The Enforcer: Keeping an Instrument of Fear

Marital discipline is meant to keep a wife in line, and a spanking should be undesirable, and a thing to be feared. Often this is the case. Other times a woman does not want to get the message, and the attraction of disobedience, or personal pleasure convince her to do wrong is worth it, and she can take the spanking. If attitudes like this arise, or if a woman needs correction for the more serious wrongs, a husband usually turns to the more severe kind of spanking, and a more severe instrument. They may keep it hanging in the closet, or laying beneath the sweaters in a drawer, but it is mostly there for serious occasions. It teaches a woman that rules need to be obeyed. It gives her the stiffest kind of punishment when her deeds call for it. If regular spankings do not get through, it is there to enforce the law.

I recommend keeping a special instrument like that for several reasons. Firstly, there really are different kinds of offenses, and some are more serious than others. It is good to distinguish between the seriousness of the offense this way, and make sure something such as direct disobedience receives a more fiery response than forgetting housework she needed to do. Having an enforcer also makes sure that your wife doesn’t write off spanking as something she can absorb, and simply start to dismiss your leadership. An enforcer could make that very thought sound horrible to her. It also serves, as discipline in general does, as a good warning for her. She will see it and be reminded she can receive it at your will. You can warn her that she will have to face this instrument on her behind if she doesn’t turn around the behavior. This can be very convincing, and soften the soul more than a regular spanking does.

A severe instrument can get better through to a stubborn headed woman. It is terrible to experience. The undesirable nature of the punishment makes it easier to relent, and follow your will. It reminds her it is much better to be good, that to go through a spanking just to be right. It helps her see the true rewards in being obedient and gentle to you, and enjoy those rewards. The instrument shows her the clear difference between being in the fire and being comfortable. She will prefer to choose comfort. She might want to rise up from time to time, which is human. But it will bring her to her knees.

A common choice for a more severe instrument is the cane. While I find the cane a little too dangerous for my own practical usage, I respect those who make this their choice. It is arguable the best enforcer. The cane sends searing heat into the bottom, and the kind that seems to grow with time. The pain hangs on, and leaves the bottom sore, aching, and throbbing for time to come. Welts are the common result, sometimes large ones. The first stroke will make her wish she had never misbehaved and the rest will have her praying for it to end. A woman who has had to face discipline with a cane will hate it, and never want to repeat it again. She will want to avoid even one single stroke. Canes do come in a variety, from thinner to thicker (the thicker will do more damage), as well as a variety of length. Even the lighter canes and thinner ones strike very fast like a whip, and are an extremely good deterrent for her into the future.

Another common enforcer, the one that I use, is the paddle. The paddle has size, and weight, and girth, and looks like it’s just built to break you. No woman wants to go through it. A solid paddling leaves the skin burning and the buns beneath it aching. It sends its punishment way down deep, and even leaves its own shockwave through the body. A woman about to be paddled knows she is in trouble and wishes she had not put herself there. The one that I use is the smaller variety, but it still is solid and thick. I have used it as a warning before with predictable success. I have put an end to some awful behavior with it. The sight of the paddle sitting out places a very serious expression on my beloved’s face the moment she sees it. She knows she wishes she were seeing something else.

Every husband will draw the lines differently as to what warrants the more severe instrument. It is best simply to be consistent, and leave it for several clear kinds of serious infractions. I will give my wife the paddle for direct disobedience, or leaving the children in danger. These are things she should always want to avoid anyway, but it is appropriate that she gets a lesson in the seriousness of these offenses, and that lesson is distinguished from the others. I believe the punishment fits the crime. Her desire to avoid that punishment in the future is also well proportioned to the desire to avoid that behavior in the future, which she certainly will. Those two effects act together. The thought of that misbehavior will bring to mind the results, and the gravity of the matter. Having to face the enforcer is memorable to her.

There are other instruments that husbands use when a punishment truly must be harsh. I mentioned two I believe are common, and fit well into the category of giving heavy punishments. I’ve hear of the bathbrush being used for the same kind of discipline, as well as the larger hairbrush. They are almost like paddles themselves. Even if you don’t have a unique instrument for this purpose, you can still give a more epic punishment simply by taking more time with her and spanking harder. One thing that an instrument does though, is to help condition her to seeing what infraction is severe and most harmful. It also can stand alone as a warning, and a reminder, wherever you keep it in the house. That’s why I keep one myself, even though I could find another way to discipline strictly. It reminds her that there are some situations to be feared, that breaking the law is a terrible thing, and that ultimately you are the enforcer.


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  3. I can very honestly say that I fear the cane. Without question, it is the most painful implement. Again, while the context of our two blogs is quite different… if I were in a marriage such as yours, I am quite sure that the knowledge of a cane hanging in our marital closet would be enough to deter me from disrespect or deliberate disobedience.

    1. Yes. I honestly think the cane would do it for just about anyone. It’s one to avoid an appointment with. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Aron, if I’m honest, some of your posts are quite uncomfortable for me to read, and this is certainly one of them. It gives me pause and puts more than a little fear in my heart. However, I greatly respect you for your honestly and your commitment to being harsh when your wife’s behavior demands it. It’s good for me to read about the more difficult punishments as a woman seeking discipline in a future marriage. I appreciate that you don’t sugarcoat reality, even if reading about it makes me wince. I can already feel the impact such an “enforcer” would have on me, and I can see the utility of having it on hand as a silent reminder of a man’s dominion over his wife and her duty to submit. I shudder to think of it in use! Thank you for never shying away from what must be done, and for serving as an example to all men.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Sophia. I think you have a good understanding of what is needed in training and correction. As a spanking husband, I can tell you I don’t always feel “comfortable” either in needing to use more fearful kinds of discipline. Yet I stand by its use because of the great help it provides. Sometimes an ordeal is what she needs. The warning of one is powerful as well. Take care!

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  10. I agree. This article strikes fear in my heart. But it’s a good kind of fear that ensures I’ll keep my attitude in check and stay on the straight and narrow. I do love the connection and peace that comes AFTER the spanking session, but I am so scared of the pain. Hebrews 12:11 says “No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.”

    My husband does not like to spank with his hand, so we have been using a hairbrush that HURTS. I am still sore, several days later. But at the same time, I crave more. Does that make sense? I felt my attitude soften immediately after my first spanking and I want to continue to soften and grow. I feel the old rebellion building up again. So even though I’m scared of the pain, I think that’s why spanking works.

    1. Thank you for pointing that out. Many women experience that duality, that it’s not easy to experience the pain, but they also can crave receiving a spanking. Discipline reaches very deep, and it is that cleansing inside, and the closeness between man and wife, that make it desirable, despite the pain. One can want and not want, but the want is much stronger.

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  12. Fluer Avatar

    My husband saved the loopy for the extreme punishments as he knows that installs a near prime evil fear in me the slight whistling sound it makes in the air before it slaps into my bottom and the pain and burning sensation that comes with it just a horrid horrid instrument.

    I had never seen one before so when husband put that and belt on the bed and decided on the loopy I was thinking doesn’t look as bad it was only 2 strokes before bursting into tears and sobbing uncontrollably until he finished could barely get out the thank you sir and I’m sorry sir

    1. Thank you for your comment. Yes, the loopy looks lightweight and quite innocent, but it can give a formidable punishment. My wife is very familiar with it.

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