Keeping Her Bare

Nearly anyone experienced in training a wife will tell you the great asset of keeping her bare. That means keeping her bare for training, not just for making love, or for a spanking. Being undressed is an excellent way for her to learn submission to you, and understand deeply how fully she belongs to you. Even women who have trouble with submitting in their mind, can find their heart and body follow their man much more readily. Training her naked is especially an asset early in marriage, when she may need time to get into her submissive role, and it is also easier early on, when there are no children around yet to interrupt you. It can continue to be a tool throughout your marriage, used sporadically as you see fit. Keep her undressed before you, and you will see good results.

In some ways, being undressed for training can be more effective than at other times. That’s because she needs to stay that way, sometimes throughout the day, not just for a specific activity. It lets her know she is yours. There is no quick end to her bare state, but she must stay that way at your will, and do what you desire she do naked. She learns bare as her natural state before you. She also learns to strip on command, something you should be teaching her at other times anyway. She will become accustomed to undressing when you desire it, and knowing she can stand bare and vulnerable before you at any moment. She can be open to your gaze, your fingers, your touch on command. That vulnerability, and belonging , will serve you well in daily marital life, as she learns to submit and give herself easily to you. Like other training, it teaches her to let go of any hardness toward you, and let go of any resistance. She cannot grasp onto anything to hold it back from you. She must give all to you and she knows it.

If time allows, you may find you can keep your wife undressed for part or all of the day. It is these long-term experiences that really help her grow comfortable in her submission. Try to find them if you can. You’ll find you can have her do work naked, and keep her busy with various activities. Some husbands will enjoy having their wives pose for them, in positions they love. A woman is very connected to her body. She needs to know her face, hair, neck, back, breasts, legs, and rear end are all in your hands and given fully for your service. Others will have their wives take care of cleaning or cooking while undressed, the latter most safely done while wearing an apron up front. If you have your wife assist you in your own work, as a secretary or researcher for your projects, she can easily accomplish this completely bare. The intimacy of man and wife, the helping nature of her role, and her growing submission are all on display. You have a very lovely, undressed secretary all to yourself.

While the purpose of nakedness is to train her overall in submission, it’s not hard to gather that you can easily enjoy her sexually while she’s busily working bare. Have her bend over or drop to her knees to take what you desire, then send her back to work. Have her respond to sexual commands. She will feel more taken by you than she ever has. She will learn to love being undressed for you, and serve you the more earnestly. Her zeal to serve will carry over daily, as it always does. Do not disregard this useful tool. 

One of the great things about her nakedness, which I bring up elsewhere in this guide, is that she learns there is nothing between her and her lord. Between her flesh and her lord. There is no separation and she finds she can move more easily as a part of you, as in a sense she is. She also learns, perhaps with difficulty, to accept her natural vulnerability to you, a vulnerability to your words, your gaze, your hands, that infuses that knowledge she is yours as well. She grows in trust. That is essential to marriage life, and to discipline. She learns she is in good hands, and there is no reason to fear or to hold back. She becomes accustomed to your ways with her and how you handle her down to the last detail. She becomes more comfortable in your presence and with your spirit.

As I mentioned in the start, giving so much of her heart and her bare body often helps a woman overcome any resistance in her mind. It is more primal and more natural. It doesn’t require an ideology. It grinds boulders of feminist thought down to gravel and then to dust. Like other training, it is service that breaks her down and builds her up again, more greatly than before. She is clay in your hands each day, but clay to make into a marvelous vessel, and a truly cherished vessel, in your home.


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  1. Sergeant Avatar

    Aron this article is absolutely on point, even though I have never looked through that point of view. I am certainly going to start putting this to use right away, and see how it fits my wife and my marriage.

    In addition to it, I would like to share a few things that come to my mind. For women clothes are like an armour, a shield from the world not only on a physical level but also on a immaterial, psychological level where the image they show through their clothing protect their inner self from the outside. By taking all that off, this armour is dismantled for they should learn that in that moment there’s no need for protection other than that of their husband, there’s nothing to shield or to hide, there’s no pride to be held by her, all is his to take, and to shield and to be proud of, it is almost poetical.

    This article speaks to me very well my comrade and I believe it will serve me just as well, thank you.

    1. Great to hear that, Sergeant. I believe this is a very effective tool. Definitely let us know how it helps you in managing your wife, which I think it will. Clothes can be like armor, and that needs to come off.

  2. Long Time Practitioner Avatar
    Long Time Practitioner

    My 1st wife had some difficulty with being fully naked at first. She would have preferred to never be seen and to be taken only in the dark. I soon changed that and had her naked most of the time. She was pregnant when we married and there was no question of us getting married so it was a growing experience for both of us. We had planned on being wed in the early Summer but were married in a small wedding in the late Fall and welcomed our son in the Summer 7 months later. In those 7 months she learned that being naked was good. I would come home to have her greet me at the door wearing only her wedding ring and a smile. Through our marriage as time permitted she enjoyed her nakedness. After we lost our son at 18 she still stayed unclothed at home. She required little discipline and very few sessions with the strap in our 27 years together. Her body was mine for pleasure and comfort any time I desired. I spent many nights cuddling her for our mutual enjoyment and lost a wonderful woman when she passed….

