On Standing Her in the Corner

When I began spanking in marriage, I did not have much use for the tradition of giving a punished wife time in the corner when she is spanked. I appreciated the need for her to think about her deeds, and to await punishment simply by having her wait for her punishment, usually kneeling before the bed. I came to use corner time during most of our sessions through personal recommendations, and because I see the sense in it. I wouldn’t claim it is necessary, and I find my spankings were effective before I started using it, but having her stand in the corner — which is such a classic child’s punishment — can assist in the correction and in her learning.

One common time to have a wife stand in the corner is to await her punishment, but you can also use it after her spanking as a time to let her both calm down, and reflect on the lesson she’s been given. I often use both, but other times will only use it after the spanking. You could choose to use another form of waiting — as I used to have her wait on her knees before her place of punishment — but corner time to many seems more humbling and shameful.

Corner time first can act like a punishment in itself. You will find that many women actively dislike having to do it. It comes with the shame and humbling of having to receive a child-like punishment, and with the shame of nudity, and a bare bottom. She is already being taken down a notch simply by her corner time, and placed in a mindset to better receive discipline. The hardness that caused her bad behavior is being cracked and prepared to be broken. She knows she’s totally subject to her man, even before the spanking starts.

The corner time before her spanking will also give her a chance to think of her wrongdoing. I always instruct my wife to think about her deeds, and why she’s about to be disciplined. She needs to reflect on why she’s ended up there. Understanding her misdeed or her prideful attitude aids her in receiving the discipline in her heart and sincerely desiring real change. She can further deal with the wait, and the dread of the spanking coming up. This is right, since a discipline should instill some fear, and a woman who willfully steps out of line has good reason to fear. I find it that rational dread can function as a reminder at other times, when she knows to stay away from bad behavior because of it, or gets a clearer picture of how wrong her action was. It is easy for the human mind to minimize its wrong, but having to fear a punishment reminds the heart that it is weighty and terrible to do wrong.

My usual time for a pre-spanking corner time is 15 minutes. I am sure there are others who use shorter and longer times. I am typically present, and do some reading while she does her time there. I have instructed her in the beginning what to think about, and I may say a few other words to her about her correction, but I am silent for the most part. She needs to stand, and wait, and think about her situation.

Corner time after the spanking has a somewhat different meaning. Like the one at the start, it may give her time to reflect on what has happened, but I will also instruct my wife to think about her commitment to future behavior. That is something I will talk with her about after she’s done in the corner. Like corner time to begin the session, she is humbled and bare, but this time has to show off to her husband the bright results of her spanking. As her backside is still burning she has to show it to him, in a way then showing her punished and humbled state. This helps her to feel ashamed of getting herself in trouble, and under full command of her husband.

Corner time at the end is also an excellent time for her to calm down for a while. A spanking can be overwhelming physically and also emotionally. It make take a few minutes for her to process things more clearly, and to speak more clearly. This is advantageous, since a spanking usually ends with a good talk, and a good talk should be calm, both for speaking and understanding. I find this especially useful, as before I started using corner time to end the session, I found she was still overly emotional while I finished things. Matters like further instruction, commitment to the future, personal encouragement, and expressions of love could get muddied or lost. I still find this corner time at the end more important to the punishment than the one at the start for that reason.

There are surely other couples who use different forms of corner time, or may even place one in the middle of the session. It may prove useful for reasons beyond what I’ve mentioned here. That’s my experience, and I would recommend at least giving it a try. You can successfully discipline your wife without placing her in the corner, but it can aid you in the areas I’ve mentioned, especially in enhancing her shame and dread of the punishment, giving her valuable time to reflect, and aiding you in ending the session by helping her calm down. Just as being spanked helps humble  a woman when her ego has grown too grand, being placed bare in the corner humbles her too, and is your tool in correction.


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  5. Excellent post! For those who don’t use cornertime, I would highly recommend it both before and after a spanking. Reflection and shame are important components of the correction process. A wife needs to think about why she was punished and how she can avoid having to stand in the corner displaying her freshly spanked behind. My wife dislikes her cornertime punishments as much as her spanking. Trust me, you will be impressed with the results as long as your are consistent and enforce the rules of her cornertime.

