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One of the most interesting parts of running this discipline website is to see all the places it reaches across the world. As a man who wants discipline to benefit many more marriages, and to help couples in learning to practice it, I am greatly enthused that it gets a decent readership across the globe, and from non-English speaking countries.

Most often, the most hits come from the largest English speaking nations, starting with the U.S., and moving to the UK, Canada, and Australia. I get a number of readers from a few different European countries, especially Germany, Poland, and France. I’ve also had days that India, Mexico, and Spain are near the top. Once in a while, a nation manages to get to second place after the U.S. I’ve seen Germany, Poland, and India there before. There seems to be fewer visitors from east Asia, and only a few countries from Africa and Latin America appear high on the list of visitors.

While Muslims are known for having a clear view of male leadership, and recognize the woman is under his authority, there are only a few nations with large Muslim populations which visit this discipline site often. They are growing recently, but I’d love to see more. Perhaps cultural or religious differences make this guidebook less appealing to them. Not that I endorse their brand of male authority or discipline, which I find is distorted and lacking the whole truth, but I would think domestic discipline falls MORE into how they see the home than it does for populations in western Europe, which is largely secular and liberal. Or perhaps it mostly just comes down to language ability. In that case we need to get a whole wave of English teachers out there to help with global communications.

I have had a few commenters, and readers who e-mail me from Muslim and Hindu countries. This I greatly appreciate, and I hope to communicate a few things through it. Number one, It shows how common and nearly universal spanking a wife’s bottom is, as well as how similarly common it is to know the man is the head of the home. God writes His law on the hearts of all men, not just Christians. Sometimes Muslims and Hindus do a much better job with marriage and gender that the western Christian does. Similarly they often respect modesty, while the worldly Christian dresses for sensuality or sex. I have still taken the opportunity to share the Gospel with them, but I do not deny their innate knowledge or their hard work they put into living the right way.

A respect for male authority, and for discipline clearly spans the globe. It crosses national, cultural, and religious borders, as it has for thousands of years. Men and women have a proficiency for living this way, because we are designed this way, and it suits our natures. The German, the Egyptian, the Indonesian, the Chinese each are made basically in the same way. It is no wonder why these truths are communicated so broadly in culture and religion.

The one commonality I see beyond how global spanking still is is this: when in contact with secular western culture, each people begins to lose its sense of gender roles. Each people get indoctrinated into gender bending, and today gender “fluidity.” Each culture becomes a target of attack by the spreaders of secularism and knows it has something to fight for and to fight against. They learn that tradition is good. They learn natural law makes more sense than the garbage some PhD is spewing. You learn more about the roles of men and women by one night in bed together, than by a month of some class on “equal rights” taught by an NGO. Stick to what you know, and don’t let rich westerners tell you differently. Send the UN packing when they try to destroy your homes.

I am truly honored to reach men and women throughout the globe. Thank you God. I look forward to more feedback from non-western countries, and from other religious views. Your perspective and thoughts are very welcome here, and I believe they will help inform our more western readers. I invite you to comment, and to write me personally. Where the westerner often has to “rediscover” marital discipline, in many instances your people never lost it in the first place. That is a great advantage.

Lastly, please help one another. I seek to teach and encourage marital discipline, and also create a community which will nourish each other. Not only are you not alone, but you walk in step with families across the globe. Your gains are shared by others, as are your struggles. Your experience can be very valuable to hear. We must uplift men as our leaders, and honor the godly wives who gently follow them. Let’s do so together.

