The Joy of Hand Spanking

Most men who give spankings will admit they have a fondness for the hand spanking. Or you could call it, the good old traditional hand spanking. They enjoy the intimacy of using their hand, and the overall closeness it creates. I feel the same way, and would list it among my favorites. Wives also suggest they like the hand spanking method, and not just because it is less painful (which it usually is), but because of the same feelings, the closeness between husband and wife. Instruments may be harsh, but instruments don’t really touch. Hands do. That is why they are so loved.

The sad thing is, that while many find this method more pleasurable, few couples use it frequently. It falls into disuse for two main reasons — firstly it is loud (like other methods) so a quieter form of spanking becomes appropriate despite its desirability. Secondly, a hand spanking usually cannot deliver the strong punishment which sometimes is necessary in discipline. The hand is soft, and most men don’t want to spank as hard as they can and punish their hand along with their wife. Granted, there are some men who work with their hands, and possess hands like leather, who could approximate a paddle or belt spanking with their bare palms. Most of us don’t find that we can, so hand spanking becomes rare. We don’t plan it that way, but it happens.

The intimacy of the hand spanking is the greatest part of this form of discipline, and that intimacy truly keys into everything else. A man correcting his wife this way can feel the softness of her flesh, enjoy her warmth, feel her bottom soften under his blows, responding to each firm slap on the backside. He even feels it grow in warmth as he punishes her, often leaving a bright palm print where he delivers punishment. A woman likewise, despite the harshness of her treatment, feels closer to her husband when she receives a hand spanking, through his warmth, and constant touch of his skin. An instrument can seem impersonal, and cold. The touch of a hand is the very person himself, guiding and correcting you. In a sense, he is more in command when there is no barrier between the two. He is guiding her literally with his hands.

Being more intimate aids some women in receiving the correction. She is receiving it directly from the hand of the one she loves, and who loves her, who guides and protects her every day. In feeling the one she loves, she may more deeply want to conform to him. May more deeply regret her wrong to him. That personal element also aids her in coming to tears, and expressing sorrow for her wrong. She is now expressing it to the man, and not the instrument. She experiences her man’s warmth and touch constantly, just like in making love. She recognizes that touch and responds to it. The regret on her heart wells up faster, and pours out. Even the somewhat more childlike nature of being hand spanked can aid a wife in learning from her spanking. A paddle may instill the formality of discipline, or instill fear, but being spanked by hand can often create even greater humility with its connection to childhood punishments, helping her know to respond with tears and with promises to be good. Helping her to know she is powerless in his hands. All of that she remembers with the slap of a hand on her bottom: She has been a bad girl. He is her warm, strong protector.

I remember one lady friend I used to spank, always by hand. She would go over my knee, stripped from waist down, and be spanked to tears. She responded easily to the talk I gave her and to the spanking. She would cry and bawl — I won’t do it again, I promise. I won’t. I’m sorryyyyyyy! As her bottom became a bright red, and warm as toast. One time I needed to give her a harsher punishment, and took to using a nice wide, and harder swing, which left my hand almost as brightly colored as the back-end I was punishing. My palm was buzzing for the rest of the day. It just didn’t seem right. It’s there that you run into your limit with bare skin, and need to move on to a more appropriate method — that means using an instrument. Each instrument has its advantage, and most will give her a more severe punishment than your hand. Some will instill fear in her. None will ever replace the warmth of your body, or taking her in your hand.


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  4. Ben only ever uses his hand to spank me. I am very content with his hand and he seems to be too.

  5. I am usually spanked by hand! I much prefer it for all the reasons you list. I wasn’t properly submissive to my husband, not to a paddle, therefore I want the punishment from my husband, not a paddle. Of course, there’s been an occasion that I’ve had a belting, or had a hairbrush (the most common implement) or wooden spoon to correct me! Even though I prefer his hand, I of course submit to whatever he wants to use!

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  10. Margret Avatar

    Other than a small paddle that my husband carries in his back pocket on occasion, which he used mostly during my training, he uses his hand. First over his knee and then he switches to the belt. He really prefers using his hand because of all the reasons you listed above but knows that sometimes he cannot give an effective enough punishment without following up with the belt. When I first agreed to enter into a dd relationship, we were praying together and he was holding my hands. He then told me to look at his hands and remember that these hands would Pray with me Pleasure me and Punish me. I do think about that a lot when he holds my hand or puts his arm around me or puts his hand on my leg when we’re sitting beside each other. It is very intimate and a strong message that he is over me and owns me and he cares for me in many ways with his hands.

  11. Years ago my husband tested out hand spanking a couple times on my bottom.

    My rear was soooo seriously and deeply bruised, and after the bruises went away, the pain didn’t. It turns out it flared up a case of sciatica for which I needed 6 months of ice, physical therapy, electric nerve treatments, and ibuprofen. I’m not sure what went wrong there. He is a super strong guy.

    We weren’t committed to this dynamic of discipline then, it was simply an experiment in spanking, gone wrong. When we did see start this for real back in this past August, my one request was that he not hand spank me (or use a heavy paddle, lest it deeply bruise similarly.) I told him he of course is free to do so if he wanted, but I was just presenting a request.
    He has thus far agreed and used other implements instead, and while I have been bruised and had welts, at times needing to sit on pillows and ice, nothing has done anything on the level of bruising that his hand did long ago. We just seem to have difficulty with the weirdest things.

    A couple of weeks ago I longed for the closeness of hand spanking and asked if he wanted to try it again. He hit me like twice and I asked to stop… Compared to everything else we do, it literally felt like I was being punched, hard, deeply, on the rear. I don’t know why this doesn’t work, but it doesn’t. For now, we’ve got the hanger and the belt.

    1. That’s an interesting story. I’ve never heard of hand spanking being so harsh. For most it is the mildest method. However, if using an incredible amount of strength, any method can be a bit dangerous. That’s why it’s always important to know how to moderate force if you are giving a spanking. Know how much is needed, and don’t go to excess. You don’t want to cause any kind of long-term harm.

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