Humbling a Rebellious Woman

Spanking functions well to correct a wife who slips out of her submission, or who chooses to do something harmful. It is a simple guide for her in accomplishing her goal. Spanking becomes more challenging, and discipline needs to be done more thoughtfully when training a rebellious woman to live in peace. Most of the process is the same, but more patience, thoughtfulness, care, and at times severity needs to be practiced when a woman has a rebellious heart. That heart comes from pride, and she needs to be humbled.

I have heard from a number of men in the past year who are leading their rebellious wives towards learning submission. One has had great success in only a few months. The others have taken steps forward, and seen their wives accept correction and hold back on their bad behavior, but also seen them backslide from time to time, and struggle internally with obeying authority. The most important thing to know if this is your situation, is that it CAN be done. Many rebellious women are willing to get started with putting their attitude in the past. They know it’s wrong. Don’t let their attitude fool you. Don’t be discouraged by their stumblings. They can and do change, and learn to be gentle reverent wives. They will accept your authority with your patient training.

At heart she simply needs to be humbled, and that includes a spiritual stepping down. It means you lower yourself UNDER your authority and soften your heart. It means you give up your grasp on certain decisions. You give up your grasp on correcting your husband or getting angry at him. You embrace an acceptance of his leadership, and a deep sense of trust. Humbling bites at the pride. It sometimes causes fear. But once a woman starts to walk forward in it, she can know the peace and fulfillment within submissive life. She starts to enjoy the warm protection of her husband. She knows the satisfaction of being soft and bending to him. At heart it is lowering herself down. She’s not the boss anymore and she’s going to learn to bow to him.

Rebellious wives are not purely a modern phenomenon. There have always been women who, through personality, or through being spoiled, thought they could always get their way. There have always been women who needed a firm correction, or to be thoroughly spanked, before they could gently obey their husbands. Just look at the Taming of the Shrew, by William Shakespeare, which is far from a situation unique to the imagination of the brilliant author. It came from an author who simply looked at life, contemplated it, and portrayed it with his purposes in mind. There have always been bad wives. Women since sin came into the world have at time married a weaker man, or an apathetic man, and used that opportunity to gain command. At the minimum they used it to ignore their husband, or disrespect him. This problem is heightened in the modern era, because women are trained to be independent from men, and also trained to think a woman who obeys her man is being demeaned. They are taught to idolize their own desires and goals, and to ridicule the obedient wife, who stays at home. Even when women understand that submission is good, even when they try to learn submission, often they have violently conflicting thoughts, and their emotions are confused. They are desiring what they have already learned to hate. They are finding satisfaction in what they’ve been taught is demeaning. It is no wonder some women struggle, and will need both more patience, and more firmness, to bring to a fuller walk of submission. Between a woman’s personality, and a feminist upbringing, husbands need to be prepared to train a wife whose attitude is terrible.

Often a wife with attitude knows there is a problem. She hates the result of conflict and hates the way it feels. She doesn’t always know why she acts the way she does, and comes to wish she could stop. She is not always out-and-out against being spanked, especially when the marriage is suffering, and she has heard good testimonies of how well it works. She is longing for the peace and protection of her man, at times longing even for discipline. But her pride bites back. Her mouth causes trouble, and opens on its own. She gets angry just at the thought of giving in. A correction from her husband even verbally seems again like a terrible attack. The hearts is again inflamed with pride, and fears of accepting his headship flow in. She, like her man, may begin thinking this is impossible.

You need to be prepared for a journey with a woman like this. You will be transforming her.  She needs to learn to let go of the old self and begin living in the new self. Much like the changeover the Christian must learn from the life of a child of darkness to the life of a child of light, an entire mindset — along with associated habits — gets changed. Do not be discouraged if she has outbursts or regresses. Keep moving forward with training her and be consistent with your verbal leadership and your discipline. Remind her of her position — submitted fully to you. Remind her of her goal — a peaceful marriage and a gentle soft character. Remind her of the good her submission accomplishes for the home, and ultimately, how that peaceful home will bless society. When she is living peacefully under you, she will enjoy the full benefits of your reign. Warfare will be in the past. Spankings will become rare, and much more joy will fill the household. Friends will see the difference in your marriage. They will see the change for the good. Christian households will become a true witness of Christ and a picture of what He does, rather than an ongoing embarrassment. Few people miss the signs of a loving family.