    My current wife has required much more discipline and strips on command . . . I touch every part of her body and ask who those parts belong to. She tells me they are 100% Mine! Every day I enjoy her nakedness in one way or another. There is no more pleasing sight than my wife with her head down and a– up spread wide with her valley glistening ready for my touch. No part of either of my wives has been off limits to me but it was not an immediate thing in either case. I have been twice blessed with good submissive wives.

    [Comment edited by Aron]

  3. Excellent post! The more you keep your wife bare the more it really helps with her submission, totally agree.

    1. Thank you, KB. I’m glad you can see the truth in it.

  4. Avatar

    This has been a topic on my mind a great deal recently, and you’ve articulated it with great clarity and strength. I think if every Christian could read without a culturally or church ingrained reaction, and truly digest the meat of this principle, it would bless everyone seeking clarity of gender roles and the relation of woman to man. It’s a pity there’s not more teaching of this honesty in our congregations.

    1. Thank you. I would like to see more clarity of teaching on this subject as well. Respecting gender will be a blessing to us all. God designed us for it.

    2. Chiefswife Avatar

      Couldn’t agree more!

  5. iamhissubmissive60 Avatar

    Oh Aron how beautiful, I enjoyed this article so much. Just about everything you write and comment on I soak up like a a sponge. I have been doing very well since we last spoke. I have really been trying very hard on doing what my husband says to do without hesitation and things are really going much more smoothly these days just saying a simple”Yes, Sir” he loves that so much and I am showing him honor and respect. I would love for him to expect me to be naked before him but he is a very modest man, I have only seen him nude twice in 25 years and they were purely accidental. Even when we made love years ago he wanted the bedroom pitch dark, I have always found this so odd. I can’t change him he is the way he is for a reason, just wished I knew why. Some things I guess are better left unsaid.

    1. I’m really glad you enjoyed the article. Thank you. It’s great how you are showing your husband submission, even though he is not all onboard with discipline. It’s the right thing to do. I know it will bless him and help him that you honor him so much.

      It does sound like your husband has differing values and habits from some of us, so it’s important to know each household works a little differently. May you continue to grow abundantly in humility and submission. Reflect the way of Christ to your husband.

  6. James w Avatar

    We are a couple in our fifties, recently married . . . As my wife had been independent for many years, she was worried that I would be uncomfortable moving into her house. She let me know that she wanted me to take charge. A church friend recommended this website to me and I’ve been lurking for a few months.

    I approached my wife about discipline and she said she would give it a try if I thought it would help. She really is the best woman I’ve ever met, I’ve only spanked her three times and all three times were when she had a hard time handing over the reins as far as decision making went. The third spanking was fairly hard and left marks for a few days. Although she didn’t put up a fight when I spanked her, I later caught her looking at the marks in the mirror and crying.

    This brings me to the topic at hand,going bare. on Saturday I told her she would have a bare training session. She balked at that in a way she never did with spanking. She cleans on Saturday, so I told her she would be doing her housework nude. I got a drink and sat down on the couch, told her to vacuum the lower floor of the house. She started to argue, I told her that would mean a spanking. She undressed and got the vacuum and began, but cried the entire time. I then told her to mop the kitchen. She was in a different room and when I checked on her, her shoulders were shaking as she cried.

    I stayed the course and kept her nude until bedtime. In bed, I asked her why she was so upset. She said she was humiliated because I was dressed and she was naked, and I sat and watched her clean. She has very large breasts and she was embarrassed by their jiggling and they hurt after a day with no support. I told her I love her body, but she said if bare training is a part of our discipline system, she is no longer willing.

    You don’t write much about consent. What do I do now? Stop the whole discipline attempt? Back down on the bare training?

    [slightly edited by Aron]

    1. Hi James, Thank you for your comment and for visiting my discipline site. Congratulations on bringing discipline into your marriage. I am sure you’ve seen some of its benefits even in the few times you have used it. You describe your situation very vividly, and I understand where you could find it to be difficult. I am actually posting an article on consent in the coming month or so. It deals with some of the basics, but not with every facet of the question.

      In short, your wife is under your authority, and should obey you, regardless. You have a marriage rooted in headship and submission, and she has assented to this, along with discipline. Consent is not something given each moment you command something. That would be absurd in any authority structure. Her consent was given to your leadership and to discipline already. You don’t need her to repeat that, only to remind her that she is yours, and that you are responsible for leading and guiding her. She needs to obey.

      As far as the question of nudity, there may be several things working on her. The one is that it is obviously humbling. It is meant to be. Not degrading, but humbling. It lets her know her belonging to you, her submission to you, and your ability to see and take her at any moment. It requires that her trust and obedience grow. If that’s hard for her — and it is for some women — some of this is likely pride. She’s going to have to lose some of that over time. I don’t recommend ending her training, but rather further practice.

