Spanking Instruments: Making Music Together

Most people have an idea how to administer a spanking, as well as what tools they might use, whether just their hand or a spanking instrument. I’ll just take the time to go over which tools I use, and mention a few more which are popular. When we deliver a spanking, most disciplinarians use an instrument. I find “instrument” is almost a cutesy word, since it is used in music as well. In that case, anything you will find to spank with is a percussion instrument. I suppose the lady will be providing the other instrument, the wind instrument, with her mouth as you spank her. It will be just percussion and voice for making music. A rare combination, but very special.

Your choice of instrument is not purely superficial or a matter of personal taste. The instrument will affect what position you will want your wife to be in, whether over the knee or bent over, as well as how severe a punishment you will give her. It also affects the amount of sound you make, which is a concern in most homes. Certain instruments couples generally keep hidden, since they are specifically made for punishment, and in our society this practice is a private one. Other spanking tools are household items, alternatively used for punishment purposes. These you can keep anywhere, and visitors will likely be innocent of your use of them.

I believe most who practice domestic discipline would list hand spanking as one of their favorite methods. Hand spanking is more personal than using a tool of the trade, it forms a good warm connection, and almost provides some comfort in an otherwise uncomfortable situation. The spanker also enjoys the hand both for the personal connection, and because it’s always pleasant to feel his wife’s backside. For some women, being hand spanked reminds them of being a child and makes the a bit more childlike. This aids them in being soft, coming to tears before their husband, and feeling real regret. Despite being a favorite though, you will find that many who spank do not use it too often. That is in part because you may need to be quiet, and a hand on a bottom will make some noise. It is also because you probably won’t be able to deliver the harsher variety of spanking when needed because the hand is too soft for that. That’s one reason why I don’t use them often these days, although it was a regular for me many years ago. Most of my spankings need to be harder than that, and most need to be quiet.

One instrument I used long before I was married, and still occasionally use today is my belt. You will find this is a preferred instrument among many heads of home also, because of its look, feel, and sound. I have always made sure I own at least one large, thick leather belt. Other belts might do okay, but a heavy, thick leather belt is the best. I am almost always wearing one. As an instrument the belt is not the most severe, but can deliver a strapping to be feared if used with strength. Spanking with a belt often involves ritual, as spankings generally do. I am probably not unique in that I have my wife remove it for me when she is to be chastised with it. I may have her wear it as she stands naked for corner time. Then at the end of her discipline, she needs to put it back on me.

Using a belt also affects the position you spank in, as its difficult to spank over the knee with anything that swings like a belt does. Even doubled over, which is how I use it, the angle is not right, and the strike is not evenly distributed. Usually if I use the belt for correction, I have my wife kneeling on the end of the bed, or bent over the end of it. That way I can stand a little bit away from her and have plenty of room to swing, strapping hard, and covering her whole bottom. An instrument like a belt, since it is not made uniquely for punishment, is always one you can have around openly. Moreover, it is one you always have with you since you wear it wherever you go. The belt becomes a reminder to your wife of your authority, as well as a warning of what could come with disrespecting you. It is a reminder she’ll be close to daily, as she sees you wearing it, and will be opening it for you often in bed. For this and other reasons this is an excellent tool to have. The belt is truly worth an article of its own.

Since most husbands and wives have children around, spanking quietly is a real concern. At a certain point, most spankings will need a quiet instrument. There are a few to choose from. For a while I used the short plastic curtain rods, but it is easy to ruin them that way. Going on advice by other husbands, I purchased a loopy johnny, which is basically a cord which is looped over, perhaps a foot long, and held by a handle. it is actually quite easy to make one of these at home, although you’d need to be careful about the cord you use, as you don’t want one too light, or too heavy. This is an easy instrument to use with her over the knee, and is as quiet as it gets. You may want to make sure she is kept quiet though, as its bite is worse than it looks. In online polls, I’ve seen this listed as one of the hardest instruments to bear. My wife certainly does not like it. I remember once she said the line I think many who are punished with it say — I wish I could take that thing and throw it out the window.

Also going on advice from husbands online, I purchased an instrument to meet the hard end of the punishment spectrum — a paddle. This is one you could make at home with a few tools and some woodworking ability. The paddle is a formidable instrument just to look at, and just the thought of it can make a spanking a fearful thing. The person about to be spanked with a paddle knows what is coming is serious, and it is right to tremble. The one I have is short enough to be used on her while over my knee, but is just as effective with her bent over. If she sees it she knows she has something serious coming. I make sure not to use it all the time, but save it for the most important of occasions.

In past years, I also used the hairbrush to spank. This is an easy handheld tool you can keep around the house without having to hide it. It can sit on a counter or dresser as a regular reminder of your authority in the home. If you want to use it for its normal purpose, your wife will have a reminder of your command every time she brushes her hair. A good strong wooden hairbrush functions like a small paddle, and it is easy to vary the strength, using it for milder or harsher punishments as you desire. It is also very easy to control, and to deliver a swat on the spot you desire. It is the unique and preferred instrument in some marriages.