A husband must never be intimidated by his wife’s bad attitude. Nor should he fly off the handle and just get angry with it. He must continue to be firm, correct her with words, and discipline her swiftly when needed. Do not be dismayed either by a wife’s attacks or excuses. She needs to know who is in charge in the marriage. You have the authority as the man. You don’t have to prove it, or to earn it by behavior. You don’t put yourself there because of pride. You have the headship because you are her husband. That’s a position she needs to respect. No one can take that away from you.

Explain to her clearly what you expect. Let her know the attitude she needs to have, and how she needs to speak to you as her head. She surely knows how to respect an authority in other instances. She will need to learn to do that for her husband as well, and do so to a greater degree. Be specific about what attitude and language is out of line and why, and remind her when you need to. Make sure she knows both to speak to you with honor and seek permission from you for any major decision. She should be regularly deferring to your authority, and with time she will learn to do this easily. It takes her more practice because of her background or her personality. But she will learn.

Again, be certain not to get easily upset. This shows insecurity and weakness on your part. Your presence should be calm. Let her know you are looking out for her good by leading her as well as by correcting her. It is not about self-gratification on your part but the good of the marriage. Encourage her regularly in all the good things she does, and praise her regularly for her behavior and as your wife. Any wife deserves that, even one who has problems with attitude. Don’t feel the need to be critical all the time. There’s a great deal she’s working on, and she’s not going to get everything right. Focus your correction on bad attitude, disrespect, bad behavior. Keep it simple. Otherwise she should know your regular love, praise, and trust, even though she falters and fails.

Make sure her spankings are undesirable times. Disrespect must be punished severely, as should disobedience. Draw a clear boundary line with bad behavior, so she can see that stepping over that line will result in a session she really wants to avoid. Then be consistent with punishment. I hear the way some wives speak to their husbands, and in my home, that would swiftly end in a thorough paddling. It would not be repeated. If she is thoroughly punished when attitude and disrespect rise up in her, she will start to remember next time to avoid it. She will start checking herself and look for another way to express what she wants, or even a new way to look at the matter. At the very fundamental level, she is learning she’s not in charge.

Rebellious wives usually act up with great frequency. For this reason, giving her regular spankings just to train her can be more helpful than in other situations. While I don’t think maintenance spankings are for everyone, this is on prime example of when to use them — her problem is ongoing, and she backslides from her submission.  Regular time to undress, kneel before her husband, and receive a spanking will help her get into the right mindset. It will help her grow accustomed to being soft, to being obedient, and knowing she is under his power. Spanking as training helps to soften a woman. It helps her walk with a humbler attitude, and take a step down.

Understand the importance of your spiritual leadership. She is already a woman who has been misled by bad teachers, and you need to be a good one to her. Lead the home Bible study, set good ethical standards for the home, and teach specifically what Scripture teaches about marriage, which is divine authority. It explains her role, along with the honor she should show her man. Be prepared to correct any false teachings she has heard about being a woman or a wife, even from other Christians. Gender is bent in the churches only a little less severely than in Western culture in general. Countless women have been harmed by this, and taken off of the rails. They have been confused by false teachers. You need to correct these wrong ideas and explain why they are false.

Sexual training is important for her, perhaps more so than other wives. It can reach her soul much more effectively than an explanation or an intelligent argument. It cuts through all the garbage. A woman learns submission by experience in bed, and learns to love being soft, where she resisted it before. She loves your power, where she tried to answer back before. She embraces her own great desire to submit to you, by doing so with her body, and by doing so intimately. She experiences your command over her and loves it. Sexual training is key in helping her learn. It cuts through her mind’s usual objections to being soft, often in an instant. Make sure she is submissive in bed, and have her serve you sexually, never going too long between sessions. Keep her regularly on her knees giving pleasure, and she will remember that fulfilling position. It taps into her longing to serve you. It helps her grow in that desire, gradually becoming more comfortable her own softness and with your guidance. Sexual service is close to the heart of being submissive.

