Kneeling in Marriage

Kneeling is used in many marriages with discipline to communicate what is close to the core of marriage. It is often used in correction as well, and to sexually train a wife. While westerners balk at kneeling before an authority, often for cultural reasons, kneeling has been a form of reverence for thousands of years, and cross-culturally. It expresses honor towards an authority, among other things. The Bible, while forbidding worship of man, has many examples of kneeling before an authority, or simply to show honor, from start to finish. Some Christians erroneously believe kneeling is something one may only do before God, but this is not in Holy Scripture. Biblical figures, including patriarchs, knelt before a higher human authority, and Christians throughout the ages both in East and West knelt before their lords. It is natural then, that kneeling becomes an appropriate form of expression in marriage, or a useful position during discipline. Kneeling should not be overdone, but it should be a part of a traditional marriage.

In some cultures today, it is not uncommon for a wife to kneel before her husband, or kiss his feet, when greeting him or simply honoring him specially. It expresses that he is lord of the home, and also expresses her own deep awe, and desire to uplift him. There seems to be a natural instinct God has placed in us to lower ourselves before a mighty power, or at times even just in awe at a glorious sight. This instinct is well in harmony with the hierarchies that God has put in place, as each one of us finds he is under the authority of another, or moved by greater powers than he. Knights knelt before their lords, men knelt before kings. We are all to kneel before God. We want to communicate deep down our respect for that authority, and to show our submission. Kneeling accomplishes it, and often is satisfying — communicating something in our bodies much more strongly than with words, making that submission all the more true. For a wife to kneel before her husband is similar. She drops to her knees to say much more powerfully than her lips could that he is her king. She exists joyfully under his power. She places herself by her own will beneath him. You may think this has been cleansed from the western mind, but just start kneeling yourself, and you will find it has not been; it is still in our souls, and we feel right doing it.

In western homes this would seem odd, but the practice of discipline has certainly brought the practice of kneeling more commonly into western marriage life. Many spanking husbands I speak to use it in some form or another. One of the first things I did, and others do, when establishing discipline in the home, is to have my wife kneel in accepting her lecture. She will kneel before her husband, receive instruction, need to look up to me and verbally affirm her submission, all before I begin to chastise her. Afterward, she is usually kneeling as well, to express her better behavior in the future, now that I’ve lectured and spanked her. She will be kneeling for a formal verbal correction as well. That kneeling can help her receive a correction, in the sincere sense, because the position reminds her of her position, and her need to accept what I say. This is not a conversation between friends. It is direction by a superior. The physical act of kneeling is again more powerful than the mind. It will help her learn, when it is called for.

Similarly, husbands will use kneeling in training. A wife who is still learning submission, or experiencing problems with it, may be helped by training sessions. They help her get her attitude, words, habits all in line with submission. Some training may be brief, other training intensive, but kneeling is a practical tool therein. She may, as during punishment, kneel for instruction. She may kneel also on command, simply to learn to grow comfortable with it. Grow comfortable with the act, and grow comfortable with what the act teaches her, which is why it is so powerful. The act embodies the idea. Her man is above her. She is lower. It triggers her over and over, and aids her in internalizing it. It can even become a relief to the soul just to lower herself, and a joy to take that physical step down. She finds how natural and fulfilling it is to gaze at her man that way, and to feel his own gaze on her. Finally standing up can even be downer, when keeling is so satisfying.

Men and women both find kneeling is appropriate when a woman sexually satisfies her man. It is the easy as well as the appropriate position for a wife sexual service. True, husbands and wives discover plenty of other positions to do it from while frolicking in bed, but I believe kneeling should be common for the wife. Both the position and the sexual service act together to teach her to deeply serve, and to love it. She pleasures her man from this position, and later when she is on her knees during discipline, she will feel charged knowing this is also her position to serve him. As on other levels, sexual service and discipline act together in submission.

You’ll find that a woman who is committed to her submission will have no resistance to kneeling. My wife has never reacted with conflict or anxiety when I send her to her knees. She understands what it means, and she understands I have a right to command it. This ease at kneeling should be normal in marriages. It is mostly only pride that would inspire resistance to the act, the same pride that inspires rebellion elsewhere. Humility has no problem with it, since it is a humbling act. Pride has a big problem with it. But that is a part of why kneeling is useful in training, among other practices. It refutes pride, and retrains a rebellious woman to lower herself. Perhaps nearly as much as spanking does, it teaches who is in charge.

