Bad Habits Spanking Puts in the Past

I could not begin to tell you all of the improvement I have heard from couples in how spanking changed a wife’s behavior. From small to major problems have been put solidly in the past. They might make an occasional reappearance, but their habit, and the mindset that it’s okay to do, have been taken out of her life, and disappeared from the home. I could mention a few long-term changes for the better in my own wife, although I don’t think most is severe. The betterment of behavior, and sustaining submission, are goals that spanking accomplishes, often in a short time. Even the more hardened and rebellious women see change stunning enough that friends and family comment on it, and see that the marriage has improved. So let’s review some of the common behavior from a wife that spanking frees her from.

Perhaps the kind of change most related to spanking, and one that inspires starting discipline in marriage, is bad attitude and disobedience. It is this continual wrong from wives that inspires men to look for ideas, and to discover spanking as a possible solution. Many husbands refuse to tolerate it. Her own attitude and disobedience also is the spark for women to ask their husbands to punish them. They want to be freed from the grip of rebellion on them, and they yearn for the cleansing power that spanking has. Marriages rife with conflict, with wives who think they can boss around their husbands, talk back to them, even insult them, become noticeably peaceful quickly when a wife starts being disciplined.

The spanking humbles her. It reorients her heart. It deters that bad behavior in the future. Suddenly that almost out of control desire some wives have to rise up against their husbands is silent. Her heart is at rest being submissive. She loses the pride that demands she is always right, and can never accept correction. Often wives with bad attitudes and bad mouth are the first to know it is wrong, and are the ones to suggest being spanked. It is likely there are beautiful peaceful marriages you know, with a very sweet wife, that got that way with the help of a husband’s correction. The gentle, sweet wife has her panties snatched down and is spanked long and hard when she’s not so sweet. However challenging it may be to be married to a disobedient wife, know that this is one of the best possible solutions.

Spanking helps wives with bad habits and dangerous ones. That can be heavy drinking — which is very unbecoming of a woman and worse for her than for a man  — or reckless driving, or child neglect. Spanking is often what helps her see the serious wrong in this kind of behavior. She learns in no uncertain terms this is wicked and dangerous to human life. She experiences the shame and the hard punishment that rightfully should accompany such bad choices. It becomes much easier for her to adjust her behavior, than to face a severe correction. Discipline for such behaviors can help prevent the damage caused by such recklessness, including loss of property, sickness, and death. At work, a person who did such things would just get fired. In the home it doesn’t work that way. However, she will face something she never wishes to repeat. The home and marriage will become a cleaner, safer place, and much safer for children.

Women who learn towards sensuality, and vanity can also be helped by spanking. Habits that the world thinks are ordinary, but which are wrong, will quickly be left behind.  A wife who spends too much money will learn the consequences. A woman who dresses to show off the body will learn to dress more modestly and behave more discreetly. Friends who are a wicked influence on her life will have to depart. Her attachment to hanging out in places that a woman is most vulnerable — such as bars or nightclubs — will easily be released. This correction protects a wife, keeps her from losing her virtue, and keeps the entire household pure. A wife may have picked up these habits over the years, and begun to think they are normal. She learns instead to see the line between right and wrong, which so often gets blurred.

In nearly any marriage, spanking helps a wife with her responsibility. Even with a generally submissive wife at home, I find I need to put her over the knee for disregarding her duties, or putting them off too much. Things I have instructed her to do, or that I know she needs to do, must be done. If she neglects them, she gets spanked, and I find her work is speedily done after I’ve left her bottom sore. It is a fast solution I can count on. You’ll find many husbands who will testify to the same. Spanking helps be the guardrails to keep a wife from being irresponsible, and the entrance for getting her back on the track. Repeatedly dismissing responsibilities you’ve given her to do even goes beyond neglect, and becomes disrespectful. To ignore duties you’ve given certainly shows a lack of respect. It is good to make that lesson in respect a part of her correction if it’s needed. She needs to take your words seriously, and know it is imperative to do them.

