The Verbal Correction

I can never emphasize enough the importance of the husband guiding his wife with words. This goes for giving clear instructions, encouragement, and praise. It also includes providing some amount of correction verbally. He should know he has this tool to use when keeping the home in order. That’s why I recommend using formal verbal corrections as a proper form of discipline, coming with their own session and disciplinary procedure. This is because a woman can flourish from her man’s verbal guidance. It’s also because there are corrections serious enough for a formal talk, but not serious enough for a spanking. Not all men need to use them, but I believe you’ll find they are a helpful tool if you do.

A verbal correction of the formal kind is not a few passing words. This is not a gentle correction in the moment, or a warning of a possible spanking. It is a period of verbal guidance. It may come as a result of a minor infraction — however that is defined in your home — or as a result of a general need for improvement in a certain area. I’ve given my wife these talks when I believed a spanking was not called for, but correction was. You probably know the kind of situations I am speaking of, if you have practiced discipline for some time. In fact, the sound spankings you give her will make your words carry more weight, since she knows she is punished for stepping outside of them. These talks come hand in hand with the rest of your correction.

When I give a verbal correction, many of the disciplinary procedures are there. My wife knows she needs to be naked, and will kneel before me. I will ask her questions about her behavior, and also lecture her about where she went wrong, and what she needs to focus on better. She’ll need to affirm to me she understands and is going to follow my guidance. She will affirm her full submission and belonging to me. Verbal corrections can also include her sexual submission when you are done. Serving you sexually affirms her better attitude you will be seeing in the future. It allows her to show you her gratefulness for the guidance you give her.

There are spanking husbands who would have none of verbal corrections. It’s spanking or nothing for them. I understand this approach and respect it. However, I see in the full panorama of leading your woman’s behavior, that learning to respond to your words is a part of learning to follow and obey you. It’s a part of the rich tapestry of your embrace together. Your words direct her and correct her, and she should be intimately acquainted with how you deal with her verbally and know how to respond appropriately to you. For the more urgent lessons, your words will come with a strapping also, and she will listen most attentively if she did not before.

As I teach elsewhere, a woman who only knows to learn from a spanking is not deeply submissive yet. A man who has to rely on the strap has much to learn. Your wife’s soul needs to be soft to your words. She should be able to receive them deep in her being, and respond with a “yes sir,” as she would during any discipline. Your demeanor and your words should carry authority with her, and teach her to take her role seriously as a submissive wife. They guide her, and put her into her right position. That is authority and verbal discipline. A good wife will listen.


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  1. CoTxGrl83 Avatar

    I love this. It’s all very true. If your wife doesn’t obey your words, well. I guess the nicer way to say it is IF your wife does you are the MOST respected. If you want spanking in your life you can always do that, but your wife obeys you without you having to do all that! I can not say I’m perfect with my husbands words, but I’m almost. Of course it’s def been “trained” into me to obey him like I do, to really hear him when he says he isn’t happy about this or that, and it matters more even when we are in a spanking situation. I listen to his words then, and that is important for both of us I think.

    The man who doesn’t have to ever yell is the boss that has the respect of all.

    The husband who doesn’t have to yell or say things more than once also has the respect. That comes from training, and spankings, but respecting my husbands words are far more important than anything!! We talk a lot more than he disciplines so If he only had my respect when he spanked it would be FAR LESS respect!!

    This is in my option a very good and real post. Thank you very much

    1. Thank you. I’m glad you found the article accurate and helpful. It sounds like your submission to your husband is a very good example for other women.

  2. Long Time Practitioner Avatar
    Long Time Practitioner

    I give my wife gentle verbal direction for both correction and pleasure. She is more than willing especially for the pleasure aspect. She knows that certain looks and talking to will lead to the strap if she does not redirect her thoughts and actions. It does work.

  3. Aron, how should the wife behave during the spanking? my husband says that any attempt at reasoning is disrespectful, that the wife must accept and obey immediately after being informed of the beating, and she should not show resistance during
    do you believe that such behaviors should receive additional punishment?

    1. Hello Ruth, A wife should behave submissively during a spanking and do her best to sincerely learn her lesson. She should let her husband know she is sorry and truly does not ever want to do it again.

      As far as reasoning with him, I don’t see the actual spanking as a place to do that. It is a place to learn a lesson. But it is fair enough before the spanking, when he announces he’s going to give you one, to ask his reason. If you sincerely think your behavior was justified, I believe it’s alright to explain why, as long as it is respectful and gentle. Then he can make the decision.

      I’d say this, as far as trying to reason your way out of a spanking: unless there is some major piece of information he does not know about the situation, it probably will not work. My wife has tried to talk her way out of being spanked a number of times, and I can think of only one time when it was successful. That was when I did not really have the entire story. In the other instances it just amounted to excuse making. She did wrong. She knew that she did wrong. She ended up getting the strap.

      If “reasoning” with him crosses the line into argument, in which you are refusing to accept his decision, or being disrespectful, then yes, it is behavior hat warrants a second punishment. I know a lot of husbands who would add on another spanking or more swats for that. However, if it is gentle, and amounts to reasonably asking for an explanation, and accepting his decision, then there is nothing punishable there.

      I don’t know your husband or all that he spanks for, but as long as they are serious reasons, then I don’t think there is much point in trying to get out of it. It is best to accept responsibility and learn from what’s going to happen.

      I hope that helps.

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  5. Bill's Wifey Avatar
    Bill’s Wifey

    Mr. Aron, my husband has “code words” he uses to warn me that my mouth is starting to veer into territory where i could wind up with a bruised rear end. It will be something along the lines of “Did you mean to say it like that?” or “Is that the tone you want to use?” When I hear that, I try to pause and think before the next thing comes out of my mouth. Perhaps I will say, “No. I want to get my point across but I will use a kinder tone.” I am not perfect of course, and there have been times I’ve been snappy even after those little code words and that is when a harsher reminder is in store for me.

    1. That sounds like a very good idea. Hints like that can help prevent more trouble in the future. There is a lot of power in words. I think many of those new to discipline in marriage would do well to put that into practice.

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  10. Being told off is very embarrassing for a woman, especially if a man adds that should she continue to misbehave/repeat the offence he’ll spank her. Women are emotional and less practical than men, we absorb words and vocal tones better than visual information. When we’re told what will happen might lead us over our boyfriend’s/husband’s knee if we continue to disrespect his authority those words will loop through our minds for hours. We’ll convince ourselves he won’t, and although we might verbalise our disagreement with his decision we know, deep down, if we deserve it. I could never admit it, but there are times I think that if dealt with the old fashioned way my behaviour, at times, wouldn’t be so challenging.

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  12. Better Lady Avatar
    Better Lady

    I think verbal correction is incredibly important and valuable. I crave direction from my husband and when he gives me praise or advises that I change my behavior, attitude or improve something I am responsible for, I find that I am eager to respond to his words. I am eager to show him that I heard him, and respect him by taking any necessary action. I get both intimate spankings and punishment spankings. I love the intimate spankings but I appreciate the punishment spankings. That doesn’t mean that I want the punishment spankings and verbal correction definitely helps me avoid some punishment spankings. This was a great article that made me want to try even harder to listen and respond to my husband’s words. Thank you!

    1. You’re welcome, Better Lady. A godly wife certainly does her best to respond to her husband’s words, and not just to his punishments. The ease at following his words reflects the deep intimacy that they have. Blessing to you.

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