Why They Hate You.

The couple that practices discipline knows that mainstream society in this culture hates them. That hatred doesn’t speak for every individual, but it speaks for the leaning of the society, and the bulk of its people. The man who leads his home and disciplines his wife is viewed as an evil abuser and worthy of jail, and the wife viewed little better: as a doormat, a weak woman, and oppressed slave unwilling to think for herself. The society holds these views due to gross distortions, but those distortions reflect the heart of its belief system, and are generated by its deepest held values. Most men who spank their wives are loving husbands who care for them. Most wives who get spanked are treasured, and honored by their husbands, and freely share their thoughts and opinions with their man. Yet both are hated for sad and predictable reasons. It is a disordered society, and one that despises God.

The first reason for their hatred, and their blurred vision of the entire relationship, is that men have gone soft when it comes to discipline. They have absorbed the idea that a teacher or a leader is one that always takes you by the hand, speaks in the way you remember your kindergarten teacher speaking to small children, goes on fun outings with you (like to the zoo), and gives you a quiet time out if you’ve been a bit of a disturbance. Enough years with that view of leadership, and that view of correction, and anything outside of that view comes across as downright weird. Clear commands and discipline come across as wild-eyed shootouts, or medieval torture, or pro-wrestling gallantry. Forceful discipline has been shoved into the medieval category, in the minds of the softies. In their “new morality,” Thou Shalt Not Spank.

Now I don’t think this day-care center view of leadership can even try to understand giving your wife a paddling any more than it can try to understand giving your child one. It has already put that into the category of “sin” in its universe, so there is almost a complete blindness to what corporal punishment is all about. Why should they want to understand what they are convinced is a crime from the start? They don’t ask themselves where the proof is that it’s wrong. They don’t consider looking at all the good it does. They don’t wrestle with the effects of softening discipline, or what we have seen from the breakdown of the family, and the harming effects it has on the children. For a rebellion against God’s commandments, they have invented their own commandments, which are more to their liking. Their commandments involve tons of pleasure, a sea of niceness, and continual acts of immoral sex. Spanking does not fit in there, especially if it’s not a kink.

The second reason they hate you is because the man is in charge. They cannot have that. A man spanking his wife is everything they hate, even if they are the “tolerant” type who says: live and let live. That’s because it’s not the spanking that they hate so much. It’s the fact the spanking is given by a man, who is head of his wife because he is her husband. As her husband he firmly corrects her behavior. It’s that entire relationship they hate, you see, not the spanking. They hate real, clear MALE headship. That’s why you don’t hear so much rage against role reversal homes (where the female is in charge), or against “gay” leather boys. You will find far fewer and very minor cultural complains against those practices. Modern westerns hate the man spanking his wife because they hate that the man is in charge, and they hate what a real marriage is. They can talk all they want about how consent makes something alright, but when a man and a woman “consent” to get married, and that marriage involves authority and discipline, that magical power of consent just disappears. It doesn’t make anything alright anymore. They STILL hate you because with a man in charge in marriage, you are the opposite of what they believe in.

Nothing puts an end to feminism, or any gender perversion, more than a man and a woman united for life in a real marriage. That will include the man’s role as leader and provider, and the woman’s role as submissive wife, helper, child-bearer, and homemaker. It destroys attempts to blur gender. Likewise, nothing puts an end to any notion of female autonomy more than a wife being lectured, placed over her husband’s knee, and spanked hard and long on her bare bottom. Any disrespect of men, and disrespect of the family, dissolves in her very humbled status, and her sea of tears. A woman with her bottom getting strapped is not in charge. The secularists know that feminism disappears over the husband’s knee, and know — in the back of their very dark minds — that many women long for this experience. They know it but they fear it: women long to give up their rebellion, to be quiet and peaceful, and to disrobed and spanked by their powerful man. It is nearly like sex to them, and at times more attractive. Moderns want wife-spanking husbands shut up because they put an end to their illusions.