Don’t just work with your wife by teaching the rules. Work with her character as well. That FEMININE character was given to her by God and fits perfectly with her role in submission and in the home. It is beautiful and soft, gentle, mysterious. Encourage what is feminine for her, and let her know her femininity will win half the battle. She will have far less resistance to you if she learns to respond in the feminine way, which is to follow your power, and not replace it with her own. An imitation man really isn’t that beautiful. A godly and virtuous woman is. A soft, nurturing, modest woman is. A woman’s beauty comes from her gentle, humble heart. Look for that beauty, and seek to see it within her. She should also know what that godly femininity looks like. Separate her from activities in which she imitates men. Lead her in modesty, feminine appearance, and in pure godly speech. Teach her to use clean, gentle words, not just with you but all the time. She will start to see that pure woman just as you do, and know that a change is possible. She will see that change happening, and learn to love the new woman.

What if your wife refuses discipline? What if she says she gives up trying? As you know, in this culture you would not be permitted to continue to discipline her, since the culture does not respect your real authority. However, work with what you have and make progress. You can still move her towards a heart attitude of submission. You can go back to the start as well and explain the purpose of her correction, and the authority that you have. Do not simply give up. No one in the world can take away the role you have as a husband, which you have no need to earn. Lead her and correct her with all the tools you have, even if not everything is possible for you. Remember, she knows in her heart there is a problem with her rebelliousness. She knows it is wrong. Backsliding, and attitude don’t change that. What you are giving her is good for her and she longs for the peace she will enjoy when her rebellion is over. Continue to do everything in your power to lead her. Deep inside she wants to stop carrying that heavy load.

Humbling a woman with attitude is not altogether different from guiding a more peaceful wife. Key ingredients are the same. The rebellious wife needs a discipline that is deeper in all regards. She needs more careful attention. You’ll find your patience, thoughtfulness, verbal leadership, and spankings will likely need to be more thorough. You’ll need to show your love and your power are unwavering. She will stumble far more often, but may hunger for the end result with greater thirst than other women. She learns from your deepened discipline. She learns from your abounding love. As she grows to greater beauty, she will not fail to see the connection between them. The woman always yelling at you longs that you make her clean. She knows it’s wrong. When you finally humble her, you will also build her up.


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  1. I strongly agree with Aron here. A Christian women should take pride only in her submission and not be prideful. It’s relatively easy for a wife to be submission in the privacy of the home , it takes real submission to be humble and obedient in a more public setting. A Christian women who has truly embraced submission and obedience has no trouble being openly submissive in any social setting. A Husband of course should never humiliate his wife in front of people outside the family but he should expect her to behave in a way that demonstrates she knows her proper place based on scripture. . Jane is expected to show proper deference to any head of household and she is always expected to obey me if I require her to do something no matter who is present. A Christian wife must learn to be proud of her obedience and submission , and never have false pride. While of course she must know she will be punished when she is prideful , it is better if she learns to be openly submissive because she understands she honors God with her proper behavior.

  2. My Husband always says that Humbling plays an important role in raising a wife.
    Humbling helps break your rebellious spirit and burn the lesson into your soul.
    that’s why after being punished I must remain in the corner with the marks of discipline, showing and disposition for refinements.
    what kind of training do you suggest for the fervor of Humbling?

    1. Hello Ninna, Thanks for your comment. I refer to humbling generally in learning not to have pride, and to meekly respond to her husband. The basic knowledge that she is under his authority, and doesn’t try to be something else. That element can be found in a number of punishments and training. That includes ones like you mention, of needing to stand in the corner after being spanked. However, I don’t think I know what you mean by “the fervor of humbling.” So I can’t really answer your question.

  3. what’s your opinion on orgasm control?
    my husband thinks this is a punishment that fits very well for teaching wives to control themselves emotionally.

    1. Hi Ninna, I have heard of that practice. I do not believe in controlling sexual pleasure. I find it is not natural to the marriage relationship, nor is it necessary to teach self-control. Husband and wife care about each other’s pleasure, and share affection without refusal.