The use of kneeling for a wife in honoring her husband can still be overdone. As other elements of training, or secondary things we do in marriage marriage, it is not the end goal. It simply facilitates grander things. It is a tool to help. She can show respect, receive lessons, and serve him on her knees. It’s not for all the time. It’s not the only expression we use. It should simply be common enough to help teach her how to honor her husband, and to feed the marriage union, and strengthen headship and submission. Many submissive wives love to honor in this way.

Don’t get the idea, that because kneeing is uniquely useful for a woman to honor her husband, that there is no cause for a man ever to kneel. Kneeling communicates more than honor to an authority. It can show deep love or awe as well, which men naturally feel towards their wives, and may inspire kneeling. While it is most appropriate for a wife, there is nothing essentially wrong with a man kneeling, or choosing to pleasure his wife from this position. I don’t want to portray hard and fast rules here, but only point out what it conveys, and how it speaks to the soul. With man’s authority in marriage, it a beautiful way for a woman to show who is king.


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  4. I agree. Kneeling is part of my correction also I serve him sexually by kneeling, it is my place at his feet

    1. Do u call your husband master ?

      1. Yes, I do call him sir during corrections . If not there will be more punishments 🙂

  5. submissive wife Avatar
    submissive wife

    There is nothing wrong with kneeling before our husbands, men and women are not equal

    1. Do u believe women should serve men their plate when their is a family dinner and bow to their knees ?

  6. I am not part of this type of relationship and don’t think ever will. I have never heard of any cultures where a wife kneels down, unless in cultures where women are treated as properties. Husband and wife should be each other’s best friends and not master-servant relationship.

    1. Hello Helena, Thank you for visiting my discipline website. You may feel this is not something you want right now, but I think if you drop some of your preconceptions about headship in marriage, as well as about discipline, you’ll see the topic more clearly. You’ll also find it’s not something to loathe, but can be very helpful, as well as fulfilling for a woman.

      While I haven’t polled every nation, I know some areas of Africa practice kneeling. They do not regard a wife as property, but as submissive, so it is natural to kneel before your head. Kneeling was also practiced in many cultures toward governing authorities, or local lords. It simply shows respect for the headship of another. It does not signify you are property, except by the slanted culture of the modern West, which demonizes male headship in general. It just honors an authority.

      Man and wife should NOT be best friends. If you just wanted a friend, you would not need to get married in the first place. You could just be friends with someone. Marriage is not a friendship. It represent Christ and His glorious Bride the Church. Marriage comes with unique characteristics, which are given by God, and which are in harmony with our natures, and fulfill the unique gifts as men and women which He gave us. The man is the head and protector, a role given by God which agrees with his stronger character, mind, will, and aggression. The woman is submissive to him, a role in agreement with her softness, and her nurturing soul. Through those roles — in mutual love and aid — man and wife live in peace, and interact harmoniously. We are one body, and a body only has one head. It does not have two.

      In an era in which these divine teachings and the natural order were more respected, marriages were much longer lasting, produced more children, and the children were almost always brought up with their parents together in the same home. It benefited them. The era of egalitarianism — which is in great contrast to our natures — has seen exponential increase in divorce, violence, domestic violence by women, and the ill toward children that come along with an unstable or broken home, including youth crime, depression, suicide, pregnancy outside of marriage, poorer education, and abortion, among other ills. Trying to treat two different creatures as if they are the same — when simple observation will tell you they are not the same — is an incredibly foolish thing to do, and causes great harm.

      Man and wife have distinct roles according to their natures. They are given by our Creator who shaped our being, and they work because we’re designed for them. We ignore them to our harm. Both man and wife receive great treasures this way and are blessed by their spouse.

      P.S. There’s nothing wrong with being a “servant” to a master if understood correctly. Christ was a servant to the Father. Christians are servants to Christ. We are all to serve our employers at work. A wife also is a servant to her husband. It is a glorious thing to be, and reflects a Christian character.

      Please give it some thought.