Finally, the culture loathes wife spankers, and condescends to spanked wives, because of what marriage really represents. A man in charge of his home is a picture of Christ leading a repentant mankind in peace. A wife following her husband gently, and honoring him, is a picture of a redeemed mankind, turning away from its sin, and made pure and holy by God. The left-leaning culture hates the man spanking his wife because it hates the man’s authority, and it hates the man’s authority because it represents the Lord’s authority. They definitely do not want to see a picture of that. They do not want a reminder that they are not in charge. They don’t want a reminder of God’s commands. Many would even revolt at the idea of salvation, because the idea necessitates that they NEED salvation, because they are a sinner. People who are basically good don’t need salvation. That’s what they want to think they are.

In that grand view, a man spanking his wife is only a picture of God correcting, chastising his people, ones who are completely submitted to Him, and are willing to receive His correction. They are humbled. They have admitted their wrong. They are washed clean — but with words, a scourging, and love. This culture must ridicule the submissive wife, no matter how lovely and sincere she is, because the submissive wife represents the submissive mankind. She is a peaceful people who has confessed her sin, and returned to peace with God through Christ. What an ugly thing to a people who think they are little gods themselves. What a horrible, a truly frightening idea that promises to get in the way of your Friday and Saturday nights, your political ideologies, your pride, your idolatry, your drunkenness, and living for self that the flesh always does, a life of living for Me. Knowing you are trapped, but holding on to passing illusions to imagine you are not.

There is more to say on why the culture hardens its heart against marital discipline. Remember, this is only a temporary thing. A healthy and understanding culture, one that respects what the family is and respects male authority, has no issue with a man correcting his wife this way. It only demands it is done with care and love. For many hundreds of years wife spanking was practiced in this culture, and while not universal, was commonly accepted, at times encouraged, and would have been expected to occur at least in some households. It was well known that a badly behaved wife could be strapped by her husband, and she should be. Should a criminal go unpunished? Why should she? Similar is true of other cultures and other religions across the globe. That’s because discipline in the home, given by the man, is a part of the natural order created by God. It is not unique to a small set of modern Americans, nor is it a specific Christian teaching. It is a natural part of the marital relationship, because anyone can see that the man is the head of his wife. It is common knowledge to all mankind, and it has been a common, and cross-cultural practice. If you spank your wife then, you are in the norm, even if you are in the minority in this culture. The secularist may hate you, but what he hates is not you — it is the good, the social order, and God.


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  1. nicolelinn45 Avatar

    Wow. Fantastic comparisons. One reason I read your blog because of the way you speak the truth about the Word and marriage.
    The war on marriage and the family is most definitely satan inspired. The spirit of antichrist has destroyed many families and marriages for decades. It started out looking innocent and it was insidious. Today you can see how events of destruction are now at warp speed, it is so very obvious, they don’t try to hide it now.
    Everything is upside down. Right and wrong are now reversed. Folks Jesus Christ is so close to His return. Please if you have never accepted Him as your Lord and Savior, please consider it now right where you are sitting.

    I am going to start to pray that Aaronhusband and his blog be protected from the progressives stopping freedom of speech. They hate our lifestyle for the reasons in this article. That puts this blog and others similar to it at risk for getting shutdown.

    Father I pray to you right now that you put your hedge of protection and warring angels around all that are involved with this blog and others like it that speak the truth about marriage that You created. Those that speak truth about Father God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost. Bless this site and others like it. In Jesus Christ name, Amen.

    1. Nicole, Your prayers are a treasure to me and my family. Thank you. We can use the protection of our Lord each day, and truly depend on it. I certainly desire that this website be a ministry, and that it act as a witness to the Word of our Savior. We’ll see what the coming years bring as far as freedom of speech.

      It has always been my goal that I do not only focus on the topic of discipline, but also give the grand view of what it touches on, including marriage and the family in general, and the great truth that marriage represents, which is salvation.