      Her discomfort may also be that she needs to feel more comfortable in your hands, and more comfortable with your guidance in general. There is plenty that you can do to explain to her why you have her undress, and what the purpose is. She should know you are leading her each day, you have a purpose in what you do, and it is for her good. She needs to get used to following your rules. Thus, she needs to grow more comfortable with submission in general, not just with nudity.

      I also expect your wife could have some insecurity in being naked. I would be open about the fact you love to see her naked, and that her body is a treasure to you. It is nothing for her to be ashamed of. You value her body and you value her. But she is under your authority and needs to undress when you wish. She belongs to you. When I have the time to have my wife undress, it will surely include taking the time to enjoy the sight of her, touching her, and other intimate activities. It doesn’t have to, but it expresses my desire for her. She knows her body is not something to look down on.

      My wife has never rejected anything intimate I have done with her. However, I can think of two occasions — which I mention in passing on this site — when she lept off of my lap during a difficult spanking. She felt she couldn’t take it. In both instances, despite her rejection, I explained that was not acceptable. It is my responsibility to correct her, and there is a reason for it. It’s hard, but I know what I am doing. The same person spanking her loves and cares for her each day. I let her know calmly she needs to come to me, and let me take care of the problem. In both of these instances she returned, placed herself over my lap, and I finished her spanking firmly. I did not allow an initial rejection to dissuade me. She was just having a hard time, and needed some comfort and explanation to get over it. Then she obeyed.

      Certainly the decision of how to proceed is up to you. If you think that undress is not very important, then perhaps you don’t care either way. However, you should be concerned if she thinks she can simply reject your leadership or your discipline. You should make sure she remains in her submissive mindset, and understands decisions like these come down to you. Consent is at the start, not every time.

      I hope that helps you in understanding the issue, and also in working through your situation. I believe your wife will follow you easily given your leadership as well as your comfort and persuasion. You are both fairly new to it, so it always takes time to grow into your roles, and getting over humps comes with the territory. There’s nothing to be discouraged about.

      Be blessed,


      1. Do you have any advice on how to take a spanking better? My husband and I are in our twenties and he recently started spanking me for infractions. Every time I tell myself that I will be still and submit to the spanking, I end up getting up or covering myself with me legs or hands. He usually has to hold me down and I hate that even more. I want to take the punishment submissively but struggle with the pain.

        1. Hello Mila, Thank you for writing and for seeking advise on this matter. You’re not the only one who has difficulty with pain. There’s really not an easy way to take pain, but it takes some self discipline and the right motivation. There is nothing wrong with your husband holding you down if necessary, but ideally you should be able to stay in position, both for your own learning, and to be more respectful to your husband as well.

          I definitely advise turning your mind to something other than impending pain, or fear. Turn your mind to a place of remorse for the actions that led you there. Consider how you need to do things rightly in the future. Focus on the good that will come from your session; the cleansing it offers, the freedom from past guilt, as well as the lesson which will help you. Each stroke is doing you good.

          Keep your mind active with those things, as well as with communicating your remorse and your future better behavior. Your husband may be doing most of the talking, but he may also ask you to say a few things. Think of the right words to show you are contrite and have learned when you need. Being busy with those goals helps keep the mind from lingering on fear and pain.

          Also, remember that to resist a punishment is disrespect to your husband, and you desire much never to do that. That should be strong motivation to learn to hold still and keep your hands away from your backside. IT shows him honor to keep still.

          Some husbands add their own motivation, and give a wife extra stokes for reaching back. From the men I’ve heard from, this is successful in getting a wife to stop reaching back. It may not deal with the dear itself, but it is a practical solution.

          I’m sure other men and women can offer their experiences to help you too. I hope you continue to grow in submission, and know joy in your marriage.


    2. Hi James, and if you’d like to have a back and forth on your situation in private, please write me. I’d be happy to help. It could be good to get into the particulars together. My e-mail is below, or you can use the contact form on the about page.

    3. James in my opinion a wife needs to understand that wearing clothes is a privilege her husband bestows on her and can be taken away at any time. Of course I do not advocate putting her on display in the presence of others. Nonetheless , she must obey an order to undress without question but you are tasked to insure such commands are only done under appropriate circumstances. My wife is not the least bit body shy and is not ever embarrassed to be undressed. She grew up with male authority, her father corrected her with the strap as he did her sisters and mother quite openly so accepting male authority is just part of her nature. In my opinion if you don’t have authority in controlling when she is allowed clothing you have no real authority over her. Of course you should be thoughtful in how you train her to obey your order to undress. She has to understand that you do have the authority to take away her clothing privilege , you may have to talk with her about this to help her understand her proper place and that saying no, except if you command her to sin, is never an option.

  7. I don’t understand this idea of being bare all day thing. Having you’re bottom bared for a spanking and then enduring one is humbling punishment. But if she is being obedient why punish her more and in this way? Being humble and being humiliated are two different things, don’t you think? God is gracious toward His church, should not a husband be toward his wife. While a wife should submit in everything to her husband, it does not make everything she submits to right and we should at least have this understanding, right? We will all give account one day.