  7. This is such a beautiful post, aron!
    My husband has taught me several ways to kneel before him. All of them allow me to honour him and enhance our relationship.
    When I kneel upright in front of him, as you noted, it places my mouth right at the level of his gorgeous manhood. I feel that my mouth is one of the most important parts of my body. As Jesus said, both good and bad things can go in and come out of it and they affect the whole body and our relationships. I can use my mouth to praise my beautiful husband and especially to praise his massive cock and heavy balls. Kneeling then allows me to put my hands on his strong buttocks and pull his hard shaft into my eager mouth and wash his balls with my tongue. And, if he wishes, kneeling allows him to either fill my mouth with his hot seed or decorate my face and breasts.
    When I kneel low before him, I know to turn so that my bottom and pussy are at his disposal to use, for both painful discipline or the pleasure of sex, again, as he sees fit. Kneeling like this allows my breasts to hang low like the fruit of the Song of Songs so that he can use them for his pleasure by giving pain or pleasure to me appropriate.
    When i kneel to be whipped, I know it is for my own good, and it helps remove an illusions I might otherwise have that I have standing in the matter. I do not. He is my judge. And all good things flow from him.

    1. Hello Amy, Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you can see the rich meaning in kneeling before your husband, and also the deep relation between headship, submission, and the sexual interaction. That same masculine and feminine interplay is powerful in both discipline and the marriage bed.

      I appreciate your desire to see Scripture apply to your submission to your man. I must add, to clarify what Jesus taught, He spoke about what makes us clean or unclean. He said that in essence no food we eat can make us unclean (spiritually at least), because it simply goes to our stomachs and is eliminated.

      In contrast, what comes OUT of our mouths shows if we are clean or unclean, since our words and deeds reflect our inner heart. So it is within that we need to be cleansed. Outward ritual will not ultimately accomplish that. Mark 7:14-23

  8. Although I know my husband is above me and is the lead in our house, and definitely commands me, I would still consider him my best friend. I know it may not always seem that way to either one of us, but we know in the end, friendship is restored. And honestly, the wife can more so determine the kind of friendship so to speak. If you want him to be kind and spend time together doing things, learn to do to the things he loves to do, even if it’s just not something you enjoy. You will see his face light up with pride that the woman by his side is allowing herself, once again, to be taught something by him. Especially if he knows she would rather be doing something else. I have a lot of friends but by far is my husband my most treasured one.

    That was a rant lol my apologies. I am still learning, and most of what I am being taught is by my husband but this is something I thought of a while ago and I have not once regretted it. Now I’ve never knelt before my husband but it is something I wish he would have me do. Since turning my mind away from independance, I have found great satisfaction in being a submissive wife. I still struggle but I am finding ways to enjoy it.

    Ladies, find the things he loves doing, and support him in it! I’d prefer to be cooking any day of the week but I have learned to change the oil in a car and the look of pride on his face was worth more than gold!

    Once again, sorry for the rant lol

    1. Sure Kelsey. Some level of friendship comes along with being united in marriage. That comes from the knowledge we have of our spouse, and the deep level of trust that develops. The many experiences we have together. My point is that marriage is not a friendship in itself, a relationship which is typically egalitarian, and centered on having good times together. It is fundamentally a different kind of union, in which there is hierarchy, but it does contain real friendship.

      It’s important to note that friendship in marriage is not simply the kind where you watch a game together and enjoy yourself. It is friendship in which you know each other, and struggle together for the same cause, under the rulership of the husband. It is a friendship of being in the same army together, not necessarily of telling the same jokes and simply enjoying each other’s company.

      Jesus said to His disciples, before His passion — “I have called you friends.” That was not because they finally got along really well and had a great time together, but because now they understood more fully who He was and what His will was. Now they can battle side by side with Him. That is the kind of friendship in marriage. It is the opposite of being a foe. Friendship with Christ also comes along with doing whatever He commands, so that blessed union does not deny hierarchy. (John 15:14-15)

      I’m happy you can see the value in kneeling, Kelsey. Perhaps if you ask your husband he will consider having you do that. It is both appropriate and very fulfilling. You have some great advice to offer women. I appreciate your humility and embrace of godly womanhood. Thank you.


  9. Amy Amilf Avatar

    Thank you, aron! And, yes, that’s exactly what I meant: my mouth is so important because it reveals so much about my inner heart—and you have posted quite a bit about the need for discipline when we use bad words or argue or say mean things. And it can also praise God, my husband and others.
    I guess Jesus wasn’t going to talk about how the mouth has a beautiful role to play in sex 😆.
    You are so right about how deep the interplay is between headship, submission and sexual interaction. I find it interesting that the tip of the cock is called the head. Because when I worship my beautiful husband’s cock with my lips and tongue or my pussy (or sometimes my bum—but I know you don’t approve), that’s when I feel my greatest sexual pleasure. I feel overwhelmed with my husband’s body and his love. Even his semen feels like an overflow of that love. It’s all so beautiful.

