It was Worth the Wait

One common denominator around most spankings is that there is a wait involved. The wait may be out of necessity, as it is inconvenient or impossible to give the spanking at the moment. The wait may also be intentional, so as to give the wife more time to think about her situation, and to regret her behavior. It also leaves her dreading the coming spanking. Waits are normal in wife spanking, although it is still possible to give them immediately at times, if that is your desire.

Almost anyone would discourage the longer wait, such as multiple days long or more. A wait this long distances the wife from thought of her offense enough that she may forget about it, or dismiss its seriousness. It also means that once she is being questioned by her husband, or is over his knee, she could be a little foggy on her motivations and the details of the situation that led to her behavior. The long wait isn’t good for the husband either, as he may also have a diluted sense of the seriousness of her misbehavior, and the details of the situation may not be fresh in his mind. It is true of many marriages , especially if travel is involved, that a longer wait may be impossible to avoid. But the best advice it to still try and avoid the long wait, and give her the spanking she needs between a few hours, or at least the next day.

Most of the spankings I give fall within those parameters. I let my wife know she will be spanked that evening, or I let her know shortly before the spanking, even if the offense was a little earlier. She usually knows what it’s about these days, since she’s been corrected by me many times. When I let her know what’s coming, she is quickly very serious, and I know she is nervous about it, and thinking about what happened. She does not like the situation she is in, and she shouldn’t.

A wait time of at least a few hours is very good. This allows some real dread of a punishment to build up. It also allows the introspection on her part, and the real dislike of putting herself there that she should have. She realizes she wishes she hadn’t done what she’d done, and perhaps replays in her mind what she should have done instead. This helps put her in the mindset of receiving a spanking effective. It helps her learn from the coming discipline. She dreads the punishment, and she wishes already she’d done things differently. She’s better prepared to answer her husbands questions about her behavior, and affirm her need to be better behaved.

Sometimes regret is a flower that takes time to bloom. That wait time before the spanking helps her regret to bloom fully, and helps her to express it deeply to her husband. It gives it more richness and sincerity. She knows now where she stepped over that line. She has a better sense of her bad inner motivation. She wants more sincerely to express her love and her submission to her husband. She knows, with a sore backside soon approaching, that she blew it and how she needs to make things work next time. She is already thinking about that good attitude she needs to have so that this does not happen again.

There is certainly some benefit in more immediate spankings as well. These days it is rare I am able to give a spanking immediately after the bad behavior, but I was able to a few times early in our marriage. I think you’d find than only a minority of couples manage this, either for practical reasons or for reasons of preference. However, there are some unique advantages. Firstly, an immediate spanking does not allow too much distance in the first place. It does not allow much time to pass, in which anything is forgotten. It also most clearly confronts the crime, and punishes the crime, since it has just occurred, and the situation is still close. A spanking soon after bad behavior seems to challenge a wife to a more powerful form of submission, as she must accept correction, strip bare, and bend over quickly on command. There is something of the bright lights of the police car in our read view mirror that alarms us of our need to obey the law and respect the  authorities over us. A ticket in the mail, while on the surface the same, just does not do that. Having to stop immediately, get pulled over, and answer to our lawlessness impresses on the soul much about authority and obedience. Receiving that correction in the moment also helps us think about it the next time we are in the same situation. We remember what happened. We remember we rightfully need to look out. We are not above the law. Likewise a wife who receives immediate correction will remember her husband’s ability to swiftly bring her to justice, and his watchful oversight of her. She will not misbehave easily.

One may ask, if it is neither possible to spank immediately, or within a day, is there something I can do to punish during that wait time. I’m sure there is, if you desire to give a non-spanking punishment during that time. The options are many. I do not usually do that myself if I have to wait, although I will give my wife a lecture on the subject, as well as a warning about any future occurrences. You may choose to ground her, have her write lines, take away privileges, or other non-corporal punishments until you can give her what she usually fears most — a spanking. That judgment is up to you, and there is variety in how households handle that.  My wife was unfortunate once to mouth off to me in public just before we were taking a trip. That evening I gave her the lecture, which she fully accepted, and she knew the entire time we were away that she had a severe punishment coming when we got back home. She knew when we were on the bus home, and in the taxi. She knew when we were walking in the door. Then she had to wait until I gave her the word to prepare herself. It’s not how I usually do things, but at the minimum she knows what she did will not go unpunished.

The one positive that could come out of a long wait time, is to nurture the same growth that comes from a small wait time — the wife deeply considers her wrong and wants to express her real regret with words. She thinks about how she will change her behavior in the future. She wants to communicate with words to her husband how she let him down. A long wait time may allow her to begin that process more fully, which is a part of the process the punishment itself helps facilitate. Then she will accept justice later, as she is taken to their room, bent over, and spanked. If you find yourself in the situation to wait, make the most of it, just as a man waiting in prison for his trial does. Prepare for the new you. Understand you are guilty, and learn a complete acceptance of your coming punishment.

