High Gear and Intensive Training

Much of what a husband does in leading his beloved wife amounts to training her. He shapes her to have a right attitude, leads her growth in virtue. Corrects her with gentle words, and with punishments. He aims to make her blossom as a submissive wife and woman of God. As one of the men commenting on my site pointed out, even punishment spankings are a kind of training, working to get her into the shape that she needs to be, under his firm and careful hands. Punishment is more than mere justice. She grows as a submissive helper to her man, and he grows as her guide and her loving leader.

There are times when couples desire to lift that training to high gear, and spend time only focused on their leadership and submission. This is usually an extended time of intensive training, from a matter of half a day to several days; they focus on their roles, and practice full and rich expression of them. In the discipline world, this event is usually labeled a “boot camp” — with all the militaristic imagery that comes with clear authority structure — but there is no need for the military label. I consider such work-outs to be a form of regular training focused, and brought to high gear. Man and wife spend time alone and deepen that relationship.

The average intensive training includes regular spanking for the wife, along with full sexual submission on her part. You can find various articles on running a “boot camp” like experience, but many of the details are up to you. Some recommend writing about your role and your goals as man or wife, as well as good communication between the two. The write-ups I have seen are very detailed, and I would recommend choosing some elements, but not necessarily every one. A husband can find what he thinks will be most fruitful for his marriage, as well as invent his own activities himself. The level of intensity is up to you.

During such a long training session, a wife is commonly required to stay naked the entire time they are together. She should do work for her husband on his command. That could be anything from cleaning the floor, to cooking, to general office assistance. She should also be prepared to receive spankings from him on command, and submit sexually as he desires. She will need to drop to her knees or bend over showing her full belonging to him. Any autonomy she thought she had, or any resistance she felt towards her husband’s will is being chipped away. Any hardness toward him is learning to be soft. He is going to use his hands to shape her, and she will be the clay. She should be ready to respond to his words immediately, and to receive lessons from him while being spanked.

Since the spankings in this training session, and in shorter trainings as well, are not given as punishments, the man needs to consider how he purposes them to teach her. Part of the purpose is to help her learn to accept and receive spankings in the first place, and to do so without hesitation. She is learning her position, and the power he has over her. The husband can also choose a lesson for each spanking he gives, which may be her need to submit fully and completely, her need to serve and help him, or her need to please him sexually. It is a good time to practice their roles with words as well. The man growing better with giving commands, either firm or gentle, and the wife getting used to saying yes to her husband, asking meek questions, and calling him sir. She should ask his approval for nearly anything, to learn better to defer to him. She grows accustomed to asking, “May I?” She needs to know she is under his loving oversight at all times, and learn the goodness of having his approval.

Naturally, I should remind you that this is only an intensive version of training that the man gives his wife on a smaller scale regularly; training in receiving commands, in needing his approval, in receiving various forms of correction, in sexually serving him, and more. The real difference is that it is a focused and longer training. That’s it. If as a husband you are NOT doing any of those things regularly, on the briefer scale, you will end up letting your wife’s mind wander, and her bond to you weaken. Continue to train her. Be regular in your life in keeping your wife submitting to you, and knowing her full belonging. She is yours, body and soul, and should not forget.

It is true that many couples spend their whole marriages without such training sessions. They work well together, and their usual discipline system keeps things in order, and keeps the man leading, and the wife responding fluidly to him. I don’t consider intensive training necessary, then, but it can be very helpful in a variety of situations. The first, and most obvious, would be when one or both of the partners are new to their role as head and helper, or new to discipline. Giving and receiving spankings may seem awkward to them. A period of focused training can kick start a man and wife into action, and get them accustomed to the motions they need. A woman who has some hesitancy to submit, or hesitancy to give herself fully, will find the training leaves that resistance in the dust. It will melt away as she is naked on her knees, at her man’s desire. She quickly learns complete belonging to her husband, and learns to hold nothing back. Similarly, a couple who have drifted away from leadership and submission can be helped by what many call a boot camp. They may have drifted away from laziness and boredom, or they may have fallen out of functioning well together because of conflict between them, or other problems in their marriage. They may have been prevented by necessity from using discipline, or been separated from each other. In all of these instances, a period of focused training can help restore the right relationship and right order in marriage. It can help return the wife to softness and submission, and do so more quickly than you’d imagine. It can help restore the man to managing his wife, and keeping her under his vigilance. Intensive training breaks down barriers and demands we put our mind and soul into our job.

