What a Woman Needs After She is Spanked

I’ve discussed the period of restoration that comes after a spanking before, but I’d like to give an overview of what women need during this sensitive ending to the session. What benefits a woman to receive after the hard time of a spanking is over, but the overall correction is not? She longs to be fully restored in her husband’s eyes. She is overwhelmed with feelings, and often conflicting thoughts. Her bottom is roasting slowly. I think you’ll find most women benefit from a few basic things in finalizing the correction, and in coming fully back to her submission.

1. Some time to calm down after the spanking — A woman in tears, and often breathing heavily should be given the chance to calm down, both from the tears and her heavy emotions. Many husbands do this with corner time. I give my wife 10-15 minutes, which is pretty normal. You can give more if you see fit. This allows a woman to better receive the final talk, and also gives her a short chance to further meditate on the lesson she’s learned. I always tell my wife — think about why this has happened, and what you’ve learned. It is also a further sign of submission to display her bottom to her husband, bright red, and freshly spanked. She should remain undressed, and not pull up her panties if they are down. She is still publicly on display for her man.

2. A chance to express her commitment to good behavior — A submissive wife wants to please her husband, and once she is over the bad feelings of being spanked and feeling shame. It is very healthy to be able to tell her man how good she’s going to be. It also helps her commit to her better behavior when she is able to vocalize her future plan. Her words both show reverence to you, and remind herself. She says what her future attitude will be, and how she will behave next time when a similar situation arises. This further instills the lesson in her mind.

3. Review Time — A wife should hear a brief repeat of the lesson she was just taught, in light of the fact she’s just been disciplined. This comes alongside hearing that she can avoid such an ordeal again with her good behavior. If she stays on the path she won’t end up here.

4. Submission — Nearly any lesson comes hand in hand with reaffirming her wifely submission, and her goal of growing in it. Emphasize the importance her submission has in marriage and your home. Her meekness honors God, and allows the home to function smoothly. It rightly honors you as the head of the home, and shows her goodness and her godliness for all. She makes it her goal to walk in the gentleness, and follow you well.

5. She can do it — A wife should know the confidence you have in her. Tell her that you know she can do better next time, and that you will. She is capable of showing the behavior required, and she will make you quite pleased. You are happy with her daily, and blessed by her work. You are only correcting her when she needs it.
6. You discipline from love — A woman can feel down on herself immediately after being bared and spanked hard. She feels bad about her failure, and bad about being criticized. Her bottom is burning as well. It is good to remind her of your love, which is unwavering, and will never stop. You think about her good and her happiness and always will. In fact, it is your love that leads you to correct her when needed, and the punishment itself is guided by love. It’s for her good. If you let that bad behavior go, it would lead to terrible things. A short period of correction and pain is far better, and briefer, than the harm caused by bad behavior.

7. Knowledge her wrong is forgotten — A spanked wife is being cleansed of much inside her, both the filth of her bad deeds, and her guilt. Toward this goal, she should hear that the wrong is past, and it’s all over now. It’s done and forgotten. You’ve fixed things, and everything will be better. You do not spank her out of anger, nor do you harbor anger. You are taking her from the wrong path back to the right one. That’s all. She’s back under your wing, and walking together with you.

8. Affection —  Many couples physically come together when the session is over. This is especially important for women, who long for that physical warmth. Connection could be just holding her for a while in your arms and stroking her. Being held is what women love, whether spanked or not. Affection could be making love, once you are finished, and spanking carries a powerful sexual charge. A wife usually wants that physical reassurance of your love, not only your words. That warmth and closeness fills her up, and makes her trust in you more deeply.

It is also common to have a spanked wife show her submission through sexual service at the end. The thank-you blowjob is normal in many homes. A wife who finishes on her knees is putting herself most fully back into her submissive place, and is also showing her right attitude deeply to her husband. Once calmed down after being spanked, many women can do this enthusiastically. I would not call this a necessity, but it is a useful way to complete the session and restore the bond to normal.

These are only some important points to bring in during restoration. Some of them naturally blend together. A few you may feel you have dealt with enough already, and don’t wish to repeat. I find brief repeats helpful, but they’re not always necessary. You may also develop your own plan for this short closure to the spanking. I cover most or all of these when I finish with my wife’s session. They take her step by step from a hard period, into a new fresh and peaceful time. Very shortly we are feeling close. Often I find my wife has the most beautiful glow after being disciplined, within hours, or the next day. There really is a cleansing, as well as a weight off the shoulders. She is quick to be obedient, and listen to my words in the weeks after she is spanked. I as her husband am always eager to show my affection for her as well, and assure her of my love. So usually it is sweetness and spring that follows discipline. The closing time works on both of you, but it is specifically designed for the chastised lady. Her wrong is forgotten, but the lesson is remembered.