    1. johnsonjelena45 Avatar

      HUG YOU, Amy Amilf. I agree with you 100 percent in every detail. I love your openness, thank you.

  10. Long Time Practitioner Avatar
    Long Time Practitioner

    A friend’s daughter is getting married in a couple of weeks. She has turned into a Bridezilla and always has been a sassy mouthy thing. Her latest tantrum was over a beaded belt that she ordered and will not be here in time for the wedding. I told her father that she needed a leather belt applied harshly to her bare bottom and that it was too late to give her the proper lesson. I have a feeling this marriage is doomed from the start because they are both spoiled children…

    As far as kneeling in marriage I think it is a good idea. My current wife now has some problems with her knee and ankle which make kneeling very painful so she does not at this point. We adjust around it and have a very good relationship. When she was able to kneel she did so willingly and enjoyed pleasing me with her mouth. She still gives me great pleasure that way but in different positions. We enjoy pleasing each other in every way.

  11. I know that kneeling on the corn is a common practice in some marriages, what do you think about that?

    [Comment edited by Aron]

    1. Hello Ninna, I have heard of that practice, but I don’t believe it is very common, even within domestic discipline. I don’t have any problem with it, as long as it is practiced humanely and fairly. I believe punishment is best given on the bare bottom, with a spanking. A spanking provides the deep humbling and the physical pain, along with the intimacy which each work to correct a wife. I use alternate methods on occasion, or together with a spanking, but I do not rely on them. The way that spanking helps a woman cannot be duplicated with other punishments.

  12. This was a lovely post, Aron! I very much enjoy kneeling before my husband, just as I kneel before God in worship. It shows that I acknowledge his righteous authority over me. It conveys my respect and eagerness to please him, and is a fitting position for me to receive verbal correction from him. Since my husband began disciplining me, he directs me to kneel before him at least twice a week, and I’ve begun to look forward to these times of formal instruction and service. Sometimes he tells me there is something I need to be doing better, and sometimes he just wants to talk to me about what he wants to see from me in the future. It’s always helpful to me in some way. Even though I am lowering myself before him, I am the center of his attention, and I feel all of his affection shining down on me.

    1. Thank you. I recommend that kind of session for other couples as well. Apart from spankings, it is always good to have a formal time of instruction, guidance, and service. Those sessions deepen the relationship greatly, and aid a wife in her submission. It truly can be a joy for a wife to submit to her man. Bless you.

  13. In my marriage kneeling also plays a big role.
    I kneel when my husband lectures me and when I please him.
    Recently he also added the rule that I have to kneel before the couch unless he orders me to sit on it when we spend an evening together at home.
    I had made some funny remarks (always respectful) at the dinner table which annoyed him a little bit (not enough to warrant a punishment or reprimand but a little lesson in humility).
    He put on a movie we both wanted to watch and simply did never command me to sit on the couch. I spent the whole movie on my knees, watching my husband enjoying the movie while only being able to hear the audio.
    He said he’s thinking about making it a rule for me to kneel at least an hour every day as it makes more docile in his experience. For example I would have to do needlework or bible study on my knees.

    1. Thank you, Callie. Kneeling can play a part in keeping a wife docile. It is a worthwhile sign of respect, both during punishment and at other times. I would not use it so frequently, or at great length though. It is also possible to serve a husband while sitting or standing, and much work requires both.

  14. Better Lady Avatar
    Better Lady

    I find that I am very comfortable kneeling in front of my husband for any reason. I feel safe and loved. Even before we began discipline, I would often position myself on the floor between his legs when watching TV together. I’ve found kneeling at his request very easy. As we grow in our roles, l look forward to his requests for me to be in that position more frequently. Hopefully not for punishment but I will certainly obey the request for any reason. I find my submissive and obedient role incredibly fulfilling and I am grateful for finding this site. It continues to give me better understanding and growth.

    1. That’s great to hear that kneeling is so fulfilling in your marriage. It is one of the purest expressions of submission there is. I know you will continue to grow as a virtuous wife.

