The Silent Treatment

The need to keep activities quiet during a spanking is common to most households. Spanking itself is a noisy affair, between the swatting a bare backside and the cries of the lady’s mouth. Families with children, or couples in the flimsier kind of apartments find they need some way to lessen the sounds, those coming from both ends. To do this successfully is simple, and can at least keep noise to a minimum, though you may still be heard.

Quiet spanking instruments are many. I experimented with the plastic curtain rod for some time, and while it proved to be very quiet, and also carry a sting, is also gets easily damaged. After causing harm to numerous curtain rods, I moved on to the popular loopy, on the recommendation of spanking husbands who find it nearly ideal. The loop makes only mild whispers, but is judged as a very harsh instrument by the women who experience them. My wife does not like it when she sees I’ve got it sitting out. Depending on how it’s used, it can leave her bottom reddened, or with minor welts and bruising. There are various bungee-like cords, if they are thick enough, which can also spank solidly and silently. I have a fairly heavy one from a jump-rope which, while it looks innocent enough, delivers the heavier end of discipline very well. It is not as silent as the loopy, since there is a quiet thud, but it isn’t loud either.

Many couples give silent spankings with the use of what I call chemical warfare — the capsaicin cream used commonly for arthritis and muscle pain. Using cream may not have the intimacy of a spanking, or the direct personal control of the husband, but the cream does provide a serious punishment through the burning sensation on the skin. That’s because it contains the same ingredient that makes hot peppers hot. You can be assured it will burn. Since it’s not easy to judge just how much punishment it will deliver, or how long it will last, be careful with this form of silent punishment. Start slow, and if it’s not strong enough, add a little more. You could even test some on yourself to get an idea of the heat (I will do the same thing with instruments on myself). Applied to the bottom it takes a little while to be absorbed and start to take effect. It starts getting warm and tingly, then turns hot. If enough is used, it will be hot the following day, and she will be sitting uncomfortably just as if she’s been spanked hard. This is the only truly “silent” method I know of, but there’s no spanking involved.

How to keep the spanked woman quiet is another skill. She will almost always be expressing herself vocally as you discipline her. Now she may be self-controlled enough to keep sound to a minimum, which means you could manage a spanking with only a little music in the background, without making much disturbance. Since keeping quiet during a hard spanking is not so easy, having something in her mouth becomes necessary. She might find just biting down on a pillow will do, both in terms of keeping her from crying out, and absorbing the sound if she does. You may need to make a homemade gag as well, which will be easier for some women since it doesn’t require they bite down, but just fills up their mouth. I am not a big fan of using “gear” for discipline, but I will when necessary, so both the pillow and the homemade gag are regular items during discipline.

You will find there are likely quiet methods I haven’t named, but the ones I mention here are very useful and are common in marital spanking. They’re common solutions to a common problem. However, if you have a living environment where you don’t need to be silent, that is ideal. There is something better about hearing what you are doing, and about the man hearing his wife’s voice clearly, sensing where he’s taking her during the spanking. Hearing the terse and authoritative thwack of a strap on a bottom. There is both more closeness and precision that way. I believe it is better for a woman to express herself more fully during the spanking also, which she will not do if her face is in a pillow. She should fully get out what is in her, in terms of her hardship or tears. It is a compromise to keep a discipline session silent, as it loses all of these things. If you can find a safe place to make some noise, that is best.


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  2. At first in our marriage we were living in a flat with thin walls. My wife really didn’t like the thought that the neighbors might hear her. We bought a commercial gag which went in before we started a punishment session. As you say our activities were our business. And I didn’t want to broadcast them and she was very willing to be gagged. It might not work for you but it worked for us.

    1. Thank you for the idea. A commercial one is probably most effective, but since I have an aversion to “gear” I try to use home items if possible. Socks in a sarong works well enough for us.

  3. I was curious if you ever considered changing the structure of your site?

    Its very well written; I love what youve got to say.
    But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people
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    1. Thanks for visiting my discipline website. I hope it’s been helpful to you. I did anticipate some reactions like this, and ideally I would like some pictures. The fact is, I don’t have that much time to work on the site, and I also don’t know where I’d get pictures, or necessarily what I’d use. So for now at least it is just writing. Perhaps in the future I will do more with it.

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    Long Time Practitioner

    If you want a really effective quiet but devastating implement use a 3/8″ x 30″ PEX supply line. It raises real welts quickly and they are not easily forgotten. You will really need to use a gag with this because it will bring shrieks from the very depths of her soul!

  5. Real welts raised easily, devastating and real shrieks from the depths of her soul. Sounds like Christian, loving discipline to me.

  6. This has never been an issue for us since we practiced CDD openly. But I just can’t even imagine doing a correction that would be quiet enough to be a secret in our home. While out of sight is easily arranged out of ear shot , at least in my own personal experience doesn’t seem possible.

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