What Does a Spanking Sound Like

Since much discussion is given online about the nature of spanking, its instruments, its purposes, its methods, I want to help the reader by showing what a good spanking sounds like. Not the sound of the instrument, but the spanking lecture which is always present when I give punishment, and when most others do as well. Some people are word people. Others are not. So I hope this can be a help to some who may not know how to lecture their wife during while they discipline her. I already discuss the overall structure of discipline sessions elsewhere.

I will give you an example of a complete spanking lecture I might give while she is over my knee being strapped. I’ve included some of her short responses. This is not the same as what I say before and after the spanking, but it often includes some of the same instructions.

She will be kneeling before me. Immediately after I tap on my knee, and she places herself over it, this is what I say:
Now do you like having to end up here? No, sir.

You know I do not accept that behavior from you. When I tell you something needs to be done, you cannot ignore my words. That is irresponsible, and it is disrespectful to me. Do you understand that? Yes sir.

You belong to me, and you need to listen to your man and do it. Do you understand? Yes, sir.

You will not disregard your responsibilities, and you will not disrespect your man. Is that clear? Yes, sir.

That is important work and it needs to be done. I gave it for a reason. You harm the household when you neglect your work. It is for the home and the children and needs to be done. Didn’t I tell you that? Yes, sir. Didn’t you know you had to do it? Yes, sir.

Then you should see how poor that behavior was, and you know why you ended up here over my knee. That is very serious and you are getting serious consequences. You should know that I will not accept that kind of negligence.

Who does that butt belong to? It belongs to you, sir. Who do you need to answer to? You, sir. Do you want to end up over my knee again? No, sir.

Then you listen to your man’s words and do it. My words are not suggestions to you. They are commands. You know that. You do not ignore my words. You are under my authority and you know who you need to submit to. Are you sorry for that behavior? Yes, sir.

Are you prepared to learn a lesson tonight? Yes, sir. I need to start seeing something different from you, is that clear? Yes, sir.

When I instruct you something in the future, you listen to my words, and remember who they come from. You listen, and you do them. Do you understand, woman? Yes, sir.

What kind of behavior will I be seeing from you in the future? I will be respectful, sir. I will obey your words. Are you going to neglect your duties again? No, sir. Are you going to disrespect your man again? No, sir.

That’s right. You remember who your man is, you listen to his words, and you submit to him. Those words have authority. Have you learned your lesson tonight? Yes, sir.

You learn your lesson good. That little butt belongs to me. I do not. Ever. Want to see that. From you. Again.

That, my friend, is an example of what many of our little talks sound like. It’s not word for word, but it’s very close. Notice I bring in both the infraction itself — in this case neglecting responsibilities I gave her — along with other points such as her respect, obedience, and belonging to me. I will almost always include those broader points in any punishment I give. I work on the infraction and the attitude at once.

Some of our talks longer than this of course. I don’t think they get much shorter. Some situations have unique characteristics that require bringing in different lessons for her, as well as different questions. However, that is usually how it is done, and then she returns to her knees for a short talk afterward, and some hugs, or she may stand in the corner for a while beforehand.

The other sounds of a spanking are not to hard to imagine there, such as the repeated smacks on the bottom, or the short yelps at each strike, and quite a bit of crying throughout. Sometimes I strap her or paddle her as I lecture her, and other times I do it between my statements and the questions I ask. It is a clear, firm message. This is what a husband giving his wife a hard lesson sounds like.


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  12. You refer to her as woman? Isn’t that being a bit disrespectful? Why not at least use of her name which I am sure is punitive enough as most of us do not call our spouses by their given names but some pet name?

    1. Hello Shiloh, That’s not my given term most of the time, but I do use it sometimes during a lecture. I find saying “woman” communicates her natural place under my authority very well. I also use the terms “his woman” and “her man” frequently to describe marriage, without any disrespect. On a day to day basis, I use sweet names in addressing my wife.

    2. Kuvio House Avatar
      Kuvio House

      Agreed or the fact that blurring the line between sub and wife, husband and dominant sends a distorted message to her. Is the punishment because as a sub she has not obeyed you or as a mother or wife which would distort the clear definition of what the punishment is for and then as pointed out calling her woman? Unless we’re missing vital information you’d not punish your wife as a sub or vice versa nor would you issue commons as a dominant to a wife?

      1. Hello Kuvia House, Thank you for your comment, and for your interest in marital discipline. First, I think people are reading a bit too much into a simple choice of words, which I explain in my previous reply to that comment. My wife doesn’t find it confusing to hear that word either.

        As far as blurring any distinctions, I do not see any distinctions to blur. My wife is submissive to me because she is my wife. Her submissiveness is not separate from being my wife, which is also being the woman who belongs to me, and has been joined with me for life. It’s one and the same,

        The headship of the man and the submission of the wife is the nature of marriage, so leading and correcting her go along with my role. There is no separate role as “sub.” Certainly people from the secular view, or within the bdsm world, see things differently, but I find the way that they view things is wrong. Master and servant is not a role play. Dom and sub is not a role play. Rather that authority and submission exists organically in marriage.

        I get into that distinction in my article There is No Such Thing as a Dom

        I also discuss the rightful place for leadership and discipline in several other articles:



        I hope that helps you see where I am coming from, both in that comment, and in my articles. Take care.

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