    1. Hello Mia, Thanks for your thoughts and questions. Some people do and some people don’t understand being bare The point, beyond the obvious enjoyment at the sight of his woman, is to train a wife in submissiveness. Submissiveness goes beyond accepting the occasional spanking, as I’m sure you understand.

      I’ve never kept a woman all day like that, but I have done it for extended periods of time. I believe it can build submissiveness, along obviously with trust, and intimacy. I don’t find there is any lack of graciousness in this kind of training, but you are free to disagree. If a husband finds the practice helpful to its purpose, he should use it. If it does not work well, then he should not. That’s really the gauge of whether it is right or not.

      Naturally a woman should submit, as she is not being asked to do anything immoral by it. Her husband is enjoying her, and is preparing her in her role. He has a right to do that. Perhaps you read it with a negative tinge because you see something degrading in it. I do not. I see something valuable, and beautiful, and the wife that a man is training is his treasure.

  8. I agree with Mia, as I believe the majority of women would. I don’t think you are understanding how humiliating this would be for most women. You don’t think its degrading, but with all due respect, you wouldn’t be the naked one. Why would a man want to humiliate the woman he loves? I just don’t understand. Shouldn’t a husband ask his wife how she feels about it? Isn’t a man called to know his wife, hear her concerns and protect her? How does this accomplish any of those things.

    I can see the value in a spanking. This I just don’t understand.

    1. Hello Mel, Thanks for your comment. It’s rather subjective what amounts to “humiliating” versus “humbling.” You’re free to find the practice overly humiliating if you want. I do not. I practice discernment when I say that. I don’t need to be the one naked to make that judgment any more than I need to be the one spanked to decide if spanking is useful or being done correctly. I just use my own insight and understanding.

      In fact, in my experience, a woman has a harder time preparing for a punishment, getting spanked to tears, and standing in the corner, than she does stripping for her husband and spending time naked before him. I’ve never seen a woman cry at being bare, but I have seen a woman cry at hearing she’d be spanked. In fact, I believe a woman who is comfortable in her submission to her husband, and is trusting in him, has little difficulty with the idea of being undressed for extended periods of time before him, and many women find the idea attractive. There are likely a few reading this who wish their husbands would train them that way too.

      Like I say above, I am confident that women who experience great resistance to being bare, are motivated by pride or insecurity, or are new to submission and still lack some trust in their husband. It’s not a difficult ordeal for a wife to be undressed before her husband. and I find this is true in non-spanking relationships as well. Being bare becomes a comfortable state for a woman before not too long. If there was a little discomfort to begin with, it soon goes away.

      Does a husband ask his wife how she feels? Sure. But her feelings are not the ultimate judgment on whether to practice it. The judgment is whether a husband believes it is best for her and for the marriage.

      But that’s fine if you feel otherwise. There is no scientific line stating when something becomes too humbling so it becomes a personal decision. There are many husbands out there that don’t bother to use it, just as there are some who do.

      Take care.

      1. iamhissubmissive60 Avatar

        I agree with you, Aron and I wished my husband would train me this way. I am submissive by nature anyway, but this would help us on so many levels in our home especially in the intimacy department. But him being so modest, he would never have me bare, ever. I would gladly welcome it if it were up to me though.

    2. This is a late post but I don’t agree with Mia. I’m a submissive wife and in early days my sir has kept me naked for long hours as practice. I did all house chores in the nude. I had to ask permission for using bathroom as well. I have felt humbled by that experience and submitted completely.

      1. Does your husband have you kneel before him and address him as sir ?

  9. Yes, it is my perspective. A house to ourselves for such training is not possible with children in the home.

  10. Bill's Wifey Avatar
    Bill’s Wifey

    Oh how I wish I could be bared for my husband at His will! Unfortunately we have eight children from ages five through twenty and all are still living in our modestly sized home. I am not humiliated by my bare body, because I know the Lord gave me a husband who reveres my body. When he sees me nude I am proud to be his wife, even when I am bared for a punishment.

  11. Hello Aaron

    If I remember correctly this topic came up when we were discussing boot camp.

    Just in general, there cannot be two captains of a ship. Doesn’t work. And I have seen men get run over by their wives over and over again and they just keep taking it.

    I’ve seen women in charge at work and sometimes it doesn’t work out too good because they get overwhelmed
    Why? Because some have a tendency to bring their problems at home with them.
    I have heard that a woman’s brain never rests; it keeps going and going and going like the creature on the battery commercial. Men’s brains take a rest every now and then. Result-in many cases they dont get so stressed.
    Getting back on the topic, we have to remember ambient temperatures can come into play.
    Since the wife’s behind is central to all of this, I believe as long as it stays bare that should be the main thing. My wife wears sweaters and sometimes leggings so that when she is going through a punishment phase the bottom stays bare and she is not so cold

    We spiced things up recently where I bought some long Johns for her and I cut the flap off.