And for readers who find this website helpful, rewarding, or just interesting, please share it online, so others can do the same

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  1. Christiane Botha Avatar
    Christiane Botha

    Thank you so much for all your input . Being German living in the UK , I was quite intrigued when you mentioned that you get a lot of readers from Germany . I am not surprised as I do feel that , at least where I grew up , gender roles were much more traditional than in the UK . I even came across several men in my area here in the UK , who felt offended and annoyed by my comments that I believe in traditional old fashioned gender roles , never mind mentioning that my husband is entitled to discipline me. I feel men here are either emasculated or prefer modern emancipated woman. It is so refreshing to read your blog , thank you so much yet again

    1. Thank you for visiting my website, Christiane. I am very happy to hear there is still some respect for gender roles in Germany. You’re blessed to have a traditional marriage. I can imagine there is a heavy feminist influence in the UK. I think in the U.S. most of the minority who respect gender roles do so for religious reasons, although there are others who respect them as well. Certainly don’t be afraid to offend with the truth. Peace to you.

  2. Not trolling Avatar
    Not trolling

    Please steer away from politics and go back to writing more material the heathen PhDs can fap to. I’m never quite sure if this is actually for real or if you’re just taking a fetish to a whole new meta. Regardless, you literally write porn for us. Thanks for the many orgasms. We appreciate you 🙂

    1. Hello, Thank you for visiting my website. I am happy to have such learned readers. I know many PhDs need a spanking sometimes too, and enjoy the thought of getting one.

      While this website is about discipline, and more broadly about headship and submission in marriage, that ethic touches on all that we do. It is connected to grander truths that touch on all that we do. Therefore, at times, these articles will touch on politics as well. The moment governments and NGOs stop trying to indoctrinate the world in feminism, and destroy the family, is the same moment I will stop commenting on it, and criticizing it. There is no unraveling ethics and politics. Don’t be dismayed though, as you can be certain the vast majority of this writing is related to discipline and marriage.

      I am sure spanking articles can give a spark of sexual excitement, I don’t hide that, but I also desire that it leads people to recognize the core elements of what a marriage is, the good that marriage does, and what marriage ultimately represents — which is indeed a Christian truth of mankind redeemed in the Savior.

      I will post new articles soon, which you can be sure are heavily oriented towards spanking. I have another one mostly finished on sexual intimacy as a teaching tool. However, I have to add if you appreciate the power and even feel attraction for the man’s leadership over his woman, perhaps you should reconsider your “heathen” worldview, and some of what you consider dogma.

      Almost the entire secular world teaches egalitarianism. But the Holy Bible, in harmony with nature, reveals headship and submission. That is apparently what you find attractive. Almost the entire secular world thinks marriage is nearly anything you can make it, and can be ended at will, usually damaging each partner and the children along the way. The Holy Bible, in harmony with nature, reveals marriage is a union of man and wife for life, with the man’s loving leadership and protection, and his wife’s gentle submission, and childbearing bringing us a future of life and virtue. The secular world’s takeover of the culture came at the expense of countless human lives, destroyed marriages, increased violent crime, STDs, suicide, drugs, and mental illness. Those things were far less common in the culture before that, and the Christian living in Christ has peace through anything, and raises children who know that they are loved and protected.

      It really is time to take a look at the difference. You can also see the stark contrast between the ancient pagan world, and the Christian one that overtook it, which brought much greater care for humanity, ended many horrors of the pagan world such as the gladiator games and infanticide, cared for the poor, even among enemy peoples, freed the oppressed, healed the sick, and literally changed the world. Honestly look at the difference historically, and you will see it. The truth and good only come from God.

      Peace be with you.

  3. young submissive Avatar
    young submissive

    Hi Aron,
    Long time since I commented. I’m from India. Though many Indian women have embraced emancipation and equality, the majority still remains deeply rooted in traditional values. I’m to get married next month. It’s an arranged marriage and I know I shall be disciplined whenever my future husband thinks it’s called for.

    1. It’s very good to hear from you. Congratulations on your coming marriage! That’s wonderful to hear that so many women in your country still respect tradition. The understanding that you speak of — knowing that your husband will discipline you — ought to be the norm everywhere. Feel free to share here about your marriage as well. Blessing.

