Feel Like a Natural Woman

A brief word to the women who desire discipline in their marriage:

You are a normal woman and your desire is normal. A woman who wants to experience her man’s strength, including in discipline, is a natural woman. It’s good you want to get spanked. You may be surrounded by friends and peers who think it is wrong, who claim it is aberrant, but it is nothing but a good and natural desire. Being led firmly and spanked by your husband is in harmony with your womanhood — your softness and your yielding — and in a greater sense fulfills a part of your simple humanity. No matter how much your brain has been indoctrinated towards female independence and “strength,” your mind and heart knows the truth. You LOVE to be soft to your man. You know he should be the lord of your life.

It’s also important to know you’re not alone here. You are in good company. No matter what cold night has come down on male leadership in this society, and no matter how commonly it is silenced, people who have traditional homes never simply died out. We are here. There are millions of us. Some of us continued from the previous era, but more privately. Others simply followed their common sense, and learned discipline on their own, despite growing up for years in a feminist society. The public may ban the truth. But the truth never ceases to exist. Countless homes include the man as the unquestioned head, and many also include spanking as a means of correcting a wife. Ladies’ bottoms are getting tanned daily. What has gone on in countless societies for thousands of years never died. You are a part of it. I am a part of it. It is in harmony with our natures as men and women.

A woman who wants to be spanked is following the better part of her nature. She is responding rightly to her femininity. God made her softer. He made her find satisfaction in male strength, and in following the man’s lead. It is not an affront to her — as feminists would like you to believe — but rather the opposite: it helps her realize her womanly character. In her submission she feels complete. She also feels safe and protected. Even the hard moments of a spanking are offset by the reward of knowing her man’s power and his thoughtful concern for her. She loves the deep peace that comes after going through the fire. His instructions, his rules, his firm authority over her bring her what she needs. This should be no surprise. She is the softer sex.

What would you expect from a woman? To act like a man? This might be what a very gender-bent western world would suggest, but it’s not what reason and common sense would tell you. Reason would tell you that a woman would desire to act like a woman, because that is her design. It fits her purpose. She is not built with as much strength as the male. She is not built with the aggression of the male. She does not have that almost obsessive desire to understand truth with clarity and communicate it with precision which are such male traits. Rather she is designed far differently; with a softer body, one that responds to the man, in yielding, and in sexuality. She is designed with a more nurturing nature, with softer emotions, and less aggression. Her grasp of truth is more intuitive, and her feelings lean towards sympathy and understanding, more than towards analyzing and defining things. She does not need to ACT like a man because she is NOT a man. Following her man, rather is natural. Letting him lead is natural. It is fulfilling to be led by him, and so is being spanked.

Many women also experience the sexual element of being spanked and corrected. Their femininity is set aflame by his guidance on her backside. In fact, it is truly impossible to separate sex from power. Making love always includes force, and even controlled violence by the man. Spanking his wife also includes such power, and because it is intimate, is nearly always sexually charged. Spanking her can be like making love to her. Making love can be like violence. There’s nothing wrong with that. Spanking is attractive and sexual because man and wife are built for that power exchange — his hardness and her softness. The sparks of their contact. That power exchange can happen in the bedroom, or bent over the desk during discipline, but it expresses some of the very same elements, and bonds us very in similar ways. The sexual charge of a woman being spanked is, like her deep desire to be led, a natural part of her womanhood. Never be ashamed of feeling that way. It just means you are a natural woman.

Remember, the same people who tell you than a man commanding his wife is wrong are the same people who want to make rules over your life and demand you keep them. They slander the man as an abuser if he firmly leads his wife, yet they want every man and woman to be led by the truly countless rules of the state. They’re not a against rules and punishment. They just desire to be the ones who make them. They affirm the state can force you to obey rules of finance, rules of safety, rules of business, rules of home ownership, rules of travel, rules of transport, rules of import and export, rules of public behavior, even rules of sexual behavior, and if you break ANY ONE of them they want you to get punished. They’d be happy for you to follow what could be commands in the millions, yet they find in unbearable that a wife follow a few simple rules her husband gives her. They are clearly deluded, and the biggest hypocrites imaginable. Never think you are in the wrong just because your man makes rules for you, and he spanks you. You are not in the wrong. You follow a NATURAL order of authority and rules. Those things are good for the wife, just as they are good for society as a whole, as long as they are reasonable. Authority structure, rules, and punishments are good and necessary things.