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  1. nicolelinn45 Avatar

    Another good topic Aronhusband

    So many different dynamics according to household I suppose, I believe you hit on the most important ones. In our home it is pretty similar to what you describe. After my butt has been roasted and I have all those fight/flight chemicals flowing thru my blood I am often shaking a little and need a little time to calm down. Instead of the corner, I am to lay on my stomach with my butt propt up on display. Yes it is a very submissive and humbling position. Once I have calmed my husband holds me, tells me I am punished because I am loved, tells me how I can avoid being punished. Kisses me….
    Yes after being over my husbands knee feeling his dominance and he feeling me soften under his firm discipline there can be a powerful charge. Most of the time we come together as one again shortly after punishment. I am exceptionally submissive and he dominant at the time. It is mostly me servicing him in whatever way he wants, I love the feeling of restoring our bond and me being back in my rightful place. Sometimes challenging on a fresh, raw spanked butt.


    1. Thanks for giving us such a realistic picture of how the restoration works for you and your husband. It’s good to hear about the woman’s experience of it.

  2. This is a great article. I include almost all of these in a discipline session. My wife must remain without any clothing throughout the entire session, not just for her spanking and. post spanking cornertime but until the thank you blowjob my wife must give me. Along the way, I reaffirm my love and desire for her and express confidence that she will not commit the same mistake. My wife is usually full of shame and remorse, not to mention having a behind on fire. She needs to know she is loved and cherished even when being punished.

    1. Thank you, Mark. I think spanking husbands will find most, or all of these to be helpful in restoration after a spanking. You sound like you have it well covered.

  3. Always love the Way my husband loves me after I’ve been spanked he cuddles and rubs my sore butt. And ask if I am going to be good so he won’t have to blister me again any time soon yes sir I will do my best

  4. I think even more important that anything you mentioned above is PRAYER! Both the husband and the wife should take the time after discipline to pray to the Lord for guidance! After I am punished, I get corner time, which I use in prayer. Then my husband comforts me and he leads me in another prayer. The entire point of a disciplined relationship is to please God!

    1. nicolelinn45 Avatar

      That is a good point Valerie, My husband has prayed a couple times. Perhaps I will ask him to make this part of the discipline process. It is important.


    2. iamhissubmissive60 Avatar

      I think this is beautiful, prayer is always a good thing and it is restoring you back to your rightful place, I will mention this to my husband after he roasts by bottom in my near future.

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  8. Have any wives felt more angry after they have been spanked? I have on occasion, and often resent that this is a tool he can use on me. My husband is good and just, don’t get me wrong. Also, I try to keep submitted to him. I just am just not happy about the way he does things sometimes, things in general, like the bills, or managing stuff in the house, etc. I get so irritated by him sometimes. These are times when I get into trouble and end up resenting a spanking, even one that should be sufficient.

    1. TxCoGrl83 Avatar

      You are not alone. I think in all marriages we feel frustrated and resentful of our partners. For us, when we feel that way and get punished it’s absolutely the hardest time to find peace and submission. So for sure know you are totally not alone there. Every once in a while I get in a place my husband says I get “stuck” on something. It’s what you described something that I really do not feel was done well. Or I can see a way I feel like is better. It sounds like your husband is fair and just, and probably listens to your suggestions list of the time. Sometimes though they just don’t. I get stuck here sometimes too ans it’s really hard. My hus and says to me it’s one of those times you just have to support what I do. Period. It rarely gets to this point and it sounds the same for you. That it’s not common. I would maybe try a time when he is not doing any of those thing, and say honey I would really like to talk to you about …. I feel like maybe it could be done in a different way and I believe it would improve the system and make it easier. You know something like that. For sure when it’s a calm time and he isn’t doing the thing at that moment. I find my husband absolutely listens so much more when I do Not say something while he is doing it… once he is say working on the bills, he doesn’t do well hearing suggestions at that point.

      This is truly the hardest part of this lifestyle. Being able to just say, okay. I do Not agree or even really like the way hou are doing that, but I am commited to supporting you so I will accept it and truly you have to almost not think about it, if possible. Say okay, you are leading and taking care of those things. Period that is it and allow it to be calm in your heart. I say this and of course I have For sure have struggled many times accepting things I do not fully agree with, or like. I have for sure been punished because I could not handle it and I argued about it and couldn’t stop. My husband is also very fair and calm about things, but fir sure he does things that just…. oh gosh…. drive me crazy. I pray very hard to calm my heart and feelings and trust in my husband and pray for him that he does a grest job and that is all you can do. Talking to him could maybe be really good. I’m sure you have 🙂 but you know… mayne you can again very calmly etc… This life has more blessing than I can Count, but it doesn’t come without many trials to be a wife who fully submits to her husbands leadership in their marriage… Probably we all agree and have worked out together 500 different things, but those few that he takes on his way are not eat. They are for sure tests for ourselves. Good luck Mia. You sound like an amazing woman and wife, and your husband sounds like a very loving man. Have a wonderful day! It’s late so I’m guessing you will read it tomorrow!