I can see how a confused person might ask why a simply spanking isn’t enough, and why a day or more is needed for something so simple. Isn’t that too much? I ask myself the same question as well. But you see we do much the same thing with other activities and relationships we seek to grow in. Hence the name, boot camp, which reminds us of the heavy and intense training for soldiers who will soon go to battle. Much like with boot camp, we seek a practical, deep, and intense learning experience. It is built to prepare you for action. Couples seek similar growth when they celebrate their anniversary, and spend a day or two only with each other, exploring their relationship and expressing their love. Speaking of the past and of the future they have together. People wanting to learn an activity — from book collecting to business — attend seminars and conferences, some of which they stay at for days, hear speakers, and attend a variety of meetings. With an understanding both of that appeal and that helpfulness, we can see how an extended period of training for marital discipline will seem attractive.

Many men in this culture have not learned to lead in the home. Some have been taught it is wrong for them to have clear leadership. Most of the culture has been indoctrinated to think a spanking in marriage is wrong (unless panties are involved). Many women have been conditioned literally for years and for decades to think they don’t listen to any man, and are trained to give attitude, and put-downs to men. Some have been taught to imitate men, put on their softer brand of toughness, and cuss in imitation of shallow manhood. Do you think it will be easy to ease into submission for women like this? Even if they have already learned to embrace the idea of submission, or accept it as a doctrine of their faith, practicing submission will be much harder. The flesh can resist what the mind desires it do. Men who understand in concept they need to be head of the home, or feel the instinct to lead, may have no idea where to start using their authority, and not know how to handle their wife. This is especially true if she is rebellious and proud. Intensive training can help both man and wife, even in situations less severe than I describe. It gets them into the groove and moving through the steps that will characterize their positions. Leadership and submission. It says — here are the dance steps to go through, practice them, repeat them, then bring them into your life together.

Once you are done, you maintain that pattern in daily life. The challenges become easier to face. The husband can be less likely to be negligent in leading his wife, or to be insecure in his own authority. He will never be without his wife’s affections. The wife less likely to dismiss her man’s rules, or to speak to him with disrespect. The training, like any training for a future task, has prepared the mind, body, and spirit to prove itself in action. Like any discipline, it can bring man and wife closer together, and make that bond — even when physically apart –never closer. The love, trust, and affection blossom because a marriage is healthy and a couple move together in harmony. A marriage is worth doing right, so it is worth training for.


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  2. Great post, aronhusband. It saddens me that I know what you write to be true…men are no longer being taught to embrace their masculinity or to lead their families. I think this has contributed greatly to the breakdown of the family unit. I respect that not all men or all women are suited for the type of marriage that you write about, but I do think that there are a great many who are, but who simply don’t know it is a viable option. As someone who works in education, I often experience the disrespect that children have for their parents, and the disrespect that some parents hold toward the other parent in the marriage. As respect is, for the most part, not something children are being taught as a value, I wonder what this next generation will be like…
    Perhaps if more children saw their mothers demonstrating the greatest respect for their fathers, and fathers were supported in their quest to lead their families, we would see the current divorce rate in the US (between 40-50%) drop.
    A lack of leadership in the family has many negative impacts. I do hope that your writings continue to reach your readers, and that your words of wisdom are well-received.

    1. Thank you, Nora. I agree, a breakdown in gender roles, as well as abandonment of male headship, has tragically harmed the family. Divorce is a destroyer down generations. It must be shocking for you to see it first hand as a teacher. Most of the problems teachers see, as well as that law enforcement see, would not be there with stable, godly families.

