The Art of Bent Over

I’ve written about possibly the most loved spanking position — that of over the knee — and I want to discuss what may be the most common position, and also beloved by many. That is the position of bent over, in all of its many wondrous varieties. Spanking positions do not change anything substantial about discipline, but they can vary depending on your preference, and may be more or less convenient and practical depending on your needs. I believe being bent over meets many of those needs, which is why it is so common. It also can uniquely accomplish what some other positions do not.

While there are many varieties of bent over, all of them share a few things in common. The position itself is deeply submissive, I believe more so than otk is. Kneeling and putting her bottom in the air is a sign of surrender. It shows her bottom belongs to her man, and she he is in charge. Being bent over also carries obvious sexual connotations, since it is a common position for sex, and because her sexual areas are on display for her man. Being bent over, whether while kneeling or standing, is also a form of reverence to one who is before you. So while a wife may be showing surrender by placing her bottom in the air, she is also bowed before her man if he comes and stands before her. She is honoring him by her position, especially that position which is more deeply bowed. Many women find this physical experience helpful. It instills a sensation of deep submission simply to place herself there, a feeling which accentuates her correction, and helps her learn. It places submission on her heart. This is especially so if she is fully prostrate, her shoulders touching the bed, or whatever furniture she is lying on. Kneeling with her face to the bed she knows she is giving up herself, so that her man may take her completely.

The most common bent over positions I use during discipline is over, or on the end of the bed. I will have my wife bent over with her belly on the edge of the bed, and her legs hanging off of it, sometimes with a pillow beneath her, raising her bottom. I will also have her kneeling on the end of the bed, and in prostration. If I desire, I make sure her shoulders are touching the bed, and I also assure that she is not leaning forward, but keeping her bottom raised. Less commonly, I will use standing bent over positions. I have had my wife standing and bent over the foot of the bed, also with her shoulders down. Alternately, I’ll have her standing, and holding the seat of a chair or a stool. 

Bent over positions do not have the same comfort level which otk has, nor are they as cozy and intimate. There is a feeling of formality about them, even as there is a level of sexuality about them. There is space between the man and wife during this punishment. There is no personal touch, unless he chooses to stroke her. It also takes more positioning than otk, as the wife needs to arrange her body as her husband instructs her, often needing to make adjustments to the angle she is bent, to how high her bottom is, or to where her feet are planted, if she is standing. It may be a little bit uncomfortable placing herself as he expects. She does more to cooperate with the discipline that way, and has more instructions to follow as to her body. Her positioning becomes a minor facet of her correction itself, and she must keep it the entire time. Simply positioning herself as her husband desires helps reorder her attitude in the right way. It’s a practice in obedience. 

Having a wife bent over for punishment is also a practical position when it comes to giving a spanking. It usually allows her bottom to be at a level which her husband can conveniently deliver strokes to. That allows him to deliver strokes forcefully and to aim with precision. He may use his full swing, since he is standing up, including his torso and shoulder. It further allows for the longer instruments which otk makes difficult to impossible. He can more easily correct her with his belt, although this still requires care with aim. He may easily punish her with a cane this way. The short hard instruments are equally as good with the lady bent over as with her otk. Any large paddle is easy to use, and the small paddle works here too. 

Another advantage you will discover is facilitated by the distance which the position allows. That is the husband’s ability to take a few steps around. He may take steps over to the other end of his woman and speak to her more closely. He may even look her in the eye. He may wish to focus on the lecture for a while, in front of or beside his wife, so that she spends time on verbal interaction, and only later return to her backside to finish correcting her. Striding back and forth behind her will also allow the man to deliver strokes from either side of her backside, spreading the force of the spanking around better, and equally on each side. 

There are more varieties with bent over positions you can try. It is up to your preference to find what is best for you, whether it is a position you simply enjoy, or one which is most practical. You can be sure in any spanking marriage there are a few pieces of furniture which are regularly used when a wife needs to bend over and be corrected, and just as a husband’s belt may remind a wife of his authority, a common place of spanking will do the same. Whatever item is strong enough and of the right height can be used to spank a wife bent over. It is a position which makes it easy or a husband to correct her, and which can teach submission by her physical posture. She presents her bottom to be punished and bows down. 


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  1. Do you have any advice for me? I really try but I struggle to stay in position while not being held down. I’ve asked my husband to tie me up with rope or something but he refuses and says I just haev to learn to take my punishment well. But I get many extras every single spanking, and I just wish he’d tie me up so that I wouldn’t get the extras. I can count on getting my thighs severely punished every spanking because I get a hard swat there every time I move or make noise.

    1. aronhusband Avatar

      Hello Lily, Thank you for your comment. It is a common difficulty to hold still during a spanking. They certainly hurt and can instill some fear. The use of restraints may be helpful if it is an ongoing problem, but if your husband does not wish to use them, then you will need to do your best to remain still.

      Some amount of movement is a result of simple fear, and often if you focus your mind on something else, you will not react that way. Set your mind on holding still and on doing so as a way to show your respect and submission to your husband. It is also the way to avoid further punishment. Keep your mind on the lesson of the discipline, and on honoring your husband.

      I don’t believe in punishing more for a small wiggle, or a simple sound. I don’t think those things are serious problems, and if you have the time to be alone, then making sound can be very beneficial. The thing to avoid is moving in such a way as to make the spanking difficult, or reaching back to block the blows. Of course, if people are in the house, noise needs to be kept to a minimum, but a small amount may not hurt.

      I hope that offers you both some useful ideas.

      1. Three things really get me in trouble.

        One is I’m supposed to bend over and grab my ankles for paddling but if it’s a hard punishment I sometimes get up and cover my bottom for a second and even walk away if I’m really upset. It’s so hard to get a hard stroke of a big paddle with no warm up. I think I could take it better if I got a hand spanking first.

        Two is if im lying on my stomach on the bed I need to keep my feet still and not block my bottom with my feet or drum my feet on the bed.

        Third is I have to be respectful by not begging. I find this hard but I’ve improved a lot.

        I know I need to do better

        1. aronhusband Avatar

          I’m sure that’s demanding, Lily, but I don’t think it’s beyond you to learn. Keep working on it. I am confident your husband will be very pleased when you do that for him.

  2. samuelgclaflin Avatar

    Great article.

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