It’s not something that I face commonly in my marriage, but sins of the tongue are an area many husbands learn to rein in with discipline. That could be a woman who’s learned habitual gossip, or one who’s learned to manipulate with words, using deceit or plain dishonesty. Truly, her husband’s verbal correction and discipline may be the first serious attempt she’s had to control this behavior. It may be the first time she’s really been able to view it as dark and destructive as it is. She will have a reminder the next time she misuses her tongue, and start living with a new perspective, one that is careful, and controlled in what she says. It is one that gives though to her husband’s instruction on how she is to speak, and learns to model her words in a whole new way. As in other areas, she shifts not only away from bad behavior, but away from a mindset it is alright, or can be justified. As excuses and self-justification slide away, the power to change is enormous. The deterrent against old, past attitudes is strong. She changes for the good.

As I say elsewhere, I don’t credit all the change in a marriage to spanking a wife. Nor do I encourage anyone to rely on it entirely. We each learn in many ways. When it comes to leading, guiding, and correcting a wife, a husband uses much more than this punishment tool. He instructs. He teaches by example. He gives verbal correction and encouragement. He nourishes her spiritually in the Word of God. Spanking is there as a correction, and a very effective one, to punish the worst behavior. No wife grows as a woman only through the strap on her bottom. It is the overall leading and nourishment of her husband that help her, along with his firm hand when he needs to put her over the knee.

Having heard from a number of readers — both in the comments and in mail exchanges — I know many of you have seen the same changes I relate in this article. Others long for that change in their life as well. Women yearn to be made free of their wrongs, and put themselves in their man’s hands to mold and shape them. I know there are more bad habits we could speak of that spanking helps with. These are only ones that I hear about often, or that I have seen personally in my own experience giving discipline. Bad attitude, disobedience, dangerous habits, irresponsibility, and other harms are successfully vanquished by spanking. Home life will be more peaceful, purer, and safe. A wife will maintain a greater sense of reverence for her husband and will be less likely to cause conflict. She will listen with care, and be soft to his words. I want you to enjoy it for yourselves and know what marriage can be.


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  4. I had a lot of bad habits before I got married, habits that my husband decided to take care of from the beginning, I talked a lot and often used bad words, I was always very argumentative.
    I was often late for appointments, even to church, I also always left homework for later.
    I was very lazy and hated doing physical exercises, even though I knew it was healthy.
    I ate a lot of sweets, especially chocolate.
    after I got married my husband turned me into someone else through Christian domestic discipline.
    looking back I realize that the wedding was a great blessing, I am so grateful to my husband for everything he does for me.

    1. Hi Ninna, He sounds like an excellent husband, and you have a good spirit to feel grateful for his correction. Solid male leadership in virtue is a wonderful blessing for a wife. He clearly has cleansed you of a lot.

  5. A learning wife Avatar
    A learning wife

    I have also noticed that it helps my husband not get so flat out angry. He still gets mad but he hasnt called me any names in a while. To me, this is worth all the gold in the world. I am far from perfect but I rest in knowing that whatever is too large for me to correct before it gets out of hand, he will help and guide me in doing so. It may be painful for a while but it is temporary. Much more temporary than harsh words. We are both still learning and growing, but I praise God every day that we will not have to ever worry about divorce like everyone else. We shall grow old together and I will always be under his firm but loving hand.

    1. Thank you for your comment. That’s really exciting to hear. One of the great benefits of marital discipline is that is helps a man to lead better, without feeling threatened, or feeling he needs to get angry. I’m actually mentioning that topic in an article I will post soon.

      As you say, spanking also staves off other evils, like cruel words and divorce. A good system of rules and a simple spanking is more valuable than most suspect. Very happy it is working for you!