  15. Kneeling is however not an option for those with medical issues relating to joints- in fact, the stress from kneeling can worsen the pain of those who’s already on painkiller medications for pain issues.

    1. Hello Ann, Thank you for your comment. Sure, physical difficulties can make kneeling difficult to impossible. This would affect kneeling in marriage, as well as kneeling for worship. A couple should just do their best within their physical abilities. There may be an alternate physical position as well, which expresses a wife’s submission to her husband. For example, if she is unable to kneel, bowing at the waist may still work. The inability, however, will not significantly harm the wife’s submission.

  16. His LadyBug Avatar
    His LadyBug

    Yes!! Kneeling is so humbling and serving!!

  17. Hi Aron,
    We never used kneeling before finding your blog. I had visited Africa once and saw women kneeling to their husband but at the time I didn’t understand it and thought it was just oppression.
    But since finding your blog we revisited the whole concept of Sarah calling Abraham “lord” and along with your recommendations, I now easily kneel to my husband and he readily receives it.
    Last night we had a very bad argument and I was hurt very deeply by something my husband had said to me. Tempers flared on both sides and I was very disrespectful. Finally my husband grabbed the paddle and told me to come kneel before him. He told me I could stay on my knees until I asked for my punishment.
    While I kneeled we were both calmer and were able to talk out our issue and make up. Despite how upset I had been, there was such a deep peace and immediate connection when I was on my knees before him. I said to him at some point, “It feels really nice to kneel to you.” He replied, “It feels really nice to have you kneel to me.” I asked if we could delay punishment because I was still hurting about our argument too much to be able to take it the way I ought to; he agreed he didn’t feel like punishing me yet anyway, we needed to recover from the argument a bit more. So we went to bed.
    But kneeling put things back on the path to healing and restoration. I was surprised how much it affected me even when I was hurting and angry.

    1. Thank you, Heather. I am glad you have discovered kneeling, along your journey in submission. Many people misunderstand the practice, and easily associate it with either oppression, or unique worship of God. There is a deep connection between our body and soul. I believe other women will respond similarly to you if they try kneeling, or are led to by their husbands. This physical expression like others can help a woman find and embrace her submissive place. Then she is rewarded with the peace which comes with it.

  18. Hi Aron.
    First of all, i want to say this is a beautiful post. I hope it will help me later on.
    I am not married yet but I am going to be. To an amazing strong Christian husband. He introduced CDD to me as soon as he proposed. Right now, I am having trouble thinking of the idea. I thought men and women are equal?
    I am of course a good Christian woman who will be submissive if needed, but is it surely nessecary? During my childhood I was told a woman was equal to a man in every respect. Is that not true?

    Blessings to you and your family 🙂

    1. Hello Confused, Thank you for visiting my site. I’m glad you enjoyed this article, and I hope it helps you in growing in your submission to your husband. Kneeling perhaps epitomizes the state of submission more than other expressions, and I encourage you to embrace it as a way to show your husband your heart.

      If you understand that you are to be a submissive wife, then you should understand that the world’s idea of equality is very confused. The world suggests man and woman are equal in the sense that neither one is in charge, and this is false. Clearly, as you know, if you submit to your husband, then he is in charge, and you are not. So you are not equal in any positional sense. You are equal in the sense you are both human beings, have dignity, and are made in the image of God. However, you are not equal in authority, nor in the roles you play. You are different in authority and in your roles, and that’s a wonderful thing, designed by God, which is good for all of us.

      Unfortunately, many Christians learn to absorb secular values, and at the same time they mouth biblical language. This is a great source of confusion, and contradiction. Many Christian will claim to believe in male headship, then they will simply redefine headship or redefine submission to suit their egalitarian needs. That’s dishonest. The headship of the husband is real authority and the submission of the wife is real obedience, and she needs to obey her husband.

      You have to be able to forget much of what you hear from the world in order to think clearly, and in order to hear from God. You have to drop old ways of thinking, and embrace new ones. You have to get rid of the clutter. It is the realities in the Word of God we should listen to and follow, and let errors and human philosophies fade away. God’s word is truth and is good for us. The way He orders marriage gives it a design for harmony, peace, joy, and fruitfulness.

      Congratulations on your coming marriage. God bless you and your family.

