Do You Have Time to Give Discipline?

One of several challenges of having discipline in your marriage is making sure that you have the time. This could be planning the time to give a spanking, or another form of correction. The time it takes to give a spanking is not great, usually, so do not think the average marriage will be too busy for discipline when needed. If you can spend a few minutes on your computer or watching a show, you can give a thorough spanking, lecture and all. There may be times such discipline has to be postponed, but much of the time putting aside a short while in the evening will take care of it. A spanking itself is short, and the overall session not much longer.

What is the normal time of a spanking? Well, if you think about it, considering how long it takes to deliver strokes to a bottom, it won’t be very long. I would guess most of the spankings I give are around five minutes, maybe up to ten. They may be five-or-so minutes the lady dreads, and wishes were over, but she is not bent over for long. That includes delivering continual strokes to the bottom, and lecturing during and in between them. I may take short pauses during the punishment, either out of mercy, or to deliver the punishment from the other side, but that won’t alter the time much. Even a spanking which reaches one hundred strokes or above doesn’t have to be over five minutes unless given very slowly. 

The total discipline session typically will last longer than a few minutes, however. I will give my wife a talk before the spanking begins, and if there are any questions she can ask them at that time. I also give a short corner time after the spanking, not as a punishment, but to allow my wife to calm down. Then I’ll have her come over and we’ll have another short talk about her future behavior, and what she has learned. If you add all of this up, at best it’s thirty to forty minutes. That is not a burdensome amount of time to spend on the valuable purpose of correcting your wife, unless you have the busiest schedule imaginable, or are giving spankings all the time. Even if it’s once a week, that’s not bad. In many homes it is once a month or even less often, so major drains on time simply do not occur. Some couples manage quickie spankings with less talking than I do, and that will speed up their time, even though I believe it’s advantageous to have that talking as part of the session. 

There are some factors that can extend the time of correction a little beyond the thirty to forty-minute range. Naturally, many couples make love, or have the woman serve sexually, after she is chastised. You can factor how long that takes into the overall time of discipline, but realize you’d often likely be doing these activities anyway, so to a degree you are simply switching when those things will be done, rather than taking out more time than normal. Another factor that could extend a normally quick spanking is if a wife wants to argue about her spanking, or thinks she does not deserve to get one. If she becomes impertinent, this can require extra verbal correction, extra spanking, or time in the corner for her, which could be another thirty minutes right there. However, I find those events are very rare, and nearly all correction sessions proceed smoothly. 

This simply is not a time-consuming activity at all. That’s one of the benefits of spanking itself. It handles a problem in a comparatively short period of time. It is shorter than having long debates about a conflict. It’s more pleasant and less harmful than fighting and resentment. It is faster as cheaper than counseling. It is faster and easier than most non-spanking forms of discipline, some of which can be downright impractical. Humbling, baring, and spanking a wife when she is bad is a fairly easy activity, and nearly always can be done in well under an hour. The time to give a spanking is not burdensome on most schedules, and the rewards are more than worth the time consumed. You cannot put a price on a gentle and well behaved wife.


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  1. I think there are very few things that are as important as private time between husband and wife in which the husband enforces discipline. It’s an important time investment that pays off tenfold.

    To be honest spankings in my home are rare, but at the end of each day my husband sits me down, reviews my behavior that day, goes over any lessons that are important for me to understand, and then gives me my instructions for the next day. If I need correction he will assign my punishment. This keeps me in line and keeps our home running smoothy. No matter how busy we are we always have this time together, without fail. My husband invests time every day to keep me on track with a detailed schedule, clear expectations, and punishments and rewards that are spelled out. Time spent up front saves a lot of time later.

    1. Better Lady Avatar
      Better Lady

      Monica, I think you have a lovely routine with your husband. My husband and I sit down once a week to review my behavior, attitude and tasks and I agree that this is very beneficial. Spankings are not too frequent and our weekly review does help me stay on track. It also makes me feel important and loved. I also get to vocalize any concerns that I have or feelings that I may not have e shared with him in the moment which prevents negative feelings from building up and possibly manifesting into inappropriate attitudes or behaviors. We have become closer and more aware of each other since we have been having these weekly recaps. I will share your approach with my husband as I can see how a daily recap could be very good as well and may shorten the time of our weekly one.

  2. Hugenotte Avatar

    There are things in the life of a Christian marriage where lack of time shouldn’t be a factor.
    Often the argument of lack of time is just an excuse not to do the necessary things. Just like praying together or reading and studying the Bible, discipline should never fail because of time.

  3. Men please do not put attending to your wife’s need to have your attention and follow through discipline at a low priority. Whatever the issue is, it is just going to get bigger and lead to more damage. In many cases she may be acting out or testing your presence by doing or not doing whatever it is that is in need of correction. Perhaps it’s just emotional and she doesn’t do it deliberately or think it through consciously but it’s part of why she needs this in the first place. What’s going on in your mind is probably different than what’s going on in hers. Many women can’t just come out and say “I’m feeling adrift from you and need more or wish I had more of your attention” or “I’m feeling a little lost and not anchored or centered. Could you please show me a little maintenance discipline to help me reset”. So she will act out as a way to express themselves and to receive the attention and discipline she is missing and needing. And then if that is not noticed or attended to, it snowballs. Not good. It’s not just the discipline she craves. It’s your attention and understanding. Relationships take work! Tend to the garden and catch the weeds early.

  4. Wondering Avatar

    I just want to add: I think it would be wrong for a husband to neglect this part of marriage if that’s what was decided his marriage was going to be like. As women, yes, we give up our own will and try to turn our husband’s will into the same as ours. But that IS difficult sometimes. And if a woman is faithfully trying to be a good wife, and submissive to her husband, I think he should live up to what the agreement was. I understand a lot of women, “want” discipline as part of their marriages. They see it as beneficial to them, even if it’s painful sometimes. I think more pain comes from apathy than from discipline. At least with discipline, you feel like your husband cares enough about you as a person, and a wife, to correct you when you’re wrong. By ignoring, or putting off a problem, I think that hurts women in another way… Like everything is more important than them. … Just my two cents. 🤷‍♀️

  5. My husband always makes the time for spankings. So important for our marriage. He spanks me with his belt or a paddle. It hurts a lot and I get welts.
    But it keeps me obedient and reminds me he is the head.

    1. aronhusband Avatar

      Thanks for your comment, Natalie.

  6. Hello!
    I just stumbled upon your article and so I was wondering…

    When should I bring up spankings and such? We are not married yet, just dating. I just don’t know how to bring it up but I also don’t know how to deal with her outbursts and attitude.

    1. aronhusband Avatar

      Hello Kit, I believe the best time to bring up spanking is during a discussion of your roles in marriage, which naturally includes your authority, and her submission. A discussion of discipline fits in with that framework. What will happen if she does not obey? You will give her the consequences in a punishment. This should be well established before you are married, and will serve you well.

      You can also let her know that outbursts of bad attitude will lead to a punishment. Spanking is very effective in dealing with that. She should know it will not be tolerated. I have several articles about introducing spanking in marriage that may be helpful to you. Most fundamental is that you are both committed to your roles, and are prepared to live them out.

      I hope that offers you some help with planning your marriage.

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