  6. Obedient submissive to men's authority Avatar
    Obedient submissive to men’s authority

    Spanking helps to keep our relationship strong, whenever I steps out of line my husband give me a painful whipping with his cane and paddle I am always crying in pain with genuine tears. I can’t imagine discipline without a long and hard Spanking. I am grateful to my master.

    I was a feminist until the day I met him, and day by day I became complete submissive wife for my strict dominant master. I’ve learned to obey, to bow, to kneel down. This is woman’s role in life.

    I believe men must get their authority back and hard spanking is effective tool to do it

    1. Submission is a far better place for you than remaining a feminist. A woman’s soul is wonderfully made for bowing to her man. Discipline needs to be hard, and teach a lesson effectively, but it’s also important to know it is simply part of a union in which man and wife love and cherish each other. It is his corrective tool. He uses it to protect his wife and the marriage from harm. But harshness should not characterize the marriage itself.

      Discipline does as you say help men return to their position of authority. I work to encourage more men to try it. Without being able to back it up with punishment, there is little real authority. You’ll see marriages change nearly overnight with the use of discipline. Women are more manageable, and there is more peace in the home.

      Thank you.

    2. Very wonderful you found your rightful place as a woman/wife, so many women disrespect men and talk back to them. Next time tell your master you appreciate everything he does for you and serve him his favorite meal and bow/kneel to him showing your obedience.

  7. Long Time Practitioner Avatar
    Long Time Practitioner

    I never get angry when I spank my wife. I talk to her during the spanking to make sure she knows why her bottom is being welted. Spankings have changed several of her less than desirable habits and she is more attentive with a red behind.

  8. gerland Avatar

    If the food is late would you spank her? If the house is not cleaned to the man’s likings should she also be spanked?

    1. Hello Gerland, Thank you for your questions and for visiting my discipline website. I don’t generally spank for minor mistakes, or for not meeting a high bar of performance. However, if I saw that she were dismissing her duties and ignoring what I instructed her, then I would spank.

      A pattern of dinner being late because she just felt like putting it off would be very different than some occurrence coming up and causing it to be late. The former definitely calls for discipline.

      I don’t believe I have ever spanked for that reason. Nor have I spanked for house cleaning. If I saw she was negligent in her cleaning responsibilities I would, but I have never seen a problem. I would not spank just because I thought a job was a little sub par. That would be worrying about details too much.

    2. My husband says that we must always put God in our intentions, that when I’m cooking I must cook as if it were for God and when I clean the house, I must clean as if I’m going to receive God at home, so if I do my job badly I’m always disciplined , because I made the mistake of not putting God in my intentions or because my work was not worthy of God

      1. That is certainly the goal in a Christian life — to do all things as for the Lord. A great aim to keep in your heart. Thank you for your hard work.

      2. Good you know your place as a wife/woman

  9. ambeeh3365 Avatar

    Hi Aaron,
    My husband and I have been married for 5 years together for 9 and I brought up DD, I asked for it & can understand why I need the guidance but I’m not sure that he does. He’s having trouble staying consistent. I notice a great improvement in my submission & duties when he does follow through and spanks and gives consequences. I’m trying to be submissive even when he’s not consistent but it’s really hard to have faith, any advice?

    1. Hello Ambeeh, Thank you for writing me. I know there are a number of wives out there who wish their husband would be more consistent. Yet they are also in the position that he is the one who makes the decisions, so they need to wait an see if he will lead them more thoroughly and regularly. You might hear from women here who have gone through the same thing.

      I assume you have already expressed that you need more consistency in discipline. I’d make a point to let him know the good it does you when he corrects you, and why you need it. Beyond that, I’d just suggest patience and prayer. It can take time for a man to fully grasp what discipline is all about, as well as how to apply it. Like a lot of men, he may have absorbed some of its purpose,e but not yet all of it. It can take years to integrate discipline into how you lead, and into your home life. This is normal. Not everyone takes off instantly into this practice.