    2. Hello Confused,
      I also embraced the idea that a woman is equal to a man in every way and for a long time I refused to submit to my husband. But realistically I knew what the Bible said about a wife’s place as a place of subjection and obedience to her husband, I just didn’t like it. It didn’t fit how I wanted to see myself and wanted to protect myself from what I believed would render me powerless.
      I appreciate what Aron wrote here about how men and women are equal — equal in worth — which means that a man needs to honor that value in how he treats his wife. But that doesn’t mean that he isn’t her leader, or that he isn’t in charge. Anyway, Aron covered all that better than I can.

      One thing that has been particularly meaningful to me on this journey that I think I share with you, and that I would throw into this conversation is that the church (that’s us, if you are a follower of Jesus) has a role to play in the Earth, a role that is all about glorifying Christ and making Him known. In 1 Corinthians 1:30, we find out that Jesus Christ and how He was crucified, his whole story, is the “wisdom” of God. The cross, and the entire story of Jesus dying and being resurrected for us, is a wisdom that the world often sees as foolishness.

      In Ephesians, we get a specific look at this job that the church has:
      “that …through the church the manifold [literally “many-colored”] wisdom of God might now be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly places.”

      In other words, the church here on Earth (you and me, if you know Jesus), has a role to making the wisdom of God [Christ] known not only in the Earth, but also to spiritual entities in Heaven.

      And here is one crazy, but amazing way we women get to do that: by obeying our husbands. Because, in the Bible, Paul also says that husbands and wives are a picture of Christ and the church. This is even more true when we demonstrate the true relationship that Christ and His church have to one another in how we live out our marriage relationship, demonstrating a microcosm of Christ and his church as husband and wife:

      Ephesians 5:31-33:
      “‘Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.’ This mystery is profound, and I am saying that it refers to Christ and the church. However, let each one of you love his wife as himself, and let the wife see that she respects her husband.”

      Loving, nurturing husbands demonstrate how Christ laid His life down for His people. And obedient, submissive wives demonstrate how a blood-bought people honor their Lord and Savior who bought them.

      Paul even talks about how a woman who wears a symbol of her husband’s authority on her head is doing this for the sake of ANGELS:

      1 Corinthians 11:10 — “That is why a wife ought to have a symbol of authority on her head, because of the angels.”

      That takes us back to the first verse I mentioned in Ephesians, that we, the church, are God’s vessel to declare God’s ways even to Heavenly beings. And one huge way that women get to do that is by demonstrating submission to their husband, which tells the whole Heavenly realm that Christ has a bride that He has purchased and who rightfully honors Him with her obedience.

      So, I think this is a pretty honorable and amazing role to have. Every time I kneel to my husband, respect him, and obey him with submission, I am making known to Heaven and Earth a prophetic picture depicting the mystery of Christ’s victory in redeeming for Himself an obedient bride, a holy people who rightfully honor Him and obey His will. This is one incredible facet of what we get to do by humbling ourselves underneath our husbands and taking a submissive place.

  19. It kind of make me chuckle at the thought that kneeling is humbling to a wife–it is the joy of being in her rightful place in the universe and eternity, and thus ennobling. I have the right to kneel, before Christ my Lord, or my husband and lord who is, in some sense, in Christ’s place over me. It is more humbling to the husband, who must accept that role in his wife’s life for which he cannot possibly be worthy or qualified. A sensible husband must look at his trusting–or rebellious–wife and beg God for wisdom and guidance and strength in guiding her. I have the role of sinful human, in which I cannot possibly fail. He has the role of Christ–which he must attempt from the position of a sinful human.

    1. aronhusband Avatar

      Thank you for your comment, Sarah. Yes, it is humbling only in the context of bringing down pride. A woman who knows and embraces her position will find it deeply satisfying to kneel before her man. That is the same as we can find it satisfying to kneel before the Lord. There is great joy in knowing your place.

      1. You’re welcome, Aron, and thank you for your kind words. And of course I meant “makes”, not “make”. I have auto-misspell enabled and it always thinks it knows better than I what I should say. 🙂

  20. Should a husband demand a wife to kneel before him? My wife struggles with this concept and refuses to comply. As much as it would please me, I just don’t feel it’s a battle worth fighting.

    1. aronhusband Avatar

      Hello JJ, It is really up to a husband to decide what forms of honor should be used. Kneeling is appropriate, and many husbands find it helps their wife in her attitude if she learns to kneel before him. If your wife is simply refusing to kneel, then deal with that as you would with any ordinary disobedience, which of course is not acceptable from her.

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