      I include that practice in my first article on DD practices I don’t use or endorse. Here’s a link to the article:

  4. I so relate to this one, sometimes it’s so hard to be submissive.

    1. Yes, it can be hard Haily. A husband’s discipline aids to curb the difficulties, and make submission much easier. I believe any woman can learn it over time. Thanks for your comment.

  5. I think it is very sinful for any wife to disrespect and disobey her husband. I see wives like this in the church all the time. They act like they obey their husband but behind their back they badmouth and put down their husbands. Sometimes I think they look down on me because I won’t do this and I always let them know that they are being sinful not respecting their husbands. There are some wives who don’t do this and agree with me. These are our friends in the church. Sometimes I want to tell their husbands some of the things they say but Bob won’t let me, he says that’s troubling the waters. Last week I got the strap and a mouth washing for doing this when Bob found out, I think the husband I talked to must of told him. Bob just said there are no secrets about things like this.

  6. I think it’s important for a husband to humble himself before God before he can expect a woman to humble herself in subservience to him. Husbands who are not truly acting in a Godly manner haven’t earned their wives’ submission and any man who is having trouble “taming” his wife, ought to first look inward at himself and ask the Lord for guidance in making him a man worthy of submitting to.

    1. Hello Valerie, Every Christian, including husbands, need to humble themselves before God. That is a part of receiving Christ, and of our sanctification. We need to know we are not important in ourselves or good in ourselves. We only rely on Christ for everything we have, and give ownership over it to Him. A husband needs to be able to lead by example as well, and not only by words.

      However, no husband on earth needs to “earn” his wife’s submission. She is submissive to him because she is his wife. He leads, loves, provides, and protects her because he is her husband. He no more needs to earn his wife’s submission than she needs to earn his love. That means even when a husband is doing a poor job of being on his knees before God, a wife never ceases to be meek toward him.

      In fact 1 Peter 3 addresses the situation of an ungodly husband, it it teaches the wife to submit, to obey, and praises the meek and godly women who do so, comparing them to the matriarch Sarah.

    2. Valerie a wife has no right to ever disobey her husband or be disrespectful because she thinks he hasn’t “earned” his authority. A husband’s authority is from God at the altar of marriage. Your Husband rules over you and God requires you obey your husband in all things. He answers to God and in this life you answer to your husband. From your comment I must suspect you are not being properly disciplined by your husband.

  7. I love your blog and I agree 100% with you but I don’t know where to find a partner that sees those things the way I do

    1. Hello Eva, I’m very glad you see the value and the reward in discipline. There are more men who spank than you’d think. It’s also possible to bring up the subject with a future husband. I always recommend simply starting by finding a good man who understands he is the head of the home, and a wife is submissive. You can bring up the topic of discipline if he does not. I’ve written a few articles on the subject, if you haven’t seen them.

  8. A learning wife Avatar
    A learning wife

    I would like to post a comment here, if it is alright with Aron, to see if there are any wives here, especially ones used to this lifestyle, who could kinda be like a mentor in a way. I literally have no one except my husband and while he is amazing, I would love some help, advice, and Ideas from a womans point of view.

    Thanks in advance and once again, thank you Aron for making a difference in peoples lives

    1. That’s perfectly alright. I will post an article soon inviting ladies to connect here. I hope you find a wonderful mentor.

      1. Aron,
        First of all let me just say that your blog is very informative and I have learned a lot
        about how to be submissive by reading it. I love reading about what the expectations and requirements are.
        The only thing missing is that I don’t have a King that I can practice this lifestyle with. I am not desperate but curious about finding a dominant, authoritative partner who is willing to teach me to be more respectful, pure and submissive. Any suggestions and thank you for your time

        1. Hello Aspen, I’m very happy you’ve found the blog helpful in your learning. I certainly hope it helps you grow in submission. I have several articles on finding a partner for marriage who will head the home, and practice discipline. I also have one post that invites singles to leave comments if they’d like to meet a spouse who practices discipline here.

          I always recommend simply looking for traditional, godly men first. If they are open about the fact they believe in clear headship and submission, there’s a decent chance that they will at least seriously consider discipline. It doesn’t take too long to start talking about those topics either, in terms of what headship means and how it is applied.