    1. Thank you Mark. I’ve found it very helpful in correcting my wife as well. You are right to point out both the reflection and the shame involved in standing in the corner. It can be more powerful than it looks.

  6. 689/5000
    I always have to adopt a specific position during the time of punishment, my husband says that this serves to make me humiliated and ashamed, especially if I am ordered to remove my clothes. sometimes I am forced to adopt extremely uncomfortable and humiliating positions, which exposes my most private parts, during corner time. How to stand on my toes, lean on the wall with my forehead only, keep my knee on the floor and lift my feet to increase the pressure, leaning, separating the parts of the ass with my hands, to expose my anus
    My husband says that the shame of these various positions helps to educate me and to realize the error of my bad behavior.

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  12. Long Time Practitioner Avatar
    Long Time Practitioner

    This is my 1st post and hopefully not my last. I have been married twice to wonderful women that have been disciplined since the start of our relationships. My 1st wife passed and I am remarried. I use and have used corner time for both as well as a variety of other measures to make them into better wives. Some corrections are mild while others are very harsh depending on need. Bare bottom corner time is always used to reinforce the message. Both wives had well reddened bottoms and corner time before the end of the 1st week of marriage with excellent results. They both also wore no panties at home as a sign of obedience and submission. Both have been seen during bare bottom corner time and it impressed upon them that they needed it. Will post more in other sections soon

    1. I appreciate the importance you place on keeping discipline in your home. You are welcome to comment more. Thank you.

  13. I think corner times is as important as a spanking is in the discipline process. I have used corner time since the beginning of my use of corporal correction. Corner time in our home always requires the punished wife to be fully nude the same way she is corrected. This helps her confront any false pride she may have, the only pride allowed her is the pride of being openly obedient and submissive. The rule is that no one may speak to her except me when she is doing corner time nor may she speak to anyone, except if she is making some request, like a need to use the bathroom. Corner time can be hours or minutes depending on circumstances. Mostly she stands with her nose touching the wall and her hands on her head, but on occasion if I want to keep an eye on her expression, she is made to stand facing the room. For short corner times I have used ginger root on rare occasion, this is reserved for behaviors that show open defiance. This occurs very rarely

  14. Deserving Avatar

    Hi Aron.

    I really loved this article. I receive corner after my spankings. I am required to be fully nude for my spankings, as well as corner time. I am usually in corner time for about 15 minutes, and my husband watches or is at least present while I reflect and am then given the luxury of serving him with a thank you blowjob.

    Do you require your wife to be nude for spankings and/or corner time? Or is it just sometimes? I’ve seen many on here only require their wife’s bottom to be bare with parties pulled down. I begged my husband when we first married to keep clothed during spankings, but after a few months I was required to be nude. Under his leadership, I grew in my submission and realized being nude and fully exposed at this time was my husbands way to break down the barriers I had with my own pride and not properly serving my him.

    He always stated that corner time is for me to reflect on what I had done, ask the Lord to give me the strength to submit fully to my husband and be a better wife, and then ask for forgiveness and express how I’m going to do better. Do you have specific reflections you require your wife to say or answer to out loud in corner time?

    The part about corner time being a way for the husband to see the fruits of his labor (literally) on his wife’s bottom resonates with me. For some reason, I’ve always thought that corner time was just for me to reflect and grow in my submission. I’ve never thought about it being meaningful for my husband to see me that way. By seeing my red and welted bottom, he sees the beauty of his leadership and discipline.

    I still have so much shame in corner time. Sometimes more than the actual spanking. I know what I need to do, but I still cry at the thought of corner time. Knowing he’s sitting there watching me cry and prepare to verbalize my thoughts in order to move forward is difficult. But now after reading some of your thoughts, I feel better knowing that seeing my bottom that way could be special and meaningful to him. It makes me feel better, and actually more loved by him. I’ve never thought about it that way. Thank you for the wonderful insight. I feel blessed to have this site!