      Certainly, a mother’s clear respect for her man helps instill a sense of respect in the children, both for their father, for male authority, and for authority in general. That’s something we have in our home, thanks to God. My wife is a wonderful woman, who shows sincere gentleness and respect to me.

      It’s true that not all men and women are suited for a marriage with domestic discipline, but they certainly are suited for a relationship of headship and submission within marriage. God has literally made them for it. We are designed for harmony, not for conflict. It really works.

      Thanks for your insights.

      1. Jemima Avatar

        Is there anything you admire about your wife* outside of what she does for you and the children (but specifically you)?

        Is she creative? Is she funny? Is she intelligent? Is she interesting to talk to? Does she offer refreshing views on things? In short, is there anything you value about her as a unique person, an individual, unrelated to cooking, cleaning, praising you and making you feel good about yourself by doing what you say?

        *Aside from her godliness

        1. Hello, I find I appreciate my wife for all of her good qualities. These qualities are fully wrapped up in godly womanhood, every one, just as her whole personality is to be subsumed in Christ. This was true as I learned about her before we were married. I was not looking for someone with a particular personality trait, or with shared interests (what a waste), but for a woman who is godly, who knows what marriage is about, and who is ready to marry.

          I am enriched by all that my wife is, and enjoy her for all of her work. She has the main quality that the Bible teaches a woman ought to have: the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit. Her spirit indeed is gentle and quiet, as is reflected in her words and in how she behaves. It is what all women should aim for. She has the beauty that a holy woman has, which does not come from sensuality or overt sexuality or makeup, but from a soul which is lit up with the light of God. That comes forth from a woman especially in her humility, gentleness, modesty, and the heartfelt submission she shows to her man.

          My wife makes amazing food; meals, breads, desserts. She helps me with some of my projects. She looks for what I might need, and is thoughtful enough to provide it. She always tries to help. She works to maintain our garden, and has gotten very good at growing some things. She spends much of the day, nearly every day, caring for the children and providing them an education. That alone is priceless. She serves in the church, in the way women are meant to serve, which is by ministering to other women and to children, and by helping others. She helps neighbors as well, and is a good Christian influence in the children of our friends and neighbors. She makes the home have life and a heart, and hosts groups of visitors we have. She is always helping others.

          I could go on and on really. Plus she’s lovely to look at. But the main point is that I find it superficial to be moved by a small personality trait, rather than by who she is and what God uses her for. It is my responsibility to lead and guide her, and to help her grow in her virtue and holiness. This I do as best I can, and I believe it has produced good results.

          Personality wise she does not make lots of witty comments, or clever observations. She is not exceedingly knowledgeable about any particular subject. I think most people who met her would say she is basically a kind and sweet woman. That’s what I find as well. But that kindness has no lasting value apart from Christ, because all we are and do and think and feel is to be bound to God’s purpose in Christ.

          1. patrickxjoseph210 Avatar

            Aron, this is so beautiful. Your wife sounds amazing, I am so happy for you. You are a very lucky man!

          2. Thank you, Patrick. I am very blessed by my wife.

  3. We did a booth camp I think about 15 years ago. My wife was having some attitude issues, not open defiance but more subtle non submissive behavior. The head of household of another couple we knew a long time approached me with the idea of a CDD booth camp, he was having obedience issues with his wife, he used spankings in his marriage too. When I talked to Jane about this she said she would be more comfortable and less fearful if she did the booth camp with her friend, Jane was a very close friend of his wife. So we decided to do the booth camp with the other couple. We rented a isolated cabin in Virginia during our vacation time. We decided on a four-day booth camp. The head of household I mention had a book or something about how to do a booth camp. As I recall there were four spanking sessions during the day from mild to severe. These were morning after breakfast, midday after lunch, evening after dinner and a before bed spanking. The spanking got more severe as the day progressed. As I recall it was 15 with the strap, then 30 with the strap and then 60 with the strap and finally 30 with a riding crop after wetting the lady’s behinds with a sponge. The cabin was totally isolated, so the corrections were done outside over a sawhorse with the girls side by side. During the day there was bible study, writing essays and cleaning chores. Meals were cooked by my friend, but the girls did all cleanup. The ladies were required to be nude the entire five days, all their clothing was put into the car trunk. Before bed the ladies were given a bath where they were washed head to toe by us. All sexual intimacies, which occurred every night, were of course done in private. After about the second day Jane and her friend became the most submissive wives I have ever seen. I rate the booth camp as extraordinarily successful. Our oldest son did a booth camp with his wife about 5 years ago. They visited us after the booth camp, it was quite noticeable how improved his wife’s behavior was. However, just like Jane after the booth camp her behind was very marked I had him use soothing oil on her behind before her bedtime because this worked with Jane after her booth camp.