That is one reason why a woman who longs to be spanked is a normal woman — because as a human being she knows there is satisfaction in having order. There is goodness and protection in an authority structure, and benevolent rules that help us. She also knows as a human being there is restoration and justice when bad behavior is punished. She rightly understands that her misbehavior has set things in disorder, and has disrespected her husband’s authority. Punishment puts that right. Punishment restores her. That’s part of why she feels such cleansing afterward, and such peace. Order is being restored. Her soul is being cleansed of the foul disrespect and rebellion she previously had within her. The right place of her leader and the right respect for law is being restored. The spanking is a small — and more intimate and effective — version of civil justice. The social order needs it, and she knows her soul needs it too. It is good and natural to know you deserve a punishment. It is sane and reasonable to see its benefits.

A natural woman is unashamed to act like a woman. She doesn’t try to fight her nature, but is fulfilled in letting her husband lead her and correct her. She finds fulfillment in the humbling moment of a spanking, even as it hurts. Her softness is restored, and peace is restored, as a spanking brings her back to her place. She craves the strength of her man, and truly appreciates the protection and rest she feels in him. His strength doesn’t maker her try to rise up against him. Rather it heats her with desire, and the great sexual excitement of being desired by him and being taken powerfully by him, in his arms, then in his grip, taken and belonging to him. A natural woman longs for the cleansing that a spanking can bring, even as she cries sometimes in shame at receiving one. She wants the purity restored, rightly, and it is. She knows the order, balance, and harmony produced by authority and submission are a treasure to her home, which she loves, and which she blesses and fills up with life. She is happy in her home, and as a woman, she loves its king.


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  1. A woman who acts like a man surely needs a spanking from a man, her man of course.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Mia. Yes, acting like a man is what society wants to train a woman to do, but she is still feminine in her heart and soul. A spanking will do her good.

  2. Aron,

    As usual, your writing shows your deep understanding of a woman’s heart and the feminine desires which God has rightfully placed there. It is so refreshing to see a woman’s true nature honored and revered by a strong Christian man, and, not for the first time, I read your post feeling as though it was written just for me, with the exact words of encouragement I needed to hear today. That is why the work you do is so important, and I hope that you know how much your readers appreciate you. I know I have much to thank you for.

    I have struggled with my desire to be disciplined by a man ever since I first became aware of it in my late teens. My Christian friends agreed that a husband was the unquestioned leader in marriage, but I knew I would need more direction from my man. I had a deep longing to feel his strength and his dominion over me, and they didn’t seem to understand that. Eventually, I learned to keep my thoughts to myself, which caused me to feel ashamed. It was only when I discovered that there were true Christians who embraced the natural order of things that I began to accept my true self and the beautiful life God intended for me.

    I can only speak for myself, but my journey here is the result of years of reflection on my own imperfections, driven by a desire to serve God. I know I can be stubborn, refusing to open my heart to the truth when I believe myself to be right. I can be disrespectful to those I love when I’m angry or hurt, letting my emotions get the best of me. I can say things that I regret when I am emboldened by anger or pride. It was in the tearful moments of regret as a teen that I found myself longing for something which would put a stop to my childishness before I had done real harm. I wanted true love and feared that my excessive arguing would drive away a future husband, just as my mother had driven away my father. Then a scene in old movie took my breath away. A man simply bent his arguing wife over his knee and spanked her. Even though it was a very tame depiction, it was profoundly satisfying to watch, and, to my delighted surprise, extremely erotic. He gave her exactly what she deserved, without hesitation, and squarely on her bottom. It felt so right. It was as though I’d always known – I am a woman who needs to be spanked.

    I know now that God wants me to be nothing more or less than the natural young woman I am, and I find glorious fulfillment in living His word. He has created in me the desire for a strong man, so that I may be shaped by my husband’s hands and grow closer to Him through my husband’s corrections. In His mysterious way, he has designed the female body to respond with desire for the man who spanks her, so as to strengthen the marital bond. As a bride to be, I am soft and responsive to my man, I offer him nothing but respect and deference, and I actively seek to learn how to best serve his needs. As a wife, I will offer myself to him body and soul, his to mold as he sees fit. I am hopeful that he won’t hesitate to provide stern discipline when I need it, as I know that it will help me become a better woman and keep our marriage on track. There is comfort in knowing that I don’t have only myself to rely upon. My beautiful husband, aided by God, will catch me when I fall and spank me soundly when I stray. For his strength, I am truly grateful.

    1. Thank you, Sophia. I’m glad you felt the article spoke to you uniquely. Femininity is God’s gift, and is a natural characteristic that aids a woman in her beautiful submission. Discipline certainly aids the marital bond, as you say, I pray that you find a husband who leads and corrects you well. I know you will be fulfilled in it. Peace.

