I Hate that Thing: The Loop!

There is a silent, unassuming tool in the wardrobe of the spanking husband. It’s not as threatening (by appearance) as the paddle, or personal as the belt, and even a poor builder could construct one at home. It whips without making noise, and delivers much more fire to her bottom than appearances would suggest. It is tucked away under the sweaters. It is the woman’s most unliked, but unlikely helper. That is the loopy johnny, or the loop.

This quiet rubber cord has been allowing couples to take care of discipline, even very thorough and hard sessions, without disturbing the whole household, or even the mice. The loopy can actually be built from any number of materials, but most common is a hollow rubber tube connected into an oval at the handle. The heavier the material, the harder a correction it will provide. It swings stiffly back and forth, within a limited range; loose enough to slap a bottom, but firm enough to pull back into place once it has struck.

I bought my loop entirely to have a good silent instrument. It came recommended by many husbands, and recommended through the complaining by many spanked wives who have to feel the end of it. Previously, I had used alternatives as a silent instrument. I have a heavy bungee cord, but this is not entirely silent, and it also can be overly harsh and more than I need. I had worked with the plastic curtain rods in the past, but these prove too light — although my wife might disagree — and also tend to break. You’ll have some fun times answering your friends as to where all your curtain rods in your house have gone. They are a poor solution.

So it was the loop, entirely for silence, which turned out to be much more than that — it is a fierce enough instrument to tame your wife, and leave her careful to avoid trouble in the future. No one wants this kind of trouble. While not the harshest of instruments — I suppose the cane is — it is loathed by wives everywhere. True, a few light swats don’t do much, but use it with strength and repeatedly, cover her bottom well, and the lady receiving it will wish she had never gotten herself in trouble. She will be counting the seconds until it is over. The loop rewards her with anywhere between a fully reddened bottom, and a rump full of small raised welts. It scores high on the list of least favorite instruments. When I discipline with this rubbery wife-helper, I make sure not an inch of her bottom escapes the stripes. My wife, upon facing another correction with the loop uttered the famous words:

“I hate that thing. I wish I could throw it out the window.”

Because of its silence, the loop could be one you choose to bring on travels with you. At the minimum it could be an effective warning away from home. In the case you need to discipline your wife while on a voyage, you know you can do so without attracting attention. It really is that good. Do not expect her to be silent through this experience though. She will need to learn some self-control with not crying out, or bite a pillow to keep quiet. If you choose to make a loopy at home, make sure to find a material that meets your needs. To get a good idea of how heavy or light it must be, you could find a variety you like, use it for discipline, and then make something approximately the same. It simply needs to be a loop of some kind of cord that ties together into a handle.  A common variety you find sold is hollow, which keeps it light. It should be firm, but loose enough to have a little swing to it.

Why is it so hated? It seems surprising that such a light device, innocent as a butterfly, should be ranked as harsh by many ladies. Perhaps that’s because its thin cord focuses much of the swing into a narrow strip, adding to the intensity. It also strikes in more than one place at once, since it is a swinging circle. Some stores even sell double loops that will spread the attention around even more. It may also be that, being light and quiet, we tend to use it at greater length to be sure it’s getting the job done. I know I provide more strokes with the loopy than at most other times. Since it’s become our most common corrector, my wife knows what she is in store for when she sees it, and it won’t be brief.

Of course, if she ever really did throw it out the window, she knows she’d be in store for it. They’d be becoming much closer companions in the future. So she leaves it untouched in the dresser. And gives it a very cold glare.


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  5. The one my husband uses is made from white electric cord. It hurts a lot. Much worse than his belt.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Yes, an electric cord would be heavier than a lot of loops. It would certainly hurt considerably. The one I own is made of some kind of rubber, but it stronger than it looks.

  6. The loopy my husband uses is leather. Solid leather, hand made in Europe. It’s a real beast and I, too, hate it more than anything. I can’t imagine what a long spanking with that would be like. I already jump around too much as it is!

  7. TxCoGrl83 Avatar


    Well as a wife who would be on the receiving end of this I’m not hopeful we get one. I am however curious. I picture Almost a tennis racket with no strings and the racket made of some kind of cord? But with the handle still there? I have never been spanked with one. I want to see what one looks like?!? On our trips we use the brush and the belt. They are not exactly quiet. A quieter spanker would for sure make our life easier. Although that honestly sounds terrible. I could littering feel my bottom and upper thighs squeeze. I want To see a picture of one of these. Is that possible? I’m sure I can google, but it’s not that same as families like ours, you know?

    1. Anyone can feel free to post a picture below. The commonest ones are like you describe, but there is some variety. It is very unpleasant when used rightly.

    2. Not sure if you ever found a loopy johnny. But, I purchased one from Etsy/ Glitter and Plaid are the vendors (the only thing I don’t like is that they make reference to bdsm…don’t like to support that…but it’s the only place I could find one). Tried to send an image. Won’t come through…sorry. This is definitely not my favorite implement. It’s used at times for punishment spankings (serious offenses). Not for maintenance sessions. Home this helps. Take care.