      I thank you as well for calling readers to repentance and faith in Christ. It is the only way, and it is good and sure and will save forever.

      Peace in Christ.

  2. Aron,

    You speak so eloquently on this subject, and I’m grateful to have your words to fall back on should I ever find myself in the position of having to defend my submission to my husband. A man should be the unquestioned leader and authority on all matters within his home, and nothing signifies this natural order of things so well as a woman bent over his knee, bottom bared for punishment. Real women hunger for the sting of their husband’s belt, knowing his deep and abiding love for her demands that he mold her into the woman Christ meant her to be, and indeed a spanked wife experiences a wondrous fulfillment in having her rebellious nature forcefully overcome by her man. His awesome power over her is vilified by those who refuse to admit that men are the rightful rulers of this world, blessed with the muscle and intellect necessary to keep a woman in her place. As a woman, I both fear and respect such power in a man, and I believe God designed me to be deeply attracted to it.

    Thank you for defending the natural and rightful design of marriage as God intended.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Sophie. I greatly appreciate your respect for the roles of men and women. You have a good sense of how leadership and submission work.

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  5. Long Time Practitioner Avatar
    Long Time Practitioner

    What happens in our home between us is our business .My wife is not abused and knows that she needs the strap to keep her in proper form. Since our round of discipline between Thanksgiving and mid December she has been exceptionally well behaved. She has had a couple of minor maintenance sessions leaving a slightly red bottom and very wet front! Corner time after that is very short and a good lovemaking is always certain. If she does need a harsher reminder she knows she will receive it in short order. We have a good life and plan to keep it that way.

  6. Sergeant Avatar

    I have just taken the lunch break to read yet another great article written by you Aron.

    Firstly how important it is to acknowledge discipline as a global and multicultural practice that exceeds any religion and is established within the nature of humanity itself. The couple of years I have spent in Uzbekistan showed me and increased my already belief that discipline, order and respect are vital for a society to have peace and happiness.

    My mind wonders if what we have lost isn’t a product of our own western doing and you answered very well, we weakened the men and put power in the hands of women who cannot handle it, for it is not their calling, we denied our own nature and finally we deprived society of morality and valuable principles, it’s a shame.

    My wife is completely frightened even by the thought of people knowing she’s disciplined, especially her friends, we are still working on her pride and those feminist inclinations, not that anyone needs to know what happens inside our home but that’s beside the point. Isn’t it ironic though, that they all comment on how they wish they had a relationship like ours, a house like ours and etc. However the moment they find out what it takes to have that they all crawl back like scared angry animals because they don’t want to do it, so other people shouldn’t have what they want but don’t have the courage to go and get it.

    1. Thank you, Sergeant. That’s a good evaluation. Yes, a woman has to go through some inner conflict in this society, as she fights her training and teaching in order to learn submission. The soul of a woman can crave it because she is a woman, but her indoctrination and her peers will produce pressure against it. Feminism is certainly against our natures.

      Naturally, one thing that helps is to have a peer group with the right values, and then she would have the support, and wouldn’t need to feel secretive or conflicted. Not even just with discipline, but with a basic respect for headship and submission. It’s good to know other families that live that way.

      I know you can experience the benefits in marriage and I wish that more couples did. Keep leading your wife well.

  7. I think women are slowly realising the lies of feminism, that they cannot have a full time career and be a full time mother. Something has to give. Unfortunately it often leads to broken marriages and children in full time daycare.
    People are gradually coming back to the proper way of thinking that women must remain in the home under the full authority of their husbands. Until then we can pray it happens quicker and to provide a ministry by our living out of marriage vows. By our example more married couples will live their vows out correctly.
    Firstly, women need to accept their proper place then they will easily submit to discipline from their husbands.

    1. Do you think Women should kneel before their husbands and address them as Sir when given a command from their husbands ?

      1. Only just saw your comment so apologies for late reply. Yes when I am alone with my husband I kneel before him especially when children are in bed. I address him as sir or husband. It is the right and proper thing to do.

