Spanking Poll: Who do you know who spanks?

This is our fourth spanking poll for readers. Please join in. Men and women can both answer this question the same. Choose any answer that applies to you, and feel free to explain in the comments.

What friends do you have who spank?

A) I know some people online

B) I met some people online and we met personally

C) I have close friends (apart from online) who spank

D) I have family members who spank

E) My pastor spanks

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34 responses to “Spanking Poll: Who do you know who spanks?”

  1. I know many people who spank. Some are in my family, some are friends, some are people I’ve convinced to, some are online. I hope that spanking continues to grow because it is such a positive thing. I support spanking 100%!

    1. Hi Mark, It’s great that you’re helping to get the word out. That’s a blessing to many marriages. We all need a sense of community and fellowship as well.

    2. I agree Mark.. Support 100%

  2. itsallaboutthejourney07 Avatar


  3. I have met some people online in person who spank and several couples online that we haven’t met yet who do. It is definitely a great way to have an improved marriage.

  4. nicolelinn45 Avatar

    (A) I know some people online.


  5. D, the only one other then my husband I know spank is his father. Spanking in marriage was unknown to me before I met my husband and his mother is the only one I talked in real life about it besides my man. He has a married sister who I think also gets spanked but nothing I’m sure about, nothing my husband said anything about and have not asked.

    1. johnsonjelena45 Avatar

      Sandra and ddjennifer – spanking as adult or in a marriage was also unknown to me before dating my future husband.
      In 1990, (I was 23 years old) that was before the internet and then felt, like I was the only wife in the world who was spanked like a 6 yr old little girl. Then discovered the internet in the late 1990ties. And some time, I found out my best friend was spanked by her bf. I would be glad to discuss CDD or DD with any lady who feel unsure or needs support. How could we exchange email?

      1. It’s wonderful to learn more about you, Johnsonjelena. I would not be surprised if others you know privately spank in their marriages as well. Feel free to leave your contacts here, or elsewhere on this site.

  6. C. No family members (that i know of), but several friends.

  7. submissive wife Avatar
    submissive wife

    My stepfather spanks mom hard from the beginning of their marriage

  8. alanrilley Avatar

    I honestly don’t know anyone. I wish I did.

    1. Hello Alan, I’m sorry to hear that. But if you are visiting here, you do now. I’m sure some of our readers would be happy to get to know you.

  9. My parents, his parents, our relatives, our neighbors, our children, a lot of other people …

  10. Carissa Mir Avatar
    Carissa Mir

    I think I need to be spanked. For therapy and behavior. But since I know no one, it would be nice and safe if a pastor did that near me. But it is impossible to find.

    1. Hello Carissa, That’s great you can see the benefit for you in spanking. It is very cleansing for the soul and will surely help you with your behavior, alongside your own work at improvement.

      I know it is difficult to find. However, I have heard from many married couples who use spanking, and there is a real possibility you can find a husband who will spank you. It’s not as rare as it sometimes seems.

      I wish you the best.

      1. That is true. There are those who understand the need for such things and will help you.

    2. Carissa Mir, I think I could help you (no sex!). I´m a widower and spanked my wife but, I live in Scandinavia…

    3. Carissa Mir, I think I could help you (no sex!). I´m a widower and spanked my wife but, I live in Scandinavia…

  11. I know some friends onlline

  12. johnsonjelena45 Avatar

    aronhusband could I have your email to message you? or is it posted elsewhere.

    1. Sure thing. It’s in the footer, and the About page, but I can give it to you here:

      I’d be happy to hear from you.

  13. A, nobody except people online

  14. mala (wiola) Avatar
    mala (wiola)

    Witam. Jeśli jest tutaj ktoś z polski i chciałby porozmawiać ze mną o dd to zapraszam na maila.

  15. Hello. If there is anyone from Poland here and would like to show off about dd, please send an e-mail:

  16. Heather Avatar

    I’ve read some blogs about spanking but I’ve never interacted on them until now. So this is pretty much it, I don’t know anyone else except for one single Christian girl who told me she was participating in spanking parties, I withdrew from my friendship with her because what she was doing seemed too immoral and yet I didn’t know what to say to her because I understood the need for a spanking. I will probably send her a link to this blog now because of how Aron puts spanking in it’s rightful place in marriage.
    Speaking of which, I keep running across people online bashing CDD. They always have Bible verses and lots of real reasoned arguments. If you are ever looking for an idea for a post, Aron, “Bible verses people use wrongly to say you shouldn’t spank your wife” would be a great post. For instance there is one I just saw posted about not “beating your fellow servant” and the “do not be harsh with them” verse etc etc. Just making a list of common arguments from the Bible against CDD and sharing your wit and wisdom from the Lord on each one would be a valuable addition to the blog I think.
    Greatful to have found Aron and you all.

    1. Hello Heather, Feel free to direct her to my site. Spanking’s rightful place is in marriage, and a Christian girl knows in her heart she’s up to no good if she’s going to spanking parties. It’s a no-brainer that this is lewd and dangerous to her. There are pagans who know better.

      I do have an article responding to some of the common objections to wife spanking, including Christian ones. You can check out these two articles here:

      I have thought about doing another similar article which would deal briefly with a greater number of them, but I believe these two deal successfully with some of the most popular objections, and reveal how weak they really are. Honestly, I don’t find any of the Christian arguments against it well reasoned.