    2. Long Time Practitioner Avatar
      Long Time Practitioner

      Sophia there is a Western movie with John Wayne called McLintock with a couple of spankings you might find interesting. The daughter is spanked with a small metal ash scoop used in a coal or wood stove. The spanking is condoned by her father who hands the scoop to the man to spank her. She becomes engaged to the man that spanked her. Later her mother is spanked with the same implement and goes running for he husband to reconcile with him. My wife has a striped bottom this morning for not listening and being wise mouthed yesterday. The strap made her realize the error of her ways and made her want to use her mouth in a more suitable manner. Of course she was comforted after her corner time and slept well with her glowing backside pressed tight to me.

      1. Sophia Avatar

        Thank you for the movie recommendation! I haven’t seen it, but I will look for it. I’m sure I would enjoy it.

  3. TxCoGrl83 Avatar

    This is post is so wonderful to read. Thank you so much for the encouragement towards the woman who practice this lifestyle. It’s very reassuring to be reminded that we each are not alone. It’s easy to feel alone because this topic is not something we bring up even to our closest friends. Unless people are called to live this way they probably won’t understand. I told one friend of mine. She was accepting and I know deep in my heart she wishes she lived a similar way. I have known her since I was Very young, middle school. She lived with my husband and I for years right after college. So she is very close to us both. She told me she doesn’t do anything wrong to get spanked, and she is now divorced. To this day she calls my husband for help. She feels safest with him. Just his energy as a leader attracts all female friends I have. They come to him for help on cars, anything really. They feel his dominance and know that he is strong and that he will handle the situation. Even with them, he gives them a hard time when they mess up. Not spanking of course but he will be like “Allie” (fake name) you know better than to not get your changed, I better not see you do this again. So he does kind of keep them in check as well. Guess what?!? Again, they love it and they still hold him close as a friend when they need help or to feel rescued or safe. These are not even all feminine woman. So it is true I do believe we have something inside of us that craves a man to take control. If we know it or not. I’m not talking about controlling every detail of our lives, but taking overall control. I know Personally and I am suspicious if lots of other wives feel this, we have so much to think about to keep the home, our kids, ourselves, our husbands that we end up trying to control everything. We can not stop. The point above stood out to me “ She is designed with a more nurturing nature, with softer emotions, and less aggression. Her grasp of truth is more intuitive, and her feelings lean towards sympathy and understanding, more than towards analyzing and defining things.” This statement I do Believe to be true true for most woman, not all and that’s ok too. I do feel like sometimes with everything in my head I get so flustered because SO much emotions goes into everything. Understanding snd sympathy is a beautiful thing and a must to even out a man, but it can be exhausting. We tend to give every last drop of ourselves during the day. With children being present, joyful, loving, kind, also organized as well as having to discipline sometimes. On top of that we handle keeping the house going, all laundry, all meals, then cleaning while being their to teach and nurture. After that long day we must be present for husband, be joyful and kind to him. Make sure he is happy when he gets home. Make sure a meal is almost ready., etc… all of that overwhelms. Once we get to that state it’s over. It’s a spiral, and finally in order to get ourselves back. To let go over all the things you are trying to control we need to be spanked and very hard. There is always a reason, we get sent to have a discussion, maybe being rude, or speaking to loudly, whatever it is the underlying reason is stress and trying to control it all. Once you are done and you stop sobbing, and make amends afterward, have your husband forgive you. It’s like a new, cleansed, and revived woman appears. You remember you have an amazing, STRONG (you remember he is very strong :))man who is willing to help if you communicate and stop to ask for help. We feel safe and protected from those feelings of being overwhelmed, we feel deep in our hearts everything is going to be ok. Nothing is so important that it drives us to a place where we are leas able to be respectful and gentle to our husbands. After the disciplinary session everything feels right again. We are both able to be in our correct roles that work for us in our marriage. So this is a very nice post to read making us feel more comfortable and reassured that we are far from alone, especially being a part of this group. We are all here for a reason, we all feel this pull to live our life as a dominant man and husband, or a wife who yields, or submits in her marriage. It’s true that if you feel the need to have a man who takes the lead that is ok, it’s how it’s been for many years. That doesn’t mean you can not do great and amazing things in your life! I believe (not sure if this is not a popular belief on here) I do Believe the woman can be out in the world, with a successful career, or working towards a high degree. Even those woman go home, and they can live thid lifestyle too… it’s a bit different yes, from the wife who stays gone, she has more independence, but when she walks through the door she is now her husbands wife, and she finds her place immediately. Maybe it evens out her heart? Anyway, woman, wives I hope we can communicate together and learn from each other as well. Even Sophia who has not found her husband yet can learn so much. Sophia, I’m not sure where you live, but going to Texas and finding a country boy is a very good bet. He has manners, he loves his Mamma, he most likely grew up with a very hard Dad who whipped him when he was in trouble, so he is used to corporal punishment. Families are still a bit “old school” down there… in the country! I feel like it would be an easy transition for a man into CDD. He is already trained to lead his wife. I sure do hope you find someone who is trustworthy, loving, and kind. Thanks again Aaron for your insight and your writing that for sure felt good to read of a wife. Thank y’all!!!

