Crime & Punishment: What to Spank For

For those who have never used real authority in the home, or established rules, it may seem odd to have them, and not clear on what you enforce. This is natural to being unfamiliar, not just with spanking, but with headship and discipline in general. I’m not going to get into all of the standards I have for my home, but I want to let you know what I consider serious enough to warrant a spanking. Other matters might simply warrant a gentle correction, or a reminder. Serious wrongs warrant a very undesirable punishment.

I punish my wife for disobedience, disrespect, or being irresponsible. I am not a perfectionist, and I accept that everyone including myself makes mistakes. I have learned to look for clear cases of wrongs. With irresponsibility, I punish for the more serious or ongoing kind, which I might even call negligence. I do not punish for simply forgetting to do something small, which we all do. Like other husbands, I would also punish for any dishonesty, but I have never encountered that from my wife, so I’ve never enforced it. Naturally, the more serious offenses earn a harsher spanking.

Since my wife has a submissive and gentle character, I don’t need to spank her often for disobedience, or the more direct kinds of disrespect. Most of her spankings have been for neglecting to do what she needed to do, including things which I’d instructed her were important. To let things go with your duties, especially if you’ve been reminded, is not excusable, and steps into the territory of disrespect as well. So she has gone over my knee a number of times over that, although not often these days. The more serious end of irresponsibility definitely earns a fearful spanking you would never want to repeat. My wife also used to get spanked for lateness, but has learned enough to be more careful with that. I remember I did paddle her within the past year for lateness, but it was the first time in many years. I know she will wish to avoid it in the future.

I have dealt with open disobedience or disrespect only a handful of times from my wife. Early in our marriage she once yelled at me in public. We were traveling at the time, but when we returned, she knew she had something waiting for her, and she had to endure a tremendous strapping. I have also punished her a few times for argumentativeness. I certainly allow her to voice her opinion and share her thoughts, but she stepped way over the line several times, even after I let her know it was over, and that I wouldn’t hear it anymore. I warned her of the line several times, and for some reason she wanted to step over it. She was spanked soundly both times that happened.  

Many spanking husbands also punish for dangerous activity. I do too, but I categorize it as irresponsibility. This would be something she does dangerous to life or to the property. For example, wives who speed badly, or who misuse alcohol, would qualify. In our marriage, dangerous behavior is extremely rare, but I have punished it. In years past I once saw our small children in the street, and another time, one of them was alone with an open pill bottle. Thankfully not a daily occurrence, but with something so serious I do not even need to spend much time explaining to my beloved why I will need to see her later. She does not bother trying to make excuses or convince me she shouldn’t be spanked. There is no arguing from her in moments like that. We both find time to be alone, she gets the paddle, and she knows it will be a long time alone together.

That is mostly what I give spankings for. Likely I could think of a few others, but that covers most of my discipline over many years. I have given it much thought. I have developed and I believe improved over the years. My wife ends up in trouble much less often these days. It might seem daunting at first, but one really does not need a lengthy or complex system of rules or infractions. I know that some do. I think that simple common sense will allow even the beginner to work with a handful of good standards, and enforce them successfully. Over time you may become more nuanced, or find yourself adding to it. I don’t think this takes special skill. It does take time, patience, firmness, and love. Your wife is under your leadership and authority. You are responsible for her good. Do not allow disrespect or disobedience in your own home, and keep her from bad behavior, especially any that could harm her or the household. She will grow in her virtue, beauty, and holiness under your loving hand.


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