      I had an incensed reader write to my e-mail to try and convince me that spanking was against the Bible. In literally dozens of messages — probably over a hundred — and replies, she could not produce one single passage that teaches that spanking is wrong from the Bible. That’s because there is no passage in Scripture that prohibits wife spanking, or that prohibits spanking in general. Rather, Scripture endorses corporal punishment, and mandates it at times.

      You’ll notice these people always have to do a whole lot of explaining in their own words, and grossly stretching passages, because they don’t have a single verse that teaches what they want it to teach. So they’ve got to read into a passage what they desire to see, and then willfully ignore a variety of other ones. They can never point to an actual Scripture that says it’s wrong.

      You also have to realize the reason why you hear many Christians speak against wife spanking– they feel they have to. They feel mandated to follow the contemporary culture. If they even considered recognizing that there’s nothing wrong with it, they’d get one very big spanking themselves, be hated by many people they know, and if a minister they’d probably lose their position. They really have no choice, so they’ve got to do their imaginative best to cook up a doctrine where there is none.

      Biblical teachings regarding having a gentle character refer to the overall default setting of the Christian — one of peace and gentleness. It does NOT mean the Christian may never give a punishment, or may never give a spanking. In fact, if not being harsh means that you can never give a punishment, or a strong rebuke, then every last prophet, every last apostle, and Jesus himself apparently broke this command. Moreover, parents would not be able to spank their children — because it wouldn’t be gentle enough– even though the Bible specifically says they should. So they’re using a totally wrong understanding of what being gentle or meek means.

      The Christian needs to stand up to evil. He has a responsibility to punish evil, and correct others who sin. He may even hold positions of power that allow him to give serious legal punishments. NONE of that contradicts the Christian’s gentleness, since it is done for the good, and out of a loving heart. It is not done selfishly or out of anger. God commands men in authority give punishments MANY times in the Bible, and God does not contradict God. God commands gentleness. God commands we punish evil doers. Both are true.

      I don’t know what passage you mean by beating “fellow servants.” The use of striking as a punishment certainly is allowed, and at times mandated in the Bible, and many times it would be Jew upon Jew. However, if you just mean to get angry at a brother and punch him right there in your wrath, of course, that is always prohibited. That is wrong.

      However, that is NOT what a punishment is, nor is it in the context of a subordinate being under authority. It simply reflects that brothers do not use violence against brothers, which everyone agrees on. If it prohibited any and all use of corporal punishment, within an authority structure, it would contradict many passages in the Bible which mandate punishment, or demonstrate righteous men using it. Therefore, clearly it refers to ordinary violence between brethren.

      No Bible passage says you may never spank someone, or that you may never spank your wife. People who preach against it always have to use their own words, and uplift their opinion into a doctrine. It is nonsense.

      1. Heather Avatar

        I’m always amazed at your clear view on this topic. Are you sure you’re not a pastor yourself? You don’t have to answer that. ☺️

        On the topic of one brother punching another brother, you actually reminded me of something I haven’t thought about in a long time. Back when I was a teenager and in a youth/young adult group many of the guys were into cars and everything involving cars. There was a really wild guy in our youth group who had gotten saved but still had a bit of a lawless streak. Anyway one day he was the lead car going down a highway with other members of the youth group following in their cars behind him. For whatever reason this brother in the lead car decided suddenly that he wanted to pull a 360 spin in the middle of the highway. Thankfully no other cars were coming but the whole youth group was behind him. After he somewhat successfully pulled this off, he got out of his car in the middle of the highway laughing hysterically at what he had succeeded at doing. The young man who was in the car behind him also got out of his car and walked right up to this guy and smacked him across the face in front of everybody. Not a single person thought the smack was out of line, it’s sort of became legendary!

        1. Hello Heather, That’s a wild story. I’m sure no one complained too much about that smack. I suppose you could categorize that as a corrective measure, under some dire circumstances. What he did could have killed someone. When I was younger I and my friends did some ridiculous things in cars, and I am grateful to God to be alive today.

          I love the Word of God and have done preaching and teaching before, both in churches and on the street. However, I am not a formally ordained pastor. I believe much of what churches are teaching today is weak, if not completely ungodly. It’s the kind of thing I stand against, and many of them would just kick me out.


  17. D) I have family members who spank
    Brought up in a DD family so it’s normal and accepted.

  18. johnsonjelena45 Avatar

    A and C.
    Many people on line know I have been a spanked wife.
    I found that my best GF was also spanked by her bf, it was nice to have someone to talk to about spanking.

  19. Fluer Avatar

    D) my Father in law is a committed DD user. He was aghast that I had never once been spanked before marrying my husband.

  20. C). I have some very close friends whose husbands are very close friends, both with each other and my husband. We all belive the same things and those friends are spanked.

  21. His-bride-Lauren Avatar

    I know absolutely no one else who is in a marriage like ours. The only people I know who smack are my brother and sister in law, and they are smacking their 3 and 5 year old children! No other spousal CDD relationships.

    It makes me feel lonely that I have no one to talk to and that I have to hide the nature of our relationship, as if it’s something to be ashamed of. I’m also sad that other people are struggling with problems that could be easily resolved with a spanking and the couple accepting their roles in the relationship.

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