Description of a Paddle Discipline

This article describing a paddle discipline I’ve given could easily be called a description of a serious, or a harsh discipline. That’s because in our home I keep the paddle for the more serious kinds of punishments, for the worse offenses. In other homes, the paddle might be the normal mode of punishment, but I keep it for the worse end of infractions. It can lie there waiting for over a year, as a mere reminder that obedience is crucial, and that bad behavior is no laughing matter. The sight of it does not inspire levity on my wife’s face, but a stern and somber look. The paddle can be used a warning as well, to thwart a wife who is beginning to go astray. The mention of it can bring an attentive change in her behavior. Then it gets taken out when she needs to receive a message that will fit the crime, and will truly sink in.

In my home, that would be for things like direct disobedience, willful sin, dishonesty, endangering the children, and the like. My wife rarely practices these, but will occasionally stray. The first time my wife had a taste of the paddle was when I saw her letting our small child run in the street, years ago. I immediately pointed it out to her, and she told me she had just forgotten to keep an eye on him and had turned away temporarily. I told her that cannot happen, ever. I shortly let her know we’d be having a talk together later about her endangering our child. This is something she knew was serious, and also knew was quite wrong. It’s not one of those instances when she tried to make excuses, or talk her way out of it. She took it as seriously as I did, and I didn’t need to spend time hearing why she thought she was fine in doing what she did. As a good mother, she was ashamed of her act. She knew a correction was in order soon. She knew she had done plenty to earn it.

I waited for correction until we had a time to be alone together, since I did not plan on trying to be quiet. I would need to make some noise, and she would need to as well. The coming day off we dropped off the children with a family member for an hour or so, and prepared for business. The house was strangely quiet. We had no burning responsibilities as we usually do. She was waiting for me in our empty house to get things started.

Okay, I told her, we’re going to take care of what happened earlier. You know what’s coming. Go up to the room, take off all of your clothes, and wait for me on your knees.

She was quiet, and looked nervous. Yes sir, she said, and walked up the stairs hesitantly.

I gave her ten or fifteen minutes to prepare for what she knew she had brought on herself, and then came up the stairs to join her.

Undressed before the bed, she could see the paddle lying out on the dresser. She understood what she’d have to go through, and knew it would be hard.

I sat down before her.

“I know you feel very bad about what happened. I know you understand it was very wrong.”

Yes sir, she said quickly.

“I trust you every day with our children. You are their nurturer and their first teacher. You cannot ever leave them in danger like that. None of them, ever.”
I’m sorry, sir. I know. I don’t want to ever do that again.

Our boy could have been hurt or killed because of what you did. You need to be watching them always. I know you don’t want any harm to come to them.”
No, never sir. I would hate that.

She made a point to look me in the eye when she said it, even though she tends to look down when I lecture her.

“Good. Now you’re going to get a lesson in being a vigilant, responsible mother, and a reminder for the future . . . Go pick up the paddle and bring it to me.”
She came back holding the paddle lightly between her finger tips. Here it is, sir.

I took it from her hands and set it beside me on the bed. These are the consequences for what you did. Now get over my knee.

She bent herself over my lap, laying forward on the bed. I let her legs hang loosely off my leg, and over the end of the bed.

“Now what I saw today can never happen again. Do you understand?”
Yes, sir. I was wrong to let it happen. I know. It won’t ever happen again.

I took the paddle and smacked it firmly in the middle of her backside four or five times, hearing her gasp.

“You do not take your job lightly, and leave our children in any danger. You have to do your job at all times, and be watchful.”
I worked the paddle up and down her back side, with firm, hard smacks. Each one loud, and reddening her soft skin.

“Your actions could have brought consequences that lasted for years. They could have caused untold pain. You should be very sorry for what you did.”
I gave her three more in the middle of her bottom, smacking hard, and holding the wooden paddle firm into her bottom for a second after each stroke so she could feel the solid wood pressed against her.
I’m sorry. I know I never should do it, sir.

She was crying freely now, and continued to as I lectured her.

“Do you like being her over my knee and getting disciplined?”
No, sir.

I paddled her three more times hard at the bottom of her back side. She squealed feeling the last one. Then squirmed.

“You sit still and receive your correction, woman. Your man is disciplining you. You earned this,” I said as I clasped my arm tightly over her.

Yes, sir.

“Do you want to end up like this again, with your man correcting you?”
No, I don’t.