  4. Aron, I learn something new each time I read one of your posts. Submission and discipline are a beautiful dance between husband and wife, and of course those steps must be practiced, whether a couple is new to the process or just need to refine their roles. It impresses those roles upon their hearts so that they may live them more fully each day.

    I think a boot camp can be helpful even when a woman is naturally submissive. In their day to day life, her husband may not have to exert his dominance often because she already seeks to please him. Giving her explicit tasks to complete help to remind them both that he’s the one in charge, though she may be willing.

    Thank you for your continued inspiration!

    1. Thank you. I’m glad you find something to learn from. I hope these articles help people learn about how discipline helps with leadership and submission. If more people knew how well it works, they would try it for themselves. Certainly, a generally submissive woman could still grow from a boot camp. It can help deepen her submission, as well as her closeness with her husband. It’s not only there to deal with big problems. Those are just the most urgent uses. Take care.

  5. Hello Aaron

    While in the beginning I was not that much of a fan of boot camping, it became apparent as time went on we needed to put it on our program. We had been practicing DD for a little while, and started using your very well written manual not too long ago.
    At any rate, we encountered a problem but resolved it and I would like to share the solution so it may benefit others

    During boot camp which was always at a secluded cabin we would borrow from another couple practicing DD, my wife would get too cold from staying completely naked all the time. We turned the heat up, but I would get too hot
    Then we decided to try her just giving up her pants and underwear I think in one part of the manual you said the emphasis is on her behind anyway

    This worked very well. Her bottom would still get cold sitting on things at times, and this coupled with the soreness would be a little too much so I gave her a small blanket

    It turned out to be a good idea as sometimes if she started slacking off I would take the blanket away

    But after her bedtime spanking I would always kiss and caress her bottom, reaffirming this was all being done out of love

    We had to stay another week, though, as things just didn’t progress the way I wanted. But in the end it worked out well as the affect of being without pants for so long had almost as good an affect as the paddling itself

    We discussed it further and I have decided to incorporate the idea into maintenance

    When it is maintenance time, she is required to stay bare bottomed the entire day or night on top of the spanking

    I would be interested in getting feedback from anyone who tries this

    Thank you for your time


    1. Hell Ray, You’re welcome. I”m glad this manual has been useful to you and your wife. Yes, you certainly learn much about discipline as you go, no matter how prepared you make yourself.

      I think your experience and your ideas will be helpful to readers here. Thank you for sharing them. I’d encourage others to offer feedback on what has worked for them.

      I haven’t given temperature much consideration, but it can be a factor. When it’s been chilly in the house I lean towards mercy, and let my wife have the session only bare bottomed. It’s not all day, but just for her lecture, spanking, and any activities afterward. Nudity, partial or full, is a very important element of discipline, and I would encourage anyone to use it at other times, including the extended training sessions most call boot camp. It definitely overcomes problems, as you can see.

      I have a piece coming about using nudity in general as a lesson in submission, apart from any spanking or intimacy. It is good to have her bare and keep her bare if you can manage the time and the privacy. It imprints much of what she needs to learn on her soul.

      Feel free to share your experiences on other articles as well. I’m happy that you have gotten started with discipline and it’s working for you. Take care!