    I’m looking for more ideas if anyone can recommend anything I would LOVE to hear from you



  12. On those occasions when I was forced to punish my wife for being lax in doing her chores I generally required her to complete those chores after her punishment without allowing her to get dressed, my wife is corrected nude, Also when my wife is punished , unless there are special circumstances , she must remain nude until bedtime.

    1. Excellent. Just similar to my experience. My sir corrects me in the nude with a mouth gag on and I am humiliated and submitted to him.

    2. HappyWifey Avatar

      same for me. doing my housework nude with a red bottom on display is very instructive for me an entertaining for Hubby.

  13. Busy Dad Avatar

    I agree with others, in that the viability and value of nudity in the home will depend on different factors than spanking will. It’s kind of funny to see some of the women readers prefer spanking to extended nudity when the majority would have opposite preferences!

    I personally would never use my wife’s nudity per se as punishment. However, I did have to guide her to an understanding that I had a right to view and enjoy her body outside of “normal” situations like having sex and showering together. I used gentleness and took gradual steps over a few years. For example, before we went to bed, I’d sometimes undress her and hold her on the couch for a few minutes. This was hard for her at first because she didn’t seem to believe I really wanted to just enjoy her in that state. It was good for her to learn to graciously acquiesce and enjoy being enjoyed.

    We moved to longer activities, still leisurely, like watching a show with her in that state, leaning on me. Eventually I asked her to start taking off her clothes when we were in our bedroom together and our children were asleep. She not only accepted this but she thought it was fun, and only insisted on a hook for her robe by the door. The next step was having her undressed during part of the day during isolated weekend getaways.

    We haven’t progressed further than that because I would never risk exposing her to others, and as mentioned above, the air must be comfortable and it isn’t always. And, again, I’d never punish her by depriving her of clothing other than to bare her bottom to spank her better. I suspect she would obey if I did punish her that way, but I just don’t see the benefit to either of us.

    By the way, she has the Biblical right to enjoy my body as well. While she doesn’t enjoy looking at me the way I do at her, I’ve never turned down a request from her and I also make my body available to fix many things around our home. 🙂

    Trusting my experience is instructive, encouraging, and not too much detail.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience towards nudity and discipline. I appreciate your approach. Every wife is different and it is good to use your discretion in how she is best led. You sound like a loving husband who cares about what is best.

  14. My husband keeps me naked except for a bra he understand my breast are heavy and it pains my back to go braless but my butt is always bare as my husband likes it to be handy for a strapping or whatever else he wants. Learning to be a submissive wife has not been easy for me and I have had my butt blister numerous times. I have always deserved. I’m just glad I don’t get the strap so much any more

  15. My husband often tells me to get naked for him, eg during tv time or when I do the dishes. Its not humiliating since I know he loves to see my body and I enjoy submitting to his wishes. I have no problem with the nudity and think that its harder when he request me to show myself off, Im then required to lift my shirt up and pull my breasts out of the bra and stand like that until he ask for next, I then turn around and either pull my pants down or lift the skirt up and bend over for him to see my bottom once again until he calls next and I turn around drops my panties to my knees and hold my vagina open. Sometimes he stand next to me and feels me during this but most of the times he just observe from the couch. At first it was very degrading to perform like that but it have learned that even if my private part is giving both of us pleasurer its his decision to when and how I make him enjoy my body.

    1. It’s good you can appreciate its meaning for him, as well as for you. There’s nothing degrading in a wife showing her submission to her man with her body. In marriage that is perfectly natural.

    2. Wow this is so similar to my marriage that I thought i had written that! Indeed i feel a deep sense of humiliation that hasnt gone away after years of marriage , but i submit to this.

      Im not sure why I cant get rid of the feeling but i think it’s the fact that i feel i am being made to become his object. Im sure this could be a familiar feeling for wives who are put in such a position. I felt this humiliation in the most intense manner when my husband made me bare my breasts for him the first time, and he begin fondling with them and pinching them in a way that was too humiliating for me to handle, especially since i was commanded to stand still.

      I think overtime i began to understand that this man is my master, whom god has put over me, and if he takes pleasure in my body, i should rejoice in that

      1. Thank you for sharing how the experience of nudity affects you. There is a deep sense of belonging when a wife is nude before her husband, especially if it is for her training or correction. It can truly be a little uncomfortable, even after doing it many times. The ego wants its defenses, but being bare demands dropping any defense, any pretense, and being in the hands of your lord. You can know more deeply how you belong to him, even if there is a small part that wants to struggle to be in control. Nudity helps strip any artifice of power or artifice of autonomy away. I’m sure you have experienced very well how it is helpful to a lady.

        1. Avatar

          I always believed in nude discipline and nude corner time after.

  16. Better Lady Avatar
    Better Lady

    This site is just great article after great article and it’s nice that it is available as a resource for people like myself and my HOH who are new to this lifestyle. I was never comfortable being nude and was resistant to sexual requests but upon embracing a submissive role have really found joy in being responsive to my HOH’s requests for me to serve him sexually. He has not yet used his authority to make me be nude just as a request but I found the idea intriguing and wanted to show him that I am his so the other morning I woke up before he did and instead of getting dressed after showering, I just put on heels and an apron and started doing my housework. When he saw me, I could tell he was pleased. This is now an expectation going forward and I am happy to obey! The embarrassment I used to feel has been replaced with feelings of love and joy as I see him gaze upon my naked flesh.