If you are new to spanking your wife, give the subject of wait time some thought. Assuming you have the options, consider the advantages of either spanking immediately, or letting her wait a little while. Remember, even if you spank immediately, you can still give her some wait time, although much shorter, by having her stand in the corner. This option not only gives her time to consider her deeds, but produces shame, and softens her for the coming correction. I think you’ll find though that often there is not a choice, at which point you just make sure to avoid the longer waits, which can leave the misbehavior foggy in your memories. Even if you do face them, a husband should guide her in her learning, so that the time is not wasted. Be conscientious about finding a time for discipline later in the day, or at latest the next day, to correct her with a spanking. It may be tempting to replace spanking with other forms of discipline, but I believe spanking is more effective than the alternatives, and I don’t believe it can be replaced. It is worth a wait to find time to give her one. Whether you find the wait short or long, a wife should make full use of it, fully own up to her bad behavior, learn real regret, and deeply show her desire to do better.


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  5. Thank you for sharing this post, aronhusband. I imagine that it was quite difficult for your wife to enjoy the trip you took, knowing there would be discipline upon your arrival home. I am guessing this kept her on her best behavior throughout the trip. I’d like to ask a question, but please just delete or ignore if this is out of bounds. Do you have children, and are they aware that you spank your wife? I have always wondered how this is handled in homes where children are present… if the wife is granted privacy, or if it is merely accepted within the family that this is how the father manages the household.
    Again, great post! Another great read which I will forward to my husband.

    1. Thank you, Nora. I hope your husband appreciates it as well. My wife was very well behaved during the entire trip, as you rightly suppose. We do our best to keep discipline private, so that our children or others do not hear. I don’t mind them learning when they are older and more mature, but I don’t think it would be good for small children to hear about, and I don’t think they’d understand very well. It’s a good question. Take care!

      1. Thank you for the reply, aronhusband!

  6. This was very interesting, Aron, and as a woman I can see the benefits of both approaches. A spanking which comes swiftly on the heels of bad behavior seems like it would throw a wife off-guard, and the shock and immediacy of a bare, stinging bottom would compound her (my) shame when the naughty words we’d spoken still hang in the air. But I also think a build up of several days would be its own kind of punishment. The bittersweet end of vacation turning to mounting dread at having to eat your own foolish words. The silly reason we decided to be so cheeky is long forgotten, yet our dreaded punishment over your knee remains. In both situations, the husband is gloriously, powerfully her master.

    1. Thank you for your insights. The waiting period can be as hard as you describe. I believe at least a short wait is best. I have seen my wife benefit from waits of up to a day before, which give her a better chance to think about why she was being punished and consider what she had done.

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  12. redbottom Avatar

    My Master will texted me during the day tell me I have earned a spanking he will use the big rubber spatula. I have to get my work done and dinner cooked Oh heaven if I don’t. He will texted me he is coming home to put dinner in the oven on warm. I get to the bedroom strip put the rubber spatula in my hands out screeched kneeling on a old cat box of pebbles till he gets home.

    1. I beg to differ. That is not correction or discipline but sadistic bdsm.

  13. A waiting time can be the best lesson. I am going through it now. – A friend of mine came over for a cuppa during the holiday season, and we had a lovely chat. But I made a negative comment about another person’s appearances, the essence being that ‘hasn’t she gained a lot of weight’. I made the comment hesitantly, and said to my friend ‘I REALLY shouldn’t say this, because it is REALLY not right, BUT …” And then I said it. – I did not know that he, being on holiday and at home, overheard it. Later, he looked at me and asked if I thought I let myself down doing what I knew was wrong and would not like anyone say about me behind my back. He said my surname is also that of his household. – Nothing has happened, but I know something is brewing, and I feel really bad in that I did let down myself and his expectations of me. I’m in the process of inner negotiations with myself; bring it up or leave be until he brings it up? Or perhaps he won’t? If I bring it up voluntarily, will he let it pass or just give me less? But if I would not get any less, would it not be better to let it ride and perhaps he will let it pass or forget about it? – I feel bad I said it, that I let down myself and values, and disappointed his expectations of me, as well as tarnished his name. On top of which I am now scheming for the easiest solution for me, which borders on dishonesty. So which way to go? This waiting is very bad, and I deeply regret my words. But I cannot undo what I did.

    1. Hello Rosa, I do not see that as a serious wrong, and I think as long as you understand it was wrong, and apologize, I’d probably let it go. That is unless such language is an ongoing occurrence.

      Waiting is never easy, and it gives the mind plenty of time to think about the wrong. Sometimes, the mind thinks about ways to escape punishment, but it’s best to take it as a chance to learn, and meditate on the attitude you’ll need to show in the future. Let your regret motivate you.

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