Spanking Polls for Readers

Here is a poll for men and for women. Since I can’t get the polls at WordPress to work, I’ve just written them out, and you can answer them in the comments below if you wish. Feel free to explain.

For women:
What do you think of spanking?

A) I kind of like the idea, but I’m a little afraid to try

B) I know I need a spanking when I’ve been bad

C) I am spanked regularly and it’s good for me

D) I don’t like the idea of pain, but I like the idea of my man’s authority

E) It sounds boring and I don’t know why anyone would be interested

F) Why would I want to experience pain?

For men:

What kind of discipline do you use in marriage?

A) I have no authority over my wife

B) I discipline her verbally

C) I remove privileges, ground her, or use other non-corporal methods

D) I spank her for bad behavior
E) I spank her for bad behavior and also use other non-corporal methods
F) I spank her for bad behavior and also give her spankings as a reminder of her submission (maintenance)


39 responses to “Spanking Polls for Readers”

  1. DesertRose Avatar

    I don’t like the idea of pain, but I like the idea of my man’s authority.

    I must note that I’m Muslim. In my religion, man and woman are equal in the eyes of God, but man has authority over his woman, and he’s encouraged to discipline her (out of love) when needed.

    1. Thank you for sharing how things work for you. Yes, the loving authority is at the heart of things.

  2. I am not sure which to pick for the first question.
    My answer is spanking is great fun, we have a giggle playing with it. I don’t like pain. Ben would never hurt me when he spanks me, it is part of erotic play.

    As for Ben – who is not here at the moment – he trusts me to have a large degree of self-discipline. We are a team. We also communicate openly and honestly. He is wiser and more driven than I am in many respects. I life the sense of purpose Ben gives me and I do keep it in mind in everything I do. If Ben has any concerns he will talk to me and we will talk about things. It is very easy to love and respect Ben. He is an amazing man and I feel treasured by him.

  3. Rachel Rigg Avatar
    Rachel Rigg

    C. We’re only a few months into using discipline, but it has helped every area of our marriage – faith, intimacy, respect, obedience, and so on. DH is really coming into his own – he started out slow and I had to meekly give him advice, but now that discipline is taking place regularly (between bad behavior and maintenance), and now that we are using a decent implement (the belt), it really feels like discipline is working – I’ve lost my unpleasant and prickly countenance and I have respect for my husband that perhaps I have never really had before, and he and his authority are making me feel more like a woman than I have in a long time if ever. Last night I started crying when he was strapping me – it was like someone flipped a switch. It wasn’t the pain – the strapping hurts, of course, but a lot of things in life hurt. It also wasn’t necessarily the guilt of what I had done to deserve my punishment, although of course, I feel bad that I had offended him. I have to say that it was probably because he was also strapping the stress and attitude out of me, and honestly, it felt good to cry, and it felt good to be held by my man afterward. I pray that more couples find this blog and prayerfully consider your advice – “Make Spanking Normal Again” (one of my favorite articles on this blog).

    1. Thank you for your rich explanation of how discipline works for you. It definitely is a benefit when a man learns to spank hard, as your husband has. It can break down a lot of walls, and bring a woman back where she needs to be inside. As you can observe, there really is a combination of things acting to make it effective. I am very glad you enjoyed that article. I believe when we make spanking normal again, a lot of other good things about marriage will be normal again as well. Blessings.

    2. Wow its amazing to see how your marriage is changing for the better, more how God designed it. Would you say the domestic discipline has helped you become more submissive sexually? I always hear so many husbands struggling with resistance when it comes to their wives submitting sexually.

      1. Yes, CDD has helped me submit sexually to my husband.

  4. F

    I have been paddling my wife for about 7 1/2 years now and we will never go back. Paddling along with the major mindset changes that came with it is what saved our relationship. We literally went from a war zone to complete peace in my household almost overnight.