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  9. I really don’t understand why our society wants accaptation to all kinds people like trans-, bi-, etc. but has a huge problem to accept that there are couples using DD. My wife knew she will be spanked in our marriage, that was her decision to marry me. Nobody forced her. There is nothing wrong with correcting wife’s attitude and behaviour. It’s a win-win situation. She can improve herself, I appreciate having a good wife, our marriage avoids a lot of stupid fights.
    I’ve never forced my wife to assume the position before spanking. She knows it’s for her own good and for our marriage. I wish, one day nobody call me an abusive monster just because she made her own decision to live that way.

    1. I agree Adam. It amounts to a wild inconsistency on their part. They allow consent to justify all kinds of immorality and perversion, but somehow change the rules so consent does not justify spanking. I am mostly done with a piece on that topic right now, so it’s great to hear you bring it up. I call it, “Where’s Your Consent God Now?” At the heart of their problem, is not spanking, it is the hatred of male authority.

  10. Better Lady Avatar
    Better Lady

    There is a lot of material on this site so I am a little late in my response but I fully agree with this article and most of the comments. As a newcomer to DD, I feel shy about sharing the truth about what has changed in my relationship with friends and family members. Not because I am embarrassed or because it is any of their concern but because of the judgment that I know will happen. I love everything about my disciplined life, my husband’s leadership and authority and quite frankly, I like myself more than I did before my husband started spanking me. Others have noticed that I am happier, more at peace and that my relationship with my husband is really positive and they ask what the secret is and I find that I usually just say that we have excellent communication, respect and we live true to the vows we took on our wedding day.

    1. I am very happy for you. Glad you can enjoy what a marriage was meant to be. That’s insightful you can say, “I like myself more than before.” I truly appreciate that commitment to growing as a godly woman. Discipline, as a part of headship and submission in marriage, truly brings great change for the better. I wish I could share the message with more people than I already do. Bless you.

  11. although I think many people might think as you say, as a feminist who cares a great deal about consent, I applaud the way you and your wife live.
    I wholeheartedly believe in self agency, and thus I think one’s right to submit to whoever one chooses should be respected and even HONORED. When I fight for women to have the right to do whatever they want, I do mean literally whatever they want. You two living in a disiplinary relationship affects no one but you two, soooo YOU TWO are the only ones to get a say in it. She wants to submit to you, you want her to submit to you, seems like a win-win scenario.
    I do find very sad that you somehow believe the world would be better if everyone lived just like you do (as you put in “make spanking normal again”), I certainly don’t want the whole world to live just like *me*. True feminists know that not wanting something for onself (as I wouldn’t want to submit to a man), doesn’t give you the right to deny that for other women.
    So again, even thouh I am a feminist, and BECAUSE I am a feminist, I think it’s great your wife feels comfortable with her decision, I hope people stop judging her for that, and I’m glad that you both, and the people commenting here, have such happy marriages. Maybe one day we’ll live in a world where everybody can live fullfilling lives however they choose, without people judging them, and hwere we all understand that a fullfilling life for me may not be a fullfilling life for you..

    1. Hello Van, Thank you for your reply, and for visiting my website. I’m glad to hear from someone who respects a male led marriage. Leadership and discipline are indeed fulfilling, and are helpful in marriage. I’ve seen it work countless times.

      When I say we should make spanking normal again, I don’t mean every single marriage needs to use it. I mean it ought to be common, if not expected, and should be openly known to occur in marriage. Spanking doesn’t need to be universal. What every marriage does need to have is the man’s headship. That goes along with God’s purpose for marriage, and with our natures as God made us.

      Ultimately, we are not free to do whatever we want. Nor should a woman be free to do whatever she wants, as you suggest. If we did whatever we felt, that would be evil, since people desire to do many wrong things. Moreover, while consent may play a factor in how we view an act ethically, it is not the ultimate ethical determiner. Many consensual things are wrong, and some unconsensual things are right.