          Nor is there anything wrong, once you have a possible husband, to simply make known that you think discipline would help you. There are many opportunities, when speaking about submission, such as what to do in a situation in which you did not submit. That’s how I brought up the topic with my wife.

          For the time being though, keep working on your growth in submission, and really envision what that may be like in marriage, in how your would reverence and submit to your husband.

          I appreciate your enthusiasm for finding a king.

          Bless you.

          Where Can I find a Discipline Partner:

          Your place for singles:

          How to Introduce Spanking in Your Marriage:

    2. Comittedtosubmitting Avatar

      Hello, I too would like to be connected to other like minded women. I have been married for over 30 years and we have been practicing cdd for over 12 years. I can be contacted at

  9. Sergeant Avatar

    I might be late for this one but it might still be worth the input.

    The article does speak directly to my situation as I do have a troubling wife in some areas. My wife is an amazing woman but as you say Aron nowadays society teach women pride and arrogance to reach for things that aren’t factually under their reach and this type of seed can plant rebellion on a woman’s heart and mind. I’ve read lately how restless the women’s brain is and that with a seed of rebellion can create problem that only rational discipline can ease and correct.

    As my wife is not a fan of discipline in any way I have found that keeping a schedule of maintenance has worked to keep her behavior, especially clothing and tounguewise, in perfect check. At first I didn’t think it to be ideal as I view spanking as a punishment tool and thought it would decrease the value of a spanking, instead it has enhanced the manner of how my verbal orders and corrections are answered by her, although I hope not having to keep it in the long run. One thing I shall say though is since maintenance has been established I haven’t had the need to punish her once.

    As Aron says greatly in this article putting a rebellious woman in line is challenging but it is doable, and not only that it is necessary to bring back traditional values and making this world right again.

    1. Thank you for your input, Sergeant. I’ve certainly been thinking about your situation. I’m very glad to hear the maintenance spanking has been helpful for her, as I thought it would be. Her not liking it is a part of why it works. And I agree, it would be ideal not to need to do it in the long run.

      You are leading her well if it has kept her clothing and tongue in check. Wonderful. I think your experience with this challenge, beyond aiding both of you in marriage, will offer some guidance to other couples in the same position.

      Blessings to you and your family.

    2. Hi Sergeant. Your wife sounds very much like me. I know what to do and how to behave but it is SO hard to put into practice sometimes. I have too much of this world in me and it truly breaks my heart. My husband has told me he is going to start up the maintenance sessions again, which I understand and agree with completely. He said he definitely noticed a change in my attitude and my reverence towards him when we were doing them. It’s just that he goes away to work for very long periods of time. It seems he has his rebellious wife back every time he comes home. This can’t be easy for him. Just from a practical standpoint I have a question for you and Aron, and any other husband out there, what does a maintenance session look like for you? How long do they normally last and do you spank until you see your wife’s tears? How often do you do them? Do you incorporate oral training and/or corner time during these sessions? Also, for husbands that do go away for long periods of time, how do you keep your wife in a submissive mind set so she doesn’t get too much pride and independence while taking care of things in the home while you are away? I ask these things respectfully and with my husband’s permission. Thank you Aron for another fantastic and thought provoking article.

      1. You’re quite welcome. I’m glad you enjoy the article. I do not usually give maintenance. I used it for a few months early on in our marriage, given once a week. The average session was not as hard as a punishment, and didn’t last that long. I wouldn’t say I aim for tears during a maintenance session, but my wife will usually cry from any spanking I give. I did not use corner time for those sessions, but I do commonly have her serve orally after she is spanked, or after she is corrected through other means.

      2. My wife is subject to what I sometimes call a refocus spanking every Saturday night. For almost as long as we have been married my wife has a ritual that I enforce. She must be in the tub taking her nightly bath by 8:30 or so. She may not leave the bath until I arrive to dry her off and tuck her into bed, after she says her prayers. Her required bedtime is 9:00 PM or so. Every Saturday she is inspected after her bath to insure she is properly shaved, she is not permitted any pubic hair. Then she is given usually about 5 to 10 with the strap before she can leave the tub. We stated these maintenance spankings about 20 years ago, we have been married 50 years now. It is really rare these days that Jane needs to get her bottom warmed for misbehaving, though there has been an issue with our son in law’s correction of our daughter recently which led to some displays of disrespect to a HOH by Jane something that is never allowed. But this seems behind us now.

