Description of Discipline for Lateness

One of the earliest lessons for my wife to learn when we married was to be responsible with showing up on time. She knew this was important to me, but she had been raised without a lot of care for being punctual, and her peers weren’t much into it either. Getting her out of the habit of showing up late, and not even calling, was something I took care of within the first year of being together. She knows now that I expect her to be on time, and if something unexpected came up that will make her more than a little late, she needs to call. She may not just keep me waiting.

Being on time is important in running the home smoothly, and I have always treated it as a rule. Disregarding punctuality causes several problems: it displays an irresponsible attitude and encourages further irresponsible actions. It dishonors her husband by making him wait around, often with nothing to do. It also wreaks havoc on plans, and on getting things done according to schedule. I have never been one to plan every minute of a day, but I do plan a number of activities, which may be for myself, her, the whole family, or friends. This is easy to do when everything occurs on time.

Making sure your wife is punctual, even if it is not especially important to you, is an easy rule for her to start learning submission, and being attentive to your wishes. It helps her to remember to listen to you, and that she is accountable to you. I highly recommend this rule for beginners. She should know her day is not her own, but is under your oversight. Along with several other simple rules, it is a good way to develop a back and forth of leadership and submission, as well as getting her used to being disciplined.

These days I rarely spank my wife for lateness, although I did once in the past year. She gave up the habit over my knee. After making me wait inconsiderately several times, and getting corrected for it, she is very attentive to time, and always knows to call or message me if anything unexpected happens. This shows her beautiful submission, and it also makes the house run smoothly. Since it has been a while, I will give you a description of an early spanking session I gave her when she left me waiting. She was still a new wife, and new to discipline. It was also before I began using corner time during discipline, and did a few other things differently as well:

“Alright, we’re going to have the talk I told you about earlier.”


“Why don’t you sit down right here,” I said, patting the couch gently.

My wife sat down next to me.

“What are we going to talk about tonight?”

You said the lateness earlier. And that I did not call you.

“That’s right. You left me waiting again. Didn’t I tell you about that before?”

Yes, you did.

“What did I tell you?”

That you don’t want me to come late anymore.

“That’s right. I don’t allow that. It makes me stand around with nothing to do, and it disrespects me. Things need to run well in this home, things need to get done, and get done on time. Do you understand we can’t have that anymore?”

Yes. I’m sorry. I should have thought about it.

“Yes, you should have thought about it. But you didn’t. I’m going to help you think about it in the future. Now I want you to go to the bedroom, undress, and wait for me on your knees.”

Yes, sir.

I have her about 15 minutes kneeling before our bed, to think about what she’d done. Then I came in slowly, opened the door, and quietly walked over to the bed. I sat down before her, where she keeled with her head down.

“Now you understand why you’re going to get spanked tonight?”

She nodded her head. Yes, sir. I’m sorry sir, I won’t do it again.

I patted my leg. “Get over my knee.”

She lay herself forward over my leg, so that her legs hung between mine. I grabbed a pillow and placed it in front of her head where she would need it to cry into. Then I locked my other leg over hers and began to take off my belt. When I had it out I doubled it over, and began her spanking.

“Okay. You’re going to get a lesson now. You know that I do not allow that in this house, woman.”

Yes, sir. I’m sorry. She was beginning to come to tears already.

I gave her five solid swings with the black leather belt across her buttocks, lifting it high, and bringing it down with a smack.

“I have told you this before, and you are going to have to listen this time. You need to obey your man, and you do not leave me waiting like that every again, is that clear?”

Yes, sir. I won’t. I promise.

I lifted the belt high again and continued to crack it down on her bottom. “This is the way I run things, and you need to listen and learn. You arrive on time, and if there is an emergency you call. You do not disrespect your man ever again.”

Her bottom clenched with each smack as I continued to mark time on it with the leather belt.

I won’t. I won’t do it again. She began to cry harder.

“Are you learning your lesson, woman?”

Yes, sir.

I rested my forearm on her bare side, holding her firmly in place, and spread my fingers around her waste. “When do you need to arrive for me?”

I need to be on time. She was dripping with tears, and now grunting with each strap of the belt.

“Will I ever see you leave your man waiting again?”

No, I won’t ever do it.

I strapped her several times with force. “Who do you belong to woman?”

You sir?

I gave her several more hard ones, as she let out a yelp.  “Who does that little butt belong to?”

It’s yours, sir.

“That’s right. That butt’s mine and I will correct you when you ever act like that with me.” I gave her butt a solid smack. “Do you like being over my knee right now?”

No, sir. No.

I lifted it high and brought down another. “Do you want to have to be here again?”

No, please, I don’t.

“Then you don’t ever leave me waiting again. Is that clear?”

Yes sir.

Smack. Smack. Smack. “You do not leave your man waiting, and you call immediately if there is an emergency.”

Yes, sir, I will.

I held her tight with my arm, and with my leg around hers as I have her the last set of strokes, strapping her evenly up and down the bottom, going over it several times until her bottom was glowing hot. She squirmed under several of them, and bit down on the pillow. “Did you learn your lesson tonight?”

Yes sir, she said very quickly.

Strap. “You will not behave that way again.”

No, sir never.

Strap strap “Who is your man?”

You sir.

Strap. “Who do you obey?”

You, sir, I obey you.

Strap. “Okay . . . you can sit up now.”

I opened up my leg so she could lift herself up, and helped her push herself up from her belly to swing around and sit next to me. She sat quietly, most of her tears gone, but sniffling a little and breathing heavily.