“Then you need to understand that nothing is more serious than caring for your children, and you can never ignore your duty like that. Is that clear?”
Yes, sir. It won’t happen ever again.

I continued to work the paddle on her bottom, with my wrist and elbow landing it with controlled strokes from top to bottom. She was a bright pink across her curved back end, and was getting scarlet splotches in the middle of each bun. Occasionally she would twist subtly at the waist in a vain attempt to dodge, but the paddle came down without problem, and her soft bottom shook with each landing.

It is not always easy to give the woman you love a harsh punishment, but I am committed to putting a quick end to the worst behavior, and sending a sure message. The solid, unbending, hard wood is the antithesis of a woman misbehaving, and she can feel that. It is the brute opposite of her delicate features. It does not give an inch. Her husband uses it with care, but she knows it could break her. It is his way of touching her and hammering his important lesson home within her. As it comes down she feels the fire of each stroke, and the sudden shock on her body, and shaking of her soft flesh. She is under her husband’s command.

My wife was letting out an oo or an ow with each stroke now. I heard her sniffing, as she continued to shed tears at her correction.
“Are you going to remember how serious this is, woman?”
Yes, sir.

I gave her several more, holding the wood firm against her flesh after each one.
“What do you need to do next time to do things right?”
I need to watch carefully, and not walk away from them, sir.

I gave her three more stinging swats bouncing off her bottom.
Oo, ah, oo
“Are you going to have to learn this lesson again?”
No sir, I will remember it. I won’t ever need it again.
Will you be more watchful next time?
Yes sir, I will. I promise, sir.

I covered her bottom with five or six more loud, solid smacks of the paddle.
You behave better next time and be a responsible mother. I do not ever — [smack] — want to see that — [smack] — from you — [smack] — again.
“Do you understand me?”
Yes, sir.

I delivered three more with the paddle, as she grunted between her clenched teeth.

“Okay, you can sit up now.”

Her bottom was hot to the touch, and a bright red. “You’re going to be okay. I know that was hard. You knew it was going to be hard because of what happened. You took your punishment well. Now go to the corner and take time to calm down.”
Can I put on my panties, sir?

“No, I want to see the result of your behavior in front of me. You need to show me that bottom.”

I brought her to the corner, and let her have the tissues with her. I put my hand lightly on her bare waist and instructed, “You did the wrong thing, and that’s why you ended up here. It was very serious and needed to be corrected. You think about what you did, and how things are going to be in the future.”

My wife had had equally harsh punishment on a few occasions before. Yet there is something in using the paddle that instills more fear of the punishment, and also carries a sense that you are being formally disciplined. You are in the dock, so to speak. That’s why, among other things, I believe many women want to avoid such harsh instruments as much as they can. It impresses on them they are in trouble, and that the hand of correction is much stronger than they are. It is immovable and hard. They are now soft and small beneath it. How truly they are. An experience like that can speak to the soul of a woman more strongly than others.

I listened to her blow her nose, and cry softly during her corner time. I considered what I would say next, and did some reading from a book by the bedside.
“You can come over here now and we’ll have a talk.”
My wife turned and came back to where I was waiting. She slowly got down to her knees.
Okay . . . This is a lesson you want very much to learn from, and which I know you will. Tell me about your future behavior.

I won’t ever leave the children alone like that. I will always pay attention to them.

“You can’t just turn away and think about your own things when they are that small, you understand?”
Yes, sir. I completely understand.

“I can trust in you and I know you will do a good job. You want to be a great mother”
Yes, sir, You can. I will always do my best.

“You are going to have a burning backside the next day or so. You let that be a reminder to you of how important the safety of our children is, and how you can never just forget about it. You are under my authority and I need to make sure you do your job. That is very important for you and for the children.”
Yes it is, sir.

“I know you feel bad about what you did. I know you don’t ever want to let it happen again. I can trust you to do a very good job in the future. You are a very good wife, and very godly woman, but when these things happen, I need to correct them immediately. You understand?”
Yes sir.

“We’ve put things back in order today. Your man made things right. You went off your path but you are back under my wing right now. Everything is back in order. You come to me and put your arms around me.”

She leaned forward and let me hold her in my arms. I kissed her head and her face. “Come to me,” I said.

She lifted herself up toward me and brought her body next to mine. She was still breathing a little heavily, and moist from sweat and tears. I held her close, and slowly she moved her tired arms around my shoulders.

“Everything will be okay. That was hard for a reason. You got through it. You’re my wonderful wife and everything is alright.”

