Woman Uncovered

Nearly anyone can figure out that a spanking in marriage involves a bare bottom. I imagine there are a few exceptional homes where clothing is included, but it would be hard to find. There are more than a few wives who wish they could keep that thing covered during discipline when they are anxiously awaiting one, and wish their husbands would let them keep some protection on. My wife has had many spankings from me, but she sometimes is still hesitant to remove the final items of clothing. But it would be hard to have an effective spanking without having to bare it, before you, well, have to bear it.

Spanking on the bare has several advantages besides making sure she feels the full sting of the punishment. Because the blows are not muted by anything, a husband is in full control of the process, more easily knowing where the range of mild, medium, and harsh blows are. Imagine trying to grasp the full range of an instrument when there is a mute attached. It is equally hard to be in control of your range of blows if she is wearing something during spanking. Having his eyes on her bottom also helps in several ways. First, he can observe the coloration, and recognize better when he’s reached the level of punishment he desires. He will see by her color, or by her stripes, if he’s delivering the sting he needs to. It may help him determine when to stop. Finally, seeing her skin helps in safety, as he can notice if any blows have come too hard, or caused unwanted abrasions. It would be reckless to spank blind.

Most couples I’ve spoken with choose either one of two approaches toward nudity. The first is to have the lady undress only from the waist down, to focus on the spot that is about to receive much attention. That is as much for her good, as well, since it gets her attention on what she is baring and why. The other approach (and no one says you can’t use both), is to have her completely naked, in a state for discipline that prepares her to sense her vulnerability, and complete belonging to her man. Everything is on display, as in the marriage bed, except for a somewhat different purpose.

You are free to have any number of twists to each approach. One common twist, which I sometimes use as well, is to allow her to leave on her panties until the very beginning of her spanking. She will undress to them, and then be lectured while they are still on. Once she goes over the knee, or over the bed, they come down or off. If her husband takes her panties down, there is a strong message of his control over her and over her discipline. He owns her backside. But she can be the one to remove them as well, on his command, as this allows her to participate in her correction, which she should be actively learning from anyway. As she takes them down she affirms his authority to correct her, the goodness of the discipline, and presents her body to her husband. Once the spanking is over you may want to pull them back up, or you may leave them down until the whole session is complete, and you have given her a talk afterward. This step then becomes the most meaningful in the process, as it is the trigger for the punishment to begin.

When I began with discipline in our marriage, I mostly stuck with the first practice. I’d have her prepare and wait for me undressed from waist down. I wanted her attention on the end of her about to be dealt with by her husband. It creates a clear sense that a spanking is coming, and nothing else. I wanted her mind on that. I started using the latter method on recommendation from husbands I’ve spoken with in the discipline community, who believe it is appropriate. I lean towards using that more often these days, because I like the sense that she knows she is completely in my hands, and that nothing is hidden from my view.

I suppose you could say a third method, though not as common, is simply to give an on-the-spot punishment, which involves little undressing ritual. As can be convenient, and speedy, he simply puts her in position, lifts up or pulls down the clothing he needs to to bare her bottom, and spanks her right there. You might fit this type in the first category, but often it just bares the bottom, and nothing else. I used to do this myself many yeas ago, and like it for its convenience. She just goes immediately bottoms-up when she needs it, and forget the ritual entirely. If this type of stripping carries much meaning — beyond its convenience — it’s that she learns her man can punish her at any time. She can end up in a punishment position in a moment. She can end up bottom bared in a moment. No matter what she is doing, or what clothing she has on, her wrong will be immediately dealt with.

Being bare carries much meaning. It has meaning personally, and biblically and can signify more than one thing. Most commonly in the Bible, being undressed signifies guilt and shame. Being punished by God is compared with being stripped of one’s garments. Having sin revealed is compared to the same. As clothing comes off, a wrong is being revealed. This is not merely a theological doctrine, but was recognized by the other cultures of that time. When the pagan king wanted to humiliate David’s servants, he not only shaved their beards, but cut their garments short to reveal their buttocks, and they had to walk all the way back like that. Anyone seeing it could recognize that as a sign both of shame, and of being defeated by another. They were forced to walk that way for many miles.

