The Crop: It’s for the Horses

Smile! That’s right, we keep it with our other gear, our boots, spurs, and riding caps. You’ve got to have one . . . if you ride. A couple that kept stables, or that even rode horses as a hobby could get away with a brazen statement like that with a smile. If you’re not one of those couples, the riding crop will immediately spark curiosity from your visitors, and perhaps a wink and more horse puns. It is a staple (or stable) form of punishment, although it’s more common in the bdsm world than among wife spankers. It’s harshness, and leather appeal seem to link it closely with the leather world. It’s brown or black color fits with the rest of their desired appearances. Yet I’d still point out the crop is an excellent instrument of discipline in any marriage. You need not love leather any more than you need to love horses.

The riding crop works a bit like a short cane. In fact, its a similar size to some short cane varieties that stretch the definition. Being wrapped in leather, and with a harder center such as fiberglass, it delivers its strokes as a cane does, like a stick that gives a little snap at the end. You can also strike with the crop in more of a stick like fashion, and avoid the whip effect. It has the focused blow that a cane has, as well as the strong, searing result, delivering pain that seems to go deep, and grow in intensity. A riding crop, like a cane, can leave more than small welts that ache for a long while. It’s far from a mild instrument. It may carry less power than heavy rattan, but a serious session with one will convince you it’s in the cane category. Remember, it’s for motivating thick-hide animals to move. It will motivate a lady on her tender skin as well. It will drive her to do better.

The riding crop is only innocuous if you regularly ride horses, as I have said, If not, it’s easy to keep in private, being relatively short and narrow. It is equally as easy to travel with. The riding crop, like the loopy and a few other instruments, is nearly silent. There is a mild swish and a muted slap. For this reason it can be a good choice for a man who needs something stronger than a loopy, but smaller or less harsh than a cane. My wife can’t stand the loopy, but I know if I brought out a crop she’d be begging to go back to it. A woman on the receiving end of a crop punishment will make noise and squirm, unless she is of the most self-disciplined and restrained personality. It will convince her to change her behavior quickly.

One interesting facet of the riding crop is its ability to control. The crop can be used to give her a tap her and there as you need, and direct her with it. A tap will move her a little one way or the other. It can tell her what to do with her arms, or to do with her thighs. It becomes a firm, but not painful tool of guidance when used this way. She can become accustomed to the fact that this stick will help lead her, and she will learn to respond to it. The touch can be soft, but will always remind her of the power it carries, and of your command. It can be an extension of your hand, or in a moment a whip. Using it in both ways helps her learn to comply, often with enthusiasm.

The riding crop also carries a deeply sensual and erotic aura. Even couples who never practice discipline won’t miss its spark. The crop will light up their eye, and they’ll know it’s for one thing. It may be the appeal of the leather itself — its dark look, texture, or smell — or the fact it is used in riding beautiful beasts, but the riding crop ties discipline in to sex perhaps more than any other item. A man likes to ride his steed, and a wife loves to be ridden. A leather crop just falls perfectly into place there, especially in the sexually charged arena than carries the abounding power of the moving stallion; the muscles, sweat, and rhythm. Just pick one up, and your filly may want to go out for a ride. A lady on her elbows and knees may not be as graceful as a horse, but she is just as ready for performance, and wants to please her master. You carry the reins with her. You ride, direct, and control her.

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  1. Long Time Practitioner Avatar
    Long Time Practitioner

    I use the crop or quirt often when giving a good hard spanking. It is the perfect size and delivers the message well. I always start with a hand spanking and increase the intensity as the spanking progresses. I really enjoy this site and being a participant. Thank You Dr. Aron for such a fine site and the ability to post on it.

    1. You’re welcome. I am very honored you enjoy the website. You don’t hear often about the crop on most discipline sites, and I thought it deserved a highlight. I’ve only used it once or twice in my life, but I very much appreciate it as an instrument. Take care.

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  3. The only time I have used a riding crop was during a boot camp session because one of the four required daily spankings was required to be very severe. It’s use was suggested by the other head of household involved in the boot camp , so I went along. I do have a son in law who has recently used a riding crop for some very serious sinful behavior, though normally he uses the strap for correction. I don’t give a light handed spanking, Jane is always very regretful after a correction but I tend to stay away from implements like the cane or riding crop because I think they are too severe, at least for the kind of misbehavior a well trained wife is likely to commit. This is just my own personal viewpoint, a husband and only the husband has the right to punish his wife as he thinks best , as long as no permanent harm results. I regret to say that my daughter was punished with the riding crop for infidelity. Such an offence often results in broken homes but their marriage in intact and I strongly suspect she has learned her lesson.