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience with us. I definitely agree wives can communicate and learn a lot from each other. I hope this site proves to be a starting point for some of those conversations. Blessings!

    2. Sophia Avatar

      Yes, we women who embrace our true nature must stick together and learn from one another! One of my greatest hopes in posting public replies was to find other women who could offer advice and encouragement from their own experiences in receiving discipline. I’ve felt comfortable sharing my thoughts here on Aron’s blog and learning from his readers. I hope to continue to do that for years to come.

      And you’re right about Texas men. I’ve just agreed to marry the finest example of a man I’ve ever seen, and he, just like me, was born and bred in Texas. He is well-equipped to lead me, and I will love, respect, and obey him to the best of my abilities!

      1. I hope all our readers are as happy to hear about your coming marriage as I am.

      2. iamhissubmissive60 Avatar

        Congratulation’s Sophia!! I know you will be the best submissive christian wife for your husband to be, I wish you both a very happy marriage.

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  7. young submissive Avatar
    young submissive

    Hi Aron, this article is wonderful. It hit me right between the eyes.I’m happy to sayto say that I shall be marrying a strong man who shows no hesitation in disciplining me.

    1. Thank you, Young Submissive. I know you’ll be very happy in marriage. We need more strong men leading their wives and children.

  8. young submissive Avatar
    young submissive

    Well, mine isnot only strong, I have realized he doesn’t compromise or give an inch when it comes to obedience and discipline. I can’t talk my way around him. I’m truly blessed to have a man who will let me remain a real, natural woman. I want to be submissive to him in every way possible.

  9. Surrendering Tess Avatar
    Surrendering Tess

    Thank you for this article, and this site. It is a precious gift to hear and understand that there are in fact many others who are drawn to this life, and I find your site to be honoring to both men and women, not always the case in other sites.

    Since I was young I’ve had the desire to be loved firmly and disciplined as a natural part of life. I live in one of the strongest feminist countries in the world – Norway – and have felt like such a freak at times to be honest, trying me best to become ‘normal’ like everyone else, quenching the desire to be taken in hand by my husband. However it’s something that’s stuck with me, though nothing I deared tell my husband when we first got married, I didn’t really have the understanding of myself back then either, to articulate my needs or desires.

    We’ve always agreed that he’s the leader, and he’s set me straight in different ways throughout the years. As time’s gone by I’ve been fortune enough that he’s engaged in disciplining me from time to time, but there’s been a lot of stopping and starting, and sometimes it’s seemed more like roleplay than actual life. At one point I had to realize and make my peace with submitting to him fully, and that would also include his right to not engage with spanking as punishment. That was a very sobering moment for me actually, and a good thing to realize. It’s a choice I’m trying to live out every day, although I have a strong will that kind of complicates things at times.

    We’re just starting up discipline again, and it seems like he understands more of the benefits of it now than before. He’s not spanked me long enough for discipline to make me cry yet, but I keep my mind on submission and what got me the punishment, and I benefit from it. I’m still usually sore the next day, so I usually do a lot of contemplation before and after. I suspect that with time he’ll probably get more in to lecturing while spanking me, and the tears would come.

    Anyways, I’ll stop rambling now. But thank you for a fresh perspectives on a lot of issues regarding this lifestyle, I hope you’ll keep the site active and alive for a long time to come.

    1. Thank you for your comment and for visiting my site, Tess. I’m very honored. It takes time to learn the roles of headship and submission, even if you are committed to them. It also takes time to find the value in spanking, and really see where it fits in. It took me some years to see all of those things. My understanding of spanking was partial until then

      I’m very happy you both are appreciating the benefits. I’m sure there are many other women like you in Norway — who want a man to lead and discipline them — but who are private about it and hide it due to the culture. You’re not alone.

      I certainly hope to be able to offer a fresh perspective for time to come. The website will definitely stay up — unless it gets shut down — but I wonder how long I’ll have ideas for new material. That could pass eventually.


    2. Hi Tess,

      I wanted to let you know how much I can relate to your story. You’re not alone. I, too, felt like a freak amongst my friends for wanting a man’s firm hand to lead me. I was also the one to introduce the concept of discipline to my dear husband. I think as women, it’s easier for us to recognize this need in ourselves than it may be for men to recognize the benefits for their wives and their marriages. They certainly don’t see that kind of leadership modeled for them, and I don’t think spanking hits a deep chord of need in them as it does for us. What they gain from spanking is a peaceful marriage. I’m not a man, but I imagine it’s more of a means to an end for him than a desired process in and of itself. (Though I do wonder if it couldn’t be satisfying to them on some level – righting a wrong as only he can.) But for a woman who listens to her feminine heart, it’s so much more, as Aron has so beautifully described.