      1. Thanks for your feedback, L.R. If the image didn’t go through, you could try using a link with the pic.

  8. I’m not sure you want me to post the company name where we get these. But it is called The London Tanners in Amsterdam. Up to you of course and you can delete this comment. The loopy Johnny and the tenderizer are what we have. Not sure how to post pictures.

    1. Thanks. The London Tanners have some really good leather instruments. They do carry a couple of different loopies, which are a bit expensive, being quality handcrafted leather. I have never used a leather loopy, so I don’t know how harsh or mild it is.

  9. Never got spanked with a loopy but when we travel my husband never bring any instruments so he often resort to an USB cable and I really hate that. It stings and I always request to have a pillow to bit into to not disturb the neighbors. Sometimes it will break the cable but its the most lost item in hotels so it normally no problem to ask at the front desk since they have plenty of left over once. When they hand it over with “Here you go, hope you enjoy it” I dont think they know what it will be used for 🙂

    1. Thanks. Likely no, they don’t know what it will be used for! I haven’t heard of that one before. The loopy is a good bit heavier, and you’d likely want a pillow for that one too. Be blessed.

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  12. Surrendering Tess Avatar
    Surrendering Tess

    We have a homemade loopy from curtain wire. It is horrible. It is the most dreaded tool, and hubby almost doesn’t have to use any strength whilst wielding it. Ugh…

    1. I’ve heard its not difficult to make a homemade one. It must be fairly thick wire if it’s that severe. The loop is more ferocious than it looks.

      1. Surrendering Tess Avatar
        Surrendering Tess

        It was pretty easy to make, but it became much more severe than anticipated. I’m not sure how thick it is, but it sure is dense, and afterwards I saw the core is laid with metal 😳 and so it’s impact is great. Good in a way, because I sure will try to avoid receiving that one again..!

    2. singinglisa Avatar

      We have a single (for when we go out of town and have a need for it..though rarely used), a double and a triple Jonny loopy.. They are usually used for punishment spankings. Not for maintenance spankings (unless my husband decides that I need it). All three get the point across and have a sting/bite that will set you straight right away. They will make dread wash over you when it gets pulled out😔

      1. Surrendering Tess Avatar
        Surrendering Tess

        SingingLisa, I can definitely relate to that feeling of dread! Ours is a single loop, I’m not sure I ever want to get acquainted with a double or triple one – that sounds really harsh!

        Though I am pondering if I should make a single loop in a different material and offer it as a trade for the other one we have – do you think he’ll go for it? 😂🤪😂

  13. Mary Campbell Avatar
    Mary Campbell

    I would put up with that treatment for exactly one second before I retaliated and also called the police.

    1. Hello Mary, No, of course not, but you are not in a marriage in which you respect your husband’s authority, including his right to discipline you. It would be very odd to receive that from a union in which both people committed to being friends, or from an acquaintance, or a stranger on the street. In those contexts, it would be odd indeed, and may amount to a simple mugging.

      However in a marriage, in which the man is the head, and in which his wife respects that he is the head, correction of a wife is natural. This article describes a form of corporal punishment, and it is very effective for a husband to use. The wife may dislike that punishment in the moment, but she respects that her husband can give it to her, and she respects that it will do her good in the long run. She appreciates the peace it brings to the home and to her life.

      But note how your answer, in which you threaten the use of violence yourself, refutes any possible objection you can have to spanking a badly behaved wife. That is because you yourself have endorsed violence for those you perceive as doing wrong. You yourself want to punish naughty men. Not only that, but you threaten to call the police, which in some instances results not only in the use of force, but in totally ruining someone’s life. It seems to me that you, and others like you, endorse punishments much more destructive than a simple spanking. If that is the case, you need to cease complaining about a simple spanking, and recognize it is just a punishment, similar to what you believe in, but far more loving and humane.

      You need to adjust how you see the matter.

  14. Hah my husband has discovered that a curtain wire doubled over is an excellent enforcer. He’s currently playing with different ideas as to fashion a handle and the optimum length. Thank you, this article gave him the idea now I am the test dummy.

    1. I love inspiring others Joan. I don’t know what a curtain wire is, but various loopys are made with a metal interior which gives it some weight and strength, and with a rubber exterior, which cushions the blow a little. I’ve heard from men who make homemade loopys or paddles, which is easily done if you are handy. I know you will do your best not to have to face that instrument.

  15. elizaishis Avatar

    My husband ordered a leather loopy from an Etsy vendor. It arrived a few days ago and thankfully he has not had occasion to use it. After reading some comments on how painful it is though it is quiet I am afraid for him to use it. I have a maintenance coming up and I hope he avoids the loopy. I prefer the paddle sir.

    [edited by Aron]

    1. Hello, I doubt that a leather loopy would carry the sting that the other kind has. I would think it’s a bit lighter, and that will weaken the strokes.

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