Mouth Soaping Instructions

This is another guest article by Mark, a husband who leads his home and spanks his wife. Since the topic is a form of punishment I have never had to use — soaping out the mouth — it is best that another experienced husband write it. I hope you enjoy his perspective and advice.

As long as I’ve been practicing domestic discipline,  I’ve believed that my wife’s behavior can be corrected through a good old fashioned over the knee spanking.  However,  I’ve also learned that other punishments can really enhance a discipline session and almost always in conjunction with a spanking,  produce positive results.  I’m a strong supporter of making a wife stand in the corner before, after and sometime during a spanking.  I will also often give my wife lines to write after a spanking.  Both of these punishments have proven to be effective in teaching a lesson.  Granted my wife does not fear these punishments as much as a spanking,  but she has confirmed several times how much she despises them for various reasons.   

One punishment I’ve come to use sporadically over the years is giving my wife a mouth soaping. Before I discuss technique,  it is important to explain when I might use this very unpleasant punishment.  It’s actually very simple,  when something comes out of my wife’s mouth that shouldn’t have.  The list is not exhaustive and can be used for swearing, back talk, disrespectful behavior, lying and even gossiping.   These are all behaviors that I have clearly explained are inappropriate to my wife.  She know if she does any of the above mentioned that I will give her both a spanking and a mouth soaping.

Before attempting to give your wife a mouth soaping, I can’t emphasize enough the importance of safety when choosing soap to use for this punishment.  I use Ivory soap only (once I used Dove because of urgency issues and it was fine).  You want to use a non scented, non glycerine type. Don’t worry about the taste,  I guarantee you it’s awful.   Hand soap or hotel bars are generally not recommended.  Hotel bars are too small and hand soap usually has an aroma.
So you’ve given your wife clear warnings on what is appropriate to come out of her mouth and you’ve stocked up on bars of soap and your wife mouths off to you,  where does mouth soaping come into the picture and how do you administer this? 

There are three basic methods I use, depending on the infraction.

1.   Scrub her mouth clean.  I will have run a bar of soap under Luke warm water for about 1 minute with my wife washing.  After a minute,  there is quite a bit of lather.  I then order my wife to open wide.  If she fails to do so,  plug her nose with your hand and this will force her to open her mouth.  I then scrub her mouth clean with the dampened bar.  Make sure to rub the bar over every area of her mouth as you want her to clearly taste the soap so she’ll think twice about committing the offense.  Do this nonstop for about two minutes,  fast and furiously.  Your wife will have soap everywhere in her mouth by the end of the two minutes.   You may then choose to continue spanking her or stick her in the corner.  You may or may not allow her to rinse her mouth out before moving on to the next punishment.  Even after a good rinsing,  the taste will linger for several hours.  Just like a very sore behind is conducive to your wife’s growth and learning, a soapy mouth can do wonders.

2.  Have her hold the bar in her mouth for a extended period of time.  While this is slightly less severe,  it is very humiliating and produces shame quite readily.   I will dampen a bar for about ten seconds until I see the water to moisten it nicely.  I will then order my wife to open wide.  Again if she is stubborn,  plug her nose and she will obey.  Insert the bar into her mouth with at least 50% of the bar going in.  Tell her she must hold the bar in her mouth until you say otherwise.  I find 10 minutes is about standard, but use up to no more than 20 minutes.

I will always then proceed with putting her over my knee and spanking her or make her stand in the corner.  Both work very well with a mouth soaping.  

3,  A combination of the two.  I can think of only two occasions where I have done this,  both were quite a while ago and were well deserved as they were what I considered serious infractions.  The first was when my wife swore at me and the second was when she gave me attitude at a wedding in front of several friends.  Not a good idea!

Now for the more serious infractions I tend to give the mouth soaping at the beginning of a session so the taste lingers.  For less serious offenses, at the end.   

Mouth soapings are a very powerful and effective punishment to use on your wife and I strongly recommend giving it a try if the situation arises it.  By using the correct type of soap and proper technique,  you’ll be surprised how deeply submissive your wife’s mouth will become.  Trust me,  my wife hates them almost as much as the spankings I give her.  The first time will be challenging and I recommend starting with option 2.  Eventually like spankings,  you’ll become more confident and skilled in the method and you’ll have another method in your toolbox.

Just remember: 1.  Choose a safe brand of soap,  only use a full size bar. 2. Decide which infractions will result in this punishment, and let your wife know 3.  Use this method in conjunction with a sound spanking and standing her in the corner. 4. Make sure your wife gets to see how she looks in either predicament so that she can experience shame and regret. 5.  Follow through.  Just like spanking her,  do what you say you’ll do.

You will be pleasantly surprised with the results. …


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  1. I often have my tongue and mouth punished, as there are many behaviors that result in this type of punishment,
    My husband has a list of behaviors that justify punishment in the mouth: Speaking too much or at an inappropriate time, Spearing bad words, Being rude, gossiping, Criticizing the pastor or how other husbands deal with their wives, Eating things I shouldn’t, with sugar or chocolate, Drinking things I shouldn’t, like alcoholic beverages.

    [Comment edited by Aron to remove material inappropriate for this site]

    1. I have never had to punish my wife with mouth soaping, as she is very wise and godly with her tongue. However, I would only use this punishment for lying, foul language, gossip, and the like. I would not use it for any possible misuse of the milder kind.