      It’s wonderful that your husband recognizes his role as your leader, and that you’re talking to him about what you need. And what a blessing to be made sore by his hand, even if you haven’t yet cried. Show him how much his punishments have bettered you and how deeply you appreciate receiving his corrections. Show him your gratitude and your respect. Show him how disciplining you makes him more attractive to you as a woman. Show him that spanking you has made you more receptive to his words. Shower him with love, respect, and deference, and most of all, let him know that he is your king.

      I truly wish you all the best!

      1. Surrendering Tess Avatar
        Surrendering Tess

        Hi Sophia,

        Thank you for your kind response and support, and my apologies for not replying to you sooner.

        I think the spanking part has grown on hubby a little, and probably because he sees what you said – it’s a way to solve the problem as only he can. I’ve even asked to have a preemptive spanking before a trip we went on as a reminder to not allow stress get the better of me in what could easily be a trying environment. He obliged and it really did the trick. A few times I was tempted to let the stress get the better of me, but then I remembered the warning, knowing the discipline would be worse, and I didn’t want that. And so I took an extra breath, found something good to focus on and we had a good time the entire trip.

        We’ve had a few bumps along the road, as I’m sure all do, but we both agree we like us better when we implement this dynamic to the relationship. We both see the benefits even though it’s hard to go through at times. I think he might be worried about making me cry, although I’ve reassured him I see that as a natural part of a consequence, and tears are not to be feared. Still, I leave it up to him and respect his choices of how and when to implement discipline, and tears or not, I’m still humbled and disciplined and reminded of my place, his strength and the importance of whatever the issue was.

        I’ll be submitting tonight for a spanking, and though I don’t know how severe it’ll be, the wait has me reflecting, coming into a submissive mindset and preparing to do better. It’s pretty chastening in and of itself.. Hopefully I’ll learn well enough from this discipline and won’t be needing another spanking in a while after tonight.

        Hope all is well with you. Thank you for all you share through your comments on this site, it is very helpful and encouraging!


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  12. I am so grateful to read this article. For a while, I thought something must be wrong with me to actually WANT my husband to spank me. After all, I am seen as strong, successful, and respectful to my husband. But I’ve always been drawn to spanking. I’ve always longed for someone to take me over their knee and set me straight AND still love me. I thought my curiosity towards spanking was “wrong” or “ungodly.” How relieved I am to find out that there are actually people out there living a godly life, using spanking in their marriage!

    I think, as a strong opinionated woman, that spanking is a relief. Here is where I can stop being strong. My husband is truly the head of our house and I can truly hide under his shelter. It takes so much pressure off of me! In our agreed-upon contract, I indicated that he can correct me if I work too much to the neglect of our family or home. I also said that he can/should correct me if I am on my phone or computer too much. I trust that he will see the big picture of our life logically, and correct me as needed. I’m tired of making excuses for myself. I want to be the best wife and mother that I can be. Therefore, I am leaving it to HIS discretion to monitor my behavior. I know that can sound crazy to some people, but I actually feel relief. Instead of feeling guilty that maybe I am working too much or maybe I’m not giving the kids enough attention, now I know my husband will spank me if I am selfish and not doing what I should be doing. I know I’ll be tempted to make excuses, but this lifestyle of discipline will quickly help me have a life of balance, which will positively help the entire family!

    To be honest, I came into our marriage very hungry for sex and intimacy. But right away, we just didn’t have a strong spark. We were both virgins and I thought, “Oh well. This is just my duty. Give him sex once or twice a week and if it’s not great, oh well.” But this new lifestyle has made me SO HUNGRY for him. I want to honor him during the day and respect him. I watch my words and my behavior. And in the morning and in the evening, I want to pleasure him. I WANT to have sex. I want to be close to him. I think it’s because I respect him more because he is truly leading me. Because I’m such a strong personality, I have longed for HIM to be strong. His personality is very go-with-the-flow and calm (that’s why I love him!) but in the bedroom, when he takes control and spanks me, well, SWOON. I love it. I love him. I’m so glad we are embarking on this new life together.

    1. Dear Lynn, Your response to your man is deeply womanly, and feminine. It is about the opposite of what most women are taught today, but it is the natural reaction. Many more women would have the chance to experience that goodness if they were not taught to hate and fear their submission instead. I am truly happy for you both.

      As you say, a man’s leadership and discipline can take a burden off of you. It can be relieving to know you’re not in charge, and to follow someone who is. The burden of being in charge stresses and worries women in general more than it does men. That’s why men lead, and are made to be stronger. Things fall into place in the marriage relationship when each of you are doing your jobs; jobs which are different, but which act in harmony, and are both important.