    1. Hello Deserving, It sounds like corner time is very successful with you. There is always something shameful about it. That shame works on a woman and helps her respond to her husband and to the correction itself in the right way. I always stay in the room while my wife does corner time. I’ll sometimes have her hold the instrument as well. As for nudity, I don’t always do it the same way, but will have her completely nude some of the time, and bare from the waist down at other times. A wife is indeed showing her husband the fruit of his works on her behind as she stands in the corner. Many men will find satisfaction in that.

      1. There is a real sense of satisfaction seeing a rebellious woman standing in the corner with her marked behind on display, a woman who forgot her place and subsequently relearning that her husband has the authority to correct her wrong thinking, humbling her and erasing her false pride.

    2. Cornertime is very important in my home. I agree, it is very satisfying seeing a disobedient wife displaying her very red bottom. You should use the time to reflect on your transgressions and feel shame and remorse. I am very strict with my wife when she is told to stand in the corner. Any act of defiance will earn her a further strapping. Cornertime is an integral part of disciplining and punishing an errant wife. Be glad your husband loves you enough to send you into the corner.

  15. I’m sure I’ll hear back about this but the truth is I hate corner time worse than the spanking. And I don’t use the time very well to reflect on how I can do better. Usually my blood just boils and I think about how now I have to suck him like I’m grateful he just blistered my ass. I know, I know it’s my pride and I need to change my attitude. struggling.

    1. Yes, that is the wrong attitude to have during corner time Margret. You need to own up to your responsibility, absorb the lesson that you’ve been given, and commit yourself to doing better. Your own behavior put you there. Practice godly remorse and express that to your husband.

      1. Margret Avatar

        Yes sir, I know you are right but I just feel like it is much harder for a woman like me whose lived an entire life trying to be the strong independent woman I thought I was supposed to be than for a woman who has never had any other life experience or a girl who knows from a young age this how her marriage will be. And certainly harder than for some of the women on here who have asked to be made submissive to their husbands. I was 47 when I married my husband and I’d been married before. I chose this life and I believe in it and I want to submit but I have years of other experiences and voices in my head telling me differently. I’m not sure we’ll ever be where you and wife are where I am rarely punished.

    2. You need to use your time in the corner to reflect and feel shame. I believe it is a very important part of your punishment. My wife hates it too, but it’s not supposed to be fun. How long do you usually stand in the corner for? Maybe you need more time for the shame to sink in?

      1. margretmorgan65 Avatar

        Sir, I know how I’m supposed to use my corner time. I’m sorry but It’s not that easy. I’ve just had my ass blistered and I know as soon as he calls me out if the corner, usually around 10 or 15 minutes, I have to not only thank him but then give him head. Just saying it’s not that easy to stop thinking about all that and think about how I need to be ashamed of disrespecting/disobeying my husband. I’m trying.

      2. Margret, it sounds like it’s a lot for you to do in a short time. You might not like this idea, but perhaps you should spend at least 30 minutes or more in the corner. You will have more time to reflect and be better prepared to give head. My wife must also give me head after standing in the corner displaying her very red behind, but I have her stand in the corner much longer than 15 minutes.

      3. Mark,
        I’m Rick, Margret’s husband. Thanks for your comments. I will try your suggestion if increasing her corner time. She is definitely in need of an attitude adjustment!

    3. Margret,

      I’m compelled to comment after reading your posts. Others have already pointed out your poor attitude, but instead of thanking them for their insight you have sassed them (“I know how I’m supposed to use my corner time. I’m sorry but It’s not that easy.”). Show more respect in future to the experienced husbands here who are giving up their valuable time to help you improve. For now, I think you owe them an apology. Don’t use low slang (“tho”, “suck him”) and write proper sentences. Your demeanor here is not a good reflection of your duty to your husband and to God. The onus is on you to learn to serve them with pleasure and humility, not on others to solve the problem for you.