  6. Bob made me do a boot camp a long time ago. I was really scared but I would never disobey Bob about anything. I knew a really good friend of mine who is also spanked by her husband and she told me about boot camp and how her husband wanted to do a boot camp too. So I went to Bob and respectfully asked him if I could do my booth camp with my friend because her husband wanted to do one too. Bob said he had to think about it and talk to my friend’s husband about what he thought. It was a long time later , a few weeks that Bob told me that part of out vacation was going to be a booth camp and that my friend’s husband would run it and I could do it with my friend. Maybe it sounds crazy but it was so much less scary if did it with my friend. Bob and her husband found this log cabin in the most beautiful place you can imagine, it was amazing. The cabin had electric and normal bathrooms which I was happy about. You had to drive on a dirt road to get there, it was like we in some place with no people. I didn’t know what to expect but I knew my behind was going to be marked up bad. They took our clothes away and we got spanked four times every day, some worst than others. We had bible study and we had to copy stuff out of the bible and you had to write is really neatly And we had chores too. Bob gave me a bath every night which was really nice , especially after all the spankings which were really bad. It made me really want to have sex every night. It was like during the day Bob was very stern and at night very nice to me. It really made me feel very obedient and submissive. Not that I liked the spankings, I cried every time I got spanked and so did my friend, sometimes even worst than me. After it was over my friend and I felt like we were walking on clouds which I know sounds so crazy. The rest of our vacation was nice too, and I didn’t get spanked once.

  7. Margret Avatar

    UHG!!! My husband told me last night after he’d spanked me for grumbling under my breath about something he’d asked me to do that he’s considering an intensive “bootcamp” training with me if things don’t change soon. He said he’s going to meet with some of his spanking friends after men’s bible study on Wednesday to see if they have any suggestions for him. If they do he’ll try those and if I don’t change my attitude this will happen. I had no idea what that meant but knew I’d seen something here about it. I’m going to do what I can to avoid this as it sounds miserable. I’m a mess worrying about what suggestions he will come home with tomorrow night after he meets with the other hoh’s. Some of them are pretty tough on their wives. Wish I knew what my problem was!

    1. Hello Margret, I suspect you know what areas you are failing in, and that your husband will explain others that you may not see. Bootcamp is not a necessity in learning to function as leader and helper, but it can help both of you to take your roles more seriously, and can help you as a wife in being sincerely submissive. If there have been ongoing problems, I would think he’ll give it a try. I hope it works well if that is the plan.

      1. Margret Avatar

        Oh I know exactly what area’s I’m struggling with. It’s my mouth and my bad attitude. I never get in trouble for not doing what I’m told I always do what he says it’s just I grumble, complain and roll my eyes through it. But as much as I want to behave my mouth just seems to take over sometimes. Like I’ve said in other comments, this is all new to me. I spent most of my life doing as I please. So this whole submitting thing is really hard for me sometimes.

        1. Keep working on it. With some help, and some grace, you can train your tongue to always honor your husband.

  8. margretmorgan65 Avatar

    Well this sucks! My husband just got home from having dinner with his other spanking buddies from his Bible study group. He told me about the ideas they shared with him on how to handle me. One of the husbands said he had similar problems with his wife’s attitude when they were 1st married but she’s great now. He rarely has to discipline her and he thinks we should spend some time together so his wife can mentor me. That sounds great to me because I really like his wife. Sometimes we walk our dogs together anyway so it will be a pleasure to spend more time with her. But that’s the only good news! Another 1 of the husbands said that his wife came from a secular background like me and that she had a filthy, sassy mouth and he just decided eventually that the more time he spent in her mouth the less time she had to talk back to him. So now my husband says we’re gonna go back to the way it was when he was doing oral training with me when we 1st got married. So that means getting my mouth stuffed randomly through the day. Que the eye roll! They all agreed my husband should reinstate maintenance spanking but they think he should do it twice a week instead of once. So now, even if I’m a perfect little angel, I’m gonna get my -ss whipped every Sunday and Wednesday night! Sounds great huh? They all think that he should give me 3 weeks and if I don’t show great improvement by then that he should follow through with an intensive training . I of course voiced my displeasure with these ideas and he said I’m lucky he’s giving me three weeks to get my sh-t together. F$%#K!!!!!