      It is sad how many Christians would view spanking in a negative light. It’s been ground into them. They’ve seen authority itself watered down so much it is nearly meaningless, and they’ve seen submission reinvented as something that does not mean submit. Niceness is not the calling of the Christian man, but strength and love is. He uses his strength for righteous ends.

      Man’s power is often the key ingredient in the marriage bed. It is hard to see how great sex can be if you haven’t experienced his strength personally. Intimacy and discipline really are interwoven, and share some of the same core components. The man claims his wife, he teaches her she belongs to him, he has physical mastery of her, he reaches inside her. Touches her. Keeps her bare. The husband doing what is natural to his strength greatly helps the wife do what is natural to her softness and submission. As you can see, it charges with life the marriage bed.

      God continue to bless you both.

      1. This site, and this post in particular, is such a beautiful testament to the life that awaits men and women who embrace their true roles as God intended. What a blessed relief it is to be in the care of a truly strong man, and how wonderfully satisfying it is to give our flesh unto him! I agree with you, Lynn, that a man who backs his words with the power of his belt is even more attractive to his woman as a result. I am in awe of God’s beautiful plan – giving me every bit of the discipline and structure I need through my husband’s righteous punishments, but also ensuring I am a joyous and enthusiastic partner for him in our marriage bed. He deserves nothing less. I seek always to honor and reward him for his headship. Being firmly ruled by him fills such a special place in my heart. There’s nothing I would rather be than a feminine and submissive wife for my husband.

    2. Good day, Lynn, and thank you for sharing this. I could have written this text. I always knew I wanted to be submissive to my husband, and I feel so ashamed. I was the one who introduced DD lifestyle to my husband, we have been married for almost 20 years and have wonderful children. I am gratified that I am not the only woman who wants this for my marriage. Best regards Anna

  13. Better Lady Avatar
    Better Lady

    Very well written article and the comments are all spot on to how I have been feeling. I knew something was missing from my relationship and when I embarked on this journey with my Hoh, we both were a bit nervous but with each passing day, we found comfort and ease in our roles. Me in a submissive and obedient role and he in his authority and leadership role. I found that I suddenly did feel very natural and happy. I did feel awkward and wondered if I were weird for craving discipline and leadership. I now know that is not the case and that I have found joy by breaking through the feminist ideals and barriers that exist in our western world. It’s too bad that so many women will never know the joy and love that they could have if they accepted their position as a submissive and obedient wife to a strong, authoritative man that is not afraid to lead.

    I also think the feminist attitudes and teachings have contributed to the breakdown of family and marriage. I see so many young people that are lashing out and claiming to be lesbian or gay or gender identify as someththat they just are not. It’s a terrible situation. It makes me cringe when I hear people refer to single mothers as heros. The loss of a father in a family is tragic and should never be celebrated. If that loss was perpetuated by selfishness and righteous feminist attitudes and behaviors, that mother is not a hero. Children need to see adults engage in a loving and Godly relationship and everything should be done to ensure that happens from birth to at least 18 years old. I’m sorry for the rambling but it really frustrates me to see so much selfishness in the world.

    Anyway, I am glad I am not alone but I am even more glad that I have a strong and loving Hoh that is not afraid to keep me in line.

    1. Thank you. I’m very happy with your success and your satisfaction with embracing submission. I appreciate your sharing your thoughts. It can feel awkward for a woman at first, as she sheds some of what she’d been taught before, but then she can see how natural it is. She can do it with ease and experience deep fulfillment. That is why so many women long for it, even if their intellects have been trained differently. It is in the body and soul.

      I can feel where you are coming from. It is a tragedy we should grieve over what has happened to the family and to sexuality in the West. The unstable homes, and the lack of fathers in the homes, have deadly results generations down the line. As perversion gets treated as normal and even as heroic, it has not been a surprise that the numbers of people identifying as “gay” or transsexual has greatly increased in a very short time. It truly is a choice.

      The best place to start in healing from this disaster is at home: by leading righteous lives ourselves, and by obeying God. It is on the Church to repent of its sins, and change its way of life first. There is so much relief in returning to what is right. God will forgive and restore if His people repent.

      Many are appalled by the radical gender ideas today, but the same people who are so appalled embraced the radical gender ideas of yesterday, letting their daughters follow the same path as men, aim for the same higher education, the same careerism, do male sports, male activities, enter the armed forces. They watered down or erased male headship in the home. One compromise has led to another, to the point today’s disaster looks like a mere continuation.

      You can be sure that God’s order, and the natural order, provide the home both peace and stability. Not just for 18 years, but for life. Perhaps in recognizing the goodness of headship and submission, more will also come to recognize the goodness of gender roles in the broader sense, and return to some of the traditions that helped keep them stable.