I put my hand on her waste and let her sit for a minute. “I gave you that lesson because of your behavior, honey. And because that behavior cannot happen again. You need to learn to respect that, and follow you man’s rules. I don’t think they are too hard for anyone. Your behavior today disrespected me, and wasted my time. Now I think you have a better idea of why that’s important, and you know there are consequences if you do it again . . . I know you can do better, and you’ve told me that you would. You just listen to your man and you don’t need to get spanked again”

I will, I just wasn’t thinking about it today. I should have called you.

“I know. You know what you should have done, and you’ll do it next time. I don’t think I’ll have to tell you this again. And you don’t want to go through this again.”

No, no I don’t, sir.

“You know exactly what to do next time, and you know it’s important. Do you understand what I expect from you?”

Yes, I know what you want. I should have done it.

“I put my arm on her shoulder and kissed her head. You’ll do better. And we’re finished now. I love you, and this problem is out of our way. I think you understand much better now. You’re my woman and I always care for you. I will correct you when you need it, but I don’t ever stop loving you or caring for you, and I will for my whole life.”

That’s the end. They all lived happily ever after. I gave several spankings like that to my wife our first year of marriage, and like I said, since then it hardly ever happens. She takes much consideration of what I say, and how I want things done. She understands, not just with being punctual, but with how I run things in general, to be careful to heed my words, and to let me know if anything happens that would make it difficult to do.

The respect and thoughtfulness she learned over my knee regarding tardiness carries over to other lessons as well. It helps train her to be attentive and careful to do what I say. It reminds her that running the home is a serious thing, and a husband’s commands are not suggestions. I am pleased with the results of those brief times correcting her. They can build up a marriage early on, and lay the grounds for later harmony.


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  4. nicolelinn45 Avatar

    You lecture very much like my husband.

    1. Thank you. I believe in a good lecture during a spanking. I’ve done a couple of articles just on the subject of husbands using their words. I believe it is important in teaching the lessons to be learned, and in keeping the wife engaged as she is disciplined.

  5. Thanks for posting this Aron. A spanking is not just a punishment it’s a training session. At the beginning of our marriage the biggest problem I had with my wife was her properly doing her household chores and having dinner ready in time when I came home from work or shortly after. . In fact, it was her failings in these tasks which caused to me to begin the practice of spanking her. I found her correction was most effective if I would make clear to her why she was being punished. As Aron describes this involved requiring her to acknowledge that she understood why she being punished during the punishment. As an added training tool when her correction was for her failings in her domestic duties I would substitute corner time with her properly performing the task she did not perform correctly or did not perform at all , using the wedding ring rule, that is she is only was allowed to wear her wedding ring. However if the task involved meal preparation I allowed her an apron for safety reasons And I became much more demanding than normal if she had to perform or re-perform some task , like cleaning the bathroom. Inadequately cleaned bathrooms was her most common failing, BTW. Even though my wife had been trained in domestic tasks from a very early age , she still tended to not meet my standards early on in our marriage. This may be true because I was very permissive the first year of our marriage , and she learned to be inattentive to her duties. I can say her retraining using these methods definitely paid off. My dad never spanked my mom, and even though she paid lip service to being an obedient and submissive wife, she never really was..My dad was always amazed how obedient and submissive Jane is , and he knew I spanked her when she misbehaved, but he never felt he could correct my mother to improve her behavior. I think all wives need a spanking from time time to be good Christian wives. Some wives need to be spanked very infrequently , some wives more often

    1. That’s a very good way to put it Bob. A spanking is one part of the overall training you give your wife. Spankings can be give only for the purposes of training (and not punishment) at times, but even punishment functions to mold her inwardly, well into the future. Thank you.

  6. My husband also lectures me while giving me spanking Guidance. Lateness is not my problem, however my biggest issue is procrastination. That’s probably been my number one reason for Guidance from my dear Husband! It’s something I am working on!

    1. Valerie, That is a big one for my wife as well: putting off responsibilities. It’s especially serious if it’s one I gave her myself. She definitely wants to improve, like you do.

      1. cerahline Avatar

        Procrastination and lateness maybe aren’t really different things. We’re late because we procrastinate getting out the door; perhaps because we procrastinate finding our keys or putting our keys away in the first place so we can find them when it’s time.

        And procrastination is really an attempt to steal back our day from the Lord. To reject our duty in favor of whatever we’re doing at the moment or would prefer to do. You wrote somewhere, Aron, about the fact that we live in the moment, I think, in the sense that punishment puts wrongs in the past, where they need not be allowed to affect the present. But forgiveness also puts things in the past for the forgiver, if not for the one forgiven. It is the punishment that puts it in the past for the one forgiven.

        1. aronhusband Avatar

          Thank you for your comment on procrastination and lateness. They are related very often. Yes, punishment goes hand in hand with forgiveness. It is the mature attitude to recognize that you have earned punishment, and accept it, with a will to learn.

  7. CelesteEvanovich Avatar

    I agree..

  8. johnsonjelena45 Avatar

    Most interesting, we had a list of 15 rules for me but guess what rule #1 was. I cut and pasted that rule here
    1. Not to be late. not late for dates. not late to Work, not late to Church, not late to Dr appointments
    In 1990, I was 23 and dating my future husband -but always late– he asked me not be late– One time late, as I arrived we kiss and hug and then without saying word, took me by the hand and has he sat down, he pulled me over his knee and spanked me. Times were different then. That was my introduction to adult spanking and after that spanking he asked me if I want to continue to date him, with the understanding spanking would be part of our relationship.

    1. Thank you for the description of how you were introduced to discipline. Any wife should learn she is going to be held accountable, and being punctual is a simple rule to learn about obedience and correction. You certainly married the right kind of man.

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