I can tell you this hard punishment made her more vigilant about what she did. I can only remember correcting her on one other occasion for a similar act. She knows what she needs to do to keep the kids safe very clearly, and is as watchful as I have taught her to be. She also responds to a firm warning from me about receiving the paddle. A warning of a spanking goes a long way in our marriage. She’s felt the heat when she had to, and knows to stay on the right path. Other husbands might have the same results with a different instrument, but I leave that work for the paddle. She responds with changed behavior, and taking her husband’s words seriously.

In this case, because of the nature of the wrong, she felt remorse very quickly, and didn’t need much help in seeing the seriousness of her deed. That made things easier for me. Her soul was soft to the Lord’s voice, and her husband’s instruction. A firm lecture instructed her soul. The paddle hammered things home. That is a loving correction from her husband, and leaves a greatly cleansed and bettered wife.


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  2. […] be spanked. There is no arguing from her in moments like that. We both find time to be alone, she gets the paddle, and she knows it will be a long time alone […]

  3. Rachel Rigg Avatar
    Rachel Rigg

    I am loving your blog and I smile when I see an email telling me you posted a new article. My husband and I are new to CDD (new as in we’re about two months in) and are mainly using your site as guidance since everything else is so heavy on BDSM and light or completely lacking on God. I’ve been open and honest with my husband and have been able to suggest he go harder and longer and use a different implement, and he has taken my suggestions to heart. I feel bad for being the one to “tell” him what to do, but our first few spankings left me longing for displine that actually felt like discipline. I suppose there’s always a learning curve in something new!

    At any rate, I have a few questions, and since I do not believe there is a search bar on your site I can utilize for answers, I will pose those questions here. When my husband switched to the belt my first spanking finally felt like true disciplining and left me crying and sore, the way it should be. I was so impressed and so in love with him for being willing to give me what I so desperately needed years ago, regardless of the tears and pain. The redness on my behind got darker then progressed into bruises, which he seems to feel bad about, even though I don’t mind and no one sees that area of my body anyway but him. The pain is long gone and the bruises (and of course the pain) serve as reminders of my transgressions and my punishment, with which I am completely fine. My husband has been going a little lighter since that last (and first) good spanking for fear of bruising me more, and he wondered aloud a few days ago if spanking already-bruised flesh was good or not (would it create scar tissue, etc?). I think with him it’s mostly just uncertainty since this is a new thing for us, but I have reassured him that my “sit spot” can handle this and that he is not doing anything wrong, he being in authority over me and all, and I reminded him that he won’t be breaking bones or slapping me in the face – just giving me a well-deserved spanking to put me back in my place. My question here is on how to avoid bruising or if it’s even possible? It is so hard to find good information online since domestic discipline is still seen as taboo, but the most prevalent thought on this subject seemed to be the need to give the wife a good warm up first before going harder. What are your thoughts on this – what is your experience with this, and do you warm up your wife’s bottom first before you spank? My husband did give me a warm-up one day but I don’t know how long it should have lasted and it didn’t last that long, and again because of his weariness the spanking didn’t last all that long either.

    Also, I was wondering about the actual technique of spanking – I am not sure if I saw a single article on your site about actual spanking technique(s). I have read most or all of the articles here so I do remember certain pieces of advice you have offered, such as positioning the wife for her spanking and some of your thoughts on certain implements (belt, paddle, hand, etc.). I am just wondering things like exactly where on my behind he should spank (some of this depends on the implement, that much I know); if he should go up and then back down each side; if he should work one side first and then the other or if he should go back and forth as he sees fit, and so on. Thanks for reading this small book, and please keep the posts coming – yours is the best site out there on the Internets, at least for those of us who are trying to live as good and God-honoring Christians in a broken world!

    1. Congratulations on starting discipline in the home. That’s great. I hope it has already been benefiting both of you, and your marriage. Spanking can be a big help in a marital relationship.

      I am truly happy you have found this site useful in learning discipline. That is why I started it; to help couples who are considering spanking in marriage, or to help those who are new to it. I am honored to have the opportunity to share some guidance and advice. I also agree much of what is online is either too bdsm, too sexualized, or lightweight. I definitely want to offer an alternative through my guide, and provide one geared more heavily toward men, who are the leaders of the home.