Today, women who dress in few clothes in public will find that the danger that comes from that lewdness and sin is real, as they present to general humanity what really belongs to their husband. They incite aggression, and unwanted attention. People talk of them more often in filthy ways. They become literally more vulnerable. Even in  a very permissive culture as our own, there is embarrassment in being undressed, or in others seeing our private bodily domains. We still know to save that nakedness for special people. That knowledge is in our souls.

The nakedness a married couple has in bed is, in contrast, without shame. Being renewed in Christ, and being united in marriage, lets their bare bodies be at peace, where that openness and vulnerability is no longer dangerous, but is a function of their intimacy which is lived out every day. It does not bring harm anymore, but is righteous, and brings new life. The couple can gaze at the body of the other, and not see guilt, but see a creature made clean. An outside that reflects a brilliant and holy inside.

Stripping bare for discipline, you might say, takes us from one of those meanings of nudity to the other. It starts with the revealing of the wife for examination and correction. It reflects the wife having to bare her guilt, and make herself vulnerable, as she lets her insides be seen and worked on by her man. Yet by the end of the correction, and when she is restored by her husband, it returns to the beautiful and unashamed body we know in the light of Jesus. She is clothed again in righteousness. She is unashamed of being seen. She is whole and protected.

Undressing is a special part of the whole discipline process for this reason. As she strips off her apparel, she is dropping any sense of protection they give. She is letting critical eyes on her. The nakedness accentuates her shame for her behavior, and at being humbled. Her raised bare bottom signals her submissiveness to him. Just as her husband can see her bare body, he can see her guilt and bad intentions, and she will hope, see her good desire to make the matter right and her real sorrow for her actions. Her sincere desire to please him. These like so many things, lie within.

Nakedness also fits with discipline because of their marriage. Just as the wife undresses for the marriage bed to make love, she undresses now, but to be intimate and penetrated in another way. With words that will teach and correct her, and with a burning punishment that can bring tears from deep within her. The firmness of her husband in correction touches her deeply as intimacy does, and if done right, should be cleansing afterward. She really has been reached deep within. Being bare, and naked before her husband communicates that, more to her than to him. She is being laid bare, so she must be laid bare. It is not for pleasure, but something has been touched, and has been fixed within.


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  6. This from a long time ago i found out the wife preferred to be spanked bare. She was in the panty girdles typical of the time. The girdle kept in the heat and the fabric squeezed the flesh. So some times I administered punishment on it. Modern people wouldn’t have thought that. But if I were to spank today it definitely bare as those girdles are long gone.

    1. Thank you for sharing. Yes, that’s an interesting item of clothing to use during the spanking. I’m sure there are some women who would prefer to be spanked bare too, just to show their husbands what belongs to them. As I say, I think there is added safety benefit in being bare too, but practices differ. Ultimately it is up to you to decide.

      1. Bare is best now and even then. Initially I absolutely needed to see what I was doing. But to be honest I was so familiar with her bottom as what and how much I could do through the panty girdle. And to be honest it made a strong punishment more effective. After all she isn’t supposed to like it. But none of you are ever likely to face that decision. So I mention it in a historical perspective. I like your writing.

        1. Thank you. I appreciate the perspective you offer, especially since I am not familiar with that kind of clothing. It sounds like you know how to deal with discipline. I hope you enjoy the rest of the site as well. I will be putting more articles up in the coming weeks on a spanking and leadership.

          1. We discovered DD almost 50 years ago. My wife’s mother had serious mental problems.. MY wide was trained to tell her what she wanted to hear and if it took lying then so be it. I think we will agree that requires correcting. That took a lot of spanking for 3 or 4 years to really get it under control. Now I’m kind of looking at what we did when we never knew such a system existed. If I knew this then we might have knocked a year off the worst period.
            So while that is over for me I’m just watching how you are going on. It does work I can testify to that. Keep up the good work.

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  15. My mentor, my wife’s father told me that a husband should use the wedding ring rule when a wife is corrected, that is the only thing she may wear is her wedding ring. A big part of my wife’s punishment is her corner time where she is on display humbled and nude. Women no matter how obedient they might be often suffer from false pride and nothing washes away that pride more quickly then to be stripped and put on display after her behind has been well marked by the strap . The only pride a Christian wife should ever have is her pride in her submission to her husband and to God.

    1. Yes, I have noticed that as well Bob. Even usually gentle and godly women develop pride, and can benefit greatly from being humbled and spanked. Any wife will need to be put back on the path by her husband at times. Thanks for your insight.