  4. young submissive Avatar
    young submissive

    Hi Aron, I hail from a small town in North India. My family is ultra-conservative and orthodox. My mother has been talking to me about how frequently she used to be disciplined in the early days of marriage and says I should be prepared for the same till I get familiar with my fiance’s expectations. He is 32 years old and has a very goodjob. I’ll turn 20 soon. Indianculture and traditions are very different. In-laws also have a lot of say. I will be completing my undergraduate degree (a basic degree in English). After marriage, I’ll not be allowed to work. I have to obey the rules of my husband and his parents in everything, including clothes. Since I was brought up knowing all this, I’m okay with it.

    1. I appreciate the explanation. Yes, our expectations have a lot to do with how well we accept something. When virtually our entire community respects gender roles and marriage, we will have little reason to fight against those things.

      In the West, where nearly everyone expects personal fulfillment, pleasure, and egalitarianism, anything outside of it seems like an affront to self. Self becomes the god. The idea of a wife being submissive becomes an affront.

      That is part of the value in both tradition and community — if they are good, we learn the right kind of expectations to have. We learn not to veer outside of that.

      It seems you do a very good job at your studies, as your English is excellent.

  5. young submissive Avatar
    young submissive

    Hi Aron, Yes I’m very good at studies. I go to a women’s college and I’m first in my class always. However, ever since I finished class 12, (highschool), my parents made it abundantly clear that either after my undergraduation or during the final year, they planned to find a suitable husband and get me married. My 2 younger sisters and I have been trained in household chores since the age of 12. My immediate sister, like me, understands her place, but my youngest sister is very rebellious. I also have a younger brother, who shall be sent to America or England for higher studies when it is time. My role as a woman is to serve my husband and my family. Women have been doing so for thousands of years. I don’t see why it should change. In my community, a man’s right to disciplne his wife is implied and understood when a couple gets married. There is no need for any discussion. Besides discipline, there are several practices embedded within the culture of my community which teaches a wife to be submissive and reminds her of male authority.

    1. That’s great. It helps to paint a clear picture of how things work in India. Training daughters in being good wives and homemakers is something that should start young. They also get the example of their mother to learn from. Here in America examples of submissive wives and homemakers have become the minority, so you’d often have to go looking for it. India is very blessed to follow those traditions.

  6. young submissive Avatar
    young submissive

    Also Aron, india is a country where each state and community has its own distinctive culture. Many communities now support and espouse feminist values. Mine is not one of them. Girls are educated upto a point, but always the parents and elders find a suitable husband who has higher qualifications than the girls. Even if the husband doesn’t have a college degree but earns a decent living, the girls are taught and trained to obey him and his family. Some of the elders in the community feel that getting the daughters married as soon as they finish class 12 (high school) is the best thing.
    There is a practice followed in many of the Hindu communities, including mine. The wife has to touch her husband’s feet with her forehead on the wedding night to get his blessing and as a sign of submission. Married women are expected to do this on every auspicious occasion. Another practice, though rarely done these days, but still followed in many families is the ceremonial washing of the husband’s feet by the wife. Another sign of submission to the husband’s authority.
    Yesterday, I received a tight slap across the face for arguing with my fiance, followed by about 10-12 swats of his belt on my backside. Though I was fully clothed, I could feel every stroke sting and burn. I believe he hits harder than my father does.

    1. Hi Submissive, That’s really very interesting. I have heard how varied India is, including in its many languages. In spending time outside of the U.S., I never had the chance to see your country, but if I ever have the opportunity, it is among the first places I would wish to visit.

      Expressions of submissiveness such as kneeling before a lord used to be practiced in the West, and in Christian culture, but have been abandoned. They do send an important message, including to those who witness the expression. They can teach both man and wife their roles very well.

      In Christian faith footwashing is a mutual practice, and is done as a form of service, and manifestation of Christ’s servant nature. Anyone in a church can practice footwashing, and it does carry the element of humility and submissiveness. But kneeling was still used throughout Christian history to communicate obedience to a higher up. I find it meaningful in marriage, and will have my wife kneel if I am either verbally correcting her or spanking her.