    1. Thank you for your comment Better Lady. You are taking courageous steps to grow in submission, and to make your husband happy. Often once you overcome that fear, you find you are in your natural element. I know your husband must be delighted by the new steps you are taking.

      As I often say, it is sometimes the steps a wife takes in submission that help her man to lead. Now he has some new ideas in how to guide you. Obedience is not always easy, but it can be a joy!

      Blessings to you and your family.

  17. Nudity is not always an option. Knee length skirt or dress at all times. Partner should always feel either bound or vulnerable so either no panties or extra firm control panties at all times

  18. tryingtosubmittohim Avatar

    Looking back, I think my heart to submit started when my husband insisted on my nudity. I always sleep naked and he does, too. We shower together every morning. I stay naked as long as possible when I’m getting ready for the day. (We have 4 kids, all at home, and I homeschool, so nudity stays in the bedroom.)

    When our kids were little, my parents were going to be out of town, so we asked if we could stay at their house for the weekend. We got a sitter and he called it “Naked Weekend.” I was very humbled, but I stayed naked the entire weekend. He had full access to my body and he LOVED it. Yes, it was humbling. Yes, it was even a little embarrassing. But he also treated me like a queen, often getting take-out food and bringing it back for us. He had full access to my body and it truly helped me submit to him.

    In the morning, I get up before him to do chores and work while everyone is sleeping. When I come back into our bedroom, I undress immediately. This is just how I serve him. I think it’s made the transition into spanking easier for us.

    1. Yes, nudity is a great reminder, and expression of submission. It’s wonderful how fully you have learned to submit. It is also a great joy for man and wife to be so close and intimate. Thank you.

  19. Better Lady Avatar
    Better Lady


    I love the idea of “naked weekend” and shared the idea with my husband. He also liked the idea and told me that we will be having ours soon. Thank you for the wonderful idea!

    1. Congratulations. I think you’ll both find it rewarding.

    2. My partners are naked as much as possible. I also believe they should feel vulnerable or bound to me at all times so either no panties or extra firm control panties at all times.

  20. i agree. however, i do not believe that a woman should be proud of her naked body. A woman who is proud of her nakedness has a spirit of lewdness. I appreciate when i see my wife carry shamefacedness when having to bare her body, because she is pure in thought. Her body is a vessel she should cover and hide- to be modest and not proud.

    Baring herself to me and having a sense of humiliation befall upon her lets wives learn that they are wholey subjected to their masters, and they bare their shame even if it is difficult for them.

    1. Hello Simon, There is naturally a sense of shame that comes with being bare for a punishment. It can be very humbling by itself. Nudity is one of the elements that helps make a correction effective.

      However, in a different context, I believe a woman should know that her husband finds her beautiful and desirable. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be attractive for her husband, and enjoying it.

      1. I understand what Simon means. I often want to be attractive to my husband and i take joy in that. However the humiliation comes from the flaws of my body and having these flaws out in the open. I shall give an honest example, that is my husband dislikes bigger sized aerolas. Unfortunately these is exactly how my body is. Even though my husband appreciates my body, I know he finds that part of me unappealing and i am insecure and ashamed of if as well. Women are measured by their obedience and beauty. and when we falls short in one area, its humiliating to show it out in the open

  21. Better Lady Avatar
    Better Lady

    I think a woman should be proud of her nudity for her husband. He should make her feel good and proud by showing that he loves every inch and every God given perfect part. Having to be bare for punishment is humbling by nature because the woman feels remorse and regret for disappointing her husband. It is cruel for a man to criticize something about his wife’s nudity that is out of her control such as the size of her aerolas, her natural hair color or beauty marks. A husband should be critical of his wife’s weight or grooming out of love but should accept and love what she has been given by God and cannot or should not control or change.
    I am very modest in my dress and do not have a “spirit of lewdness” even though I am proud and eager to be naked for his enjoyment. I do love and respect my husband and I know that he enjoys seeing my naked body. It is his. If he made me feel ashamed, I would have a very difficult time being submissive and obedient. I do not subscribe to the idea that a wife is property and not subject to respect, honor and appreciation. She may not correct her husband but that doesn’t mean that she should be shamed by her husband. As Aron so eloquently writes in so many posts and comments, a husband should treasure his submissive and obedient wife. A husband has responsibility for his wife, correcting and guiding her and all should be done with Godly love.

    1. That is very thorough and well expressed. Thank you.

  22. Rita B Avatar

    Hello Aron,
    Thank you for this post. I can relate to much of what you describe here. My husband and I were married just over a year ago. He started spanking me after we got engaged. He has always had me fully nude when he disciplines me, but even with frequent and consistent correction after bad behaviour, I still struggled with resistance and letting go of my pridefulness.

