The Hairbrush

The hairbrush is among the least conspicuous instruments in wife spanking, and many wives who are spanked this way look askance at the sight of the brush lying out in their room. They hope that it’s presence does not signify anything to come. It may or it may not. If it’s not in front of the mirror or in the bathroom, be careful. The hairbrush is a versatile tool of correction. It can be used reasonably light, or very severe depending on your desired effect. It is a great otk form of discipline, as if almost built for that purpose. Well, it is built to brush hair, but it serves that purpose nearly as well.

A woman who has received the hairbrush otk knows that it’s small size does nothing to diminish the flames it leaves on her backside. The larger hairbrushes are basically like a small paddle, being thick and wooden. They do not take much effort to use in a fearful way. Smaller hairbrushes, or plastic ones, are fairly mild unless you are sure to use them hard and at length. Having formerly used the hairbrush regularly for discipline, and never having access to the large wooden kind, I can tell you they can leave the lady squirming, and a behind peppered with bruises if you desire. Unlike the larger paddles, this teaching tool can be used many times on the bottom, and easily give the longer kind of correction.

The hairbrush, being a natural home item, does not attract attention to the fact it is used for discipline. Leave it lying out, and no one will know the wife is spanked with it. It’s just an innocent flat piece of wood, ceramic, or plastic. Like other daily items, such as the belt, it is a natural to the home as well as to discipline. Leave the hairbrush in plain view, and the wife will have a regular reminder of her man’s authority, and a reminder of the good behavior he expects of her. When he plans to use it to correct her, he may leave it lying out where they regularly have discipline sessions, and communicate without a word she will need to be corrected.

The hairbrush, like a good over the knee spanking with the hand, has a certain shaming and humbling effect. Perhaps that’s because it still reminds the recipient of childhood spankings she received. It can connect her with the feeling of childhood, and being given inevitable discipline by an authority figure, one who at that age is untouchable. It instills a sense of feeling small, and bare, and vulnerable. She will then have to go over the knee, which by itself makes her feel diminished. She will become a little girl in seconds. I don’t think I have spanked with a hairbrush in any other position than otk, giving many repeated swats to a squirming behind.

“Go bring me the hairbrush and get over my knee,” are challenging words to accomplish for a lady. She may feel resistance about picking it up. But finally lowering herself over his lap, she knows she belongs to the one who spoke them.

The hairbrush also allows some more precision than other instruments do. This is because of its smaller size. Delivering the punishment you can choose to spread out the smacks where you desire, often landing in a particular spot, and you can also more easily apply it repeatedly to the same spot. Either one can add to the ordeal in its own way. Often times I have spend time applying it to the top of the cheeks until they’re hot, then spend time on the bottom where she sits, until she knows there’s not an inch of her that will escape correction. There is a good element of control to it. The disadvantage, from the control point of view also, is that some hairbrushes don’t have long handles, and it can slip out of your hand if you are swinging hard. You need to be careful not to send the thing across the room at high speed. It will take your alarm clock or flower vase right out.

The hairbrush is a traditional tool of discipline. It combines a variety of punishment levels, sheer practicality, and the innocence of an item everyone has in their household. You’ll find it a breeze to travel with too. The hairbrush communicates a thousand words silently just by lying around on a dresser. If you choose to use if for giving correction, your wife will gain a new vantage point on her own daily care. She picks it up to make her hair decent, and then brings it to you, to make her behavior decent. It is a helpful and most beautifying instrument. It is almost made for a woman.

“Now go bring me the hairbrush, and get over my knee.”


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  3. Aron,

    I’ve never thought much about the hairbrush as an instrument of discipline. I think it’s a fabulous idea to use its placement in the home as silent communication between a man and his wife, its meaning unknown to children or visitors. Seeing it placed in the area where spankings are given lets her know one is coming, giving her time to reflect and feel proper remorse. Perhaps her man placed it there before he left for work, so that her dread of the coming punishment may build throughout the day, even as she is caring for his home and children or preparing his dinner.

    Do you think it could also be used as a warning, with its placement in a designated position serving as a reminder to follow her husband’s instructions when she has been reluctant or forgetful? A silent, stern warning of the consequences awaiting a careless wife may help her find her way. Do you as a husband consider it part of the correction that she must continue to use it everyday? Even with a bottom still smarting from its use in her husband’s hands, she must nevertheless pick up the fearsome object and brush her own hair with it the next morning. Surely part of her wants to throw it out the window. Would you make it a requirement that she buy a particular kind, or perhaps select one yourself and buy it for her?

    I’m very intrigued by the implications of an object used by a woman in her daily domestic routine serving a dual role as an instrument of her correction. Would you also use a wooden spoon or a spatula in the same way? What better testament to a man’s dominion over his sweet wife than their secret knowledge that in each room of their home, the instruments of her loving service to him would also be applied to her bare bottom, by her man, powerfully, fearfully, and with the blessing of God? How blissful to be that woman, surrounded by her man’s strength and deep love!

    Thank you for your insights, Aron, and your efforts to restore the rightful place of men and women in holy marriage.

    1. Hello Sophie, I’m glad you have an appreciation of the hairbrush, and I am honored to have your regular readership here. In some households, the hairbrush is the normal instrument for discipline. For myself, I have not used it in years, so I cannot comment too much on your questions. They are very good ideas though.