      1. rickmorganhoh Avatar

        James, I’m Rick,  Margret’s husband. She’s no longer allowed on this site without me.  She was on here originally without my permission. You are right about her attitude and use of slang and how disrespectful she was in this post and others on this site. She was spanked long and hard after I read her comments. I’ve also increased her corner time because apparently she needs more time to get her attitude in check after a spanking. She is a difficult wife no doubt and I’m learning quite a bit from this site on how to handle her.  My first wife was easy having been raised in a spanking household. After she passed I met Margret and she was well behaved for the first couple of years of our marriage but I guess I slacked off a bit and she started acting out.  I now believe the acting out was her telling me she needed me to take a firmer hand with her. Which I have. She gets maintenance spankings every Sunday night and I keep a pretty tight reign on her most of the time. I had given her some freedoms which have been taken away. I’ve also instituted a regular bedtime for her and that has helped as well. I appreciate all the input from other spanking husbands on this site and welcome your further comments. I’ll read your response to her tomorrow and as this site regularly does it will provide a teaching moment for me with her. Thanks for your input. Have a good evening. 

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  16. Margret Avatar

    I’m hoping that you’ll reply to my last comment in this section. you may not have had time to yet but I really am struggling and I would like to hear your thoughts on what I said.
    Thank you.

    1. Hello Margret. The only other comment I’ve seen did not have a question with it, and I didn’t see the need to say anything else. I took it as added explanation. I think you will do well if you are persistent with it, and committed to submission. Do you have a specific question regarding this? Thanks.

      1. Margret Avatar

        No, you’re right, no question. Just thought you might have something to say about what I said. Just struggling looking for input. You’re right tho I just need to do what I need to do.

  17. Hey Rick, you’re welcome. I find that longer times in the corner benefits my wife. For post spanking cornertime, it usually takes my wife 10-15 minutes to completely calm down after I have spanked her. It is not until then does true reflection and shame are really begin to be felt. Good Luck, hope it helps.

    1. rickmorganhoh Avatar

      She got spanked earlier for some disrespectful comments on here and I left in the corner for a half hour. She was pretty compliant afterward. She hated the extra time so I think it will help.

      1. Sorry it took so long to write back. Good job on the longer cornertime. And I hope you are strict with her there. My wife stands at attention, hands at her side or on her head and nose all the way in the corner touching the wall. When she is released she should serve you with a thank you blowjob to show her submission and gratitude for disciplining her like a true husband.

        1. rickmorganhoh Avatar

          Mark, No worries. I also only have time to get on this site every week or so.  I have had good results with the increased corner time.  I wrongly assumed that everything I did with my first wife,  who was raised in a spanking home, would work with Margret. Not so. I follow a similar system to yours when I send her to the corner. I have her fold her arms behind her back at her waist, spread her feet apart and put her face in the corner. When I call her out  she kneels, says her thank you and thanks me with head. I follow this same routine for punishment and weekly maintenance spankings.Appreciate your advice. Have a good evening. 

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          1. Good job Rick. I think hands behind her back folded is excellent. I have used that many times. When she has her hands on her head she has to stick her behind out to get her nose into the corner, that works well too. Cornertime is excellent as long as you are consistent with the rules and that she obeys. My wife used to turn around when I wasn’t looking but she was always strapped for that and her cornertime was started over. I also find it satisfying to see my wife stand in the corner displaying a very red behind. Keep up the great work and you will see results. I always use the same corner, which we call the naughty corner. Just adds a bit more shame when you go stand in the naughty corner young lady! Cheers

  18. Rick I would like to offer my two cents worth concerning your situation. I think your wife wants to learn to be obedient and submissive at least on some level I would suggest introducing a more structured set of rules for your wife. She needs a more constant reminder of her proper place I would suggest establishing a dress code and a strict bed time. My wife has to be in the tub by about 8:30 at the latest and in bed by 9:00 pm. She has a dress code we get most of her clothes from modest apparel USA. For bed she must wear a tee shirt and nothing else I call it her nighty. She must wear this in the morning until she gets dressed for the day this has been true for a long time. Anyway you get the idea these requirements will focus her attention on her need to be submissive. You can pick other rules whatever you think would be good. By making these rules she can’t escape her subordinate position. Wives need to be trained it’s really for their own good and after a while she will be conditioned to be openly submissive. You will be pleased with the result

    1. Thanks Bob; I am mostly in agreement here. I agree about a dress-code, I have found that insisting on a full (pinafore-style) apron worn over her long, modest clothes has quite a chastening effect on behaviour. It is harder to mouth off when overtly dressed for domestic service!

