Why I Chose Spanking for my Marriage

I decided to use spanking as a discipline tool in my marriage for a variety of reasons. It was always my plan, and it was a practice I told my wife about before we were married, and while we were still discussing elements of a possible coming union. I was comfortable, and confident in talking about it because I believed in it, and because I had practiced it before. It was simply the way that I did things. The way I run the household. She knew that in marriage she would be subject to correction from me, including being spanked when she misbehaved.

One reason for bringing it into marriage is that I had simply seen the good results. Having spanked girls many times before, I knew it could be an effective, and fast means of keeping them submissive, and getting them to behave better. It is an undesirable punishment for wrongs, and a woman will usually try to avoid it. While I did not have a clear understanding of leadership in my early years of using it, and while I didn’t fully understand what spanking was for, I had the experience and had the chance to see its results. Since it was a part of my past, and of how I did relationships, I planned for it to continue in marriage.

I also knew that spanking does what other things can’t do, whether a discussion, or a milder form of punishment. It takes care of punishment, corrects a woman, and helps her grow in her submission. A spanked woman knows her submission more deeply and faster than a woman who is not clearly guided, or who is softly corrected. Being over the knee, humbled, bare, and spanked hard is a soul-reaching experience. It teaches a lady wonderfully. I wouldn’t even try to replace it with anything else, especially having used it for years, and seen it in action. Not only that, but despite the short term pain of a spanking, and the possible fear of experiencing one, it is far superior to other responses to friction in marriage, be it an argument, the cold shoulder, harming one another, or separation. Ills in marriages often turn into something far worse over time, or fester without end. A good spanking puts them in the past, rights the wrong, and gets man and wife back together, functioning with beautiful harmony. Why wouldn’t I want to use it?

There are also rewards for me, besides the effectiveness of the punishment itself. I appreciate seeing a wrong made right, and seeing a bad attitude humbled and made soft. I enjoy seeing my wife come back to the fold and come to an understanding of her wrong. As a form of punishment, I also would not turn down the chance to see my wife bare, enjoy her body, and have her bottom in my hands. The view is not nearly that good during a mere conversation. That is one reason so many couples find that spanking brings them closer together, and more intimate — the physical nature of being close to a woman’s soft skin, along with the deep trust, and emotional penetration of a spanking session. You are working with a woman deeply inside, and I happen to like that.

If I am going to lead my home, and that is my job as a man, I am not going to be without a means of punishing wrongs. A leader without a discipline system will find, when tested, that he has no command at all. He is a mere titular head. Perhaps he can make an inspiring speech, or persuade, or plead with his wife, but he cannot do what a true head does — command those under him. I have the ability to discipline those under me because I am the head of my home, and discipline comes with that role. To take that away would leave me, or any other husband, as a mere partner, but not the head. I would never plan for a marriage like that, and I wouldn’t want you to either. I think women also can sense the shame in a man who has to resort to pleading or persuasion, when a man with true authority can simply use command. She senses a man being brought down, and it’s kind of embarrassing. A real man has authority, and authority can punish disobedience. My wife knows that I command her, and she respects that.

Having been married now many years, I can say I’ve never regretted my decision. If she gets loose with her attitude or thinks she can ignore what I say, a spanking will remind her of her rightful attitude. It pus her back where she needs to be. When I tell her something she knows it is authoritative. If I give her a warning about her behavior, she knows that warning is real. In helping her, it helps me, and in doing that it helps our entire family. She is doing her job smoothly, and there is very little friction. I would never claim that spanking is the only way, or the sole way to have that kind of effectiveness and mutual peace, but it’s one big reason. Thinking back to that day when I told my beloved “this is how I do things,” I think — job well done. I’ve heard from husbands who brought in discipline later on in their marriages, but doing it from the start is the easier way, I am sure, and it saves much trouble.


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  1. Perhaps you have written about it in another post, but I would love to hear how your wife first reacted to the idea of spanking, prior to having been spanked? Great post 🙂

    1. Hi Nora. Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’ve mentioned my wife’s reaction to the idea in passing, but I haven’t done a post uniquely on her reaction. I’ll think about doing one in the future. That’s a good idea.

      1. Thank you for giving the idea consideration😊

  2. iamhissubmissive60 Avatar

    I am not in a CDD home but I was raised this way in my home as child, my Dad disciplined us everyday with his belt after work. He never called it maintence spanking buy after reading articles about spanking I think that it was just that. I was spanked all the way up until I got married. I have alway’s treated my male elders with much respect and even my husband. He did spank me once early on in our marriage, I learn now when he gives me that look I better change my attitude. I admire the way you run your home, and I agree if more husbands spanked their wives and it was allowed in our country their wouldn’t be so many divorces.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly.

  3. Aron,

    It’s so easy to focus on the physical aspects of a good spanking that I’d never considered the idea of a spanking as an “emotional penetration.” Penetration is by nature an intrusive, dominant, commanding, inherently male act. Thinking of spanking that way somehow makes it seem more intimate and wholly consuming. I enjoy your writing and your male perspective.

    1. Thank you. I want the male voice to be out there as well, since it is the man who leads the home, and who leads the discipline. Yes, that emotional penetration is an important part of the intimacy of loving discipline. The physical aspect touches upon the emotions, as do the words, which I think are very important during a spanking. That emotional contact is one part of what makes a spanking effective, alongside the pain.

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