      1. iamhissubmissive60 Avatar

        Mouth soaping sounds horrid in my opinion!! I would much rather be spanked long and hard.

  2. Bob has given me a mouth washing for gossiping , not speaking respectfully to a husband , dirty words and talking back to him. I get a spanking too, I never just get a mouth washing. This doesn’t happen a lot but it happens most of the time for Gossip. Bob gets really mad when I gossip and he finds out.

  3. Not sure where to ask, and I apologize if it’s not fitting, but in addition to these “various tools” being discussed on this site, could someone explain the use of, I believe it’s ginger root? Is this dangerous?

    1. Long Time Practitioner Avatar
      Long Time Practitioner

      Peeled ginger root carved into a a tapered plug and inserted into the anus is called “figging”… It keeps you from wanting to clench because it burns the bottom much like spicy food burns the mouth. It can be very effective as part of a punishment especially during corner time. The intensity increases the longer the ginger stays in place so you really get a warm bottom.

  4. I rarely use ginger root in my correction of Jane. Mostly I use it for direct defiance, which is extremely rare with Jane and when my intention is a relatively short corner time. I feel the purpose of corner time is to humble the punished wife to dispel from her mind any false pride. Normally I use long corner times with Jane on display nude and with a very well-marked behind , a clear example of what happens to disobedient wives. If I use Ginger root her corner time is only long enough for me to run her bath before her bedtime. Then I remove the ginger root and let her get in the tub which ends the burning sensation. I have not used Ginger root for a long time. In fact, beside Jane’s Saturday night reminder spanking, she only gets to feel my strap a few times a year now. She really is a model of what a well-trained wife should be, like her mother was.

  5. My husband has soaped my mouth before, for gossip and for foul language. He uses Dr. Bronners which he soaks into a washcloth. He watches as I wash my own mouth out, then I have to hold the washcloth between clenched teeth for several minutes while I’m in the corner. It’s a good lesson. I hate it more than spanking.

    1. Thank you for sharing you experience. It definitely sounds horrible. A mouth soaping must work as a good reminder into the future.

  6. New to all this Avatar
    New to all this

    I will submit to a spanking but not ever to this, although if I was to ever swear at my husband, I likely wouldn’t have a choice in the matter.
    I wonder why your wife swore at you, what happened to make her do that? I can’t imagine a husband or wife swearing at each other.

    1. Hello New to All This, Thanks for your comment. Congratulations to you and your husband for starting discipline in the home. It’s a great benefit. I believe if your husband saw fit to give you a mouth soaping, you would need to accept and learn a lesson from it. That comes along with submission.

      I cannot imagine why man and wife would swear at each other either. But often there are bad habits to unlearn once you are married, and people fail to see the wrong in such language because it’s become so normalized. Mouth soaping from what I’ve heard is a very effective way of changing that behavior.

      Take care.

      1. wifesteph Avatar

        As a speech pathologist who works with oral surgeons I want to caution to either not mouth soap or to do it rarely. soap is not poisonous- however it strips the layer of cells that line your cheeks and are a part of your immune system. If you really think that mouth soaping is the only way to get your point across- focus on the tongue, not the inside of the mouth. The cells are on your tongue are replaced with new cells very quickly(which is a why a burned tongue recovers so much more quickly then a burned finger) Soap the tongue and have the wife hold her tongue out of her mouth for a few minutes(this is miserable) then rinse her tongue. We are learning new things about how the various biomes in our body keep us healthy, this is an area of rapidly growing research. We now know that the biome in your gut has a huge impact on your health. I know that many people have done it and have seemed fine, and i know that every husband needs to do what he thinks is best, however it’s beginning to appear that it has some long term risks.

        1. Thank you for the warning. It is interesting to know the specifics of the health risks. I’m sure there are many that will take that into consideration.

  7. […] but they are not necessary from discipline. Nothing says a husband has to use them. Some, like mouth soaping, are far from universal, and while I’ve spanked my wife for many years, I’ve never […]

  8. iamhissubmissive60 Avatar

    Thank you for letting us know the dangers of mouth soaping, I will pass this info on ty o my husband as well.

  9. Fluer Avatar

    I’ve never sworn in front of my husband or cussed as that would likely cause a spanking instead.

    My parents did wash my mouth out when a teen for swearing ( they didn’t believe in spanking mind ). No way I was up for it and not going to open mouth, Dad pulled my pony tail back forcing neck back and mouth open, then Mum forced the wet soap in for a scrub, it dribbled all down my school dress. It was followed by corner time while still licking soap onto my arm and hand to get rid of the taste.

  10. blairekensington Avatar

    I have had my mouth washed out with soap by my husband before for swearing. It was not fun to have a soapy mouth for a few hours.

    1. It sounds very unpleasant. I hope you learn your lesson and avoid that kind of language in the future.

  11. Merichelle Avatar

    I came across this article recently- and will draw my man’s attention to it. I am obedient in the house, but in public I am inclined to speak a little too much or stray into topics of conversation which are not for young pious ladies. Having soap in the mouth during corner time, and having the mouth washed with soap really gets the message home to a ‘less than perfect girl’, but needs to be done with care and a good husband needs to read advice.

    1. aronhusband Avatar

      That takes a lot of courage to bring the topic up to your husband. Mouth soaping from what I hear is extremely unpleasant. However, it is appropriate for a filthy mouth or other wrongdoing of the tongue. I hope the article helps him know how to administer it well if and when he needs to.

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