      It is wonderful you know the Lord, and are saved in Him. I could not possibly write on this subject, or any other, apart from my Christian faith, as our Lord guides all that we do, and His truth affects our entire worldview and lifestyle. I seek to be obedient to God, and honor God, in marital leadership and discipline as in any other field. There is no square inch of the world where He does not reign.

      I think your situation is a common one, as is your husband’s hesitance to use a lot of force in punishing you. Most couples go through this, and then find a norm that works for them. Fear of pain or injury is a normal, and rather small, obstacle.

      It’s not wrong to meekly let your husband know that you need a harder punishment to learn your lesson, or to feel submissive. That’s not telling him what to do, as long as it is gentle, and respects his authority and his decision. It lets him know your wants and needs. That’s something he should already care about anyway.

      I don’t think your husband needs to worry about causing you harm. The bottom can take a lot of punishment without too extreme pain or injury. As far as spanking over bruises, while I don’t normally do this, it’s probably not a problem if the bruises are old. If there are extremes of pain or any injury, you will certainly notice and he’ll be able to stop. Now if there were continuous bruising that did not go away, I’d just give that some time to disappear, but in my experience, they fade in a few days to over a week. I have spanked over some faded bruises before, and found there was no problem.

      The only main safety issue is to make sure to avoid the lower back or the tail bone. Also avoid spanking too low on the legs, where there are tendons near the surface. However, a few swats on the upper thighs just below the bottom are common in marital spanking, and are especially painful. I deliver these myself when I believe a hard lesson is needed, and I’ve never seen harm come from it.

      From what I’ve read, warmups DO allow a wife to take a harsher spanking, and to bruise less. I do not use them myself though. A warmup can still be fairly hard, and may be five minutes or so. Some husbands give a good hard hand spanking first, and then move to an instrument, and find they can deliver a longer and harder punishment because of it. I don’t think there is any avoiding bruises or welts though. A hard spanking, especially with an instrument, will leave marks which will fade with time.

      Spanking techniques can vary. I do mention techniques in spanking, and techniques with certain instruments in various articles on my discipline site. However, most references are in passing. I may actually vary techniques during a single spanking, and will vary my approach also depending the instrument. I DO make sure I strap her from the top of her backside to the bottom of it, if I don’t stop briefly to strap her upper thighs. Her bottom gets covered from top to bottom multiple times. I may stay in one spot for a while to let her feel it burning hot, or I may move around more. It’s a matter of personal preference. With smaller instruments, like the hairbrush, your husband may move around a lot, since they aren’t usually so large, and it takes striking many spots to cover the backend thoroughly. (I’ll post an article on the hairbrush on little while, by the way.)

      As I mention in a few articles, if my wife is bent over while I strap her, and I am standing behind her, I will sometimes switch sides, and strap for a while from the other side. This is especially since some instruments do not distribute the force evenly on the bottom. They may be harsher on the far end, and lighter on the near end (the belt can be like this). BY switching sides, I make sure both sides of her bottom bear the harsher end of the instrument, not just one side. I will usually go to either side more than once during the punishment. I find it covers her bottom very well that way. 

      Your husband can decide on what technique to use, and over time he will find what fits his preference. He will make judgment calls on what is best for each instrument, and for your position. I use a variety of instruments — including the loopy, the belt, and the paddle — and there is some variety for each. Smaller instruments work well over the knee. Longer or swishy ones are better with her bent over and with the husband strapping her from behind. While I’ve done it, belts over the knee aren’t easy to do. A small paddle will work otk, but the larger ones, probably not. I use the loopy alternately otk or with her bent over. They both work.

      I hope that helps in answering your questions, and providing you helpful guidance. Feel free to share any other questions you have. You can also write me at the e-mail below or the contact form. I’d be interesting in hearing how it goes, and how your husband grows over time in disciplining you. I think it would be good for our readers to hear too. Like I said, I believe spanking can be a great help to you, and I sincerely hope it is.

      Many blessings to you both.

      1. Rachel Rigg Avatar
        Rachel Rigg

        Thank you for the detailed response, sir – I truly appreciate it and it is quite helpful. My husband is definitely coming into his own – he is gone hunting for the deer opener this coming week and he gave me quite the “maintenance / reminder” strapping last Thursday before he left. It was possibly the strictest strapping he’s given me and I definitely received the message loud and clear. And a few days before this he gave me a good lecture during a discipline session – I think he was reading a script from his phone that he had come up with (or possibly from one of your articles) but I was so proud of him because I knew he had been putting thought into it and realized the importance of the lecture. Keep up the great work, and also I enjoy reading the comments of other women here – it is so encouraging to know I am not alone in this. I wish we could congregate somewhere online – I am going to be leaving FB sooner rather than later (probably for what I can best describe as political reasons) and have joined Parler. Maybe someday we can all gather there.