      Certainly the hairbrush can, and I think should, be used as a silent warning, either for the wife to better her behavior, or of an impending spanking. I would find it appropriate for the husband to have her make her purchase of the hairbrush, and to use it regularly. She would gain quite a bonding of the instrument, and be joined to its dual purposes. It would be a way for her man to speak to her without a word, and for a constant reminder of his authority to be close to her.

      Other instruments, like you mention, can be used similarly. A wife could be cooking with a wonderful dinner for her husband, with the instrument he uses to correct her. However, I don’t really think the wooden spoon or spatula would deliver a very strong spanking, as the hairbrush can. Either way, it is appropriate that she use it, and have it as a reminder for her.

      Have a great day.

  4. CoTexGrl83 Avatar

    I’ve had both small and large hairbrushes and I fear them both very much. They are always with us if we travel too. Besides the spoon it used to be my husbands most used item to punish me with. Almost the small one hurts more to me because it is so concentrated. The surface area is less. You would think that’s better, but if he spanks hard, as Aron said it leaves bruises every place it connects. I have had many hairbrush spankings and they are, to me at least something I respect and try to avoid. We do not have an actual paddle. At least at this point a brush, spoon,belt, hand, and the worst of them all the bath brush work to help use a respectful and non yelling voice, and everything else we have agreed on that is punishable, or really anything he decides at any time. So if you do not own a paddle your partner has many items that are normal everyday items to use besides the hand.

    I chose this life and I am so grateful my husband took to it like he did. I have been able to put some many behaviors I disliked about myself behind me. As so many people describe, I have never respected him like this before. I see him as stronger than ever. Not just physically, although that too. I have watched him become such a leader in our family. He is extremely fair and very calm. Something the enforcer has to be. He is very clear in what he expects from me. He is able to handle situations he wasn’t able to handle before we chose this lifestyle. As he is the calmer and more collected one I truly look to him to help me when I am all over the place. I need this in my life and I believe at this point he does too.

    Thank You Mr. Aaron

    1. Thank you. That is an excellent portrait of discipline in your home. It offers some good advice and encouragement for other wives who are corrected. A man’s calm leadership for the good of his wife and of the home is essential in discipline, just as it is essential in marriage.

  5. Other than his hand, the hairbrush is the most common instrument my husband uses in my Guidance. I prefer the hand, but it isn’t up to me what he uses, it’s up to me to accept what he decides to use! The hairbrush is simply nearby, as it is in our master bathroom and I am always spanked in our bedroom. I do only buy wooden hairbrushes for the purposes of my discipline. I don’t think plastic would give me the same feeling on my rear.

    1. Thank you for sharing how things work in your household. Yes, the wooden hairbrushes are much better for discipline, and are stronger too. Wood is excellent for paddles too. It’s great you know how to accept the punishment your husband chooses for you. Take care.

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  7. My mother said something that was a bit funny at one point when I got married — I had (still have) a really nice wooden haribrush with natural bristles that works well for my hair. Comment was this, “The bristles are for you to use on your hair when it becomes unruly. The back is for your husband to use on your bottom when YOU become unruly.” In other words, a multi-functional thing, kill two birds with one stone, etc.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Lisa. That’s a very accurate and concise way to put it. Being multi-functional is one of the benefits of the hairbrush, as is being discreet as an instrument of punishment. Would that more mothers had that talk with their daughters.

  8. Octavian Avatar

    We have two hairbrushes, a large “Goody” brand, which looks like wood, but is suspiciously light. I much prefer my old, reliable natural bristle, small, solid wood hairbrush. As was said above, the concentrated area is the key to its effectiveness, in my opinion. I did see a larger, paddle-type wooden hairbrush for sale at a local convenience store a few years back — it was very solid and intimidating — but when I finally got around to going to buy one, they didn’t have them, and I’ve never seen them again. In any event, the true genius of the hairbrush is its ubiquity and well-known multi-purpose usages.

    1. Yes, the hairbrush is ubiquitous. I know if I saw one of the large wooden ones in someone’s home though, I’d still consider what else it got used for. They are a very handy tool. That is both for the top of the head and the bottom.

  9. His-bride-Lauren Avatar

    We used to use my wooden backed hairbrush all the time when we were engaged and first married. Then one day it did exactly as you said and slipped from his grasp. We were in the living room at the time and it ended up smacking off the tv screen. It didn’t break entirely , but instead had a small central circle, with a spiderweb of offshoots and cracks that all showed up as white lines when the tv was on. After that we switched to a paddle that had a wrist strap on the handle. I do miss the hairbrush for the reasons you mention. Sitting on my dressing table stool, with an aching bottom, brushing my hair with the very instrument of my humbling used to give me butterflies in my stomach and it certainly had a particular psychological impact. Although seeing the broken television until it was replaced used to make me feel similarly ashamed, humbled and nervous too. We have the paddle hanging on a hook on the back of the hall cupboard door. Every time that door is opened, I hear the wooden paddle clatter against the wooden door and it causes a jolt of nerves in me! Although worse is when I DON’T hear it, because I know it has been removed for use!

    1. aronhusband Avatar

      Thank you for your comment. I do like spanking with the hairbrush for some of those reasons as well. There is something in the power of those reminders, and of using such a personal item for discipline. The same is true of the belt. The hairbrush is moving at very good speed during a spanking, so it can really fly if it slips out of the man’s hand. I can see that happening. The paddle is less personal, but more intimidating. It is one of those items you want to stay in its place for good.

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