That Really Hits the Spot

A spanking is given on a woman’s bottom. It is not for anywhere else. Corporal punishment can conjure up images of civic punishments such as flogging, or as medieval experiences like you can see in the leather crowd, but marital spanking just uses the bottom as the place of punishment. If you get very far out of that wonderful little spot, you are entering different territory.

There are good reasons for the spanking to be delivered to this eminently spankable zone. Perhaps the greatest reason is the physical — the bottom is soft and has some padding. This means it can easily absorb the strokes of the spanking. That moderates the amount of pain you might feel receiving one, since it is not going directly on the muscle, and also greatly lowers any risk of injury. As someone who’s spanked bottoms countless times, you’d really have to be going crazy on it to cause any lasting injury. God made the bottom a wonderful place to sit, and to be spanked.

Spanking on the bottom is best also because it is very humbling, and that fits in with the nature of punishment. If I want the message to sink in to my wife, it is good for that humbling to be there to assist the overall message of the discipline. Baring the bottom is better for that than the back. The bottom, being associated strongly with sex, also adds to the intimacy of the discipline, an intimacy I think we should desire between man and wife. She might raise her bottom for sex with her man, and she also raises it for discipline. Both speak to the union man and wife have, and also speak to his command and power. Going bottoms up tells the man– you’re the boss.

There are many who practice wife spanking who will add several stripes to their wife’s upper thighs — just below the bottom — usually for a unique reason. She may have resisted during a punishment, for example, and those strokes are a strong deterrent. That area is far less protected by padding, and the pain is very immediate and strong, and it will bruise more deeply. Like other husbands I’ve talked to, this is something I only use occasionally. Several strokes there are for added emphasis, only when needed.

Men who begin to venture into punishing other parts of the body, are drifting out of what is commonly recognized as domestic discipline. I won’t say it is always wrong, but I don’t endorse or practice it. Punishing other parts of the body is common in bdsm, but far less common in wife spanking. I believe this drifts out of the spirit of marital spanking, and seems to fit more in a civil punishment such as flogging, or in a dungeon, rather than a marriage. Spanking on the bare bottom fits the character of marriage, is intimate, shows the wife’s submission, and is safer by far. A man’s discipline of his wife should really hit the spot.


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  8. I do sometimes get the punishment on my front or inner thighs that really stings but only when I have displeased him in bed or during oral. He choose to do this so I will see the markets myself when we make love and learn to behave better. Because it is very rare and all other spanking takes place on the butt I think he do the right thing even if I hate to take the strokes there

  9. Going bottoms up tells the man– you’re the boss.
    Oh It sure does. I’m thankful for my Husband everyday. I don’t get spanked daily but I’m always willing and able to raise my bottom on command. He never has to ask me twice. He’s such a strong loving protective man, why should he have to ask? His command is my duty. I wasn’t always a good submissive Christian wife and Mother. I was quite brat before meeting Mr A. For now that’s all I’m allowed to refer to him as and I respect his wishes. My bottom is not being punished for breaking a rule such as this. I needed correction, discipline and authority. My high school boyfriend was raised in an old fashioned Christian household. I soon came to love my boyfriend. I became a Christian and Married the man who led me to Christ not long out of highschool.
    I love your blog. I enjoy reading every post including comments.
    God blessings be upon you.
    Mrs Fran A

    1. I’m very happy you are enjoying the blog, Fran. I hope it nourishes you and your marriage. I appreciate your enthusiasm for showing your husband your submission to him. Keep growing in the Lord. Bless you.

  10. I’m not quite fond of practices which hurt the woman’s back either (e.g., whipping), in my opinion it doesn’t carry the same intimacy. Too cold and detached. However, I personally believe that a few careful smacks to a wife’s breasts can be a lovely way to heighten feelings of submission, given that they are on the larger side. Requiring her to stand up straight and present her bared breasts for punishment reminds her that her husband commands ALL of her intimate parts. In my relationship I find that prolonged exposure is a powerful teacher of submission towards my man, and the subtle sting and pink hue left on my chest after a punishment leaves me feeling all the more connected to him. I do agree that it is a much more delicate area; the husband must take special care to strike with moderation and it does not suit every woman’s body, but when employed appropriately, those light slaps can do much to enhance a lesson. In a similar vein, we are also fond of the idea of a few gentle but targeted smacks to a wife’s anus while she is bent over the knee. Of course, the best place to spank remains the bare buttocks, no doubt about it! All other locations are merely briefly spanked to accessorize the primary punishment, nothing compares to the classic firm bare bottom spanking 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comments and ideas. I agree, whipping the back is not only more risky, but is clearly less personal. It seems more in line with a state punishment, than marital spanking. A wife needs a spanking on her behind.

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