        1. Thank you kindly, Rachel. I am very glad to hear the news about your husband, and to see he is clearly correcting you. I definitely stress the importance of words, both during spanking a wife, and while instructing her at other times. A good lecture is indispensable.

          I would be happy to know that readers and commenters here are able to connect with each other, and become friends. I do not currently use social media as a venue for this ministry, but I may in the future. I’m sure many of you are online and can meet there, perhaps under another moniker, or under the same. Hearing your comments, and seeing lives positively affected by discipline, is about the best part of running this site. God be with you.

          1. I’m glad my husband is the way he is I’m glad that we live our life this way I wouldn’t have it any other way I couldn’t have it any other way

    2. If you received two notifications about a reply to your comment, it’s because I accidentally sent one while I was still editing it. This recent one is the complete one. Take care!

  4. Great post. I’ve given my wife several spankings where I’ve used a wooden paddle. Very effective spanking tool to get a point across. As you mention, it’s very noisy and can be heard easily. My wife also tends to make a bit of noise begging me to stop as well as sobbing. I would use this when you and your wife are alone. My wife is always sore for a few days after I spank her with a paddle, but also beautifully behaved. I highly recommend it for certain types of spankings. You will see an immediate improvement in her behaviour and submission.

    1. Thank you, Mark. Yes, this is true. My wife also learns very well and quickly from the hard wood of the paddle.

  5. Aron,

    Your honest depictions of discipline sessions from start to finish are very instructive. Thank you for your efforts to normalize the process of a husband disciplining his wife. You set a fine example of strength and tenderness which deep down all women desire to find in their man. A wife has deep respect for a man who stands by his convictions and holds her to them. However uncomfortable it may be for her bottom line, there is great comfort in knowing she is subject to his firm hand and righteous command.

  6. Goodness! I’m suddenly feeling so grateful that we don’t even own a paddle! My husband will usually use his hands, but has also used a wooden hairbrush and a wooden spoon (and a couple of times his belt) on occasion. I am truly scared of a paddle. I admire your wife so much to take Godly punishment from you with such a strong heart. You are very blessed!

    1. Thank you. I admire her also for receiving discipline so well and learning from it. It is a formidable instrument. I have one coming soon on the hairbrush. Be blessed.

  7. iamhissubmissive60 Avatar

    Thank you Aron!! You know what my desire is in my marriage, you have counselled with me many times and I so appreciate your biblical insight. It still isn’t the kind of marriage I desire and I pray all the time. I really thought the oral submission would speak volumes, but it hasn’t, only more disappointment for me. I truly do not have any more reasons to keep trying. The wall is never going to get painted.

    1. I understand how hard it is. I truly admire that you want to do everything you can to make things better. Sometimes you can’t affect someone’s heart, and you just have to pray, and let God do the work. Have patience.

      Responding to this trial with patience and perseverance is how God can refine you as His saint. Suffering is sacred to the Christian. God conforms us to Christ that way. We continue to do our job in marriage even when it is unhappy and unrewarding, because we are His children.

      He who continually goes forth weeping, Bearing seed for sowing, Shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, Bringing his sheaves with him. Psalm 126:6

      You can write me anytime you’d like.

      1. iamhissubmissive60 Avatar

        Yes Sir, thank you.

      2. I sent you an email earlier, but idk If it actually went through or not because I’m not seeing it on my sent messages 🤦‍♀️

        1. Hello, I regularly reply to my e-mail, although not always every day. If this is Jaime also, then yes I did get it. I will reply as soon as I can. If it’s someone different, try sending it again. I did receive one message from an Ann which I have already replied to. Thanks. Blessings to you.

  8. Yes same person there for a while I was using a different name because I didn’t want people I knew to know or see what I was talking about but in the past month I have come to acknowledge and realize that I really don’t care what people think of how I live because I am living for Christ and I should never ever be ashamed of that so Anna was just a cover name my actual real name is Jaime

    1. That’s really good, Jaime. There is no reason to be ashamed. I just recently replied so it should be in your inbox. Blessing.