  4. iamhissubmissive60 Avatar

    My husband ordered 1, it came in today. I am sure he plans on using it on me soon. He says I have some habits he said that need nipping in the bud like not coming straight home after grocery shopping I tend to forget how long I have been gone sometimes and when he tries to call me I don’t hear it and when I get home I always have to answer to him why I didn’t answer my phone or his texts.

    1. I’m sorry that’s been happening. That’s the kind of thing I would immediately discipline my wife for. I feel confident your husband will handle it well with the crop. I’d be interested in hearing about the experience when he decides to correct you with it.

      1. iamhissubmissive60 Avatar

        I dread it, I know it’s going to hurt alot and I will be sitting gingerly for awhile after. But, he is my Master as Jacob says and I have to to be thankful to him for everything that he does for me, he disciplines me for my own good and the good of our home. He has been reading some if your blogs and reading the comments of others. He now will ask me do you know why you are fixing to be whipped? He no longer confuses me about why, he only spanks now by explaining to me what I did wrong and how behavior needs to be corrected by his belt but now their will be a new implement I pray he doesn’t choose to use it very often.

  5. tryingtosubmittohim Avatar

    This feels very extreme! I hope my HoH never sees fit to use this! I am motivated already by the implements we own. CDD has changed our marriage and is effectively keeping me in line! I want to obey and honor him. I am so grateful that he has risen up to his rightful place in our marriage and home…it doesn’t take much for me to respond and respect him!

    1. I’m glad to hear how discipline in a Christian marriage is helping you. The crop can be intimidating, although with varying its force it does not need to be so severe. It is certainly a step short of the cane.

  6. my husband has never used a whip on me, he thinks it’s strange to keep it at home, but I believe that even a whip would be no worse than his belt.
    the only instrument my husband uses for my discipline is his belt, but in addition to spanking he uses many other forms of punishment, mouth washing, going to bed too early, corner time and kneeling time

    1. Thank you. It’s good to know that different forms of punishment each help a woman to learn in its own way. A husband should use every tool available.

  7. iamhissubmissive60 Avatar

    Since that dreadful new implement came in I have been really paying more attention to my time when I am out on errands…My husband says I will only get a whipping with it if I choose to default.. Because in the past I wasn’t answering his texts or calls mainly because I would forget to take my phone off of silent. To him that showed that I had been very irresponsible about keeping him waiting and worrying about me when I am out on errands and he said this is UNEXCEPTABLE!!! While I had been better at keeping up the last 6 days with my time, I now have another habit and that landed me a severe punishment with the crop…. He asked me Saturday if I was texting and driving and I said, “Yes Sir” because I don’t lie to him even if I know he may get angry and I will be punished. I am now grounded from my van til he says otherwise and I have an early bedtime for a month, with no tv and a very sore rump!!

    1. Yes, you’ve got to be honest, even when it’s going to hurt. You’ll remember next time. Thank you for sharing your valuable experience with us. I know you’re grateful your husband watches out for you, and keeps you in line.

      1. iamhissubmissive60 Avatar

        I know it’s odd but I am very happy he is spanking me when I default. I deserved that severe punishment, I knew better than to text and drive, he had every right to discipline me, I will think twice before wanting to do that ever again, I tell ya.

    2. Given the nature of the offense, texting and driving, I think your punishment was well deserved and necessary. You not only put yourself as risk , you put anyone else on the road at risk. Many years ago Jane was caught speeding , fortunately the police officer who caught her was a close friend at the time. He phoned me at work and told me he would not write a ticket if I would deal with the problem myself , he knew it might raise our insurance rates. We often socialized with his wife and him. Of course I agreed to deal with Jane. I gave her a spanking, the above average kind you might say. He never asked how I dealt with the problem but I am sure he knew that I spanked Jane, I think he probably spanked his wife when she misbehaved but we never talked about it. It was good that you were honest even though you knew you would get a severe punishment. I hope you learned your lesson, what you did was dangerous.

      1. iamhissubmissive60 Avatar

        Yes Sir, I know it was I have learned a valuable lesson. Texting and driving don’t mix, EVER. This was my 1st time he had me stand in the corner, too. I felt so ashamed. And afterwards I served him on my knees and told him thank you for loving me enough for punishing me and making me understand how bad this could have all played out if I had lost control of my van and I could have endangered someone else’s life as well as my own, I had been a very bad person. I probably won’t ever get to drive my beautiful van again. Our children are grown, so I don’t need my van persay, my husband takes me anywhere I have to go now and he still wants to spank me again everytime
        he thinks about it. I told him I understand and if he feels I need another he should just do weekly maintenence for awhile til he isn’t angry with me anymore.

