What Does a Discipline Session Look Like

I sometimes get asked what a normal punishment session is like, and this is a pint of curiosity for those who have either never tried it, or are new and still learning. Nearly all discipline shares the same basic steps, and will vary only a little. Granted, there are unique circumstances in each correction, and my methods have changed slightly since the beginning of my marriage, I will give you a description of how the correction process works.

When there has been an offense, I will approach my wife during the day, or at latest the evening, and let her know I will have to have a talk with her later. She needs to prepare time to do it later. If her offense has been very recent and obvious, she probably knows what it is all about, and lets me know she will be ready later. If the correction has more to do with problems I have seen over time, or over a matter she is not clear on, she will politely ask me why, and I will point out the problem and why it calls for correction. Now is the time for her to ask any questions if she has them, or explain if she thinks there is an acceptable explanation for her behavior. Typically there is not, so if she needs an explanation, I will again explain why the behavior is far outside of what I accept, and why any excuses are very poor ones. When I am satisfied that I have explained clearly, I repeat she will need to be ready later for our talk. This usually makes her sober and pensive until the unpleasant time to come.

The correction almost always starts in the evening, but if privacy and time allows we will have one during the day also. She needs to get ready for the discipline either in our bedroom, or in my office. She undresses, either from the waist down or entirely bare, depending on what I have instructed her, and waits for me on her knees or in the corner. When we begin, she is always undressed and on her knees before her man. This is not the time for her to do any more explanation, and she knows this. She is now to listen and learn. She will respond to me with yes sir, or no sir. I talk to her seriously about her offense, and remind her that she knows very well it is wrong. She needs to affirm to me that she knows this behavior is unacceptable, and why she is being punished. I remind her to be prepared to learn from this experience, and fully accept her correction.

Then the spanking begins. She puts herself in the position I require, which is usually over my knee or bent over the edge of the bed. I hold her firmly, and begin spanking her bottom hard. I lecture her while I give her a spanking, telling her I do not accept the attitude or behavior she has shown me, and why it is wrong. I will go back and forth between lecturing her and giving her a hard spanking. I usually ask her questions as I punish her, so she needs to affirm her behavior is not acceptable, and what her future behavior will need to be. She will also need to affirm her need to be submissive, obedient, and respectful at all times, along with her promise of future good behavior. After I am satisfied she is regretful of her behavior and committed to improving it in the future, I will end with several good hard smacks, and a remind her that I don’t ever want to see that from her again.

Usually she cries throughout much of the correction. She may need time to calm down after being spanked, and this is important, so I will give her a few minutes, either on her knees or in the corner to collect herself. In our after-talk she will let me know clearly how things will be better in the future, and explicitly how she plans to do things. Once I have seen she is clear on improving her attitude and behavior, I will express my confidence that she an do it, as well as reassure her of my deep love and care for her. I let her know I never stop loving her, even when I need to correct her, and that I am happy every day she is my wife. I kiss her forehead, and hold her close for some time, until she is comfortable and calm.


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  8. Deserving Avatar

    Thank you for explaining it this way! It gives such a clear picture of how discipline in a marriage should be. It is specific and thorough and shows the importance of discipline and why. So many think it’s just abuse or kink and I am grateful to see this in written form.

    Sometimes I feel like wife spanking isn’t seen as a tool to keep marriage strong. It’s not depicted as a natural way of life that is shown in the Bible to glorify God and keep marriage together. You explain it beautifully and for those who don’t know or are curious, your explanation is perfect.

    For my marriage, this is what it is. My husband leads, I submit, and our marriage works the way God intended.

    Thank you for this. Thank you for keeping the site going.

    1. You’re welcome. I am very happy you have a marriage build on the right order, and maintained through loving discipline. You will continue to receive the rewards. For couples who are new to discipline, or even some who are not, I believe a detailed model of how correction works can be valuable. It also portrays correction rightly in the context of a loving marriage. That certainly ought to right some misconceptions about spanking.

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