    I was finally able to break through a few months ago when he started keeping me naked at home. The rule has basically been that unless I have a specific reason why I need to wear clothing, I remain undressed at home. It was difficult at first, but once I got used to it, it felt like the most natural thing to be bare for my husband almost all the time.

    It has been nothing short of incredible for me as a wife and for our marriage. I’m more content, and feel so rooted and comfortable in my physical body and in my femininity. It also helped me stop trying to hide my emotions and be open and forthcoming with my husband. I love serving him in this way because it’s how he desires me to be.

    Initially, his intention was to keep me nude to train me intensively for a month or two to push me step into my role in our marriage and fully submit to him. And now, after seeing how effective it was, he’s made it his expectation going forward, at least for now.

    I never could have imagined how transformative just being naked would be for me. It’s not as though I suddenly transformed into the perfect submissive wife. Far from it. I am still spanked as hard and almost as frequently as before he kept me bare. But letting go of this last bit of control over my body helped me focus my mind entirely on being obedient and I was finally able to relax enough to surrender to my husband’s will. I’ve never been happier.

    Thank you for this blog, especially this topic. You certainly understand the psychology and marital benefits of a nude wife and you’ve helped me accept that me being naked at home is perfectly natural and there are reasons why it feels so right to both of us.

    1. Hello Rita, I am very happy I have helped you in accepting this form of submission. I thank God for that. I think yours is a very good testimony, not only to the usefulness of being naked before your husband, but of the importance of persevering. You certainly overcame any awkwardness or inner resistance, and now you are letting it change you. Now this tool of nudity is your helper. There are women who have trouble getting past those early hurdles and resistance, so it’s a great example to see you experience the rewards. You and your husband must both be enjoying it. Blessings.

  23. I find that being required to remain naked before my husband does wonders for instilling a healthy sense of humility, particularly if my bottom has been freshly spanked red. In addition to full nudity, he will periodically instruct me to bare and present a certain intimate part of my body, such as the breasts, buttocks, genitals, or anus. Then, he will take a minute to closely examine the location of choice before allowing me to cover up again and resuming normal activities. Personally, I find that the way that he casually and naturally enforces this practice is very helpful as a reminder of my submissive position at all times of day, not just during punishment or in the bedroom. It has also helped me overcome shame and learn to appreciate the love represented by my exposure, which strengthened our bond a lot during the early stages. Presently, it works well for us as a quicker alternative to maintenance spankings at times when we may be a little busier in life.

  24. Just like to say I’ve been reading your articles for about 2 years, I’m always impressed how eloquently they’re written, even on sensitive subjects.

    I’ve been married about 8 years now and my wife has become very accepting of being nude in any degree. Our property affords a great deal of privacy so when it’s just us, I’ll even have her go naked in the pool. She was raised with traditional Christian discipline, which she continues with our own children, so nudity isn’t new to her, however she can still be self-conscious over her body. Baring for a spanking still humbles her even though it’s more often below the waist, and this only occurs when we’re home alone–discipline on the spot iIns extremely rare. Now in our particular society, breasts are in no way illegal, but she still feels some shame baring them even though they’re still high, perky and divergent. Occasionally I’ve used my authority to take advantage of this and completely suspended her bra privileges for up to a week. This was usually because she dressed improperly. She found this quite embarrassing, and I’d visit her at work to verify she wasn’t wearing any chest armor. About 2 months ago, she did so for the first time. I kept my composure as a husband should, and warned her that she had consequences to face. We had a serious talk about disobedience that Friday evening. I declared that until Monday morning, she was to stay home and wear her usual elastic sundresses, but she was to be topless at all times. She was agast, but I affirmed that she disrespected me by defying my instructions while already under punishment. Being reminded of her place, she did obey. That’s right, her breasts remained bare in the house and back yard for two whole days. Having learned her lesson, we had the usual post-spanking conversation, said a prayer and she was forgiven.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Angelo. It’s interesting how you use nudity and manage to maintain it in the long term. Nudity does indeed instill submission, and helps a woman grow comfortable with submission. That can also translate into an ease of sexual submission.

      I would give you a slight warning though, that in this day it’s not necessarily so private outdoors, even if you enjoy a private yard, since anyone in the world can put up a drone, and see what they want. It would not be hard to inadvertently allow someone to see what only you should see.

      I’m glad you have discipline in your marriage. I know it will continue to benefit you both, as you lead and she gently follows.

  25. Katherine Avatar

    Hi all. I’m a young married woman and I’m here to say from the first days of my marriage I fully submitted to my beloved husband, in whatever he decides. He knows best. I do as he wants and I’m naked at home all the time he’s my man and he wants full access to my body whether it is disciplining or love making. I think this is one of the best ways to be disciplined as a young woman. Thanks for the beautiful content.

    1. You’re welcome. I appreciate your embrace of submission, and your loving devotion to your husband.

  26. Trying but New Avatar
    Trying but New

    I find wearing an apron is humbling. Puts the independent career woman in housewife mode. That’s clothed. I’m just starting to learn submission with a man who has tried but is hesitant to spank. Do women using nudity as training use aprons while cooking to protect the front?