      Definitely commit yourself to being submissive regardless of whether he is being consistent. Your responsibility to honor and obey your man is before God. Treat it as the obligation that it is, and ask God to shape you in your soul to be soft to your man, and follow him. Learn a gentle spirit, and look to your husband as your king. Sometimes seeing that submission makes it easier for him to do his role, in leading and correcting you. It triggers him inside. Honor him with your words and deeds each day.

      Be satisfied with what you have, which surely is very much.


  10. Long Time Practitioner Avatar
    Long Time Practitioner

    Tomorrow my wife is going to receive a good session with the strap over something we have had problems with more than once. She gets on the phone and is trying to do things while her mind is in 2 places. I have reminded her several times to make sure the doors on the refrigerators and freezers are closed properly. Last night when I got home from work at midnight the door on our back hallway refrigerator was open because there was a baking pan hitting a door shelf. All of the food in the refrigerator part had to be disposed of and the entire inside of both freezer and refrigerator has to be washed. The door had to have been open for almost 2 days when I found it because of the temperature in both compartments was so out of range. There will be some liniment used as well as the strap to correct the problem. I will apply the liniment liberally before a hand spanking over my knee. The strap spanking will be on the bed with her bare bottom raised by several pillows under her. She will spend some time after the strap still face down with her hands flat on the bed so she can not rub. For several days siting will be very tender and I hope remind her to check the doors on the refrigerators….

    1. talltaurus Avatar

      Interested in this method. Does the liniment cause heat before the heat of the strap? I would had her add some oral pleasuring after her bottom was scorched.

      1. Long Time Practitioner Avatar
        Long Time Practitioner

        The liniment is applied to her anus. It is a real attention getter and it is washed off after her corner or face down on the bed time. I am pleasured orally by her after a session with the strap as she thanks me for correcting her We have a good life but occasionally she needs a reminder to set her on the straight path.

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  13. iamhissubmissive60 Avatar

    Not thinking gets me in so much trouble, yesterday after Church we went and ate out with my husband’s parent’s and our oldest grandson he is 12, when we were seated at an long table because there were 5 of us
    and without thinking I sat down next to my Mother-in-law at the other side of the table, my husband stood up and told me to bring myself next to him, he was angry. I already knew I would be disciplined after lunch was over just by his tone with me. I couldn’t even eat all my lunch because my stomach was in knots just thinking about my coming spanking. He glanced at me once during our meal and told me to eat. I obeyed and ate as much as I could and asked his permission to be finished when I couldn’t eat anymore, he granted that. He pulled my chair out and we said our goodbye ‘s to his parents and then we walked to our truck he helped me in the truck and closed my door. The ride home was so quiet I knew he was thinking about my coming punishment and what he would say during our talk while he would be admistering the belt on my bottom. When we got home he told me to go and get ready for my discipline session and he was taking our grandson home early. I asked permission to tell my grandson goodbye first and he granted that for me. So I hugged my grandson and told him I loved him and how proud I am of him. I then walked back to our bedroom and Mike came in and he said you have 20 min before I return, use it wisely. I replied, Yes Sir as I looked him straight in his eye and I immediately removed my clothing and knelt on the floor and prayed and asked God to let me recieve my upcoming punishment with grace and humility and to remain respectful to my husband while he asks me questions through my tears…I have also been working on staying still over his lap or the bed so I won’t receive more than he has planned on giving me. He returned home and came in our bedroom and shut the door. He was standing over me and told me to look up at him while he was talking to me, I did of coarse. He said why are you being punished today? I said, because I should have sat next to you at the table and I sat next to your Mom on the other side of the table. He said why did you do that? I said, I don’t know Sir, I wasn’t thinking, Sir. He said, in the future after this session you will now know that you are to always sit beside me and if you have trouble remembering then I can spank you every Sunday before Church to help you remember so when we go out to eat you will know where you are to sit at which is next to your man, ALWAYS. I said, I will remember after today Sir, I promise you will not have to repeat this session again. He told me to get on the bed with my bare bottom raised high and he always tells me not to get out of position or reach my hands back because he doesn’t want to bruise my hands with his belt by mistake, he only wants to focus on my bottom and upper thighs. So the whipping began as so did more questions and much crying and apologies and promises to be a good obedient wife again. I am quiet sore today my bottom is marked I have learned a very important lesson to always follow my husband and sit beside him like I do at home and as well as at the restaurant. I am a submissive wife and I love my husband very much he is teaching me what he expects as the leader of our home, how he expects me to act in public and at home. He is the head of our home and like Aron, he wears the belt also and I have to see it all the time and know he will remove it anytime he feels I need to learn a lesson from it.