    The maintenance paddlings are a huge benefit to us both. It allows minor things to be dealt with on a regular basis and helps keep communication open. Because instead of her attempting to hide minor things from me for fear of getting in trouble she can simply bring them to me with the knowledge that if it truly is minor it will simply be part of the maintenance spanking that she already has coming…

    1. B and D. There are always going to be times a woman needs a sound spanking and, I expect, she never once wants it. This cognitive dissonance resonates with most women because we are in awe of a man who takes charge, owns his responsibility and we respect a man who utilizes his authority. This does not mean we want him to discipline us with a spanking or cause us pain. It means we understand our wishes don’t necessarily match our innate desire to be loved, protected abs provided for.

  5. A Woman Who Believes in Spanking Avatar
    A Woman Who Believes in Spanking

    Aron, a poll is such an excellent idea! I’m so sorry it wouldn’t work properly for you, but I do hope your readers take advantage of the opportunity to help you collect this valuable data. There are so few outlets for those of us who believe in Christian domestic discipline to express ourselves without censure and to really learn from one another. You are truly doing God’s work by sharing your personal experiences in disciplining your wife and helping others to see how a firm hand can benefit their marriage. Your blog has been such a wonderful blessing to me.

    So that I can be completely honest with your readers as well as you, I’d like to ask to remain anonymous. I’m a single Christian woman who hopes the wonderful man I’ve been dating will soon propose. I also hope that he’ll be as open to imposing corporal discipline as your readers have been, because I know that I am a woman who needs it. My decision to save my body for my husband, in accordance with God’s plan, means that I haven’t yet experienced a spanking, but I am firmly committed to a marriage grounded by a husband’s total authority and loving correction. Here are my personal answers below.

    B) I know I need a spanking when I’ve been bad.

    This is the first answer that jumped out at me. I do my best everyday to be the woman God intends me to be, and someone the man I love can be proud of, so I wouldn’t say I’m “bad” (at least I don’t think so). But I am human. I can sometimes be stubborn and insistent on getting my way. I can be disrespectful when I’m feeling emotional. I sometimes let my impatience lead to childish behavior not worthy of me. Sometimes I give in to anger. When this happens, I’m very upset with myself, but I can’t always turn it around very quickly. Sometimes being upset just makes my bad behavior worse. It can take me a long time to center myself (usually I have to cry it out), and I wish that I had the strength and maturity to right myself in the moment. I know that a good, hard spanking would reset my behavior much more quickly, even if I still ended up in tears. I’m sure I would soon learn to straighten up with just a warning from my love that if I went down that road, I’d find myself over his knee. But mostly, I know I deserve a spanking when I’ve acted like a spoiled brat and actually getting a good one would help me to feel redeemed.

    D) I don’t like the idea of pain, but I like the idea of my man’s authority.

    A man’s authority is intoxicating to the woman who loves him. Male power is highly erotic to any woman who has learned to embrace her femininity. Being subject to her husband’s authority in marriage is deeply fulfilling, as women were created with the desire to be shaped by his love, dominated by his will. I’m not deluding myself. A spanking will be painful, it will make me cry, and it will leave me sore. That’s its purpose, but it’s not the sole objective. The objective is for a wife to be held accountable for her behavior, to be reminded that she’s under her man’s powerful authority, and for her to be lovingly, if sometimes painfully, sculpted into the best woman she can be. I long for all of those things, and I know that being spanked is a beautiful way for me to submit to his authority.

    I hope to be able to say C as a married woman (I am spanked regularly and it’s good for me)! I firmly believe that spanking will soften my rough spots and guarantee my respect and obedience as a new bride.

    I can’t imagine marrying a man who would say A. A marriage must have a leader, preferably one not afraid of his natural, God-given authority. I hope that my loving husband would say F, as I hope to be spanked often, not just for transgressions, but also as a loving ritual that helps to deepen my submission to my man.