      Rick, it sounds like you are doing a great job! Keep up the good work with the increased discipline, and thanks for your courteous reply to my post. I’m glad to hear you will read her my response, and I appreciate that Margret is not permitted on this site unsupervised, but I really think it would produce a positive effect on her to be allowed to apologise personally to Bob, Mark etc., as she surely wants to now.

      Thank you both.

      1. rickmorganhoh Avatar

        Thanks for your responses gentleman. Bob,  I’ve read many of your comments on this site and the way you run your home reminds me very much of my parents. My wife does have a bedtime every night but she sleeps nude. I have never allowed pajamas in my bed unless she is ill. I sleep the same way. I feel like it sends a clear message when a woman comes into her husband’s bed and there are no barriers between the two of them. I wouldn’t say I have a lot of rules but I do give privileges that have been taken away until submissiveness becomes her norm.  I was allowing her to have dinner with friends she had from before we met.  That has stopped for the time being. I don’t have a problem with the way she dresses.  There were a couple of times when we 1st got married that she put outfits on and I said “no, that’s not gonna work”. I didn’t have any problems after that. She does go to the gym every morning and I did tell her I want her to shower and change into her regular clothes before she goes out. I don’t think spandex, sports bras and yoga pants are appropriate for shopping and running errands. I caught her one time when she thought I was in the office and I was working from home. She had come home from the grocery after the gym and had not changed. She complained that it was easier to just go out and do the things she needed to do and wait until she got home to shower. I made sure to give her a spanking that would be easy to recall if she ever thought of doing that again.  I haven’t had a problem since. James,  I may allow her back on here at some point to apologize.  That’s not a bad idea. Thanks for your input. Always appreciated.

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      2. Thanks Rick, I’m delighted to hear that you’ll consider allowing Margret to apologize; it would be a magnanimous gesture on your part, and a reward for her efforts to improve, as you’ve described. We talk a lot about the harsh side of discipline, but it is important to give the carrot as well as the stick. It will be a great relief for her to make public amends. She will be grateful to you. Best of luck with it, and keep up the Lord’s work.

  19. Rick it’s my policy that Jane apologize to any husband she was disrespectful to. If they are someone who knows she is spanked she is required to let them know she was punished for her behavior. This is very important and restorative for her being put back in her proper place in the social hierarchy. As I mentioned earlier every Christian husband has the task of training a new wife. If he has the misfortune of marrying a women who hasn’t been trained to be submissive in the home she grew up in ,his task will be more challenging. Your wife will need to be spanked frequently until you observe a real attitude change. Women often try to fake it to avoid being punished but if you are observant you will be able to detect a real change of attitude. A Christian wife needs to proudly display her submission and obedience in any public setting. If she is not willing to do this she is faking her submission.

  20. Deserving Avatar

    Hi Rick.

    I have been reading the exchanges you’ve had with some of the husbands as well as Margaret’s comments. I wanted to gently offer some advice for both of you from a submissive wife’s perspective.

    Rick, I would consider what Bob has suggested about a few stricter rules and requirements. A few simple things like a specific bedtime ritual could help. Helping your wife bathe, requiring her to be in bed a a time that works for you as well as requiring her to sleep nude might help her feel your dominance and headship. My husband required similar things from me at the beginning of our marriage and for periods of time over the years when I needed to strengthen my submission. It was in those times that I was softened and those barriers were broken down. A wife’s naked body is visual for man, but it’s also a reminder that wives may not deny their husbands or put anything between them.

    I would also consider working up to longer corner time sessions. Add a few minutes each time. For me, corner time was a difficult task at the beginning of my marriage. I felt shame from my infraction, shame from standing nude while my husband watched me, and then shame expressing my remorse. He would tell me that it was important for him to see me in this state, so he could enjoy the sight of his labor. I would feel angry and embarrassed, but with his consistent leadership I grew to understand why I needed it. It sounds like you require a thank you blow job after corner time. Another suggestion would be to have a rich discussion afterward. For me, those loving discussions after my corner time and thank you blowjobs were instrumental to my submission. We prayed together a lot and he had me say out loud what I needed to do better and ask God for the strength to do it. This was a time for me to reflect but then verbalize to my husband how I could be a better wife.