      3. Sergeant Avatar

        Hello, it’s definitely fine.

        I would say that for my wife the challenge starts at the fact that she has a job outside that I can’t seem to be able to separate her from. She is honestly very far from completely agreeing to our current setting but it’s clear that she understands why it’s established.

        We’ve started up weekly maintenence sessions a few months ago and I’ve seen much better behavior from her, she’s not quite there yet but I hope to stop the use of it soon. The session itself is usually not as hard, the do take sometime though as my wife and I always have a conversation before to recap the week, the spanking does not take that long and my wife is not a crier, she doesn’t cry from anything and neither does she cry from spankings, so it usually stops when I feel her body relax against my legs. She doesn’t do corner time and neither does she serve me sexually, she usually takes the time to be by herself in either a shower or a bath, although there have been several times I requested her to come in bed with me.

  10. hamiltonman Avatar

    Bob, you are very experienced—and so is Jane, I think—so I was interested in what happened regarding your son in law’s correction of your daughter.
    As a father of two high-strung daughters I’m interested in anything I can learn around their correction both under my care and when they are married.
    As I’ve indicated here before, we use maintenance spankings as well with the weekly bath and shave. And, like aron, I am almost always serviced orally afterwards. I find the emotional strain of spankings and body inspections requires deep release.

    1. hamilton we had an issue where our son in law spanked our daughter , where perhaps a spanking was not called for. Jane became very upset and was disrespectful to our son in law. So then I was forced to correct her, I can’t allow this kind of behavior. Aron advised I should have a talk with him to express my concerns about his decision to punish our daughter over what I felt did not warrant a correction. I should say our daughter’s spanking was not overly harsh, I gave Jane a more serious spanking for her disrespect. , something our son in law pointed out. when we talked. He did not agree with me about his decision to spank our daughter, he made clear, politely but firmly, he would decide when she needed correction. Of course in principle, he is correct , a husband has the right to spank his wife whenever he see fit for whatever reason he decides. All I could do is offer my opinion. There was another incident when our daughter called Jane to complain about being spanked which caused Jane to misbehave again. Both ladies earned some quality time with the strap for this. There hasn’t been any other issues with this since they were punished. .

      1. Weak vessels Avatar
        Weak vessels

        I think that a wife complaining about a spanking to the point that she calls her mom about it is a danger sign that the marriage is not growing in intimacy and trust. The whole foundation of spanking is that a woman realizes that she is her husband’s body and wants to offer to him even if it hurts. She also trusts him and she trusts the Lord with his discipline. I can understand trying to get out of a spanking in the moment because it’s fearful but if the next day the woman is actually calling her mom to talk about how horrible her husband is, I think that man may need to dial back on the discipline and work on reestablishing trust and intimacy because something is going south in her heart towards him and his rod that more and more spankings are not going to fix, or if they do fix it it might only be on the surface as she is merely afraid of more punishment and not truly relating to her husband heart to heart as submissively receiving his punishment. Ultimately if things are working right I think a woman ends up being grateful for her husband’s painful attention, and if she is not, marriage may be sliding into a dangerous place where discipline has overtaken all of the other things that makes it work right. I’m not trying to say that your daughter’s husband doesn’t have the right to discipline her even if she has a problem with it, but I think that a marriage where a wife remains upset over the discipline long afterwards is a marriage which needs some sort of help. Whippings are not everything, and they aren’t the lifeblood of a marriage; God talks about a wife for whom discipline isn’t working in Isaiah 1:5. And also “behold the kindness and severity of the Lord.”. If she is not being woo’d to love her husband, discipline will not make up for that and may be having the opposite effect, one of destruction to the relationship.