  9. Thank you, TxCoGirl 83. It is comforting knowing I’m not alone. I appreciate your words.

  10. Also, I will add, some like my stubborn self, just need extra sessions with the paddle to work these “things” out. I do love my patient husband.:)

  11. my husband says anal sex is very useful for teaching and restoring female submissive energy

    that’s why anal punishment is part of the discipline routine applied by my husband, whether through anal sex or using some object after the spanking.

    he says the buttocks are the right place for a wife to receive discipline and that my little hole will too

    1. Hi Ninna, Yes it does restore a woman to submissiveness. It also causes long-term tissue damage, infection, and other health problems. I would recommend a different method of instilling submission, as there are others which are very effective. Thanks for visiting my website. I hope you find it nourishing in your marriage and growth as a wife.

  12. leoni97 Avatar

    My husband would never use any kind of anal discipline on me. It would never enter his mind. If I was not being submissive I would get a few extra sessions over his knee. Like Aron says, this is usually effective!

    1. Thank you for your comment, Leoni. Yes, extra sessions get the job done very successfully.

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  14. I don’t understand why a Christian man would subject his wife to anal punishment as Ninna describes, especially using an object! That sounds more like BDSM to me. Surely a spanking administered strictly on a bare bottom, with accompanying questions and answers to ensure the woman knows why she is being disciplined and what she must do to avoid this in the future, is enough to turn around unwanted behaviour and humble her.
    I am already very very submissive after a spanking and certainly don’t need any such extra punishment of that type, not that my husband would agree with it in any case. After a spanking and a verbal resume of what I did wrong, why it was wrong , why I deserved punishment and how I will behave going forward, my husband tells me how much he loves me and I am forgiven.

    1. Those are fair points, Tilly. I discourage that practice, but I allow some comments on the subject, as long as it doesn’t become a major focus. Thanks for your comment.

  15. […] all before I begin to chastise her. Afterward, she is usually kneeling as well, to express her better behavior in the future, now that I’ve lectured and spanked her. She will be kneeling for a formal […]

  16. I am just finding this site and I am thankful for it as it is tough to talk about it among many other Christians. I agree with all of this. Time to reflect on the sin that resulting in their spanking is key I found.

    When I first started spanking, immediately after my wife knew she needed to slip to her knees and service me with her mouth as a thank you. I had taken time out of my busy day to correct her, time that I could be using to do something else, so she knew to show her submissive this was right.

    Overtime though I realized that without 5-10 min of reflection, naked, on her knees, usually in a bowing position, she would repeat the same sins again and again! So now, there is communication of the sin, the spanking over my knee, then 5-10 of reflection followed by her telling me what she did wrong and how she is going to correct it. Then she services me with her mouth. First apologizing and than thanking me verbally and then apologizing and thanking me physically with blowjob. She verbally thanks me for the time I have spent with her and she verbally thanks me that she is the fortunate one who is allowed to give me a blowjob. Then she, almost every time, on her knees, services me with an enthusiastic blowjob and swallows my semen. I do try to make sure she works hard for her apology with her mouth and hands – this should not be a quick service- 10-15 minutes of complete and thorough service is required. I am the husband, and she must know this by showing penance on her knees.

    Then discipline is complete. I know after this service she is submissive because she must swallow and she must thank me for it. I know that for most women this would not be easy to both do it and say it in today’s modern corrupt society, so for her to have to -this shows she is being a godly wife. I feel empowered as a man, as I should. I do not thank her or express my gratitude after she services me orally because she must be thanking me. That, I believe, is the correct mindset for us to have.

    Thank you again for this website and to be able to finally share with like-minded people so together our iron is sharpened.

    1. Hello Mr. FS, I’m very glad you find the blog rewarding. Discipline can bring peace to any household when done right. A good spanking leaves a wife submissive in the time to come, as you and others note. I find my wife easy to manage and very meek in the days following her correction.

      Taking all the steps of a discipline session will help as well, so it is not rushed, and a woman has time to meditate on her situation, and let her husband’s words sink in. Most women, I believe, benefit from sexual service after being spanked. Saying “thank you” can be a challenge for some, but kneeling and giving a blowjob helps bring a lady to the right place in her heart after she is corrected.

      I am glad you and your wife are benefiting from having discipline.

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  18. I normally get the belt which is pretty painful for me and usually brings lots of crying and screaming so after my punishments I get corner time to calm myself down and reflect on why I was punished in the first place. Whenever my HoH feels like I’ve calmed down he’ll tell me to come here and I already know to get down on my knees and thank him for his love and guidance in making me a better woman. Depending on the reason for discipline I’ll sometimes have certain privileges revoked as well.

    1. Thanks for explaining how discipline works in your home, NaeNae. Your husband sounds like he takes care of matters thoroughly when he corrects you. I know you will do your best to learn and grow from his guidance. Thanking him is a great way to show him the right attitude.

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  20. elizaishis Avatar

    What I usually need most after a spanking and after I’ve thanked my husband properly (verbally and orally) for the correction, is affection and intimacy. As odd as it may sound (even to me) I become aroused during a spanking (even though it always hurts) so becoming intimate with my husband is something I crave. My husband takes my surrendering of my body to him as my submission to do better and satisfies my need for which I am thankful.

    1. Lars Christian Steenberg Avatar
      Lars Christian Steenberg

      Most women become aroused during and after a spanking – but the pain makes it sure that it is a punishment all the same. And making up and making love is important after the punishment.

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