    The other thing I would try is relying more on the marriage bed. Much focus is placed on the spankings, which is essential. But for me, another thing that helped was the oral and sexual training from my husband. Because those special acts are reserved for marriage, it brought us closer every time. It took years for me to realize it, but I know now that’s why my husband required it. Most married couples have sex. But the reason why CDD marriages work so well is because of the power a man is given over his wife under Gods law. God call us to be one in the marriage bed but he also calls the man to exert his leadership. Since the sexual union between man and wife is the most special, treasured, and bonding thing that can happen, a husband must take his wife frequently. Maybe try to figure out a way to add that to your requirements for your wife. Make it a firm ritual and stick to it. I know for me it was in those times along with the spankings that I grew to let go and fully submit to my husband.

    I would offer this advice. Be patient and pray. Pray for the strength and softness to see your husband as a leader. When you feel angry, pray. I think it’s a proven fact that your mind can’t think of 2 things at once. So in those times of anger, pray the following statement and repeat it. “God help me submit because I love my husband and he knows best.” My husband suggested that to me at the beginning of our marriage and it helped me a lot. There were times when I was so mad I wanted to scream but I tried it. Sometimes we’re more difficult than others but it did work.

    I would also start each day for a while telling your husband 2 specific reasons you are thankful for him. My husband did this for the first 3 months of our marriage and it was wonderful. He’s used it for periods of time along the way when I needed to enhance my submission. It can be simple and take a minute:

    I am thankful for your leadership.
    I am thankful for your sexual training.
    I am thankful I have the privilege of providing you with a blowjob.
    I am thankful for the opportunity to serve you sexually.
    I am thankful we frequently become one in the marriage bed.
    I am thankful for your discipline.
    I am thankful you provide for me.
    I am thankful for your kind heart.
    I am thankful for your words of encouragement.
    I am thankful you are the head of our household.

    My last suggestion would be to seek advice from other wives. They will help you. As a submissive wife I will remind you of your duty to your husband. After 21 years of marriage I don’t need discipline or training very often now, but I am thankful for those opportunities. I grew to realize that the spankings and sexual services were not just things for me to accept, but opportunities for me to please my husband and God. Opportunities for me to grow closer to God. Opportunities to strengthen my marriage. Opportunities to serve my husband fully. Spankings are necessary and sexually service if a gift when shared in marriage.

    I will pray for both of you. I will pray that God will guide Margaret to let go and submit fully to her husband. I will pray that she accepts her husband as the leader of her marriage. I will pray that she understands that accepting her husbands discipline and serving him sexually is a gift from God. May God bless your marriage always!

    1. rickmorganhoh Avatar

      Deserving, I’d like to thank you for your comments. I will definitely read them to Margret.  She does have a bedtime. I started that a few months ago after a friend of mine who also spanks suggested it. I’ve also increased her corner time to at least 30 minutes but depending on the situation I may leave her there longer as needed.  Also, I have never allowed pajamas in my bed unless she is not feeling well. While I don’t bathe her like Bob does his wife we do shower together frequently and when we do I wash her and I have her wash me. Submission in the bedroom has never been an the issue. She gives herself freely and enthusiastically to me. While I have been having fewer problems with her lately, she did receive a severe spanking the week before Christmas over her attitude. I will be posting about this situation and welcoming comments on another article of Aron’s where I feel it fits better. Hopefully Margret will take some of your advice to heart.  I appreciate your prayers!

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  21. lesleyderby Avatar

    I have both pre and post punishment cornertime.
    If I am to be disciplined my husband will tell me to go and prepare, this means I have to go to our bedroom and remove all clothing then stand in the corner naked until he comes up to deliver the punishment. He says this is so that I have time to reflect on the reason why I am to be punished and to think of how I can improve my behaviour in the future. I usually have to wait in the corner for around 15 to 20 minutes before he comes upstairs to punish me.
    After my punishment I have to go back into the corner still naked with my punished bottom on display and hands on my head. This is a time to reflect again how I can improve my behaviour and to give me time to calm down, when my husband considers that I have calmed down enough and stopped crying I am required to kneel before him and verbally thank him for my punishment, then thank him with my mouth.

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