      I suppose your fiance gave you a spanking clothed because you are not married yet, so it is less intimate. Nearly all married couples who spank do it on the bare bottom, and hard strokes certainly would hurt. But your fiance must have been delivering a good hard stroke, and I’m sure he will manage you well in the future. It has apparently been working for thousands of years.

  7. young submissive Avatar
    young submissive

    Hi Aron, Yes I hope you visit India. If nothing, you’ll find it very interesting. You know, 50 years ago, divorce in India was practically unheard of. But with egalitarianism and feminism taking firm root, I’m sorry to say to say that the divorce rate is sky-rocketing. Many of the couples have been married 2 years or less. It’s a sad state of affairs.
    Yes, my fiance’ spanked me clothed since we’re not married yet. He has told me if I continue to be argumentative and show disrespect, I can expect to be frequently acquainted with his belt. He is very strict. Much more so than my father. We will be going to Canada for a few years late next year. He has told me he expects me to continue to uphold our traditions there or he’ll see to it that I do.
    He has been in a relationship before, but it didn’t work out. I have never been, except for a huge crush on one of my class-mates in high school.
    As I told you, it’s an arranged marriage. I have known him for just over a month, but day by day, I’m growing to like and respect him more and more. I was allowed to talk to him for a few days before I told my parents I’ll marry him. I know now he is the right person for me in every way. He is fun-loving and kind and very strict. I need a man with a very firm hand and he has got it.
    He has spanked me only once, but has given me a stinging slap on the face on 5 different occasions. He doesn’t slap too hard, just enough to sting.

  8. young submissive Avatar
    young submissive

    By the way, I showed him your site. He’s very interested. He says he’ll buy a hard wooden paddle and a nice cane when we move to Canada. The thought of the cane makes me tremble, but if he decides to use it, I’ll of course submit without a word, as I should. Till we’re in India, he has said it’ll be his hand, his belt and the broom handle. My bottom is going to be very sore quite often in the future. Shall I email you?

    1. Hello, yes feel free to e-mail me. I hope your future husband finds the website helpful.

  9. young submissive Avatar
    young submissive

    Hello Aron, obedience is very important to him. He told me so. The previous relationship he was in a few years ago didn’t work out because the girl he had been seeing absolutely refused to obey and when he tried to discipline her, she threatened to complain to thecops about “domestic violence.” He told me the best thing he likes about me is not my looks or my smartness, but that I know my place and respect him and his authority over me. He says he wanted a wife who is meek, obedient and easy to rein in. He kissed my cheek and said he is glad he found me. I can only talk about the discipline aspect to some of my friends as the others are all egalitarians.
    He also said since I’m quite young, he can mold and shape me into what he what he wants me to be.

    1. He made a wise move. I can see how he would be attracted to you. Having a meek and submissive heart is more fundamental to being a good wife than knowledge is. I would not have married any woman either if she did not know how to submit. My wife showed me her godly character, and gentle heart early on. It was very easy for me to know she was a good woman for marriage.

  10. young submissive Avatar
    young submissive

    Yes, you’re right of course. I have sent you an email. It’s a long, word one. So please bearwithit. From what I understand with the surveys we had to conduct as a part of our women’s studies module, a lot of so-called feminists are unhappy because their husbands do not take charge. They want equality and also want their men to take charge. I don’t know how that’s possible.

    1. Yeah, it’s not possible. I just got your letter. Thank you.

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  12. mala (wiola) Avatar
    mala (wiola)

    Hello india woman. Are you already married? How is your marriage going? It’s great what you write. I am very jealous of you such a husband and arranged marriage where you will get your dominant husband. I got married for love but unfortunately my husband is not very dominant. I have to force him to punish. I would like an arranged marriage with my domestic husband, instead of mine out of love. One thing I don’t like about your husband is that he beats you in the face? That will never be my permission. The buttocks are from whipping, not the face. It is disgraceful and very bad in my opinion.

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