unjust one

how to earn a spanking — I have an article on what earns a spanking, and mention how my wife earns them a number of times

husbands who maintain discipline over their wives — this site should help husbands with that, discipline is an ongoing process in her growth, behavior, and submission as a wife

cdd spanking on a already sore bottom word press — I use cdd as a tag plenty of times, and it describes the site well. I don’t think I have talked about spanking on an already sore bottom, and it would be an unfamiliar subject to me

after a spanking — I have several articles that go over practices after the spanking is finished, such as ending with corner time, after-care, and restoration


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  1. Oh the comedy of it all! This post had me literally laughing out loud. How does one “getting an appt @ the apnking place” anyway? Lol

    I found your blog googling “spank your wife”. Guess I knew I needed it and wanted somebody to affirm it. You have not disappointed!
    And more importantly, neither has the hubs.

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