    1. Thank you. I’m glad my articles have been helpful to you. I seek to bless others through my work, not just in domestic discipline, but in marriage in general. I truly hope your future husband will be clear and bold in his leadership, as well as give you the spankings that you sometimes need. If he does, I know he will enjoy the peace and closeness that it brings. Bless you.

  6. Been married to my most wonderful man of God for over 20 years. He works very hard and is a busy man but he is never negligent in all his love and duties towards me and he expects that I fully submit to him as unto the Lord. I obey him in everything and demonstrate a submissive and sweet disposition always or he faithfully spanks me hard with his belt or the paddle as punishment. Also, I am bent over with my bottom bared and paddled red once a week, this helps keeps my mood sweet and my behavior good. The punishment spankings I sometimes receive when he tells me he needs to correct my behavior, these are longer and harder spankings and can be difficult to endure, but I always feel so peaceful and thankful towards my husband afterwards. I am a blessed woman, very thankful to my man for spanking me consistently!

  7. B) I know I need a spanking when I’ve been bad
    D) I don’t like the idea of pain, but I like the idea of my man’s authority

    My husband certainly is getting more comfortable with the idea of discipline lately. He answered the survey as follows: our marriage started and continued for ten years with (A) and now he says he is closer and working towards (F).

    Hope this is helpful, because your articles certainly are!

    1. Thank you. Really glad to hear your husband is getting stronger in discipline. Blessings to you both.

  8. A Very Quiet Person Avatar
    A Very Quiet Person

    Woman: A

    I am a very private person so I’m not one to normally comment on blogs I read. But I wanted to let you know there are those of us out there who find your words inspiring and are still working up the courage to add this into our lives.

    1. Thank you quiet person. It is an encouragement to know that my online manual inspires you. I know it can be a challenging thing to add to your life. If you have any questions at all feel free to write me at my e-mail or the contact form. Be blessed.

  9. C) I am spanked regularly and it’s good for me

    D) I don’t like the idea of pain, but I like the idea of my man’s authority

    Hi Aaron, good poll hope you get a great response.
    when I know that I am going to be spanked I get that anxious feeling in my gut. I think to myself, why did I do that? It is a bit of a love hate dynamic going on inside of me. My husband spanks hard, typically I feel it for 1-4 days afterwards. It is very hard to stay still and not fight the swats because it hurts so much and even with that I love that my husband is “Man” enough to correct me and hold me accountable for my actions. I just melt at his authority. Makes me love and respect him even more. I become very submissive which is where we both like me to be.

    Once again Thank You for this blog. God Bless


    1. Thank you very much, Nic. It’s definitely important to know how to respond to a spanking, and to go into it with the right attitude. What you describe is a wonderful example for others. Bless you.

  10. D) I don’t like the idea of pain, but I like the idea of my man’s authority.

  11. Definitely E and I’m a husband. I give my wife a spanking when she has misbehaved and needs a correction. I also use nonspanking punishment regularly, particularly cornertime before and after I spank her.

  12. F. Definitely.

    I would normally spank my wife when she would not do something as told despite having been informed about it more than once; not cooking anything for days that I might be craving, spending too much time at malls with her friends which delays all the work around the house etc. She understands the male dominance in our culture (conservative rural Indian Hindu) and tries to abide by it, and rarely hesitates when spanked.

    In the recent years, apart from the above mentioned points, I’ve spanked her for any of the children’s mischief, complains or negative remarks from their school or extra curriculars; children influenced by bad company etc. As she spends most time with them in the day with me being at work, anything the children do wrong is her responsibility. Indiscipline in the children comes when she’s undisciplined herself.

    I think spanning is necessary as it keeps her in order. You don’t want a wife to get out of your hands.

    1. Welcome to our friend from India. Thank you for sharing the experience of marital discipline in your culture. I sometimes notice there are many website views from India, and am curious how things work there.

      It seems some of the reasons you spank are the same as here, although Indian culture still respects male leadership much more than Western culture does. I’m sure it helps your wife be responsive to your correction that the culture reinforces your position of authority.