    1. Hello Trying, Thank you for visiting my website, and for sharing your experience. I’m glad you are seeking to learn submission. Be persistent and I know you will see results. It will transform you inside. I’m sure some of the women could share about how they deal with nudity while cooking. An apron seems reasonable, and still allows as good amount of nudity. I can definitely see how that puts you in housewife mode.

      1. I wear linen crossback aprons for cooking and gardening. I’m usually at least partially nude at home, so I keep a few scattered around the house to throw on in case we have unexpected visitors. They are open in the back, but you can secure it closed with a clothespin and also wear it as a makeshift dress in a pinch, which I often do. Good coverage in the front for completing messy tasks. When I wear an apron, I am wearing it to complete housework, so sexyness is less of a concern. My nipples show through, especially when I’m breastfeeding, but I’m not fussed about that. Crossback aprons worn backwards are also great a breastfeeding cover up. I am a big fan. They’re easy to throw on and just as easy to take off.

  27. Jessica Lyndrith Avatar
    Jessica Lyndrith

    I have had children in the home since before I began to submit. So full nudity hasn’t been an option much of the time. If we’re home alone Hubby often tells me to strip. He loves watching me do homework naked. I love offering my body for his pleasure.

    Early on, clothing was a big part of my submission. I was still a corporate executive and even though my study of the Bible had convinced me that Submission to my husband was best, I struggled to turn off “boss babe” mode after work and submit to my husband.
    One day the kids were at a friend’s home and I came home and was still clearly in “bossBabe” mindset. I wasn’t actually doing anything wrong, just struggling to get my mind to accept it’s submissive state. Hubby saw that and very firmly ordered me to remove my blouse. I obeyed, then he ordered me to remove my bra. He kept on ordering my to remove clothing until I was standing naked in front of him. He carefully examined my body, touching and praising my most private parts, and declaring them his property. My face burned, I cried a little bit. Having just come home from the office where I was the boss, It was very humbling to be ordered to undress and get inspected and claimed. He made me stay naked and do my housework with my naked body on display while we watched me fully clothed. It immediately put me in a submissive state.

    When it was time for the girls to come home he let my put on a simple bathrobe and nothing else. Although it was very humbling, we ended up having a wonderful evening together and I’m convinced it headed off me earning a pretty sound spanking.

    Realizing the value of disrobing, hubby made a new rule. I am never to wear business clothes at home. I changed into it in the garage before going to work and changed out in the garage before coming inside. It helped a lot.

    Eventually the dissonance between Executive Jessica and homemaker Jessica became to much and I asked hubby if I could quit work and be a full-time wife and mommy he was thrilled but it took us 8 months to work things out for that to work. It included moving to a much more modest house (which, ironically we are much happier in with me as a housewife, than our former huge beautiful house, cleaned by a paid maid.)

    Nowadays as a stay at home wife I’m often made to be naked while the kids are at school. But regardless, Hubby has set a high standard for my modesty in public but wants me to be suggestive at home. He says it’s ok, even good, for the girls to see me model using my body for my husband’s pleasure while reserving it for his eyes alone. So while they don’t see me nude, unless I’m being punished, they’ve seen me wearing all sorts of things that would be inappropriate outside. Hubby made a rule that says, “if you wouldn’t be spanked for wearing it in public you will be spanked for wearing it at home. And if you wouldn’t be spanked for wearing it at home you will be spanked for wearing it in public.” The easiest way to satisfy that is to wear a dress with no underwear underneath and pin it up in the back at home. But I like to have him know I put effort into it so most days I plan two outfits. It really helps keep me submissive.

  28. Sarah Jane Avatar
    Sarah Jane

    I grew up in a very modest home. I never saw my mommy, daddy or siblings nude, in fact I never even saw my parent’s underwear.

    So when my husband orders me to strip it is very humiliating. I used to resist his commands or try to hide my body. I got lots of spankings for that. Going around the house naked, I’m am constantly aware of my vulnerability. He’s always fully clothed to emphasize the imbalance. And if we get intiment during my forced nudity he only removes the essential parts of clothing. Honestly part of me hates it. But another part of me finds it arousing, because my husband is asserting his dominance and making me nude for his pleasure. There’s something freeing about being forced to submit totally to the man God set in authority over me.
    Still after 2 years, I still feel nervous and ashamed while I’m naked at home and almost always cry.

    He orders this every Saturday since he’s at home. And occasionally he will make me stay nude all day on a weekday even though he’s not there to see. This especially makes me feel vulnerable because he’s controlling me even when he’s not around.

    Please don’t misunderstand. I love my husband and he’s really good to me. Although the nudity is very hard, I don’t resent it because I know it really helps me and helps our relationship. I wouldn’t trade our lifestyle for the world even if it does mean red cheeks from time to time, you know blushing on the face cheeks and another kind of blush on my bottom cheeks.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Sarah Jane. That’s very interesting. I believe other husbands have similar rituals with their wives. I can understand how nudity remains humbling for you, and that is a part of the point. It helps a woman and lets her know whom she belongs to. Despite the challenge I can see you know its value.

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