Readers Poll: When do you Spank

I hope you enjoy this little poll about spanking. Men and women can both answer, and even if you do not currently spank in marriage or get spanked, you can still share your thoughts below.

When do you spank your wife:

  1. When my wife misbehaves in any way.
  2. When she is disobedient, disrespectful, or dishonest
  3. Only for the worst offenses
  4. When she tells me she thinks she needs one
  5. I give her regular scheduled spankings to keep her disciplined
  6. I spank her sometimes to train her in submission
  7. I spank her for sexual excitement
  8. When I feel like giving one

Ladies, feel free to answer about when you get spanked.


30 responses to “Readers Poll: When do you Spank”

  1. I would like to spank for sexual excitement sometime.

  2. I would have to choose 2. Spankings are only given for punishment and disobedience, disrespect and dishonesty will
    always earn my wife a very sore behind. Spanking for anything I feel is too excessive and spankings for only very serious offences is too lenient. If I feel a sound spanking will correct her behaviour, then I will definitely spank. That’s my opinion.

  3. Sergeant Avatar

    3 and depending on the level of of the infraction 2 might be worth a physical punishment as well.

    Dishonesty and carelessness to me are severe offenses and when it comes to my wife those are usually linked somehow. She sometimes hides and omits wrong doings from me out of fear of being spanked or just for pure defiance and usually that dishonesty is what warrants a more severe punishment.

  4. In my marriage, 1-5 apply.

  5. When he thinks he should

  6. nicolelinn45 Avatar

    My husband spanks me…..

    -When my wife misbehaves in any way.

    -When she is disobedient, disrespectful, or dishonest

    -When she tells me she thinks she needs one: This has happened a few times.

    -I spank her sometimes to train her in submission: My husband has spanked me pre-emptive. He sometimes spanks me as a reminder to stay under his authority.

    The sexual one is more of a side effect of discipline, not all the time but I would say most of the time we end up making love. I am physically put back into submission and obedience by my husband. He has meeted out Justice by having his naked wife trapped over his lap while spanking her butt angry red…….the natural progression for husband and wife after punishment is to continue the lesson sexually. He is more dominant and I am more submissive it is attractive to both of us. He continues teaching me obedience during love making as well.


  7. When do you spank your wife:

    Q When my wife misbehaves in any way.

    A For intentional misbehavior or repeated mistakes

    Q When she is disobedient, disrespectful, or dishonest

    A Always in these cases

    Q Only for the worst offenses

    A Much more severe for worst offenses

    Q When she tells me she thinks she needs one

    A Never , she has never asked for a spanking in fact she begs not to be spanked even though she knows it’s going to happen when I decide it’s going to happen

    Q I give her regular scheduled spankings to keep her disciplined

    A She gets a maintenance e spanking every Saturday after her bath time before she’s tucked into bed. Just a few with the strap before she is allowed out of the tub

    Q I spank her sometimes to train her in submission

    A Never except during booth camp training

    Q I spank her for sexual excitement

    A Never

    Q When I feel like giving one

    A Never

  8. Submissive Woman. Avatar
    Submissive Woman.

    I’m not spanked yet. But my fiance said he will spank me when I’m disrespectful, disobedient, or dishonest. I’m not sure yet if he is going to use a spanking every time to punish me, because he said he will discipline me with non-spanking methods as well. So there is a chance that he might spank me only for major offenses. Therefore, I think his approach will be a mix of number 2 and 3.

  9. In my case it was #2 misbehavior. She had a problem with lying and that was never acceptable. After a couple of years I eliminated the problem.

  10. Long Time Practitioner Avatar
    Long Time Practitioner

    I usually spank for disobedience, disrespect or dishonesty. Those are severe spankings full of tears and apologies with a welted bottom for a few days after. I have given maintenance spankings to my current wife and she is aroused by them so you could say they are for sexual excitement. She is a good woman made better by the strap.

  11. I mostly spank for disobedience, disrespect, dishonesty, and danger issues In addition, I spank for certain misbehaviors like carelessness which has been a big issue for her.

  12. iamhissubmissive60 Avatar

    I have only been spanked once by my husband for disrespect when arguing with him when I was told to STOP, I didn’t and he quickly had me across his lap for a lesson. So #2.

  13. Aron, I love that you provide such good opportunities for dialogue amongst those who respect a man’s natural authority over his bride. Like “Submissive Woman” above, I haven’t yet been spanked, but I hope to experience all of the joys of marriage soon. I can’t speak for my future husband, but I would expect any real man to cite #2 as a given. A good wife should expect a sore bottom for those offenses, though #1 may be too much and #3 not quite enough. I hope my dear husband will choose #s 6 and 7, because I long to be molded at his hands, both for his pleasure and my punishment. #8 is surely his due as the man of the house, and I would respect his decision if he implemented #5, as I am here to learn what he has to teach me. I hope we’re not in need of #4, as he’ll surely see any signs of bad behavior long before I realize I need a reset, but nevertheless, I do hope he would be enough of a gentleman to comply if his lovely wife asked nicely.

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comments, Sophie. You can see how spanking fits the needs of a marriage, as well as your own needs in being corrected. I hope your man is able to provide you the guidance and correction. Bless you.

