Spankings Happen Here

Most people who use marital discipline are creatures of habit. For the most part I am too. We like to give discipline in the same place, or same few places. There may be a few who always like to be creative, or search for exciting places, but for me it is not about that. The location of a spanking is mostly out of convenience, and suited to its purpose.

When I discipline my wife, it is usually in the bedroom. She knows to expect that by now. This is a place that usually has more room than elsewhere, as well as privacy. Many like it as a location for discipline since it is also the place for intimacy and the bed. Some because they will include intimacy after the spanking, others for the space and comfort.

For me, the bedroom is mostly convenience. I can sit down on the bed and spank her over my knee there. I can have her leaning over the end of the bed, or kneeling on it. If I choose to use a pillow to prop her butt up on, or for her head, they are right there. I also keep the few instruments I have in our bedroom or closet, so it is easy to have her go and fetch them before the punishment. If I plan to discipline her elsewhere, and will be using an instrument, I need to plan to get it before hand. There is also a certain comfort to the bedroom, perhaps because it is both a place of sleep and of lovemaking, so we both feel at home here.

I will sometimes use the office for discipline too. Lacking a bed or a couch, I will have her over my lap in a chair, or standing and bending over to grab the seat of a chair. It is smaller, and lacks the comfort, but it is nice to have the variety of setting, and since it is a place of work it carries a certain seriousness and formality. That seriousness easily carries over to the spanking. It can affect the tone of how I speak to her, as well as how she responds. I’m sure those husbands who have larger offices, may find even more advantages in them, and can have a few comfort during the discipline session.

Some couples are very set on regularity. This is because the regularity of location can help establish the right mindset in both the man and the wife. If this is a common place of discipline, it will establish that mood, and carry along the feelings that go with it, just by its sights, smells, sounds, and touches. The corrective lesson taught by the lecture and the spanking becomes accentuated by the environment, which is the familiar environment with discipline. I definitely appreciate this affect of regularity, but I do not make a rule of it, or think you would need to either. It is just a common benefit.

I don’t think the location is of great importance. It mostly affects matters like convenience and comfort. I just wanted to share my practices and preference, which I believe are fairly common in domestic discipline. However, spankings could happen anywhere, as long as it is reasonably private. Spankings can happen while you’re traveling. If you don’t have children you could probably do it in the living room. Either way, it will be the same tearful sounds coming from the room, and the same lesson taught.


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