      Men must know they can trust in God’s Word and it will lead them right. It is true and can be trusted. The path God gives us in the Bible, I find over and over, is in harmony with our body and soul. He designed us, so He gives us the instructions that go with our design.

      Peace to you.

  14. Fran Reid Avatar
    Fran Reid

    Aron Sir.
    You have such a grasp of the female mind. Her wants, needs and deep rooted desires which our secular society shuns today. Is it normal for me to enjoy raising my children at home? Instead of joining the army? I’ve never hated such an abhorrent ideal in my life. Women in the forces, air land and sea. Women astronauts and mechanics who push themselves to prove they are just as good if not better than the Men they wish to work with. A woman is born with a God given desire to bare children in marriage to a strong Man who leads her, works and brings home the bacon ..”while she cooks it” That’s what HoH says. I agree with his statements wholeheartedly and he is a smart Man too.

    1. Yes, the current society has women in conflict with themselves, hating themselves for wanting to do what is good and natural, and feeling pressured to go into things that are their weaknesses, and not their strength. It is real manipulation, and demands a great deal of self deception. A woman is fulfilled in submission, and in the home. She is literally built to bear and nurture children. I truly feel sorry for women who have followed the social trends and sought independence. They miss out on so much, if only they knew.

      1. Fran Reid Avatar
        Fran Reid

        Oh I agree Sir. I could not bare being away from my family just to work in a very masculine field such as the Army. We had friends in school who joined and have not heard from them since but HoH doesn’t believe a Gay man can be happy in the army as much as he thinks a young woman can be. We pray for our fallen friends who have steered so far away from the path of righteousness. We are not a Family who says “let and let live” “live your truth”. My HoH believes all Families big and small, divided, divorced and bereaved need Jesus through our testimony and prayers. We are ambassadors of God in a corrupt world. In 14 yrs of marriage and 16 yrs of being a Christian I’ve learned so much but thanks to my strong fair Husband who I owe my body and self too, I have alot more to learn. Through this I’ve earned less trips over his knee as I don’t argue or verbally disagree with him, instead I wait for him to ask my opinion and I offer gentle advice that he takes in and listens to. He doesn’t treat me as one of the children nor does he say no to every question I calmly ask him. We do discuss topics together and we watch our favorite films together once the girls are asleep. When a woman submits fully the benefits and blessings in time become abundantly fruitful.

  15. Hello Aron. It’s like a woman wrote this, you clearly know how a woman’s mind works. Best regards Anna.

    1. I’m very honored that you say that. Bless you.

  16. Hello,
    I have been perusing your blog, and it resonates with me quite a bit. I have always, since my earliest memories, desired genuine discipline from someone who I know truly wants the best for me. I have always wanted discipline to be real, awful, and the deterrent it is meant to be. This desire to submit to an authority is deeply ingrained in me, and I have always known it and known that being submissive helps me be my best and most authentic self. I am fortunate to be married to a wonderful, amazing man whom I respect and adore, and who I know respects and adores me. We have a beautiful family, and my heart bursts with gratitude for the love I am surrounded by. I thank God daily for allowing me to submit to my husband and to be the mother to four of the most lovely humans you could ever meet.

    Now, all of that is true. And it is also true that I have a PhD, am a college professor, am a published author, and have a keen mind. I speak three languages fluently and am learning a fourth. My husband is equally intelligent, yet has only a high school diploma. Nevertheless he has risen to the very top of his field, one of the many things I admire him for. I am explaining this because I feel you often paint too narrow a portrait of “woman” and “man.” For example, you write: “[A woman] does not have that almost obsessive desire to understand truth with clarity and communicate it with precision which are such male traits.” Really? I am a woman; I love to be under the authority of my husband. I also love that he relies on me to edit his writing. I also love that I can engage in intellectual discussions with pretty much anyone and voraciously read from a variety of sources and perspectives. I can throw a lovely dinner party, serve a delectable meal, and parlay with some of the strongest minds in my community, right there with my beautiful Man who beams with pride. I do not hesitate to let my colleagues know that I must “check with my husband” before making big decisions, and many have expressed their admiration for how our marriage works so well.

    Both my husband and I are smart enough to recognize how we compliment one another, yet there is absolutely no question that he is the leader of our marriage and of our family. I appreciate his correction, and I also gently speak truth to him when he needs to hear something. Neither of us is perfect, and we each rely on the strengths of the other, and we each testify that the other has helped us grow in every aspect- spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and socially. My point, my friend, is do not diminish women. My brilliant husband supports my growth; in fact his discipline has given me the strength to be my very best. You see, I was a high school dropout before I met him. His faith, his guidance, his love, and yes, his chastisement have been the tools God has used to make me whole. I fall to my knees in gratitude to my husband and to God for the amazing life I have been given. I know my husband would say the same, that my love, support, and sharp mind have helped him to become his best self.