      1. Yes I received it Thank you so very much for replying back to me I really appreciate it it really helped hearing a second opinion God bless you

  9. It would also be nice if I could talk to other women who are truly living this lifestyle not for the sexual desire type but a true Christian lifestyle type Where I will not be judged or made fun of so if there is any woman out there that would like to chat at times that truly live this lifestyle I thought maybe I could get some advice from also as well (we have been living this lifestyle for the past nine years off and on) you can email me at Thank you and God bless

    1. I hope you get some good contacts that way, Jaime. I know it can be hard to find people to talk to about discipline, especially those who are serious about it, and are Christian.

    2. Rachel Rigg Avatar
      Rachel Rigg

      Very generous of you Jaime – I may take you up on that offer someday, as I also long for women to talk to. I really don’t have many friends and the ones I do I can pretty much guarantee they don’t follow CDD. Thanks for being so open and generous!!

      1. Sure thing; Rachel & same here my friends would look at me like I was crazy which is why I really just kept it to myself I always thought something was wrong with me for wanting to live that way I always thought I was abnormal or something until I happened to Google something online and see how common it actually is I was like wow I guess I’m not abnormal lol but now I really don’t care what people think about my way of living between my husband and I; if they don’t like it they can go right back in the same direction they came in and keep there opinions to themselves I am bipolar I have bipolar 1 I don’t want to take pills for it so this is the way my husband and I have found that works to control my bipolar end it controls it a heck of a lot better than pills can

  10. I think wooden paddles hurt far more than any other kind of paddle

    1. Yes. The wooden paddles hurt quite a bit. I have heard of these synthetic paddles, but I’ve never tried them, nor do I want to. I like the natural feel of wood, and it’s hardness.

      1. Oh he’s got wooden ones “real wood” not that fake crap lol he had bought one off of a website called Etsy and the handle is actually got a little holders to put your fingers in when you’re holding the paddle For a better grip I forget what type of what it was called I can go back on my transactions and look

        1. Great. Feel free to share a quality paddle with our readers. Thank you.

  11. I’ll try to upload a picture of it if I can figure out how to on here

  12. I can’t figure out how to get pictures up here I’m sorry

    1. That’s fine. If there’s a link where there’s a description that would work too.

  13. Ok yes let me get that real quick

    1. Great. It looks like a very good paddle, and gets some positive reviews. Fair price too.

      1. Oh it definitely is painful

  14. my husband always gives me lectures during a discipline session.
    the last time i begged him to stop the punishment, i said i already understood, that i had already learned the lesson and that it was enough.
    he said that he decided when it was enough, and that I should just accept my punishment with an open heart.
    then he stopped, exchanged the paddle for the belt and gave me 10 strokes, he said he changed the instrument to make it clear that those additional strokes were due to my insupordination in accepting the imposed punishment, so he continued the strokes with the paddle, after a while he stopped and asked me: “do you want me to stop? do you believe that you got enough?”
    so i replied “i want you to stop only when you think i have earned enough to learn my lesson” so he said “very well” and gave me some more

    1. He is very firm in giving you discipline. I don’t think you’ll try and stop it again.

    2. My husband says the same thing to me all the time accept correction with an open heart, and that it is up to him when he does it how & where….. and anytime I tell him to stop he will give me more,

      1. my husband also trains me not to let my reflexes get in the way.
        many times by reflex I put my hands on my bare bottom
        he says this is very dangerous because I can get hurt
        so he started training my reflexes
        we have a little paddle in our house, but sometimes he uses the hairbrush or the wooden spoon to beat my palms
        I know this is unusual for a lot here, but he said that this training will help me control my reflexes and keep my hands in place, and that this is for my good and safety

  15. […] to what bad behavior otherwise leads to, especially in the long run. I gave my wife a tremendous paddling when she left our children in danger, but she knows how brief and minor that pain is compared to […]

  16. This was an absolutely eye opening read. Truly fascinating. It’s truly admirable that you’re able to deal with the situation with this much strength. I can tell how much you love your wife, but her actions were completely unacceptable, and through your leadership you’ve prevented this happening in the future where the consequences could have been far more grave. I also applaud your wife for excepting what she had coming to her, that takes faith far stronger than most women nowadays have.

    1. Thank you David. I try and correct with love and firmness, and make it a clear teaching she will learn from. In a case like that it is especially important. My wife definitely is admirable in being able to accept correction with humility, as she does with verbal correction as well. She is a godly and gentle woman.

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    1. It looks very good. Thank you for sharing.

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