      For example a juror could have a consensual conversation with a friend about the trial, and he would be kicked off the jury. Consent wouldn’t matter. There are even strict rules about who may meet with whom during a trial, since they don’t wish to give the opportunity for unethical behavior to arise. A businessman cannot choose to keep records any way that he desires, but has to follow certain standards, just as he does with bank transactions. Human relationships are governed by many things beyond our personal desire.

      Similarly, consent is not the determining factor for ethics in marriage, whether we are speaking of who is the head of the home, or whether we are speaking of any other factor in marriage. A man could consensually marry a pig, but the consent wouldn’t make it right. A man and wife could consensually divorce, but that would not make it right either. There are much higher principles than consent, and when faced with those higher principles, consent loses its strength in determining anything. I think the past few years of health regulations teach that this society really does not view consent as being necessary in every act.

      One reason God gives the order in marriage that He does is for our good. He designed the man for his role. He designed the woman for hers. That means when each does his role, it will be more fulfilling and fruitful than other ways. It is beneficial to all society to have man and woman united for life, and for this vessel to be the only valid place for intimate relations, from which children will come, and need to be cared for and taught. It is good for all that the man leads, and that the wife bears the children and cares for the home. Each element is designed for our good, and much harm is caused if we ignore them, and simply follow our hearts, which all things considered, are very corrupt. Thinking that women are free to choose any path has left us with far fewer good marriages, and little future without children. Freedom has to bow down to the good.

      1. I just remember this (the other night I had stumbled into this site while looking for something else, and stayed to read several posts out of curiosity, and then just forgot about it).
        I agree there have to be rules in a society. Of course I didn’t mean a woman or anyone else should be able to kill or rape, I just meant, do whatever one wants without hurting someone else.
        …buuut I do think the example you give is terrible. There’s no possible way to have a “consensual” marriage with a pig because there is no absolute way to tell what the pig wants, so we can’t determine for sure whether it consents or not.

        Out of topic, if I may ask, do you also believe in submissive, non-sexual relationships among *men*?
        Or maybe “submissive” is not the word. *Looking up to-relationships* maybe, where you have a man whose advice you trust especially?
        For example, I read your post about your version of boot camp too. Did you consult with maybe a pastor about it? are you sure it didn’t step on lust territory? Do you have someone that helps you stay in the right path?

        1. Hello Van, Thank you for your reply. A woman certainly has a level of choice beneath her husband’s authority. No one regulates everything his wife does. However, she still needs to obey her husband’s rules. He is head over her in all things.

          Many people claim their choices “don’t hurt anyone” when in fact they do. If the husband determines that a choice is poor, or destructive, he can tell her not to and she has to obey. He is in the position to make those decisions. Any significant decision my wife makes needs to pass through me. I may or may not accept her doing it. I may ask her for more information to determine if I think she can handle doing something. She does not just go off and decide things without my approval.

          I believe the example (among the various others) is fair, whether you like it or not. Consent does not make any act right, including a man marrying a beast. You claim there is no “absolute way” to determine what the pig wants, but there’s no absolute way to determine if it wants to be kept as a pet, or if it wants to be killed and eaten, but we do so anyway. It’s a beast. The example regarding consent relates to the man who is marrying a beast. The fact he freely chose it doesn’t make it right. There are deeper determiners of right and wrong, which come from God and nature.

          There are vertical relationships throughout society, and a man may legitimately have one with another man, assuming it is not homosexual in nature. His teacher or his employer may be another man who can help direct him and correct him when he strays off the path. A trainer helps another athlete. A man also may have an elder or more experienced mentor. This might not be a true vertical relationship, but it still involves looking up to another man who will guide you. Getting help from another man is acceptable, and should be normal, both through friendship, and through vertical relationships.

          If I want advice from a man, I can go to friends I know whom I consider strong and mature Christians. I could also ask an elder at my church. Men need each other as brothers and should have close fellowship together.

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