    2. johnsonjelena45 Avatar

      I am proud of your father-in-law. I do wish more father would do the same.
      More father’s of the bride need to talk to their son-in-law regarding discipline.
      I never craved, discipline BUT many other women do and are frustrated that their
      husband won’t spank them. Too many men have learned to never hit a woman. I don’t think that included spanking.

      I agree never hit a woman, any place but her back side. Many of my online friends want real discipline.

      1. True. There are many women out there that know they need a good hard spanking. Yet they don’t get one. Instructions from father to son would help accomplish that. I also hope to reach many of those men through my website, and encourage them to take charge and discipline their wives. I have heard some great stories of change so far. It is easily within reach.

  16. My husband works from.home and I’m.only allowed to wear clothes when we have company otherwise I’m naked all the time so that makes it easy for my husband to use my body when and however he wants. Some times he will look at me and say bend over sometimes it is for a good spanking some times it is for good sex. I never know what I will get. Sex I enjoy spanking I deserve. Not everyone style but it is mine. I am glad my husband enjoys and uses my body and I gladly submit to him because he takes good care of me.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience. I have another article on nudity as training, called Keeping her Bare. I don’t have my wife do that often, and it’s hard for couples who have children. It does help keep a woman in the right frame of mind.

    2. I can relate to you so much, Jan. My husband has been requiring me to be nude so much more recently and he says it is for the ease of corrections and for being intimate. Can I ask how you have learned to be comfortable with being nude? I still feel like covering up even though he tells me not to. I know I need to obey him but it’s just something I am working on. Thank you!

  17. johnsonjelena45 Avatar

    In our marriage, my husband wanted me come to stand before and strip below the waist as he started to scold.
    As the scolding continued, my hands were at my sides, no covering up was allowed.
    My husband wanted me to strip myself as a sign of acceptance and agreement with the need for punishment.
    With others I chat with it seem 50/50 on which is most effective or more embarrassing/humiliating- having your panties pulled down or having to pull down your own panties.

    1. Thank you. There is plenty of room for variety in wife spanking, and you can try more than one way to see what works for you. I leave full nudity for the more serious spankings, and have her bared waist down for the rest. Rituals always grow and change over time.

    2. Donald Reid Avatar
      Donald Reid

      When we agree my Wife needs to be punished, I have her change into her nightgown. Makes it a lot easier. I don’t believe totally nude is required for a punishment spanking. I start her punishment with a hand spanking over her underpants. I can see her buns start to turn red, than is ask her to pull her underpants down for the wooden spoon. It’s not a sexual thing at all. It’s a safety thing, and yes, a little embarrassing which I believe is a part of the whole ordeal..

      1. Hello Donald, Thank you for your comment. There is plenty of variety in how a spanking is given, and of course in various states of undress during discipline. The final pulling down of the panties can indeed add humbling to her experience. I wouldn’t be hesitant to try out other ways though, since each can have value during a discipline session or training.

  18. Better Lady Avatar
    Better Lady

    When we began discipline, my first spankings were done with my husband baring just my bottom. As we have grown and progressed, I am now required to shower and wait for him completely nude if I will be spanked. It was actually more embarrassing to have to stand in front of him and have him pull my pants/skirt and panties down. I am not ashamed of my body but I think it is more humbling to present myself naked for punishment as it shows that I have accepted that I have done something wrong and I am actively accepting the correction that I have earned. I think it shows my husband that I respect and love him and also shows that I do wish to do better in the future.

    1. Deserving Avatar

      Hi Better Lady,

      I totally agree. For my husband, totally nude for spanking is a must. He believes that by baring all, I can focus more easily on my correction, spanking, shame, and remorse.

      He feels like partial nudity isn’t enough for me. I struggled for many years but understand why he requires this. For me, the nakedness is the reminder that I may not put anything between us. By baring all, I bare my soul and my heart so that he can bring me to correction more thoroughly. It shows his unconditional love for me.

  19. Deserving Avatar

    Hello Aron. I have just found your blog and find it informative.

    I am glad to hear that you reserve nudity for your marriage bed and punishments. Unlike some of the above marriages, my husband believes that constant nudity or nudity for the sake of it diminishes the importance of it in times of punishment and especially in the marriage bed. Although some may justify constant nudity or prolonged nudity is put in place to teach wives to submit, my husband believes that God intended it solely for the marriage bed and for the punishment of wives.