  14. All of the above

  15. my wife is pragnent. so i stopped her maintainance. but she is misbehaving and not obeying me. should i spank her. can we spank pragnant girls reply me soon. because she need immidiet punishment

    1. Hello, Some couples cease spanking during a pregnancy, and the husband opts for a different form of discipline. Others continue with spanking, but keep it less harsh than usual. The chances are very small that any harm will be done, as long as it is done within reason.

  16. feebeefee Avatar

    My husband spanks me:-
    1 for misbehaving
    5 for maintenance
    6 for training
    8 when he feels I need it

  17. CoTXGrl83 Avatar

    My husband spanks me for disrespect (raising my voice or speaking with a rude tone is usually my things), disobeying him- I do not really disobey him very often, can’t remember the last time. I used to but not anymore 🙂 same with dishonesty. That is something that is dealt with at the highest level of discipline. I used to say fibs to him about money sometimes or if he would ask me things like did you get this or that errand done today? And I would fib and then get it done the next day… that is not ever something I do anymore. If he found out that I fibbed even the smallest to him matters. I would get the hardest most painful spankings of my life really. That’s why it doesn’t happen anymore.

    I suppose he spanks me to train me. For example we have a new rule in our home. We can not say I CAN’T period. He told me and he started spanking for it right away (which I had an issue with) it’s happened twice, and I have already stopped or stop myself mid way through… I guess that is training. He does other training things after a spanking but it’s still like during our discipline time so it’s kinda me still in a very obedient place and a spanking could happen (has before) if I am not willing to learn or practice what he feels like we need to do. I think also when he feels I need it. We have a very clear understanding on what is a spankable offense in our marriage. I know for sure a few certain things. There are times when, it’s not really any of those but I’m struggling. I’m not answering him when he talks to me, or he will tell me something and I get stressed, or I’m cleaning because people are coming over snd I get Stressed- he will all the sudden (after he has said you need to get it together) he will just say “OKAY. COME ON. RIGHT NOW. GO. NOPE, GO NOW”.

    And he will literally be on my heels down to our basement bedroom and I had Literally better be bent over the bed before he gets into the drawer to get the brush and over to me. I struggle the most with these. I do not know why I do this it has never once stopped a spanking, but I start To beg or sometimes try to not lean over and talk or not let him pull my pants down… GOSH!! that is not good. He gets more angry, he already is during these because it’s like not a time where it’s like okay tonight we will deal with your transgressions you have accumulated, and it’s calculated and it’s measured.

    Not these. They are the fast and hard ones. HARD.

    Then they are done, and of I can not get it together we go back down, but that has never happened. I go Back upstairs and I prep for our guests with much more grace and CALMNESS!

    So that is I think A training for my issue I’m getting stressed like that, and frantic…

  18. My husband spanks me whenever he feels like it, but these aren’t punishment or serious. Just a hard slap or 2 to remind me he can spank me, and it will hurt. This happens nearly everyday, several times a day. For serious spankings, the kind that produce tears and a very sore behind, those are for the worst offenses of disrespect, disobedience, or dishonesty. If I’m walking too close to the line, he will tell me “that’s enough” and I know that means, drop the attitude or I’m going to take you over my knee. That’s all it usually takes to snap me out of the early stages of disrespect, dishonesty, or disobedience.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience. Yes, a good warning can help with avoiding bad behavior in the future. The spanking makes sure a warning has some teeth. It sounds like your husband knows well how to lead you.

  19. tryingtosubmittohim Avatar

    My husband spanks me:
    # 5: He gives me regular scheduled spankings to keep me disciplined.

    Right now, we are in training and so I am getting spanking sessions about every other day. I imagine he will eventually change this to whatever he feels is necessary. He has contemplated doing a Bootcamp with spankings every morning and night for 2 weeks, just to continue to establish our house rules and his authority. I am dreading it, if that is what he chooses.

    Does it turn into sexual excitement? Yes, but lately if we have sex, he spanks me again afterwards, so we finish our time together the way it began– with spanking and then with me on my knees, reaffirming that he is my leader and guide. It’s been very effective in turning our marriage around. I am often confessing past sins and he is absolving my guilt with the Spanking Sessions. It truly works and hopefully, we can leave the past behind us and move forward with a clean slate. I have led our marriage for far too long and I want him to know that I am repentant.

  20. lesleyderby Avatar

    My husband spanks me for:-

    2. When I am disobedient, disrespectful, or dishonest.

    6. Sometimes to train me in submission.

  21. When my wife misbehaves in any way.
    When she is disobedient, disrespectful, or dishonest
    Only for the worst offenses
    When she tells me she thinks she needs one
    I give her regular scheduled spankings to keep her disciplined
    I spank her sometimes to train her in submission
    I spank her for sexual excitement
    When I feel like giving one

    I would say #1 and #2 we had a list of rules that covered misbehavior and things like disobedient, disrespect, dishonest. If I broke one our rules I got a bad spanking without exception I got spanked. But in our marriage we did use a different type of spanking (#7) for sexual excitement- they were completely different type of spanking.

    Thank you for these Polls I wish you had even more.

    1. You’re welcome. I will put up more polls from time to time.

  22. On behalf of my husband,
    When my wife misbehaves in any way.
    When she is disobedient, disrespectful, or dishonest

  23. elizaishis Avatar

    Answering for my husband: 1, 2 and 5(weekly)

  24. Anonymous Avatar

    2, 3, 7 (very seldom)

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