  14. One of my bad habits that my husband’s spankings are trying to help me overcome is procrastination. My husband will tell me to do something that is not immediately urgent but definitely needs to be done sometime soon. I tend to put it to the back of my mind sometimes, and then when it comes to the crunch and I have not done whatever it was he asked me to do, he is really annoyed. He says it’s disobedience and disrespect that I have not done what I was told. After a session over his knee with the strap, I am sent to carry out whatever I neglected. He always says to me that it’s funny a task that takes me 3 days to think about, can be completed within 30 minutes when I have a sore behind. I know it’s a bad habit that needs curtailing but I am not getting as many spankings for procrastination as I did last year when we first got married .

    1. Thank you for letting us know how spanking works in your home, Tilly. That is one of the great benefits of spanking, that it turns around neglect or procrastination in an instant. I have seen rapid improvement in my wife when I spank her for being irresponsible. There is something in that strapping that teaches how serious and important it is to get done. And as your husband says, it does veer into being a matter of disrespect as well, especially once it has gone on for a while. I am glad to hear you learn so well from your husband’s discipline.

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  17. […] prong of my punishment came into play as my husband made me recount what I had done wrong and how I would improve. I suppose in the future, I’ll have to do that right after my spanking, but I was so overwhelmed […]

  18. Better Lady Avatar
    Better Lady

    I had many bad habits in my life before I started searching for more or something different in my relationship with my husband. I suffered from independent thought and pride and I was not able to see my poor habits and behaviors. Once I accepted that I did not need to be independent, I truly was able to see where I needed correction. Embracing a truly submissive role and working on being obedient really helped me understand and accept corrections from my husband. Verbal corrections are extremely effective now that I do not fight or argue and I know that if I do not listen and react, there will be consequences including a very sore bottom. I have very much peace and calmness inside. I feel content. I have read and reread many posts and comments and that is a word that I have not seen. Contentment is incredible. It is stable, it is peaceful and it is comfortable. Spanking is a tool for my husband but in accepting and embracing a beautifully feminine submissive position in the relationship, I have found that I am able to exceed his expectations as well as my own. In a world full of judgement, commercialism and greed, domestic discipline and the love that it requires to execute has given me a quiet sense of calm and peace. Contentment. My husband guides and protects me and in return I provide him with a clean home, healthy meals, love and intimacy and help in any way that he requests. I do not wish to do things that cause him to correct me. It is not easy for him to spank me and it is selfish for me to knowingly break a rule. I accept discipline but what I have learned and implemented has given me and I believe him a true sense of contentment. I can say for sure that I am not envious of others, I do not want things that I do not need, I don’t care to keep up with the Jones’ and I love my disciplined life. It’s not the spanking that makes me aware of bad habits. It’s actually the love that my husband shows that drives me to be my best self. It’s the communication and the openness that we have that guides me to be my best self. It’s letting go of pride that helps me see the possibility of a better me. This website continues to help me learn and stay on track with deepening my submission and obedience. I think my husband really appreciates the changes I have made and I am excited to start the new year with him as the submissive and obedient wife that he deserves.

    1. Surrendering Tess Avatar
      Surrendering Tess

      This is so beautiful and encouraging to read. Thank you for sharing!

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