      Best to you and your family.

    2. iamhissubmissive60 Avatar

      Just curious Dev L. I am not trying to be disrespectful here, but do the children also get disciplined as well as your wife, because in our culture if the child acts up in school and becomes unmanageable they are spanked or priveledges taken away or grounded. I never thought that the Mother should be spanked for what her children do.

  13. Witam. Mieszkam w Europie. Tutaj dd nie jest znane. Jednak ja od zawsze chciałam w takim związku żyć. po 10 latach małżeństwa udało mi się przekonać męża do dd. Dopiero zaczynamy, ale już widac poprawę w moim zachowaniu i mam wiekszy szacunek do męża.

    A translation for our readers: “Hello. I live in Europe. Dd is not known here. However, I have always wanted to live in this relationship, and after 10 years of marriage I have succeeded in convincing my husband to dd. We are only starting, but I have already seen improvements in my behavior and I have more respect for my husband.”

    1. Thank you for writing, Malamim. Congratulations on bringing discipline into your marriage. Couples who try it seriously, and stick with it, almost always see good results. It is godly that you seek to honor and respect your husband. I’m sure he is happy with the results as well. It will help him lead and guide you in the future.

  14. Woman C.
    We have not started very long but I definitely need the spanking and other punishments. I love his authority and rules especially over clothing. I hope that I am being moulded into a better wife.

    1. It sounds like you sure are. Thank you.

      1. Just found this poll again. I think B and C as a more experienced wife. I definitely need a spanking when I have been bad. They are good for me to make me a proper wife.
        D is also right. I do enjoy the spankings in a way as I know I deserved them and they are good for me, but I don’t enjoy the pain. I love his authority and being subject to it

  15. Augustmomof6 Avatar

    B) I know I need a spanking when I’m bad.
    My husband hasn’t spanked me in over a year,
    I’ve been awful lately and been pushing back, I feel horrible. I know that I would benefit from a spanking and want to start over again

    1. Thanks for being so open with us. A lot of women are aided greatly in submission by being spanked, and make gains they would not otherwise. Dedicate yourself to submission, and learn to be soft to your husband regardless of whether he uses discipline. If you see that you need it, feel free to ask him to discipline you. I’m sure he has seen the problem.

  16. johnsonjelena45 Avatar

    For me D) I don’t like the idea of pain, but I like the idea of my man’s authority was the closest. But I would go on to say, “I HATE the idea of pain” but I could see the benefit to me and our marriage. I had agreed to spanking discipline but at time for it, I often early in our marriage, had to be pulled over his knee kicking and crying. Later I learned to assist it better – and pull my panties off and put myself over his knee.

    No one has post on this site for while but these questions and answers never get old. I hope this site keeps going for the the good of marriages.

    1. Thank you for sharing your feelings and experiences. It is wonderful you learned to cooperate better with your discipline. I definitely want this site to help better marriages, including through the more insightful comments. Blessings.

  17. Better Lady Avatar
    Better Lady

    B and D for sure and I actually think I could benefit from C but my husband is not quite there yet. He struggles with the idea of causing me pain although he recognizes that the spankings I have received have quickly modified my behavior and attitude and he adores the obedient and submissive woman I have become. I think I could benefit from training spankings for a while but he does not agree so we are not currently using them. I will not intentionally misbehave to be spanked as I think that is very disrespectful and harmful. I will gently suggest that I may need a reminder every once in a while but will respect his decision. That is, after all, my role as his wife.

  18. I know I need discipline and it’s my husbands responsibility to maintain discipline. I hate pain so spanking is very effective.
    C) I am spanked regularly and it’s good for me
    My husband requested I post
    E) I spank her for bad behavior and also use other non-corporal methods
    For his reply.

  19. elizaishis Avatar

    Wife :B and C. Husband: B, C, D, E and F

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