Spankings Happen Here Part 2: On the Road Again

I wrote an article at the start of this discipline manual on the rooms that spankings usually take place. It’s not a major matter when it comes to discipline, but it’s interesting to see what people choose, and why they prefer one room for discipline rather than another. The bedroom is most common. Others may use a couch in the living room, or an office if there is one. While it doesn’t change too much, the choice of room may come with certain advantages, such as the comfort of the bedroom, or or the more serious nature of an office, or just a room that has more space than the others. Yet spouses occasionally find themselves with little choice of where to practice discipline. That usually is when they are traveling, and have to stay in a hotel. It could be when they are literally on the road, and still find the need to plan a correction. Are there good locations for discipline in such circumstances?

Much of the question with traveling comes down to privacy. Sometimes it is available and sometimes not. I know in the past when I was taking a trip, and needed to give my woman a spanking, I had no problem using the hotel room. I took normal precautions to avoid being loud, but I was not worried about a little noise getting through. In the case of hotels, most travelers figure they will not be seeing the people staying there again, so it’s not a great deal if they aren’t perfectly quiet. Often the people next door at a hotel seem to have the same philosophy. Years before marriage I gave my girlfriend a hairbrush spanking in a hotel room, with our normal rituals at the time. It was comfortable, the sheets are always fresh there, and I got to survey the view of my work through the big square hotel mirror. Later we checked the damage there too. When traveling with my wife soon after marriage, I gave her a maintenance spanking in a hotel room, similarly designed. I gave her a short session over the bed with the belt. There were no problems. If anything, hotels tend to be more comfortable than home, since we do not have the nicest amenities ourselves. If they’re taken care of, they smell nice. They almost all have mirrors.

Is a spanking ever urgent enough to find a way to give one while driving on the road? That will depend on you. If your need is immediate, if you don’t think she should wait for your correction, then treat it as urgent. I have never done it, but I respect the need. In some roads, especially at night, it would not be hard to pull over and simply take care of business on the side of the road, especially if there is a pullover. Off the top of my head I can think of many places nearby you could pull off to the side of the road, or off the road at night, and take care of discipline privately. Naturally, privacy would be easiest at night, unless you happen to know a truly abandoned road. If your wife is misbehaving during a trip, then the need will come up. It would be advantageous to turn around a bad attitude in a moment, simply by pulling over. OR to put an end to it by warning her you will pull over. Some problems are best put in the past quickly, and it is a spanking which does that well.

I’ve heard from husbands who say they practice spanking outdoors when traveling, but in a spot that is entirely private. They don’t want to wait through the longish drive home so they find a spot in nature. You might call it public non-exhibitionism. The intent is not to be seen, but it is always possible since there are no walls. I don’t really recommend trying this, since it sounds like a gamble to me, and anyone could wander by. I’d never do it for that reason. Not that the outdoors aren’t beautiful, or wouldn’t make a good setting for a correction. The private nature of the act simply makes it too much of a risk.

Not everyone will find it comfortable, or possible, to give a spanking during a trip. I understand. The nearness to other people can make things awkward. During some trips there may truly be no privacy. That’s why many couples simply postpone correction until they are back home again. Long wait times aren’t ideal, but you can still use wait time for her benefit. Some husbands might use a non-spanking form of correction during a trip, and then deliver the spanking she earned when they get home. That keeps some continuity going. If the need is silence, those who use capsaicin cream can give a very unpleasant punishment this way. Not all use it, but it’s a practical option while traveling. It’s important to know that on you road you are not completely limited, and can still find a good place to take care of discipline.


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  2. I think my wife ( 44) should start being spanked. She tells me she’ll do this or that and doesn’t do it and she never cleans house and it causes me stress. We’ve been married 20 yrs. and I was wondering how to introduce this into our marriage. Would you suggest I get a 3rd party to help?