        1. Weak vessels thank you for your thoughtful comments. The only thing I could do in the situation I described was to offer my advice and cousel moderation in our son in law’s leadership. God has given him his complete authority over our daughter, my authorly ended at the altar. Our daughter has no right whatsoever to question his decision to punish her and Jane must show her respect to him as a head of household with a God given authority over our daughter. Both ladies have had this lesson reenforced. I am happy to report that things have improved, and our daughter has learned to more fully accept her husband’s decisions to correct her whenever he thinks it necessary which has resulted in her being spanked less often. I have also seen a change in her attitude, she now exhibits a more openly submissive behavior in public settings a change I approve of

  11. leoni97 Avatar

    I have never had a maintenance spanking, my husband just disciplines me when I mess up like disobedience, or too much talking back when he has warned me enough is enough. He is very stern with me when this happens and I have to tell him what I did wrong and how I will change this behaviour.
    I have never heard of body inspections as such. My husband will admire my body and tell me he thinks I am beautiful, but all personal care is left to me.

    1. Same here Leoni97

      My Husband prefers a full bush as he says it reminds him of a real woman. Most of my female friends some of whom are not christian shave everywhere and like it. It’s not Mr As thing. He has taught me how to love my body because I’ve bared it so many times for spanking, shower time, intercourse and often when it’s the two of us alone and our two girls are at their grandparents, I will be fully nude especially on a hot day. He compliments my body daily with squeezes to my butt and a tossing up my hair. I enjoy him ravishing me and telling me I’m incredibly alluring. He’s a lecturer at University. I love his articulation. He’s smart and funny. We enjoy each others company very much.

  12. I also receive inspections, in our house it is quite frequent, when my husband says that it is time for inspection, I must adopt a specific position for that. the inspection can be quite embarrassing, but I feel even more submissive as I do it.
    I believe that my husband has the right to verify that the rules imposed by him for intimate hygiene and personal care are being applied.

    Is this a practice used by other couples here? does it work well for you?

    1. I am inspected at least once a week, Ninna.

    2. Not really sure I would call it inspection per se but my husband often commands me to show him my private parts. Not undressing but only uncover my breasts, buttocks and vagina for him to see or feel one at a time. Of course it would have consequences if he was not happy with how I have taken care of myself but is not the purpose in itself with the show, it is more for my submission and his erotic pleasure, not infrequently it ends with me on my knees in front of him.

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  17. Better Lady Avatar
    Better Lady

    Sandra, that sounds lovely. I am hopeful that my husband will take that level of interest in me soon. I am careful to take care of my appearance, hygiene and personal grooming regularly. My husband does require that I complete certain things weekly and I do but he never really checks and sometimes it feels like he doesn’t even notice. We are new to DD and we are both still growing in our roles so I am patiently waiting and following the expectations that he has set. Bless you and thank you for sharing your experiences.

  18. I think every Christian wife needs to be humbled, the sin of false pride is endemic these days. Jane was raised to be submissive so she never really exhibited open defiance, her bad behavior was mostly dishonesty ,trying to get away with things. For this she earned a lot of quality time with the strap my father in law gave me, the one he brought to my house when Jane’s behavior was intolerable. But imagine a wife brought up quite differently than Jane. In this case a Christian husband has a really difficult task. He has to undo a lot of bad indoctrination. But frankly he does get the pleasure of seeing the transformation as his wife goes from a prideful women to an obedient and submissive wife. This takes some work and time I am sure. But when this is accomplished , it’s very important , in my opinion, that she exhibit her submission and obedience openly . Friends should easily notice the change in her. When we socialize , no matter who it is, there is never any doubt in any ones mind that Jane is well trained , submissive and obedient. She knows her place. She never gives an opinion unless asked, she is quiet in the presence of men, she knows her job is to serve the guests,, fetch the drinks, do the cleanup and in those cases when we still have company over at her bath and bed time , she obediently does what she is required to do. Some people we have met are upset at this but most of our Christian friends approve. Jane is a humbled wife.

  19. margretmorgan65 Avatar

    Gosh I feel like you wrote this one about me. especially the struggle with knowing that’s what you want but All the voices in your head telling you not to submit. As much as I dread it I think I may show this to my husband.

    1. That’s a good idea. It could offer him some options in managing you. I’m glad you can recognize it speaks to your situation.

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