    1. Hello Margret, Judging from the attitude you show in this letter, and by your language, your husband is following the right course, and received very good advice. It will be a great blessing to you, and the entire household to have that attitude changed, so be grateful for the coming discipline, even if you fear it. Imagine your children talking with that mouth. Show your husband the proper respect. He has every right to get you in line.

    2. margretmorgan65 You don’t seem to grasp your place as a Christian wife in your post. I can see why your husband feels you need training. Many years ago, I knew of a situation where a wife, who was a believing Christian viewed submission to her husband as some kind of game, a kind of joke she was willing to go along with if she felt like going along with it. For some time, her husband accepted this situation. And then he learned about CDD by finding a book about it. He isn’t the kind of person who is passive, and this book was a revelation for him. He mentioned this book to me, and I told that CDD has been part of our marriage for several years. He remarked that this explained the way Jane behaved, he always admired how submissive Jane was. From what he related to me he went home that night told his wife that from now on she would get spanked for bad behavior and then gave her a barn burner spanking with his belt. (His words) Being a submissive wife wasn’t some joke or some game anymore. Over time she became
      a completely different person. It’s always a joy to see the transformation of a wife who doesn’t truly accept her place in God’s plan and then because her husband stands up to his duty to train her, turns her into a truly submissive wife. Based on what you write this is what I expect to happen with you margret. You need to learn your place and you will.

      1. margretmorgan65 Avatar

        Sir, I know the comment that you’re replying to was uncalled for and disrespectful. I was having a really bad day that day. I’ve just told my husband about this website and I’m sure when he sees that comment hes not gonna like it and I’m gonna have to answer for that. But let me reassure you there is nothing about being a submissive wife in my husband’s house that anyone would think was a game or a joke. I’m just struggling right now. I was married for 14 years to a jerk who treated me terribly, cheated on me and then left me. It was a long hard struggle for me to get back on my feet with 2 teenagers and no help from him. I had to be a strong independent woman just to survive. When I met my husband I was thrilled to have someone take control and take care of me but those old voices still come into my head sometimes telling me that I need to be independent. I feel bad too because my husband said that he thought at this point in our marriage things would have settled down quite a bit. And they had for a while but I’m just going through something right now. I’m sure he’ll get me back in line. I imagine he will read this entire manual and you will have have the opportunity to interact with him and give him your advice.

    3. Hello Aron,
      My name is Rick. I am Margret’s husband.
      First of all this site is the best thing I’ve seen for cdd instruction. I’ve only read a couple of articles but I’m looking forward to reading every one. I’m also going to share this with my friends at church who also spank.
      Secondly, I am currently sitting at my computer in my room looking at Margret’s blistered bottom. The comment that I am replying to is completely unacceptable. She tried to get out of it by saying she wrote it she didn’t speak it and that she doesn’t know you. I told her she is as responsible for her written word as she is her spoken. And, that I expect her to be respectful to any other hoh she is speaking with. Not only did she show disrespect for you and your site but also to me. Her comments are also a negative reflection of my home and how I run it. I assure you this will not happen again. I’m am having a hard time with her right now and I have much more to say to you and I look forward to hearing your opinion on how I can better handle her.
      My apologies for her behavior.

      1. Hello Rick, It’s good to hear from you. I’m very honored you appreciate the articles on this website. I hope you continue to find it helpful.

        I agree wholly that you need to take care of the matter of Margret’s speech. A woman’s communication should be clean and respectful, even if she writing, and even if she isn’t speaking to her husband. Her comments also reflected a bad attitude towards you. Believe me, I would similarly punish my wife for any communication like that in writing. I know you’re handling it well.

        If you’d like further advice, please write me at my e-mail. It’s on the About page and the footer. I know Margret would benefit from your regular guidance, instruction, and spiritual leadership in the home. Being firm and consistent with discipline will also keep her out of trouble. The most important thing is that she grows as a woman of God, leaves pride behind, embraces softness and gentleness, and honors you from her heart.