While I have never used one, you’ll find some who use discipline keep a cane around the home also. This old-fashioned instrument is an the high end of pain, which is why it can function as an instrument to be used for the worst offenses. I have never decided to use the cane, for the very fact that because of its strength and ferocity, it is one small step from causing serious injury, something we should all avoid. If you slipped up with one of these things, used it too hard, or swung hard in the wrong spot, you would deliver not only more pain than you desire, but an injury that could require a long time to heal. For that reason, while I respect its usefulness in some homes, I avoid it. I can already deliver the harsh punishments when needed, and I don’t desire to risk injury just for the sake of extra severity. To me it’s not worth it.

Once you find an instrument you like, you will get into a rhythm of using it. I suggest finding a few that meet your needs, both in terms of strength and sound produced. I recommend having one set aside for the more severe punishments, which is naturally one to dread. Even if you don’t have children it is likely you will have the need to be quiet some of the time, so it’s best to have something to meet that need. However, as you know, you don’t need to purchase any tools t all if you use what you have around the home already. There are a few ready made favorites to choose from. While we’ve talked a little about keeping the instrument quiet, we’ll talk elsewhere about keeping the lady quiet, as this can be trickier than finding a quiet spanking tool. You will be making music on one end, and she will be singing harmony with you.


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  8. Kristina Finnegan Avatar
    Kristina Finnegan

    I think that as a wife it’s our duty to Obey our H.O.H. and if not we need to be punished for it.

    1. That’s right. The marital order is very simple, and makes the home run smoothly.

  9. I got the belt, 70, hurt.. I was over pillows and was hand spanked this morning

    1. It sounds like it did, Kelly. That’s a lot to take. I know you’ll try an be more careful in the future. I give spankings easily over 50 strokes with most instruments I use. Thank you for sharing about your correction.

  10. momred1906 Avatar

    My Master uses his belt or hand and for serious offenses he makes me cut 3 switches. He spanks and whips more than my bottom. He is my owner so he is right to keep me disciplined.

  11. lesleyderby Avatar

    My husband has a wooden hairbrush, a leather belt and a cane as well as his hand, to date he has used his hand and the hairbrush on me which have been very painful. I am very apprehensive and quite nervous about being punished with the belt or cane if he needs to discipline me with them, although he says that they will only be used for serious offenses.

    1. Thank you for your comment. You can be sure a lot of women share your apprehension to being spanked with those instruments. Facing that fear and accepting your discipline is a part of giving yourself to your husband, which he will help you through. You will find a real growth in submission when you accept even your husband’s more severe spankings. Do your best and they won’t happen often.

  12. Practical instrument question Avatar
    Practical instrument question

    My husband was never belted as a child. I was, but appropriately I always had clothing on. So for both of us the idea of using a belt on a bare butt is a brand new concept. My husband is afraid that the edges of a leather belt will cut, like actually slice open skin. I’ve never heard of that happening but I figured I would ask Aron and this community to weigh in on whether or not a belt on bare butt cuts skin open and causes bleeding.

    Similarly, I’ve seen these clear plastic-something paddles with holes in them. I once read that any implement with holes in it leaves a blister wherever the hole was. Can anyone confirm if this is true or false? I don’t think husband would be happy with leaving actual blisters either.

    1. Hello, Spanking safety is an important concern to have. Those are all good questions. I have used a belt many times for discipline, and I’ve never seen it cut the skin.

      Depending on its thickness or width, a belt can leave redness, bruising, or minor welts. If someone extremely strong used all their strength, I don’t know. However, if your husband tests it out, he will find it is safe, and will find a strength level that is good for the belt.

      I have used my belt at a full swing, with medium strength or so, and never seen any extreme damage. This is a thick, fairly wide, leather one. Just don’t use a belt strap with metal in it. Most belts only have metal at the buckle, and that’s easy to avoid using.

      As far as paddles with holes or other instruments with holes, I don’t know since I have not used them. My paddle is a flat wooden one. I’ve never heard of any severe damage coming from holes in an instrument though. It is likely some of our readers have tried these instruments, and can add a clearer answer.


  13. I think my Man was the “Music Man.”  He loved to produce loud and continuously, Music,  He liked to hear the loud pop of a paddle- like a ping pong paddle or similar paddle.  He likes to see how soon into a spanking he could have me crying for real.  (he never used a warm up spanking). So the start of his spanking was always shocking to me.  We hadn’t been married long and found an article on how to make your wife cry.  Some of the points of the article were.  1. good scolding – make her feel like a naughty child.  2 no warm up, hard from the start.  3. Aim repeatedly at the same spot- like 10 in a row on one sit spot.  4.  Spanking the upper thighs get the water works going. 

    He actually said, my crying and screaming was Music to his ears. It let him know that he was giving an effective spanking. The music that I produced,  I couldn’t help- it seem a normal reaction to something so painful. 

    1. Thank you for your comment. Yes, a woman’s tears and crying out area good sign a spanking is doing its job. Most women will do one or both during a spanking. It is normal and good.

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