What Damage to Expect

For those starting out on their discipline journey, there is some hesitation, or fear about the physical damage it might cause. Neither husband nor wife want a spanking to result in serious injury, and they also will be seeing the bright, and sometimes colorful results of spankings very soon. It would be wrong not to take that seriously, but often, the surface damage from a spanking makes it look worse than it really is. A spanking rightly done will hurt, and result in some superficial coloring, but it will not cause any lasting damage.

Even something as simple as a hand spanking will leave your bottom bright red for a while, and stinging. If it’s hard, and some men have very solid hands, a hand spanking can even leave some bruising, and soreness the next day. It probably won’t go past that. However, most husbands in domestic discipline commonly use instruments. They can be as heavy and hard as a paddle, or light and loose like the belt, or even as mild as the small curtain rods.

Some of the multi-colored hues that come from a spanking with instruments can be shocking the first time you see them, but are common, and go away. Any number of instruments can result in some bruising, depending on how hard they are used, and where they strike. Bruising tends to last awhile, and will still be visible long after the pain has completely gone away. Some instruments leave welts. I am not experienced in dealing with the larger welts, since I don’t use an instrument that would leave them. They can hurt for quite awhile, and may require some after-care such as lotion or oil. Any number of instruments, including the loopy if used strongly, can leave small welts. These will go away more quickly — in a day or two — but still sting the day after the correction.

For spankings that include the sensitive area just below the bottom, on the upper thighs, these can end up with more pain, and a deeper form of bruising. The pain may last longer than on the bottom as well. I don’t punish there often, but only use the occasional strike for needed emphasis. Some husbands are notorious for using this spot to punish their wives, but I can only recommend that if you do, you should be careful to moderate the force, as there is much less padding there. The bottom, being soft and padded, makes for a good spot of correction, and can take more punishment.

Don’t assume that only the most intimidating instruments, or the heavier swats will give the most long lasting effects. There are times that a longer, but lighter spanking, can leave her bottom raw for quite some time. It might not be as bright or horrific to look at, but she will be burning down there. So experience with spanking, and with the use of instruments, will give you a feel for what the effects will be.

When it comes to what kind of damage ends up on the seat of correction, I believe common sense along with experience will help you as well as any advice I can offer. Spank regularly for a year and it will seem natural. Don’t be shocked or scared if it looks like the stars and stripes down there sometimes. I’ve given a few that looked like a child had fun finger-painting on a rear end. But be controlled, and avoid going overboard. Stay away from any spots on the body that could injure easily.

When I spank, I am comfortable with the process, and since I know what the effects on my wife usually are, that’s far from the first thing on my mind. I simply aim to give a good, hard, thorough spanking that does what it’s meant to do. I make sure it’s severity fits the crime, and that my wife shows contrition, and acceptance of the spanking, before  I stop. I also aim to make sure her bottom is sore the next day. Occasionally it will be sore a little longer. Those are my goals, and I don’t sweat the marks.


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  5. Great article and subject to explore. Some of us knew what to expect having seen siblings after their parental spankings. It was kind of hard so really see your own bottom. But I can also understand reluctance to properly spank one’s wife. But if you don’t do it sufficiently you are wasting both of your times and will not get results.

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  10. My husband makes sure my bottom is properly stripped and. I am sore for at least two sometimes three days after a good hard spanking. Use to be paddle now it is heavy leather strap he says is made especially to fit my bottom and he uses it well. He has never given me a spanking I didn’t deserve. My biggest problem is my mouth even after numerous spankings and mouth soapings I still don’t know when to shut up. In mean time, I will keep on trying and know if I go far I will hear those awful words: woman, strip bare and bend.

    Thank you for allowing me to vent or tell my story. You have prevented me from getting a few whippings I’m sure, as my husband is very strict with me and as much as I complain I would not have it any other way

    1. I’m glad I’ve been able to help you, Jan. Your husband knows how to manage you, and bring you back in line, I can see. If you are continually getting in trouble, I would advise really working on being meek and gentle in your heart. Silence is a word for a wife to remember. Let God cleanse you of any pride, and help you to trust in your husband to lead you. The words of your mouth should always be respectful to your man. It will get better with time. God be with you.

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