        Feel free to comment on any other articles.

        Take care.

        1. margretmorgan65 Avatar

          Aron, thanks for your response. I thought I knew what I was doing in terms of leading spiritually and otherwise in my home but Margret is really testing me. I was married for 20 years to my first wife until she passed suddenly from cancer. She was raised in the church and after her intial training just to establish my authority she rarely gave me any trouble. When I met Margret I knew she was a handful and would be a real challenge for me. Even though her training took considerable time and was much more intense than it was with my first wife, we finally came out the other side in a pretty good place. She still ended up over my knee on a fairly regular basis but I just took this for the fact that she’s a strong willed woman who lived a secular life prior to meeting me. Just recently she has really started acting out. It’s mostly attitude and talking back. I’m in the middle of mini intensive training with her as she stated. Hoping for the best.

        2. margretmorgan65 Avatar

          Btw Rick here logged in to her account. Going to shut this one down. I’ll allow her to read your site only with me moving forward.

      2. margret you did not mention the situation that existed in your earlier marriage. This was certainly an unfortunate situation. However, this doesn’t mean that you have any right to be disobedient and have the attitude you exhibited in your post to your husband now. Husbands have an obligation to train their wives, few wives come to the marriage sufficiently submissive and obedient that they don’t need a husband’s training. Based on what your husband has posted he has the matter well in hand. You are very likely going to be spanked often until you learn your place. This will insure you develop a submissive and obedient spirit. When he is done the only pride you will have, is pride in your submission and obedience.

        1. margretmorgan65 Avatar

          I’ve logged Margret out of the site so she’s unable to comment. We are reading the articles together. She read your comment. She doesn’t have much to say in response because she knows you’re right. We are on the middle of some intensive training and I’m getting the response from her that I’m looking for. But we still a ways to go. Thanks for your comments, advice and encouragement. We are both getting a lot of good information from this site. It really helps her to hear that many men run their homes just as I do and have high expectations for their wives behavior.

      3. Hi Rick,

        Im really interested that you have a bible study group that guides and asists you with this and Id love to chat. I hope we can get in touch. Kind regards.

  9. margretmorgan65 Avatar

    Sir, Not surprised at all by your response to my comment. I’m sure you’ll be glad to hear this. At breakfast my husband told me in addition to what he said last night I am not allowed to leave the house for the next 3 weeks without his permission. I am also to give him my phone each evening before dinner and he will return it the next morning. He ordered an audible book for me. I think he said it was called something like The peaceful wife. I’m to listen to it for at least an hour every day and tell him about it after dinner at night. Last night after he put me to bed he arranged his schedule so he will be able to work in his home office for the most part over the next 3 weeks. After I clean up from breakfast I’m to go to his office for 30 minutes of bare bottom corner time during which he said he may decide to “put some color in my cheeks”.

    [edited by Aron]

    1. Margret, I’m sure he will handle the situation well. However, you need to be working on your own submission, regardless. This book will help you only if you are willing at heart. Seek to be submissive to your husband , honor him, and refrain from any backtalk and attitude. Do it for the good and the glory of God. That is where the true rewards lie. Punishment and other training is only a tool to help you learn. You need to be soft and responsive inside.

      1. margretmorgan65 Avatar

        Here’s another comment that wreaks of attitude! And of course she won’t tell me what she wrote that was so bad you had to edit it out.

  10. margretmorgan65 Avatar

    Of course you’re right. Not sure I’m there right now tho. Sure dont feel much like being soft and responsive with all this going on. Basically I’m just going to try and focus on keeping my shut to avoid further trouble. He did tell me this morning that he loves me and
    he’s willing to do whatever he needs to do to get me in line. Apparently he’s been reading about strong willed women and how to handle them. He says more often than not when they act out it’s because they want stronger leadership from their husband and that most strong women want to be led with a firm hand. He thinks he may have not been as strict with as he should have been. That makes me feel guilty because it’s really my fault and he thinks he did something wrong. I guess we’ll see how the next 3 weeks goes.

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