  8. Iamhis It’s important for a husband to insure that his wife knows that she is fully forgiven after she has been properly punished. She should never feel that she has lost the love of her husband. In fact she needs to understand that she is punished because he loves her. A husband’s duty is to love his wife and this love must include proper training and discipline when needed. . A husband is very lucky if he marries a women who has been trained in submission and obedience by her father’s stern hand and her mother’s open submission, but this is certainly very rare in today’s society. There are of course rare cases where it is appropriate to extend punishment over a longer period of time. Iamhis if your husband decides this is the case with regard to your texting while driving then this must happen. As a Christian wife you must submit to whatever he decides. is needed. He may think the offense you committed is so serious and a repeat of this behavior so dangerous you need a harder lesson.

    This occurred once in our marriage many years ago, we had been married I think about 16 years or so when this occurred. I came home early one day so I was able to take in the mail. I discovered that Jane had a credit card in both our names that had a very large balance. She had made purchases and kept this a secret from me. She had no permission to do this. She was dishonest ,very disobedient and irresponsible. This was so serious we went to our pastor to discuss this and have Jane was counseled by him. As part of Jane’s punishment every time the credit card bill arrived she was required to have me find the strap and the bill on the kitchen table and her standing completely undressed in her punishment corner. When I came home I punished her , gave her about an hour or so of corner time and then she was put to bed without supper after her nightly bath. This continued until the bill was completely paid , which took about fifteen months. Now I made sure than Jane knew I still loved her but that this punishment was needed because what she did was so serious. She was never made to feel insecure but she was made to understand she brought this punishment on herself and she needed a good lesson.

  9. iamhissubmissive60 Avatar

    Yes Sir, thank you for sharing with me, wives can do some irresponsible things sometimes, then our husband’s are there to punish our bad choices and restore us back to being in our husband’s good graces again. I am really doing a self reflection 😔and I have got to be more responsible in my everyday life or my husband will set my bottom on fire if I don’t. I keep a very clean home and I have my meals prepared now and they are done as soon as he arrives from work which makes him a very happy husband. Their is a few things I wish would change but for now I just wait and hope and pray.

  10. tilly2034 Avatar

    The crop sounds so severe, but I agree doing a dangerous thing like texting while driving does deserve a very harsh punishment. I don’t think my husband would entertain the idea of correcting me with a crop though. I have had long and hard strappings mainly for talking back and being disobedient .He lectures me and asks questions throughout. I try my best to answer even though my bottom feels like it’s on fire! Nick spanks so hard and I am full of remorse afterwards. He says my bottom needs to be sore for a good few days after discipline as it will help me to reflect on the bad choices I made.

    I don’t have to be naked for punishment, Nick tells me to take my pants down to my ankles and get over his knee or the end of the bed. Just taking down my pants and being bare bottomed for discipline makes me feel very humbled and ashamed. I don’t have to go in the corner after the spanking; rather I sit next to him on the bed and he asks me what lessons I have learned . . A spanking after wrongdoing gives me a real impetus to be the best most submissive wife possible and he often says I have a kind of radiance about me after a spanking (well my bottom certainly does!) I know this is a bit different to how other wives on this site are disciplined but it works for us and our marriage.

    1. talltaurus Avatar

      Thanks for sharing Tilly. As I found with my wife, you should respectfully ask your husband to have you totally naked for punishment. It will serve to make you be more humble. I also have my wife serve me orally after, under my instruction and guidance…this reinforces for her how her mouth should be used for pleasuring me rather than talking back.

  11. mala (wiola) Avatar
    mala (wiola)

    before Christmas I bought a whip for horse riding in a sports shop, in the sports department. I bought it for fun and for a laugh under the Christmas tree by my husband. It was supposed to be a funny gift. I thought it wouldn’t hurt because the whip was pretty cheap, besides it was a swap shop. I was not ready for any miracle. We tried the Bat a few days ago and I was very surprised. the whip is mega strong. Real thick skin, it pulls a lot and hurts a lot. I still have haystacks on my buttocks. Fortunately, we tried the whip to play. But I’m afraid to get it as a punishment. it won’t be nice

    1. No, it will not be nice to face that for punishment. They are built to strike hard. I think any spanking husband would see its value for the hard end of correction. I don’t own one, but on the few occasions I’ve used a crop, they left welts even when using moderate force.

  12. The crop is probably my most hated implement to be spanked with. The pain is so intense and focused on one small spot. My husband only uses it when lecturing me about something serious because it gets my attention and he knows I detest it and find it humiliating, especially when I’m being punished on my back. It’s ironic, because before experiencing the crop, I thought it would be a much milder implement that I would tolerate much easier. Wrong!

    1. aronhusband Avatar

      Thank you for your comment, Rita. The crop definitely should not be underestimated in its intensity. Much like the cane, if it’s used, it should be kept for the more serious offenses. I believe any wife would hate experiencing it.

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