    1. Hello Sara, Thank you for your comment, and for visiting my website. I’m glad you have such love for your husband and that you submit to him. Submission is very fulfilling. This is especially true when you have a man who loves you as well, and who knows how to lead. I hope you both continue to grow as head of home and beloved helper, and know much joy together.

      While I am sure there are women who have high IQs, I have not personally met any who have the kind of aggressive desire to know the truth, and hold on to it clearly, that men have. If there are, then they are quite rare, and I believe my statement regarding man and woman’s nature stands true, either way. While it has a connection to intelligence, it has a stronger connection to man’s strength, aggression, as well as his spiritual purpose. He has greater capacity with the truth.

      The woman’s skills, intelligence among many others, need to be focused on the home when she is married. That role not only compliments her nature better, but also blesses the world through her unique gifts. Submission and caring for the home and children go naturally together in marriage. She is indispensable in nurturing and teaching children, among other things.

      That may be a simple comparisons of our natures, but I believe it is accurate.

      1. I would like to suggest that good women with an aggressive desire to know the truth are likely to submit that to the authority of the men they love. This might make that desire harder to see—even invisible to the men involved. Honoring the man is a higher priority than figuring things out. We can trust God to keep track of the truth.

        Blessings and love,

        …not that Sara 🙂

  17. Joanna Avatar

    A great post. I couldn’t agree more. I was wondering what was wrong with me because I wanted to be spanked by my man.

    1. Thank you. There are many women like you, and many of them find what they want in being spanked. Of course it’s not just the spanking, but the strength and love of their man. I hope you are likewise fulfilled.

      1. Joanna Avatar

        Unfortunately, I’m not. I’m splitting up with my partner right now. I have a rebellious streak and I neeed a man who would handle it in a proper way. My partner didn’t.

        1. Hello Joanna, I understand. A man needs to know how to lead, and that includes being able to handle a woman who needs correction. However, you also have your own end of learning, which is to commit yourself to honoring your husband, and submitting to him. You should be showing him that from the start. Make it your goal.

          Spanking in general is for a husband to do, not a partner, because a husband is the one with the real authority. He has the right and responsibility to discipline you. So splitting up is best anyway, at least until marriage. It takes some men time to learn the authority that they have, so do not expect them to grasp it immediately. There are still good men out there.

  18. Joanna Avatar

    Thank you very much for what you replied to me, Aron. You are a very wise man.

  19. I feel like a total weirdo sometimes, that I feel happiest after my husband has spanked me and I have a sore bottom. The other day, when we were discussing the job thing again, he said, “I don’t want you to have to answer to anyone else. I want to be the only one who can tell you what to do.” To which I replied, “I feel like I should be offended by that, but for some reason, I’m not.” It was actually kind of a turn on. I’m very grateful for you, Aron, and the other women here that have helped me to see that maybe I’m not the weird one.

    1. Thank you. It sounds like you’re doing great. I think you show the right attitude in what you describe. You’re not weird at all. There is often the most peace and satisfaction after a spanking, along with a gentle closeness between husband and wife. I’m very honored to have been able to help.

  20. GeeWhiz Avatar

    This post has me in tears. It’s been one of the biggest hang ups I’ve had since I literally found DD by mistake and though I’m excited in a way for the spiritual underpinnings and potential results of trying DD, I admit I feel like some deviant freak. I’ve expressed this fear to my husband who has assured me I’m not, but I KNOW my friends and family would call it abuse or some kink at best and I’m very worried about that.
    My family already doesn’t necessarily support my choice in husband, and I know they have judged him in the past for various things from his past.
    I was not abused growing up and my parents spanked but rarely and appropriately in my opinion. I was date raped (on two separate occasions) but never had ongoing abuse from any partner- so all the classic readings don’t seem to land for me! I don’t know ‘where’ it comes from exactly but the first time I encountered the structured, ruled outline of DD it’s like a lightbulb went off!
    It’s a relief to hear that other women (with brains and ambitions and ideas!) are also understanding of this and helps me feel more normal, and more relaxed and confident in this. Thank you all!!

    1. aronhusband Avatar

      We’re very happy to have you here. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. There are many more women than you would guess who get spanked, and who find it very rewarding. That is one of the values of having communities online, so you can realize within the safety of anonymity the solidarity you have with other women and men.

      It’s not just the discipline that is so fulfilling, but the strength, structure, and correction which a man’s leadership provide. Being accountable and disciplined definitely has its challenges, but many women testify how it helps them and draws them closer with their husband. It allows a flowering of femininity that apart from real authority is very hard to find.

      I am very happy for you and your husband.

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