    But, he does believe at his wife, I should receive spankings completely nude in the privacy of our bedroom or home office, so that I am stripped of any “armor” to keep me from his correction so I can better submit. Although difficult at the beginning of our marriage, I have come to understand the importance of it being this way- according to God’s plan. This is what he was taught by his father and therefore What I have come to know and love.

    He believes that only undressing from the waist down does not properly affect the full teaching during my spanking. He describes it as only being punished “halfway”. He says that a wife only undressing from the waist down during a spanking is like God only writing half the Bible or leaving His Creation with just men and no women.

    When I asked him at the beginning of our marriage to keep my panties on, the spankings were rough. He knew I needed to be corrected in my thinking, and strip away the protection that I thought my panties or clothing would give me. I would plea with him to leave them on or at least have my nakedness be from the waist down. As always, he knew better. I slowly came to realize the importance or my nude body during a spanking. Not only does it enrich my submission, but it allows me to receive my punishment in a more thorough way. He has taught me that the only way to admit my faults, receive my spanking fully, and more importantly- be absolved of guilt and shame is to bare all of myself to him.

    Like you have described, my spankings are methodical. Yes they vary some depending on the infraction, but they are consistent in structure. He speaks to me when he feels a spanking is necessary and let’s me know it will come. It is ALWAYS done in private and usually at night so it is about me and our marriage. No one including the children need to be involved. On occasion it may need to be during the day, and I make sure the children are gone or attended to so it can remain private. Unlike some of the responses above, we walk together into our room. He explains clearly what is going to happen and why, and asks me if I understand. I am not permitted to speak unless he asks me. He commands me to take off my clothes myself, as I was the one who sinned myself. My spankings are conducted over his knee or on all fours on the bed. He decides that and I do as he commands.

    Much like you have said, he mixes in lectures and comments during the spanking, only asking for a yes sir or no sir to make sure I am understanding of my indiscretions or failures as a wife. He is ALWAYS calm. The session ends with corner time, where I am expected to reflect and ask God for the strength to be better for my husband. He then asks me to kneel before him, still naked, and thank him for showing me God’s way though spanking. He always assures me of his love and I that I am good.

    At the beginning of our marriage my husband required oral training so I could properly satisfy him. For all of the reasons you have described, oral sex is essential in submission for wives. With time I grew in my skills and training was longer required. Instead, it became a regular part of our marriage bed. Still frequent.

    But, fellating him was always the requirement immediately following a spanking. At the conclusion of my spanking, while kneeling naked before him, he would then command me to suck. He believes that in this absolved state, because the Bible requires, I must do my duty as a wife and bring us both back to pleasure. This way, it ends on a positive note for him, and with him satisfied, it ends on a positive note for me. To this day, that is his expectation. By doing this after my spankings, I am reminded of his dominance over me, and his erectness in my mouth squashes any bad thoughts. It forces me to submit to my husband and silences any objections. He often instructs or reminds me to accept his erectness as a strong rod, that deflates or destructs any blockages I may have in submitting to him. His member is LITERALLY a weapon of armor to anything that may get in the way of my submission to him. My duty is to him and my job is to submit. In this very act, I suck a stronger bond between us. This may sound weird, but it feels very Godly to me.

    We have been married for 20 years, and I still feel so lucky to have his leadership. I know every marriage is different, but I highly suggest these steps and full nudity required for only these 2 things. Waist down nudity is popular and may feel like enough, but I encourage you all to try it, while reserving for this practice and the marriage bed- only.

    Sorry to be so long winded. I don’t have much of an outlet to spread the Good News of the proper marriage according to God’s will. I look forward to studying your blog more fully. God bless marriage and the submission of all wives.

    1. Thank you for your comment and for visiting my website. I hope you continue to find it informative. Your husband has an excellent system for managing and correcting you. I can tell he puts much care into it. Discipline is worth the time and effort it requires. I hear many women testify they feel greater peace and closeness to their man, even though a spanking hurts. God blesses marriage through godly leadership and submission.

    2. This comment by Deserving was a few months ago, but I am just discovering it now. If I didn’t know better I would think this was my wife as the process her and her husband follow are very similar to our process. Her appreciation and understanding of every part of it from the pre-spanking nudity, to the verbal correction, to the post spanking oral servicing shows her strong love for her husband and commitment to righteousness. If only more marriages were like her and her husbands – what a better world it would be!

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