    1. Hello, I believe spanking can help in many marriages, although as only a tool within the overall structure of leadership and submission. You need to make sure to develop that structure. I always teach that discipline comes together with it, as part of a loving and godly marriage. In your situation it sounds like spanking would do some good.

      I have several articles on how to introduce spanking into your marriage, both from the male and female perspective, as well as others on how to begin to put it into practice. You might try this articles on discipline:

      OR this one (which focuses on before marriage):

      While I don’t think a third party should get involved with the discipline itself, it is fine to seek advice from experienced husbands. I’d be happy to reply if you write my e-mail below. I’ve heard from couples who began spanking in their marriage after being married for years, and it can be done.

      I sincerely hope that helps.

      1. Thank you sir. I just thought that my wife may have an extra added feeling of fear/respect if I brought in another man to help me spank her. If we pulled her pants down and made her to bend over.

        1. The intimate nature of a spanking makes it appropriate for only the husband to administer the discipline. It is his job, and her body is his domain. No one else should be personally involved.

  3. I have been on travel with my wife and had a discipline situation arise more than once . Travel can be stressful for everyone and my wife sometimes get stressed enough to misbehave or more often just display a bad attitude. I try to be somewhat sympathetic because I know what is going on. But unfortunately when she does this in front of the children it becomes a bad example and can contributes to discipline problems overall. One time when it happened on the road I pulled the car over and told the children that mom and I had to discuss something I put our oldest in charge who was as I recall 13 years old. I took my wife into the woods out of sight of the road had her pull down her culottes , stand with her arms around a tree and used my belt to improve her attitude. Now our children knew their mother was subject to spanking by me and by her behavior when we returned to the car they had no doubt what happened if they had any doubt when we left the car as to what was going to happen The rest of the ride was quiet and my wife by her actions later seemed to have experienced real repentance. Had I made the decision to wait until we got back home the problem would have continued throughout our trip and maybe gotten worst and even affected the behavior of our children. I think this was handled correctly.

  4. Thanks for this example of “nipped in bud.” Some of my most shameful moments have been in having a sore attitude and being a bad example in front of our children. While I regret all my poor behavior, the kind that affects others has greater ramifications and my husband is now quick to correct me when he sees even a hint of this kind of attitude developing in me. I have earned many a firm spanking with his belt or the paddle for these actions. I have learned better self control over the years but I tend to become stressed during the holidays and vacations, times of change and excitement trigger unstable emotions for me.

  5. Margret Avatar

    I got it in the family restroom at an airport. My husband found out as we were on our way to vacation that I had neglected to do something at the house that he had reminded me repeatedly needed to be done before we left. He was so angry when he asked me on the plane if I had done it and I told him I hadn’t. As soon as we got off the plane he took me straight to the family restroom. We had another 2 hour flight ahead of us. Of course I was miserable. Every time I fidgited in my seat, he said sit still. When we got to the hotel it took us about 2 hours on the phone to get the situation handled and we had to impose on one of his grown sons to help us out. He was very angry about the whole situation and I got spanked again in the hotel room. I’ve gotten it in the car before too. He’s just pulled over and opened the door and had me bend over my seat and whipped me right on the side of the road. It was on the less populated road but people had driven by. I don’t think they could actually see what was going on.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experiences. That is a daring way to do things, but sometimes those are the only places available for discipline.

      1. margretmorgan65 Avatar

        Family restrooms are a good option when traveling. Usually one larger private restroom. They usually have a bench. I have her bend over and put her hands on the bench. I dont like to wait to punish when traveling I want to stop the behavior so the rest of the trip can be enjoyable. I’ve spanked her only twice on the side of a road. With the back and front doors open on the side away from the street it’s not really possible for people to see what’s happening. Both times i delivered swift, intense strappings to get my point across. If any man had witnessed her behavior on those two occasions they probably would have done the same thing. The vacation indecent she referred to was probably one of the worst a– bustings she’s ever gotten. Not taking care of her responsibilities took time away from our vacation and inconvenienced other people. I was very angry.

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